Moviebox Alternatives


#1 CinemaBox


This application for iOS and Android is a means for exploring, streaming and downloading movies for free. CinemaBox only deals in HD movies and TV shows that can be access any time and from anywhere from the leading smartphones operating systems. In addition to downloading movies, CinemaBox allow for streaming movies as well. Streaming system is suitable for those who want to enjoy online watching and downloading system is suitable for those who want to save the movie in the internal storage and watch it in offline mode. The distinguish feature of CinemaBox is that this entertaining application supports Google Chromecast as well and allowing the smartphone users to cast their videos and movies to the big screen for best better watching experience. CinemaBox don’t need assistance of any third party application at all for installation purpose. Just download the APK file of CinemaBox into your iOS or Android and install in the smartphone.


#2 PlayBox HD App


The apps like PlayBox HD App are gaining more popularity among the smartphone users because of the reason these are offering high quality stuff to the movie watchers. This free to use application offer the free movies to the smartphone users and they don’t need to even jailbreak their device at all. Once installed this application and get an instant access to the great number of stuffs like TV series, seasons, episodes, cartoons, movies, animations and much more in HD quality. One important element that needs some discussion is that its installation process is little complex. You can’t directly install this application at all. You will first need to install the vShare and after that need to install PlayBox HD App from vShare. PlayBox HD App is simply one of the best entertaining apps available over the internet for enjoying free stuffs all the time.

#3 Hubi


Hubi is a streaming and downloading an application that features a great amount of movies. These movies are available for free to stream and download. Enjoying free movies from the smartphones is not a big deal anymore as the entertaining apps like Hubi are making it possible for the smartphone users to enjoy the great amount of entertainment stuff for free. For the information of the readers, Hubi doesn’t offer the direct streaming or downloading of the movies at all. It basically shows the links of the movies offering websites. It features a great amount of hosters like 180upload, Vodu and much more. The latest version of Hubi is containing many more hosters and makes correction to the current hosters as well. In the earlier version, there were some breaks up issues. There are no longer waiting if a hoster’s support breakups. Hubi is simply one of the best entertainment apps for the smartphone users.


#4 Pluto TV


Pluto TV is an amazing application for enjoying the TV on your mobile phone. It comprises way many amazing features that help you watch TV and movies on your iOS and Android mobile phones as well as tabs. It delivers more than 100 live channels and thousands of movies from the biggest names like Bloomberg, Paramount, CBS, NBC, Warner Brothers, and more. Pluto TV – It’s Free TV is a widely used application that lets you get exclusive channels like Anima All Day, Food TV, Pro Wrestling Channel, and the newest sports channels. It does not need any subscriptions, no credit card, or any other fee so that you can enjoy this utility for free. This app lets you watch thousands of free hit movies which you want to watch and that watchers like you help the names. It never lets you miss any single update from your favourite ones. Other than these, you also can watch CBS News Man Up, 4K TV, Adventure TV, Action Movies, Frontdoor, MST3K & RiffTrax, CNET, Anime All Day, THC – Channel 420, NBC / MSNBC, After School Cartoons, Weather Network, Horror 24/7, World Poker, and more. So just download Pluto TV to have fun of thousands of movies as well.

#5 YuppTV


YuppTV is a widely used application that enables its users to enjoy one of the largest online TV platform, introduced by YuppTV. YuppTV – LiveTV Movies Shows app comprises a collection of more than 200 Live Indian TV Channels, 7 days of Catch-up TV, Bollywood or Hindi movies, latest regional, and much more. You can easily browse a number of channels using such a great application and find out the popular programs. It allows you to pause and rewind line channels and even enjoy channels in a number of languages. YuppTV – LiveTV Movies Shows allows you to watch your favourite TV channels, movies, and programs across various genres including News, Comedy, Romance, Family Drama, Crime, Spiritual, Entertainment, Music and more. Some of its popular channels include Sony Max, Rishtey TV, Bindass TV, Star Plus, Aaj Tak, NDTV India, 9XM, Music India, SUB TV, Colors, Zee Cinema, SUB TV, MTunes, Sony TV, Zee TV, Star Bharat, Set Max, UTV Movies and more. So just download YuppTV – LiveTV Movies Shows app to watch your favourite movies and never miss any single episode of your favourite programs.

#6 Telly


Telly featured the streaming and downloading of Hollywood and Arabia movies only. It doesn’t hold too much collection of top rated TV shows and movies but still the best means for having most of the content on your smartphone when it comes to having good quality stuff. The reasons for using this service are that it allows its users to instantly watch as many TV shows, episodes, dramas, movies and much more as they want. There is no limitation on watching any stuff. For the Middle East people, most of the movies are backed with Arabic subtitles as well. Moreover, the movies and TV shows listed here can be cast or Airplay to the TVs as well. Telly is the best means for enjoying movies and TV shows for free. Paid service is also the part with additional features and services.

#7 Movies by Flixster


Movies by Flixster deals in two kind of service free movies and buying or getting movies on rent. This high-rated entertainment movie provider is packed with a great number of entertainment stuff like trailers of the upcoming movies, reviews on the movies, new movies and much more. As we have mentioned in the introductory lines, Movies by Flixster offers movies on rent as well. Movies by Flixster don’t offer too much movies and films for free. Most of the movies are being offered against payment. This simple to use entertainment application will make the moviegoing experience smoother and faster as compared to the most of the entertainment apps. It always list displays the new trailers, get movie news and allow the smartphone users to flip through exclusive movie photos. If you want to get reviews and opinions first then Rotten Tomatoes scores and rating system is also the part of this application.

#8 Zona


This entertainment space named Zona is for the Windows Phone and a means for watching and downloading the best in the class TV shows and movies for free. The best about Zona is that it always comes with a large amount of movies along with newly released movies as well. This handy application aimed to assist the smartphone users to always stream and download the best stuff over the internet. What make Zona special one is that it deals with enormous amount of entertaining stuff like movies, series, TV shows, TV channels, music, radio, sports, games and much more. Blockbusters, fresh releases, animated films, art house and much more are there that you will get in this entertaining application. It has almost all those movies that will fit your taste and mood. Discovering high quality movies from the smartphone and then downloading in the internal storage as well is not a big deal anymore with this application.

#9 Movie Hype


Movie Hype is one of the most accomplished entertaining apps that in addition to offering free number of movies allow its users to follow movies to get updates, news alerts and release reminders and even hold discussion about the upcoming movies, watching trailers and much more. Movie Hype will always let you to always get more out of movies with this application. The working style of this application is that it employs the social interactional and shows the upcoming movies to gauge the popularity and predict the box office success as well. Movie Hype also allows its users to track movie within few time and get the countdown of the upcoming movies as well. Movie Hype has recently integrate another feature in its application and that is getting the list of nearby cinemas going to air that movie. Movie Hype is simply one of the best entertaining apps for the smartphone users.

#10 GoWatchIt


GoWatchIt is also kind of movie and TV watching service but its way of working is different from its competitors. In fact, it is even not in competition with any application at all. It work as a TV show and movie search engine system and allows its users to check the movies and TV shows that are stored in the directory of other movies and TV shows streaming apps like Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Movies on Demand on Cable, Redbox, SnagFilms, Xbox Video, YouTube and likewise other applications. After searching the desired movie, the users of this application can enjoy several other activities as well like saving the movies in the list of next movies to watch, directly getting the links of movie, receiving the alerts when new movie or TV show added in their favorite movie streaming and downloading application. This app will take care of you by all means.

#11 Gigaplex HD


Gigaplex HD is a means for watching hundreds of movies that belongs to the new age American indie films genre. These movies are free to download. In addition to above mentioned genre, Gigaplex HD offers the movies of several other categories as well that are also being offered for free to explore, stream and download from the smartphone. This entertaining app is cluttered with a dizzying array of options and focus on offering the flawless viewing experience to its users. The quality of this entertainment application is that it brings an incredible diversity of genres to its users. At the moment, it features the full length feature movies including the top notch American independent titles and award-winning movies from the Asian region as well. These movies are free to download from almost all countries. It worth to mention here that Gigaplex HD has a monthly subscription service as well that is for those who want to enjoy more number of movies.

#12 Tubi TV


Tubi TV is a best means for the smartphone users for watching free movies and TV shows. Tubi TV is a best platform for enjoying streaming and downloading of movies for free. Tubi TV is being offered in both free and paid version. The free version offers watching of limited movies and TV shows only. If you want to get access more and to the premium movies then you must go for its subscription where big things are waiting for you. What make Tubi TV special one is that it always brings the popular movies and TV shows for its users that they can stream in the HD quality right from their smartphone. The largest library of modern, classics and cut favorite titles all always there to motivate you all the time. Thousands of movies and TV shows are the part of this platform. You can watch movies from anywhere, anytime and on any device in addition to its web-based version.

#13 Disney XD


Disney XD is a means for watching, streaming and downloading full-length TV shows and movies from the smartphone. Disney XD also allows its users to download and play a great amount of free video games as well. Too much entertainment with too much fun are the main reasons that are making this application popular among the smartphone users. What makes Disney XD different from most of the entertainment apps is that it has great presence in almost every country. When you move to this application, it will show you the list of available countries. Step into any country and watch the videos, movies and TV shows related to that country as well. To watch movies and TV shows with Disney XD, you need to have fast internet connection. Before going with this app, keep in mind this application is full of advertisements.

#14 JustWatch


JustWatch is an independent movie and TV shows search engine where the movies and TV show lovers can discover, stream and download their favorite stuff. This application can be access from most of the countries of the world that are why being used by millions of smartphone users across the globe. One of the best things about JustWatch is that it always shows the legal movies only. The movies and TV shows being listed by JustWatch are free from pirating issue, so no complexities involve at all. For the information of the readers, JustWatch itself don’t host movies and TV shows at all; rather it gives the links to those websites that are containing the TV shows and movies. However, the host links being listed by the JustWatch are the leading movie hosting services. The searching system of JustWatch is so advanced that you will choose your favorite movie within few steps.

#15 BobbyHD


BobbyHD is one of the greatest and best entertainment apps to enjoy the great number of movies and TV shows from the smartphone. It was once available in online version and now being offered as an application for the smartphones. BobbyHD app is simply designed for the smartphone users that bring all the entertainment content to the smartphones. The best about BobbyHD is that it will never ask you to jailbreak your device first for using this application. The latest version of BobbyHD is containing more updated features in the shape of new movies, TV shows, events, revised search system, support for Airplay and Chromecast, availability of subtitles with many movies and TV shows, subtitles in many international languages, and much more. BobbyHD comes in a ready to install version. You don’t need to take the help of any other supporting application at all. BobbyHD is simply the best means of enjoying great number of stuffs for free.