MEEFF App Alternatives


#1 Friends International App


Friends International app is specially made for the people and students of the UK to makes new relations and guidance for living in the UK. Friends International is a stunning app that helps you discover different international cafes to meet new students and people. It arranges trip tours for users and gives complete guidance regarding British culture and Christianity.

It also has a hosting scheme that enables foreigners to meet and greet their local friends and have a meal with them whenever they want. The app helps foreigners to learn and practice the English language quickly. The app arranges different sports activities, cooking and baking classes, and multiple sports activities, and loads of other fun facts.

#2 Hmu


Hmu (Hit Me Up) is one of the trending apps that allows its user to find and make new friends without any hesitation easily. HMU – New Friends on Social Media is a significant social platform presented in the market by SC Friends Inc. that enables users to search for people and make friends for having endless conversations.

The app brings plenty of significant features that provide users to search for specific gender and age. It brings a new feature for finding new friends by hashtags and self-descriptions. It has a long, never-ending list of users with filters like gender or age. Hmu app is easy to use where you can make your profile in seconds and start choosing new friends worldwide.

#3 YoMe


YoMe app enables its global users to enjoy a vast range of features to make new friends and have endless chats. Make Friends Meet Dating Language Exchange YoMe is a sleekly designed social platform presented by YoMe Global, which allows users to send and receive pictures or voices with anyone. Yo Me app allows users to video chat with their desired people and even strangers worldwide.

The app supports more than 100 languages that let users talk and chat with anyone frequently and easily. You can enjoy real talks with real people while learning new traditions and languages simultaneously. Users have no limit on chat, usage, and translation of languages.

#4 SnapAdd


SnapAdd app makes it effortless and sleek to discover new Snapchat usernames and add your own with ease. The app enables its global users to share their Snapchat names and make new friends quickly and robustly. It allows its user to login in different ways, such as via Google, via email, or you can even enjoy things without revealing your identity.

The app allows its users to find what they like, such as look for date, get the views, enjoy having Snap Scores or friends from all over the globe. Users can add other Snapchat users by adding their snap name and post their own Snapchat names precisely.

#5 eChats


eChats app enables its global users to enjoy instant messaging and video chatting to anybody worldwide and make new friends easily without any trouble. E-Chat – Free Random Stranger Chatroom, New Omegle app provides hundreds of registered online chatrooms, which are all unique and significant. Free chat alternatives are provided to video chat with strangers instantly and meet cool new people.

It allows its global users to send and receive photos or smileys to friends. Users will get sleek notification alerts from the girls and boys who send you messages. The app connects people with like-minded strangers and helps you share your thoughts without having any fear. You can join and explore chat rooms with your interests and start having real fun whenever, wherever.

#6 Online People-Meet New People


Online People-Meet New People app is a beautiful platform where hundreds of people meet and make strong relationships. Online People-Meet New People is a sleekly designed tool presented in the market by Online People Inc. that helps you get to know new people and make real friends by having endless chats. You can anonymously select the ones to whom you want to meet from your friend’s network.

You can also explore the friends of your friends and even select the ones you would like the most to chat and meet without revealing your identity. You can precisely discover amazing profiles of thousands of exciting people globally and even search people publicly to start a conversation.

#7 Hey – Meet new Friends


Hey is an excellent social tool presented in the market by Techscreator Inc. that helps users chat and make new friends worldwide without paying for anything. Hey – Meet new Friends app enables users to follow and like to make pen pals with your desired people. You can search through language, country, interest, and other filters.

Users can precisely discover local and international friends with just a single touch of the button. The app filters inappropriate messages easily and quickly for the user’s comfort. The chat and data of the user are safe and completely free. You can also enjoy playing loads of exciting games and enjoy having a great time with new friends. The user can share data, stories, and ideas with interested people worldwide.

#8 Mecoo


Mecoo app falls in the trending apps now-a-days in the world that allows users to chat with global people freely and enjoyably. Mecoo: Match, Meet & Enjoy Real-time Chat Now app provides the user to meet and make new friends worldwide using cell phones. You can easily log in to the app quickly using your profile on Facebook or Google.

The app allows user to video chat frequently or start your chat with just an emoji. The users with authentic profiles can join the video chat and helps you enjoy HD video calling. You can enjoy frequent video chats that help users to know each other better and closer. The app has a great feature so that you can send a friend request to anyone instantly.

#9 Wink


Wink by 9 Count is one of the best platforms where you can enjoy interacting with new people from all over the world. Wink – Find & Make new Snapchat Friends app enables you to start conversations with people by just one swipe and helps you make new friends. You can precisely swipe left nor right to remove or add people over your platform or even select the person of your own desire through sleek searching.

Wink app also allows users to add new friends on Wink through their profile on Snapchat. The app shows hundreds of new faces of your own country and worldwide to whom you can interact. You can read bios, interests, and information of other users to make deeper connections.

#10 Reach- Internet Best Friends


Reach app allows you to send invites to people having the same interests and get your internet best friend (IBF) with an immediate response. Reach – Internet Best Friends is a stunning dating app presented in the market by Reach Inc. that introduces a new way of meeting new people over the internet. The app also recommends loads of new ideas for making new IBF’s globally.

It allows users to search and make real friends over the internet by filtering through specific age, gender, country, or hashtags. You can enjoy chatting with anyone, introduce yourself, ask questions, and make good long term friendship easily and quickly. Reach app also enables you to share everything with privacy and create real connections in a unique way.

#11 Friendz Chat – Talk Privately


Friendz Chat app is the latest social platform that provides users with a diversity of services without revealing the user’s mobile number or any other personal information. Friendz Chat – Talk Privately is a sleek app developed by Bubbly that brings a sleek social networking app to interact with new people both via text and voice calls anonymously.

The app provides a quick review of the profile that users want to connect through calls or text. The app leads a reward program for the users, and you can get more rewards in the form of free FC minutes or mobile recharge. The unique algorithm of this app recommends new friends based upon your profile and preferences.

#12 Hippo


Hippo is a widely loved social platform presented in the market by Newell Media LLC, which brings one of the best apps for meeting new peoples from all over the world in a unique and decent way. Hippo – Live Video Chat enables you to enjoy flirting, video chatting, and texting with your loved ones globally. You can start a conversation with people from more than 190 countries for meeting and chatting.

The app provides fast matching with boys or girls and helps you find people with just one swipe. Hippo app also lets users grab extreme security or privacy. Hippo app takes user privacy the priority by securing all their activities and deeds from third-party users.

#13 Free Chat


Free Chat by Mikuni is one of the trending meeting and dating apps that provides its user to chat worldwide in a free and easy way. FreeChat – Chat with Friends all over the World is a sleekly designed social tool presented by Mikuni Inc. that enables its global community of users to communicate freely with foreigners via chatting in their own native language.

It allows users to post your lovely photos and get people’s attention to start meeting and chatting. The app allows users to share thoughts and let the world know it. It enables you to chat with any foreigner without paying for anything or compromising security.