#1 Cnet

CNET is another place where the people go to discover free to try the legal downloads around the world. It is the safe, secure and trusted platform for software, games and mobile applications. With everything from computer starker kits to games, patches, snapshots, and apps, you can play with over 150000 free downloads. CNET Download features popular list, blogs, editorial reviews, and how to articles that help the internet users. It always tries to provide best the content about new software, games, and applications with updated features. It offers two different ways to find the required software such as search bar where the user can place the name of software, game or applications and categories that consists of multiple sections. CNET have huge members of staff they can update CNET Download official regularly by providing the new content. The platform does not require sign up for discovering or download the content, but if you want some additional features such as own write reviews, update about new products, TalkBack discussions, and CNET forums, etc.

#2 is a web-based platform that provides the news and reviews on the software and programs. It also delivers the free software as well. The software available at are free to download, install and share. However, doesn’t deal in premium version and full registered software. In the case of premium level of software, only delivers these software on trial and demo basis. The downloading system of is very different. Instead of enabling the users to get the complete setup of any software, allows the users to get their software downloaded and installed via the software downloader and installer of the This requires some time to finish and same is the major limitation of using the is one of the best places over the internet to explore the best apps, drivers, and software for the device or operating system that you are using, also delivers the news, reviews and articles over the software in addition to dealing with free downloading system.



1Mobile is another Market for Android that discovers the perfect applications to create your mobile life. It is the global leader in the specialized software stores for smartphone and other mobile devices. It contains over 600000 apps and games, and lots of new applications are added every day. It currently offers their users the 1Mobile Market for customer software downloads, the 1Mobile WAP site, major applications, distribution, and publishing platform. The team of 1 Mobile is always trying to improve their user experience through the continual optimization. According to the website, it offers simple interface without any sign up require you just need to visit the 1Mobile official website, find or place their favorite stuff title on the search bar in order to get your request. It has two different categories such as Apps and Games; these categories also consist of multiple categories including such as Action-Adventure, Fighting, Shooter and Exploration for games and Business, Education and Entertainment, etc. for Apps. Do try it out if you’re looking the alternative to or google play store.


Fossdroid is another platform like offers free and open-sources applications on the Android operating system. Daniele Simonin is the developer of who takes its data from F-Droid and organizes the application in attractive arrangements like Google Play Store. With the capability to view apps by what’s new, trending and most popular. It contains thousands of applications that consists of all the categories such as Music, Movies, Games, Software and all the other digital contains. It also offers review system where the each user is able to place a review on the application. To make the service unique, it enables some unique applications, and these are application are not available on the other platforms. The interface of this platform is almost similar to the Google Play Store with offers some extra features such as no registration required. It is one of the best platforms as compared to the others. Try it out.


#5 is an online encyclopedia of free software and drivers. Almost one million software that are free to try and download are the part of the directory of the The software provided by the are developed for Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile operating systems. In addition to software and programs, the plugins and third party software for the games and drivers of all kind are also available at the and these are also free. One of the best features of is its availability for software for Linux operating systems that are hard to found on most of the software providing platforms. Then there are thousands of drivers that are for all type of operating systems. In short at the online repository of, you will find the best collection of free software in the category of Windows, Mac, Linux, the web and mobile operating systems. Every day it comes with hundreds of new software and programs. At the platform of, you will surely find the free software for which you are looking for.


Aptoide is a best similar site to Google Play that offers all the similar mobile applications that run on the Android OS. Currently, there are multiple versions available for smartphones tablets. The Android application used to access the stores is open source, and it has multiple forks such as F-Droid. The users and servers and the user can communicate using an open protocol based on XML. Aptoide is formed from two words such as APT and ride, APT is the Debian package manager, and the ride is the last alphabets of Android. It is available in more than 40 different popular languages with 97 million users and 2.8 billion downloads around the world. In order to install the Aptoide application, the user has must retrieve the APK from its official website or another source on the internet. After completing the installation, the user can add stores. Besides the default store, various other are available from different stores. When the user added Aptoide store using URL of the store the application retrieve the whole list of applications and store it locally. The application offers lots of key features such as backup service, lots of new apps, completely free, fast browsing, private store and much more. Aptoide is the best choice for millions of developers who want to show their creativity with the others.

#7 is a web-based platform that allows the users to find, create and publish open-source software for free. It is an excellent service that offers software developers centralized online locations to manage and control all kinds of free and open-source software projects. The Source Forge provide a source code source, mirroring and bug tracking of download for load balancing the wiki for documentation, developer, user support forums, the user has written reviews, user mailing list, and rating, a news bulletin microblog for publishing project updates and lots of other features. It is one of the best and first service that offers free open-source projects. In order to make their service reliable and feature full, it offers free access to hosting and tools for developers. It has vast numbers of users that expose prominent projects to the verity of developers and can build the positive response loop. The content on the is adjusted in multiple categories such as Games, Graphics, Audio and Video, Home and Educations, System Administration and Development, etc.

#8 is the software repository that delivers the latest versions of the top notch software developed for all type of operating systems. In addition to providing the complete description and analysis of the software and program, provide the free downloading of the tens of thousands of software and program as well. Most of the software available here are free to download and those that requires premium version or full version of purchase can be also downloaded from the in the shape of demo and trial version. Quality is the leading factor that has been perfectly tackles by the is currently listed among the leading platforms because of delivering the best possible solutions to its visitors in the shape of hand-picked software titles, software tested for malware/adware/viruses and no system for added bundles, installers or toolbars. Currently, is providing the free and best software for the Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, web applications are also the part of the database of the


Google Play Store is a service given by Google Inc. for Android users. In order to use the service, you must have a valid Google account, subject to the following age restriction, to serve as the family group on, you must be at least 18-year-old. It offers all kinds of applications, games, movies, music, magazine, books and all the other digital content that you want. It is also known as digital entertainment destination where you can search, enjoy and also share your favorite stuff. It is entirely cloud-based, so all your books, magazine, movies and music are stored online that is always available to you, and you never worry about moving or losing them again. One of the great features of the GooglePlay is that if you have various accounts with different names and you want you to transfer your stuff out of an account and into another account, you just need to enable the service on google play store setting. Google play store is one of the best platforms for all the developer can create great content and want to share publically.


Uptodown is a platform like Google Play that offers lots of Software, Games, and Applications for numbers of operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac, etc. More than 90 million users use from all over the world and available in 14 different languages. It was launched in 2002 in Spain. Over 80% traffic comes from Android that is why they are committed to this service to the point where it is second largest distribution platform just behind the Google Play and provides more than 300000 applications in APK format. The ultimate objectives are to unify and complete the Android distribution system by offering a multi purpose and open platform. It is completely free service for everyone the user no need to registered or download any software. In Up to down platform the content is available in various categories such as Top Download, Free, Mac, iPhone, Ubuntu, Windows, and web apps, etc. It focuses on their users, it also actively cooperates with developers and their group. is one of the best places for all the developers who create new software, applications and want to show the others. All the applications are hosted on Uptodown official servers and offer maximum download bandwidth and speed. If you’re looking the alternative to Google Play, then do try it out.