#1 has become one of the best and most famous places where people get to share their interests differently. The best part of this platform is that it acts as a social network as well as a place where people get to learn about various things starting from the primary. The layout of this website is unique since no other famous platform offers what exists here. The theme is simple, where a person who creates an account, sets their gender and then sees content based on their likes and dislikes. Pinterest consists of several segments that start from movies, arts, braids, sports, skin care, books, automobile, phones, quotes, humor, animals and many others based on which a person shares images or lists that either help a person know more or gives them an idea of what to expect and see the latest trends. The best thing here is that you do not need to pay anything to create an account and get to you use most features without any trouble, but for advanced users, payment option exists.


Free is perhaps the king when it comes to humor and other recreational websites as it provides everything that a person may need to make their day. It has a lot of stuff that interests everyone and the best thing I the memes that are famous on the web. It also provides other humorous content such as jokes, funny videos and other images of conversations, etc. that are trending on the internet. The main categories are shown on the top that includes the trending content on the site, along with the latest stuff added by people. 9Gag allows the user to create an account and then upload content they find funny. People do not need any signing up process if they want to see the content, which is free for everyone. Along with this stuff, some serious things such as games, tutorials, engineering content, and movies are part of the platform that makes 9 Gag one of the most versatile websites. It also has a strong social networking presence everywhere and hence engages people quickly.



Tagged is a people meeting website that allows you to get started chats with people both from some other parts of the planet and also from your own city. The features of Tagged website is essentially similar to Badoo and Lovoo website: users develop a customized filter using the estimated gender and age of the people they are thinking about and then start watching profiles. Using left indicates you are not interested, using right that you’re. In addition to this well-known way for finding potentially interesting people, Tagged includes a minigame that allows you to buy other users and turn them into your ‘pets’. This minigame sounds instead strange at very first, but as soon as you play it you start to understand it’s very a lot more innocent than it sounds. Tagged is really a very complete social conversation website with all the things a hookup app should have.

#4 is a place that is different from any other, and therefore it becomes difficult to put it in a particular category. The thing that stands out about this platform is the range of options that come along. The theme is simple if someone has interest in doing something, like shopping, cooking, social work, industry, software or anything they join a group and then become part of various activities. These actions do not range on doing stuff online, but people meet each other in real lives and then not only get to know each other and interact, but also end up doing something for the benefit of society. MeetUp has yet to gain fame as some of other places but has a nature that gives you authenticity. Things like hiking a mountain, going on a picnic, learning a new language and many other minor things also have their relevance here which makes Meet Up a versatile community online that eventually creates a versatile community in the real world.



OkCupid is a popular dating website that allows you to interact with other people that are mutually interested. Like on many of these social websites, you need to make your own user profile, where you are able to upload pictures and private info. In OkCupid you may also answer a huge selection of optional queries that allow you to increase your profile in order to find better matches. When you begin out on OkCupid you can select which kind of relationship you are looking for and search for information which match that. For example, if you are only interested on relationships with others of the same sexual orientation, you are able to find people that are searching for that as well. OkCupid is a wonderful option for meeting people. Such as almost all apps of this type, it enables you to find interesting people near you, chat with them, and if both of you wish to, even meet up.

#6 is a social networking website and also among the most popular social networking website on the internet. Hi5 has friend networks, groups, status improvements and photo sharing. The website was started in the United States and it is used all around the world, the website is very popular in Latin America. The Hi5 website states that there are players from greater than 200 countries and it is localized in over 50 languages. Using more than 40 million monthly visitors, the popularity of this website implies that you’re likely to meet great singles. is different because in addition to providing advanced social networking as well as social gaming features, it also includes a number of ways to meet other singles. There’s a specific section called “Flirt,” where you are able to look for other people who’re interested in meeting singles. Having the ability to post photos, sign up for groups based on your hobbies and also interests, generate status updates and search other interesting people. The website is extremely simple to use and navigate-so finding interesting singles, texting them or including them to your friends network is an easy method.

#7 is a best business and career oriented community networking system for the company and professional from where they can obtain the best solutions regarding business, jobs and opportunities. is a platform where the professionals link with other professionals across the world. The services being provided by this worldwide networking platform to its users are building personal profile, joining communities, discussion forums, along with other social community functions. There’s two subscriptions system of which are totally free and premium. Free account includes limited benefits, however, if the user desire to try to find the other people having special qualifications or wish to send them personal message then they are needed to get a premium membership. Then there’s also an application of for the mobile phone users by installing that the users can acquire the same benefits that are offered on the official website of It is just for all those business and professionals people who need to make the relationship with the professionals and successful persons of their life and career fields.

#8 is a place that you can use as a social networking platform but is a provider for people who want to create a social network through websites and comes with some exciting tools that allow for the usage. It also has become a microblogging platform that allows individuals to interact with each other and share views. Although Ning contains several features such as making a page for your business, having a customized place for yourself as a profile, sharing links and other things with people. The best thing about it was the user interface, with everything easy to locate unlike other places, and content sharing based on the likes and dislikes of people. It has several tools that keep people interested in their activities and provide them with a place that contains everything from enjoying to making use for professional purposes. In summary, this place not only allows people to become professional, teaching them a lot but also provides them interactive opportunities.

#9 is a top professional business focused network that link the professionals with professionals. It is generally a platform to improve your professional social circle. By joining this platform the students, newcomers and professionals will get an instantaneous use of knowledge and exploit the options by making relations with some other professionals around the world. The very best about is that it is among the largest professional network in the globe and it is the system of the experts and professionals of all fields’ professions. This is a platform from where the user can get higher level of job and relates to understand about the best opportunities which are otherwise difficult to get in newspapers and job portals. Nowadays number of organizations, groups of professionals, and universities have joined the platform of Simply by joining this platform it’s also possible to communicate with the professionals of these institute, companies and groups. To acquire the services of there’s a element of registration and after joining the the participant will get entry to jobs, blogs, reports, and people of Two hundred countries around the world. In addition, also offer the marketing solutions, sales options and skill options. In other words, it is the best platform for improving your skills and even personality.

#10 was one of the biggest competitors of Facebook and still has a lot of public that follows the platform particularly in europe. Known as the Facebook of Europe it quickly made a name for itself for a place that consisted of authentic content, profiles, and images shared by people. The best thing about it was the user interface, with everything easy to locate unlike other places, and content sharing based on the likes and dislikes of people. Adding friends and interacting with them was other outstanding options and made it one of the first instant messaging proving social networks but with improvements coming in other places it was not able to maintain the standard. Still relevant in places like Russia, VK has several tools that keep people interested in their activities and provide them with a place that contains everything from enjoying to making use for professional purposes. In a nutshell, if you want a different experience from the sites you use, it becomes an automatic choice.

#11 was one of the leaders in social networking, especially in the early 2000’s when the American audience gladly accepted an impressive platform that had everything new. Other places copied several of the features that existed on this platform, but now it seems like a place which takes stuff from other platforms. The website could not maintain its status as the top place after the introduction of Facebook and Twitter, but still, provides options that can keep a person interested. One factor to note about My Space is that people can create their account and then add music to their profiles which give any other person something new to hear when they visit your profile. One additional feature is that it now covers entertainment and sports news from around the world so that individuals get to listen the latest stuff at this place and it gains some relevance. Still famous within the US, it can be termed as an alternative to most used platforms on the internet.

#12 Google Plus


Google Plus is a product by Google which is an interest-based social networking site founded on June 15, 2011. It is a platform that aims to make sharing of different media, files, and other related stuff in real life. Its features including the ability to update status and post photos to the interest-based communities and individuals. You can create different type of groups. It also provides features of a multi-person message scheme, video and text chats called Hangouts, location tagging, and events. Google Plus also provides the facility to upload and edit photos to your private cloud based scrapbooks. It was firstly introduced as a social networking site, but the developers improvise its services after its fame from all over the world. Just after two weeks of its arrival in the market, Google+ reached more than 10 million users. After a month it touched 25 million which is an astonishing success for this site. It allows a user to make an account in a user-friendly atmosphere. A Google Plus user profile is a visible public account. G+ includes the basics such as profile photo, cover photo, background photo, about subscription school history, an area to post status, and previous work just like other social networking services. It also includes circles (same as grouping), which is the core feature of this social media service. Circles enable users to organize the individuals into particular groups and lists for sharing. After the creation of circle, you can easily share specific private stuff to only at the span of people present in the Circle. It is a great app for sharing your content.


Badoo is a popular social network website for dating and connecting. In Badoo, you are able to meet people from across the world which match your likes and requires, and also have the chance of ending up together. To use the website, logically, you’ll very first have to create a free account with the service, with a profile in which, along with your picture, you will need to indicate what your likes are and what exactly you are searching for. Once you’ve done this, everything is left is to both wait for somebody to contact you or search among the rest of the users for somebody in which you’re interested. You are able to filter by location, likes, age, and many others. Thus, finding your better half’ will be much simpler. Using Badoo is totally free, but there are lots of features to the app that cost money. One of the very most popular of them, for example, is one that enables your profile to stand out between the rest of the other users of the social network.

#14 is the alternative of everything for Chinese people and therefore one of the most famous platforms in the world, even when it is used just by people who understand language. It acts as a search engine for people who want to know something and become an alternative to Google. It becomes a social networking platform for individuals who want to create a circle of persons and friends and share content with them, and therefore, replaces Facebook. Weibo also has the features of a microblogging website where everyone shares their views and hence, becomes an excellent option for people who do not want to use Twitter or Tumblr. Add the features of buying and selling items, books, and other things, and you have one website that contains almost everything that a person wants to do on the internet. Obviously, the thing that lacks about it is the language barrier and perhaps the interface, but the sole reason of this platform is to ensure a proper alternative to the English language.

#15 is another fascinating and famous platform from people who know the Chinese language. It started as an instant messaging platform which competed with Yahoo and MSN Messenger but then rebranded itself and added several other features that are part of many lives of people. The best thing is the online social gaming platform where people get to download and play video games from some of the world’s top places. Then comes the music place where young and aspiring musicians share their content with the world, and others get to buy everything for artists to earn revenue. Shopping platform helps anyone who wants to buy things from phones, books, appliances, clothes, accessories and many other categories and do so with proper details about everything including the prices. Qq also has become a microblogging platform that allows individuals to interact with each other and share views. Add the movies, group chat, voice and messaging to make a place that consists of everything that a person may want to have in their hands.


Pixnet is a web-based blogging, Taiwanese mobile photo sharing and social networking service that allows the users to store images or create a blog and share them publicly or privately on It was started in 2003 and owned by Pixnet Digital Media. The service is also available on mobile as applications. is specially made for students who want online photo hosting services as well as a social networking platform. It is completely free for everyone you just need to sign up by providing your email address and all the other important information. It also offers communication option which allows the user to communicate with their friends and another user around the world. Simple and fast interface, unlimited space, share content with multiple types, create private blog and upgrades these are most exciting features of Do try it out, it is one of the best platforms for those users who want free photo hosting platform.


Odnoklassniki or famously known as is a Russian based social media and social networking website. Odnoklassniki is a Russian word which means ‘Classmates’ in English. This social networking is basically developed for the classmates to be in touch and interact with each other. Although being Russian based, the site is most popular and widely preferred by Russian people but many international users from various parts of the World also use this specific social media platform. The site is offered in 14 different languages to provide maximum international exposure. The site is owned by and was launched on March 4, 2006. The site has more than 200 million registered users and the numbers are increasing day by day.


We can say that Rutube is the Russian ripoff of YouTube. It is a famous YouTube-like video streaming and sharing social media and social networking site founded by Oleg Volobuev and Mikhail Paulkin in 2006. The site is currently owned by Gazprom-Media and has approximately 80 employees. The site headquarter is in Moscow, Russia. The site basically serves the Russian speakers but is available for users of all around the globe. Although the site does have its own translating protocols but also works perfectly with search engine’s protocols. The site has more than 36 million unique visitors who are involved in a variety of different activities including video streaming and content sharing.


Minds or is yet another rapidly growing social networking site. The site due to the extreme level of security and secrecy of the user’s data is getting quite popular among people day by day. It is an international social media platform that is used by millions of users from all around the globe and these numbers are increasing day by day. The site was launched in 2015 and from then the site has approx. 1 million registered users. The unique selling point of this particular social networking site is its policy of decentralization and exposure to free speech. The users can freely share and discuss whatever they want to without any tension of being monitored whatsoever. Unlike all the rest famous social media platform, this particular site provides complete secrecy of user and his data.

#20 is yet another secure and private social networking site that is based on XMPP (Extensible Messaging Presence Protocol). XMPP is a most widely prefer internet protocol and is based on XML language. Basically, Movim is a free and open-sourced social media software that provides a platform for communication under the AGPL license. The website originally was developed by Timothée Jaussoin in the Php and later on with few amendments it was launched by The Movim Project developers. The project was completed in 2010 by the author and after years of testing and modification, it was officially launched on December 25, 2017. It stores the user’s data is the cloud-based backup hosting storage and enable the retrieval most efficient.

#21 or Diaspora is a different and unique sort of social networking and social media platform. Unlike all the rest famous social media platforms, this particular social media site does not store the user’s data in a single large organizational database, whereas It stores the data in small servers known as pods. These small server nodes are totally independent of each other and are not at all owned by a single entity. The best thing about such sort of server strategy provides ultimate security and secrecy of user’s data. The users upon sign up are provided by a variety of different pods, they can choose the best suitable pod server for their own and can further setup their account identity. This particular site has more than 1 million accounts by March 2014 and the rate is increasing rapidly.

#22 or famously known as Google+ is a social media platform and social networking site owned and operated by Google LLC. After mastering various internet entities and becoming the search engine’s king, Google LLC introduced their own social media platform on 28 June 2011. Like rest of the services and products offered by Google, this particular social media platform didn’t hit deck that heard and received average acceptance in the market initially. From then the site has 111 million active registered users. Although the number of users is increasing with the passage of time they are way less as compare to other famous social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

#23 Mail.Ru


Mail.Ru is an ideal app for any mail client because of the reason it allows the smartphone users to add all of their email boxes in one application and manage all of these with the swipe of a finger. Although Mail.Ru itself an official mail app of the Mail.Ru but it also serves as email management application as well and allows the smartphone users to work simultaneously with Yandex, Gmail, Yahoo and several other prevailing mailboxes. After clubbing the mail accounts at a centralized platform of this app, the users can then perform all kind of activities like sending and receiving messages, sharing documents and photos and much more. Like most of the mail management apps, Mail.Ru also contains a notification system that instantly notifies the users about the new message on the screen. A lot of email management functions are also the part of this application. Overall, this app will allow you to stay in touch with all of your emails including the emails of Mail.Ru.

#24 or Gab is a famous American based social networking platform. The site has its roots in Austin, Texas formerly and now in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It has an interesting and unique sort of interaction and communication system. The site has special 300 characters-based messages facility, termed as Gabs. The users can send and receive these instant Gabs to each other over the Gab platform. The site was launched in August 2016. It eventually grabbed the attention of the users worldwide and in December 2016 they launched their iOS app for Apple devices, which was blocked by Apple on the complaints of pornography content. The site is said to the free speech platform with a decentralized secure approach.

#25 is social blogging and networking site possess a massive variety of different stuff relating to various departments. The best and most unique thing about this platform is that it is a reward based website. The writers, bloggers, visitors etc. everyone earn steem dollars by sharing, commenting and posting stuff. The registered community on steem can even trade the steem dollar. Apart from its own rewarding currency, it provides various trading options for other famous cryptocurrencies as well. The site currently possesses more than 1 million active users. It was launched in March 2016 by Ned Scott and Dan Larimer.


LiveJournal is a social networking platform where people get to do multiple things making it a versatile social site. It is a place where people can not only interact with each other but also keep a blog for themselves where they can share their daily routines and other interests. It is more famous among politicians and writers who use this place to share their views. It is particularly famous in Russia where people use it more since it has collaborated with a famous Russian newspaper. It started way back in 1999 to keep high school friends in touch, in 2005 it became a blogging network and in 2005 further improvements converted into a social network where several more features were added. There are many restrictions on using this platform, two people who are added cannot be in a relationship with each other but can only add each other as a friend. People can interact with others with the help of different tools such as messages and comment on the profiles or the articles that have been written. Once two people befriend each other, they can see the stuff which is not shared with the public. There are many options which are common for everyone. People can enter each journal entry on their own through the website, people can create their own friend list where they can add or remove people based on their interests. People can not only develop their own profile but can also change the themes and other option on the profile. People can enter details about themselves which are shown on the user info page. There are account different levels which an individual may achieve but the most commonly used one is the basic version which has more than 95% people. Overall it is a good place to share your views and make new friends.


Facebook is an essential application for users of the most widely used social network across the world. The Facebook website enables you to always be linked, anywhere as well as anytime. Facebook is a well-known free social networking website which enables new registered users to create profiles, upload photos and also video, send messages and keep in contact with friends, family and also colleagues. The website, that is available in 37 different languages, consists of public features such as: Marketplace, Groups, Events, Pages and also Presence technology. Games aside, you can have each of the details about your friends and also associates at your fingertips, see your wall, upload and download photos, improve your status, leave comments on yourself and also other profiles. Facebook offers a range of privacy options to its members. A member can make all communications visible to everyone, you can block specific connections or you can keep all communications private.



MeetMe is social-networking website that permits you to get in touch with those who are near you so that you are able to talk with them, create a meeting, and also who knows what else. MeetMe users can sign-up using Facebook or directly through the app. In any case, they will be capable of set up their profile, importing the photos that they wish to show and also including any other more details. That way, other users can easily see your profile and choose to understand more about you. Once you’ve setup your MeetMe profile, you can begin searching for those who are near where you are. You just need to look at their pictures or profiles to be able to decide who you may be interested in and also who does not interest you. If you find someone who you like, you just need to begin a private chat. MeetMe is a great tool to get to learn more people with that you can set up meetings and have fun. In other words, it is a typical dating website.


#29 has emerged as a leading platform that combines the features of a social network, blogging platform and chatting place where something for everyone exists. The best feature is the posts sharing options, instead of just statuses, where the user gets to show others anything they want such as images, videos, link, text or others. People who see the content than having the option of sharing it with others through re-blogging. Tumblr also has the messaging option where one person gets to send messages to the other and then interact privately. The twitter like the option of sharing text in few words, quotes and related stuff is also possible which makes it a place that gives something to everyone. It does not cost anything to create an account; a person needs just their email address and password to sign up and use all the features. You do not have to pay anything, and that gives it distinction because it does not contain any ads or promoted content like others and has a relatively young audience.


#30 has become one of the most famous social networks in just over a decade and has several attractive options that have become a trend in the social world. The best part is tweeting with just 140 characters at your disposal and saying anything with preciseness. The user can add tags to their tweets, and that means anyone who clicks that label, gets to see the latest and most prominent messages shared with the world by anyone. Another option that allows people to interact with each other is messaging, unlike the tweet factor, it does not contain any limit now, and you get to freely say whatever you want. Creating an account is the easiest part, the user selects a username adds a password along with their email address, and they have the biggest platform as their disposal where the interaction with world carries out differently. It also has business promotion features recently introduced and similar accounts which make it a worthy place for being the best social network in the world.


#31 is the leader when it comes to sharing images with friends and others and that too with a range of options that are part of the package. Although it only started as a mobile application now, it has made a name for itself even on the web since the recent updates allow people to like and comment on images without having to access their phones. What makes this platform, even more, fun for people is the fact that they can interact with each other, share happy moments of their lives, tag each other and befriend. It has, therefore, become a social network that not only lets people upload images but also allows them to message each other, send pictures privately, time stamping and now even the live activity section. Ever since the emergence of snap chat, it has made few changes that allow people to share their story with others that disappear after twenty-four hours. All in all, Instagram is the best place to share your pictures and save your memories for a later time.



YouTube is a free video sharing website that makes it simple to look at online videos. You may also create as well as upload your personal videos to share with others. This website was created in 2005, YouTube has become one of the most popular sites on the Web, along with visitors watching around 6 billion hours of video every month. YouTube offers a forum for people for connecting, inform, and encourage others around the world as well as acts as a distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers small and large. One good reason YouTube is so well-known is the amount of videos you can find. On average, two hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, so you can find something new to find! And you will find all sorts of videos on YouTube.