Memo Pad by xtakagi


Memo Pad by xtakagi Alternatives


#1 Clipper Plus


Clipper Plus is a sleek and powerful clipboard manager that helps you save everything you copy to get all the copied content back whenever you want. Clipper Plus: Clipboard Manager is a significant tool presented by Rojekti Inc. that brings a robust clipboard manager with loads of unique functionalities that you can’t find anywhere else.

Clipper + app makes it effortless to access all your collected clippings later and organize everything in lists to access them with ease and precision. You can intuitively copy, view, paste, edit, manage, and share your content whenever necessary. The app also stores repetitive pieces of text over the Clipper and copy them whenever you needed the previously saved information.


#2 Neo Notes


Neo Notes is an innovative note-taking platform that enables its global users to transfer their handwritten stuff, thoughts, assignments, and other data to digital text intuitively. Neo Notes is a stunning application presented in the market by NeoLab Convergence Inc. that enables you to keep your entire handwritten data over your cell phones and tablets in digital form and bring them everywhere.

You can precisely digitalize your entire thoughts, significant notes of daily life, your ideas, business work, and all your desired stuff simultaneously and instantly. You can precisely edit and share all the transferred data in a variety of apps and platforms. It features a sensitive pressure recognition feature that saves the data on the notebook precisely.

#3 Fluid Notes


Fluid Notes is a robust note-taking platform that helps you keep track of your lists and notes on your daily life and manage things intuitively. Fluid Notes – Notepad & Note Sharing is a sleek note application developed by David Ju, making it effortless to create notes and lists of your desired length and share them with your family members and friends in simple swipes.

It features instant note saving and note viewing and helps you share notes with others through a note code used to download notes between devices. It provides motivations whenever shared notes are updated, features unlimited note storage, and highlight updated notes over your list of notes.


#4 Color Notepad


Color Notepad is a super handy and intuitive application through which you can precisely manage notepads with various fonts and cloud sync. Color notepad – notes – widget is a fine tool presented in the market by Slayminex Studio Inc. through which you can precisely make your important list and notes and sort them in folders.

You can precisely create notes, read your notes, and block them with a fingerprint and password. It brings an extensive collection of colors to add to your notes to make them truly unique. It features voice input, high synchronization with the cloud, the ability to install multiple sizes and fonts, and save and download notes.

#5 Notebook (Note Notepad)


Notebook (Note Notepad) brings plenty of useful features that help you create notes of your thinking, school and college assignments, work logs, and various other content whenever necessary. Notebook (Note Notepad) is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Bingo Inc. that contains a sleek interface to create and manage notes to capture things precisely.

You can add images and text of your desired length and precisely search for your desired notes and view pics anytime using cell phones and tablets. You can intuitively classify notes, define your most likely classification names, and organize them in a professional manner. This application helps you set patterns, set the font size of notes, describe the size of notes, and do much else.

#6 Notes by HG Developer


Notes by HG Developer helps writers, students, teachers, and other note-taking enthusiasts to create a precise list of their desired content and manage them flawlessly. Notes by HG developer is a superb tool that brings plenty of healthy features for creating and managing notes and lists. You can intuitively get a list of your daily tasks and monitor them timely for managing your routine work all the time.

You can also create and edit your shopping list and organize your agenda in the best possible way available. It enables you to create a list of your most likely songs, save your ideas over one platform, remember various content, and much else.

#7 Material Notes: Colorful notes


Material Notes is a stunning note-taking app that presents the most elegant set of features for creating and managing notes whenever, wherever. Material Notes: Colorful notes is a simple app presented in the market by CW FEI, Inc. that brings an exquisite design to capture all your inspirations and thoughts right away. It helps you make notes of your desired length and capture your desired word or paragraph with extreme comfort through sleek searching.

You can intuitively create lists, built notes, check off your completed tasks, manage your groceries, set instant remainders, and put all your routine data right on the palm of your hands. It also features strong safety for capturing all your notes to capture your notes behind 4 digit PIN.

#8 Actions by Moleskine


Actions by Moleskine app bring an exciting way to keep on top of your life with thoughtful design and striking visuals. Actions by Moleskine is a super platform presented in the market by Moleskine SRL Inc. that lets you stay on top of your day and organize everything flawlessly. You can intuitively see everything you need to know with a single swipe and create action cards whenever necessary.

It brings aesthetic features beautiful and deep black colors to make the screen of your device shine. You can precisely create tasks that drop directly over an elegant schedule and even pair them with notes, lists, reminds to organize your day effortlessly. You can manage lists to group your action cards and even tag them with a list name to organize them with color-coding whenever you want.

#9 Samsung Notes


Samsung Notes is an elegantly designed and beautiful application that helps you create notes containing texts, voice recordings, music, footnotes, and various other content right over your cell phones and tablets. Samsung Notes is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Samsung Electronics Co., LTD. that helps you create memos or notes and manage them flawlessly.

It enables you to made memos from memo or S note and can easily be imported into Samsung Notes whenever you want. The app provides plenty of color mixers and brush types that help you draw fabulous paintings like professional painters. You can precisely share your paintings and get a hub for all your hand-written drawings and sketches.

#10 Notes with Caller ID


Notes with Caller ID is one of the top-rated note-taking applications for Android, packed with dozens of amazing features, making it more than just a simple/traditional notepad. Notes with Caller ID is a stunning app presented in the market by Appsbuyout Dev Inc. that enables you to see your notes, add contacts to notes, and make handy checklists whenever you want.

It features intuitive searching functionality, restores features, data backup supports, and share stuff intuitively. Notes with Caller ID is not only a simple app but also comes with a to-do checklist that can be shared intuitively via email. You can create notes while adding links, edit the notepad with plenty of features, export notepad instantly, and back/restore notes in a single swipe.

#11 EZ Notes


EZ Notes is a magnificent platform that helps you manage all your notes while providing a practical and feature-rich organizer. EZ Notes – Notepad notes, voice notes, to-do Notes is a super sleek tool presented in the market by Alexander Madani, which brings an ultimate mobility voice notes organization for Android users.

You can precisely enjoy this exclusive daily notes companion offering non-invasive, practical, and easy note-taking designs. It provides a hands-free mode of saving notes (automatic saving), clean interfaces for note-taking, instant searching, and swipe automatically to delete, recover, and archive. EZ Notes – Notepad App makes it effortless to manage voice notes, rich text, S-pen notes, to-do notes for school, work, news, web, and more.

#12 Copy History Support


Copy History Support app enables you to save the history of copied text, paste text in a single touch, and manage content intuitively. Copy History Support – Clipboard Manager, Paste is a fine tool presented by JetToast Apps that brings an app for saving the text’s history and supports compatibility with android 10. Clipboard manager. It intuitively saves history without any redundancy so that you can grab any of the previously saved content whenever you want.

The app helps you register your most likely words and get their availability as templates and notes. You can precisely copy or paste text without any hassle of the long press or multiple taps. Some of its highlighted features, including instant import and export, precise keyword searching, the shortcut of the file, share text and add favorites folders or tabs.

#13 Cloud Notes


Cloud Notes is a superb note-taking platform that brings plenty of exceptional features to let you have a unique experience. Cloud Notes – Notepad App is a highly engaging app developed in the market by Notepad Notes Inc. that helps you add folders and notes, get a simplified grid view, swipe to delete, and create a calendar view to manage things in an excellent way.

You can get cloud backup features with elegant AES encryption, group notes into folders, create calendar notes, and protect all your important notes with passwords. Other than these, the Cloud Notes app also provides its users with the facilities of global availability with Google sign-in, colored priority listing, swipe to delete with undo, and share notes with WhatsApp, Gmail, and other social platforms.

#14 Ruff


Ruff is the pocket-sized tool that helps you capture your thoughts and jot down all your necessary content on the move and share content with the people you want. Ruff: Writing App for Notes, Lists & Drafts is a significant platform presented in the market by Third Culture Apps Inc. that brings a fast, reliable, and simple app that helps you save and share writing on the go.

You can precisely replace your traditional text editor and to-do manager with Ruff for free to have professionally curated features and tools. Ruff: Writing App enables you to get original bled of versatility and utility to get ideal notes, to-dos, grocery lists, shopping lists, and other curated text.