Mesh cam


Mesh cam Alternatives


#1 Magic Poser – Art Pose Tool


Magic Poser – Art Pose Tool is a magnificently designed and groundbreaking platform that enables you to pose any of your desired models while having everything necessary. Magic Poser – Art Pose Tool is a stunning platform presented in the market by Wombat Studio, Inc. that brings a must-have tool for the manga, comics, character design, storyboard, and more right over your cell phones.

The app carries a super easy and intuitively posing of humans and characters by controlling all the points and dragging. Magic Poser – Pose Tool for Artists app contains an exclusive physics engine that enables you to manipulate the human model realistically and automatically while adjusting it to the dynamic poses you want.

#2 Mextures


Mextures is a multifunctional image editing application that permits the smartphone users to enjoy the unlimited number of layers on their images. This will make it easy for you to adjust the size, position and even crop the image as well. With the usage of this advanced image editing application, you will in no time be able to enjoy hundreds of formula presets. It will also make you able to even create an incredible editing with an unlimited combination of addictive textures, authentic file presets, and professional grade adjustments. With the unique formula sharing platform of this application you can easily share and the edited works with others as well. The availability of unlimited layers and effects will allow you to stack an unlimited number of layers. The new editing process of this application would allow you even to change any edit you have edit you have made any time even if you added it dozens of steps ago. Mextures is simply one of the photo editing apps available from the App Store.

#3 Photogene


Photogene is listed among the leading photo editing application available for the smartphone users. With the usage of this photo editing application, it will become easy and simple for you to edit, improve and even decorate and share the edited photos with others as well. The simple editing system of this application will allow you to take most out of your photos in case you are not a professional photographer. It is the provider of ultimate editing tools for all kind of photo editing needs. It is simply a full-featured photo editor that supports for exporting and resizing multiple photos. One of the best things about Photogene is that it is containing all those tools that consider being an important one for editing and exporting metadata and IPTC as well. Photogene is simply the perfect way for easily uploading, improving and exporting multiple photos at once. At the end of the editing, Photogene allows the users to share the images over social media platforms and even store in the cloud storage accounts as well.

#4 Enlight


Enlight is an image editing application for the iOS devices only. The features integrated into this powerful editing application aims to offer the simple and easy to use photo editing functions to the smartphone users. The availability of a lot of filters and effects will give you the option to select stylized presets inspired by the both classic and modern camera. It will allow you to even experiment with light leaks and getting images containing well-looking photo effects. The adjusting, clarity and target system of this application will permit you to adjust each section of the image from exposure to contrasts to color correction and even curves. It will simply allow you to apply a lot of masking tools for getting ultimate control over the entire photo editing process. The handy editing tools like cropping, resizing, skewing and refitting system of this photo editor will allow you always to get the perfect composition. Enlight is simply one of the best photo editors available for the smartphone users.

#5 Filterstorm Neue


This photo editing application is used for advanced image editing. The masking and advanced editing tools being offered by the Filterstorm Neue support for the selective editing. That means you don’t need to edit the entire image as the selective image editing of this app will allow you to select the specific part of the image. This powerful editing application will offer you all those editing tools that you need from the powerful masking tools to the simple pre-made filters. Filterstorm Neue is designed to be used for editing the photos in faster and easier way than most of the traditional photo editing applications. The quality of this photo editor is that it is by default used by the integrated tools of Apple to open image files. In addition to this system, Filterstorm Neue is also capable in dealing with RAW files as well. That system of Filterstorm Neue will significantly increase the initial time to load an image. Filterstorm Neue is simply one of the best image editing apps.

#6 Bestie


Bestie is, in fact, a camera editing application that will get itself synchronized with the camera of your mobile phone and after that will allow you to edit your selfies and even standard images rightly from this photo editing application. This is the best selfie can camera editing application ever developed for getting the real beauty of any image. It is based on the practical editing principle so that you can even edit those images that have been taken during the night time. The tools for editing being offered by the Bestie are flawless selfie photo beautifier, availability of hot stickers for all kind of pictures, photo airbrushing and much more. This photo editing application will give you full command and control on all of the editing section of the images. For the information of the readers, rather than offering too much editing tools and functions, this photo editing application is packed with the various photo effects and filters. Bestie is simply one of the best photo editing apps for the smartphones.

#7 You Makeup Photo Editor


As the name of this photo editing application is showing this application must be for retouching the facial issues. However, this photo editing application can be used for editing entire image as well. For those people who want to enjoy the magazine style, amazing makeup effects will surely like the way of editing offered by this simple to use photo editing application. It will empower them with the functions of editing their selfies, working on the face to remove wrinkles and other problems, adding texts and sticker to the photos, enjoying the photos effects and much more. The streamlined features and functions of the You Makeup Photo Editor are the availability of advanced and beautiful makeup kit, auto-recognition system for automatically removing the facial issues, snapshots taking the system for detecting the issues with the images, DIY makeup system, multiple makeup effects and much more. You Makeup Photo Editor contain over one hundred different makeup styles that will assist you in exploring more beautiful aspects of your image.

#8 LUCiD


LUCiD is an all in one photo editing application that allows the both beginners and competitive people to unlock their full potential of editing their photos as they want. This photo editing application was designed with only one aim and that is to help all kind of photos to look without doing too much work. Most of the people over the internet want to get the beautiful looking photos and want to share the best memory with others. Most of the time the default photo editing apps of the smartphones doesn’t get the job dome. This photo editing application allows the smartphone users to improve their photos quickly while the users are on the go. In the end the users can share the images with others over the social media platforms as well. For the information of the readers, the automatic correction system of LUCiD is based on the technology that is being used by the millions of people across the world. LUCiD is simply one of the best photo editing applications available for the smartphone users.