ZapChain is a platform that offers a collection of communities where you can post interactive content in order to earn Bitcoin. Before start to posting, you must require to sign up with your real name and email address. Your best post will be promoted to thousands of entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and investor. Earn reward is the based on the success of your content, and you can also exchange your Bitcoin for the dollars. You can easily reward your viewers with Bitcoin when they engage you in the comments. Zap Chain offers a simple, fast and easy way to all the user around the world who want to enjoy latest online entertainment stuff with earn rewards. It also offers lots of promotional deals and users grade system that will also increase the income of the user. ZapChain offers communication system that allows it user to chat with the other people around the world to discuss the given content.

#2 is a social networking platform that creates discussion topics, shares your updates, photos, videos and follows the other users around the world. You can also be able to create the group with the other users and enjoy unlimited stuff together. The discussion is consists of multiple categories such as Movies, Animals and Pets, Health and Fitness, Lifestyle and Society, Games and Entertainment, and Music, etc. You just need to sign up by providing the real name, email address, and password. It also allows the users to invite their friends to join share content between each other. There are multiple communities available on the websites that are also divided into the multiple categories you just follow your favorite community and know about something new. Before starting the discussion, you must follow the term and rules of the in case you break any rule in that case they block your account.


#3 is a web based image contest platform for the creative photographers where they can share their images to take part in the competition. Those who want to share their creative work with others will surely like the services of the is said to be the one of the leading databases of photos that deal in the photo contest as well. Thousands of images available at the portal of that are free to explore, download and share with others. The interesting thing about is its photo contest system that is only for the creative photographers and artists. If you want to sell your creative work then is also best for that purpose that will provide you an online selling point for selling your images. The photos available at the can be explored in the category of free photo contests photos, award winning photos, canvas prints and stock photography. In short, will provide you all possible options to make you able to get to your dreamed photo for free. For the information of the readers, most of the photos available at are although free but you can’t take part in the contest for free. If you want to take part in the photo contest then you are first required to upload credits to enter each photo.

#4 is a web-based platform where the users passionate the communities discuss the topic which matters to them. It offers a simple and welcoming experience for all the users. At the start, you must register yourself by giving the real name, email address and follow all the term and rules to explore the fantasy world. Join your own favorite topic community channel and start a discussion. You can able create your own community of the specific topic where you must share the content that attracts the audience. The primary communities are available at the main page of the website where you can access each simply and also share the content with the other. The discussion system is available at the bottom of the each stuff where you can discuss with other users around the world on the above topic. Do try it out if you really want to similar sites to


#5 is a web based home of the image boards that are available in a wide range of categories. The categories system of will make you able to easily search for your desired image and tag the others or simply share with others as well. The best about is that it also allow its users to create their own images for free as well and share the same with others also. Simply take the advantage of the dynamic system of in order to create anything for free and instantly. The powerful server cluster system of will provide you with high performance and uptime at the same time. The best about is that it delivers the more features and functions to its visitors as compared to others image boards based websites. You can manage your own Booru by simply creating an account with Moreover, the features request are also to be posted in the forum as well. If you want to share your copyrighted images then you can also go for these as well but for this you will be required to first fill the special form of the designed for submitting the copyrighted images. Most of the services of the are totally free but sometimes site stuck in the free features. If you want to access streamline accessing then simply use the paid version of

#6 is a web based image board provider that allow its members to post their images and view the work of others for free. They can post everything that they think suitable but it must fall in the categories specified by the for this purpose. A different categories or yo0u can say image boards are available at the as per the different interest of the users. In case of filling of the existing board, the new image boards will also be provided by the In order to start sharing and posting with you are first required to read the rules of the You are advised to follow these rules strictly because has very strict terms and conditions regarding its rules. If you will start posting without knowing about the community or will act immature, non-serious or rude then your posts will be normally ignored by the You are allow what you want to share but at the same you are not permit to disrespect others. Moreover, English language must be used in the proper structure and grammar style. In case of poor writing or tool bad grammar style your post will also be neglected by the


Lainchan is an Open-Source Web-based platform that offers image board similar to the 8chan with lots of new features, and the topic focused on the anime, political, technology, and video games. It allows the user to submit the articles, vote, and discussions. It also no needs to require any registration to post on the website. It one completely free form everyone and you can access it around the world. The basic purpose of creating the Lainchan is that to provide the platform for those users who create unique stuff and viral with the others around the world. Before creating your post on the Lain chan you must need to follow all the rules, if you break any rule on the site, in that case, they will block you temporarily or maybe permanently. Do try it out in order to show your creativity.


Spreadit is a platform that allows you to share images and other multimedia stuff with other around the world in order to get viral. It combines the best of planned communication of reddit, the skills to embed code, Latex and community moderation from stack overflow and ability to interact with the 4chan quickly. The website is specially designed to be nameless; you can make an account to the vote on the other user’s stuff and comments also. A massive hidden service is available, and all the things go through the https. Moderation is totally reliant on the users of the site voting costs and only point. You’re expected to vote anything horrified or spammy down. The users who run out of point are efficiently banned. Spreadit offers lots of prominent features such as simple and user-friendly interface, absolutely free, open-source, not require any personal information and conversation systems, etc.

#9 is also known as Infinitychan which is an American online image board website, designed specifically for the user-friendly and creative boards. Each board is operated by its user and the user has complete authority over it and a very little interaction with the administration. If you, as a user, want to own a board then you have to create it on in case of inactivity for over a week you need to claim it again for using it. you can post any type of content you want to post from but it is only possible if it is not against the laws of US.

#10 is an online discussion board where you can post images for free and can pass comments on the images of others as well. The best about is that there are dedicated boards for each topic in which most popular are music, photography, video games and various others. You can also use the services of without creating any account. You can freely move to the community of and you don’t need to register for this purpose. You will be provided with free resources. Click on the boards that are according to your interest and get the interesting stuff for free. The data available at the platform of is free to explore, download and share with others. You are also welcomed to share the post on the platform of as well. But for this you will be first required to read and follow the rules of for the members. In case of not following the rules properly your account will be either suspend temporary or permanently. The best about for members who want to post is that they can also post their images anonymously as well.