Multi SMS & Group SMS


Multi SMS & Group SMS Alternatives


#1 Text Caster


Text Caster app get the job for you whenever you want to reach multiple people right with your messages, whenever they are located. Text Caster is an exceptional service that makes it effortless to send messages in bulk to all your desired contacts whenever you want. It is an effective, user-friendly, and robust tool for delivering your desired messages to multiple people whenever they are located.

You can elegantly let all your teammates, colleagues, friends, and family members for keeping them informed regarding everything through email, social media, and text. The app contains a highlighted percentage of sending text within minutes, an exclusive opening rate, and a higher response rate for text over calls.

#2 Multi SmsSender


Multi SmsSender is an elegantly designed app used to send one message to multiple contacts simultaneously whenever you want. Multi SMS Sender (MSS) is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Crazy Broadcast Inc. that provides excellent assistance for sending a single message to plenty of users simultaneously using your cell phones and tablets.

The app precisely sends your desired messages of events, notifications, or information to the unlimited number of users by their message plan. The app helps you manage groups, import system groups, manage favorite contacts, personalized messages, dual SIM support, backup, and restore. The show sent history, dual sim support, accepting text from others, and various others.

#3 Mobile Bulk SMS


Mobile Bulk SMS is an excellent tool for sending a group of messages to your desired people in just a single click of the button and share information in a way like never before. Mobile Bulk SMS is an amazing app presented in the market by Adeoye Oludotun Inc. that enables its global users to send SMS in bulk to their desired contacts whenever you want.

Mobile Bulk SMS is integrated with plenty of SMS subscribers, including EStore SMS, BBN SMS, Multitexter, XWireless, Bulk SMS, and more. Apart from these, you can also get services from Fancy SMS, SMS mobile 24, Smart SMS solutions, Mobile Automated systems, SMS Clone, and almost all the top subscribers.

#4 Bulk Sms

Bulk SMS is a leading message sending tool that presents multiple ways of making SMS communication from anywhere you want, at any time. Bulk Sms is an elegant tool where you can get instant access to its entire solution suite while signing up here. You can precisely use its responsive web app to access your account instantly from any of the browsers that you have over your cell phones.

You can intuitively manage your SMS communications from your computer using its desktop app and even send messages automatically from your app. You can elegantly receive, send, and manage your text messages anywhere at any time over your android and iOS devices.

#5 Send Blank Empty SMS


Send Blank Empty SMS Red CatCommunication is a sleekly designed Android app where you can enjoy sending your desired number of blank SMS over all your desired contacts whenever you want. Send Blank Empty SMS is a widely used app presented in the market by Red Cat Inc. that brings a fine tool that helps its global users in sending text messages to your desired number of users whenever you want.

You can either have fun or annoy your desired span of people while sending them a bunch of empty messages in some simple swipes. Send Blank Empty SMS by Red Cat Inc. app allows sending blank SMS or text to your desired people instantly.

#6 BufferSMS


BufferSMS is a bulk message sending utility without paying for any bucks or even making any efforts of sending it individually. BufferSMS: (Bulk SMS) is a stunning app that enables you to send all the important messages, important updates, significant events, and everything to more than one contact whenever you want right using your cell phones and tablets.

It enables you to create SMS groups from your contact lists while using its functionality of Import List from Contacts. It automatically scans the entire SD-Card and discovers appropriate stuff from you whenever necessary. You can precisely create a group right from all your designed contacts available over your cell phones and select them for sending messages precisely.

#7 Text Caster Free


Text Caster Free app enables you to have a beautifully created and sleek tool for sending messages and SMS texts to all your contacts lists whenever you want. Text Caster Free is a sleekly designed app presented a messaging app that enables you to send all the events, necessary updates, and all other notifications whenever you want.

It enables its global users to send SMS texts to contact numbers imported from your intended excel file. Text Caster Free app makes it super easy to import numbers from excel file sheets as well. The app also supports an unlimited number of sheets of excel and manage things in a way like never before.

#8 SMS Caster


SMS Caster app enables you to broadcast your SMS in plenty of ways at current and future time with a robust feature of broadcast SMS in background service. SMS Caster is a sleek app where you can perform other tasks over your mobile phone, including auto-generates series, phone book, predefined list, and various others.

You can intuitively control the delay time between SMS sends, and longer messages automatically deliver in multiple SMS. You can make multiple lists, broadcast to auto-generated series, and broadcast SMS to your phonebook. You can also broadcast SMS to multiple numbers, future time broadcasting, and instant management of all the SMS.

#9 Mass Text


Mass Text is an exceptional communication app that letting you send mass texts as individual, personalized SMS messages whenever you want. Mass Text is a fine SMS-sending app presented in the market by DALL Inc. that brings a must-have tool for sports teams, religious groups, clubs of all kinds, school (send content to teachers or students), religious groups, and various others.

It makes it instant to send messages, MMS, and other SMSs to your desired contents in a single click of the button. Mass Text by DALL Inc. enables you to create as many templates of messages as you want and save them to reuse them later.