SoundCloud is a worldwide online audio tracks distribution platform, the website enables its users to upload, record, promote, as well as share their originally-created sounds. Based on the company’s data, The website service attracts greater than 175 million unique monthly listeners, while content creators upload about 12 hours’ worth of audio every minute. Many people use SoundCloud website to listen to music and audio for free. This website give yourself the gift of more sound. More hip hop. More rock. More electronic. More classical. More house, jazz, audiobooks, sports. You are able to explore trending music and trending audio feeds. You can search directly for tracks, artists and other users, and simply you can browse tracks by genre.




The Bandcamp website gives you instant, unlimited streaming access to your Bandcamp purchases, Bandcamp enables you to explore a huge catalog of music simply by artists from all around the worls, and opens your ears to the remarkable with this radio show, the Bandcamp Weekly. Note that a Bandcamp fan account is necessary to listen to your collection, add items to your wishlist, and follow artists. The website also allows for artists to provide free music downloads using the option to contribute to the artist or to obtain a free track or album by joining the artist’s email list. Other choices include delivering purchased music as a gift, you can viewing lyrics and saving individual songs or albums in a wish list.



AudioBoom is one of those platforms that provide you all in one opportunity through which you can not only listen to the songs but can also share. It allows its users to record the song of their choice, and they can upload the song or can also edit it before uploading. If you are looking ways to improve you music skills, it is one of the best options for you that let you share your voice with others and listening to others voice as well. AudioBoom has several technical features like Tyler Oakley, Russell Brand, TIME, NPR, ABC, Sports News and other great sounds. The app has around six thousand active partners and aims at the creation of the first audio content syndication that is aggregated as well as the first advertising network all around the world.

Using audioBoom, you can have access to the best content regarding news, business, current affairs, sports as well as entertainment. You can use this music streaming app free of cost by installing it on your Android or iOS. Besides the listening, you can also record your song and share your songs with your friends. Earlier it was optional for the users to get registered but not the upgraded version in which every user has to get registered. About uploading, you can upload an unlimited number of music tracks that has added to its popularity.




Mixcrate is music app that provides you the services to enjoy any music mainly related to DJs. It is a the United States based platform that allows its users to upload share and promote DJ mixes to the audience present on Mixcrate all around the world. However unlike other apps, it gives a more social feel to the catering of DJs music. With the help of Mixcrate, you can not only search your favorite tracks but also can save these to listen later on. It also allows you to share the music tracks of your choice with your friends. Mixcraft is designed and revolves around mixes and mixtape style creativity so there won’t be any day when you won’t enjoy your mixes.

There is a wide collection of songs and music on Mixcrate ranging from traditional electronic music to world music including reggae, jazz, rock, country as well as slow jams. Even if you want a change in mood, there is a D available at Mixcrate that can spin songs for you providing mixtapes to provide a mixture of different songs to enjoy. Besides listening and music streaming it also allows you to upload an unlimited number of songs. These uploaded songs can be shared with the community of Mixcrate. The DJ mixes produced by Mixcrate meet the desires of many musicians coming up to their definition of DJ mixes without facing any legal or copyright problems.



Deezer is known as a best music steaming website. It enables users to listen to audio content from data labels such as EMI, Sony, Universal Music Group on various device online or offline. Deezer presently has 35 million licensed tracks in its library, more than 30,000 radio channels, 16 million monthly active users, as well as 5 million paid subscribers. Deezer has been designed wonderfully. And also the beautiful user interface, Deezer provides great social media features, which helps you to discover music and playlist. The Elite membership of the service even provides you lossless high quality music. Deezer offer greater than 35 million tracks and 100 million playlists. The music streaming service is a mainly a music community, enabling users to build blog pages which may host playlists of their own or other members. Users can friend each other, send direct messages as well as catch up on music news directly on the website.



MixCloud is a music streaming website that is created by the world’s renowned DJs and also artists. MixCloud deals with two kinds of music activities namely listening as well as submission. Come and sign up for an independent community of DJs and greatest radio presenters all over the world that are re-shaping the music world of MixCloud. MixCloud allows the music activity lovers to create their unique radio stations and build playlists also. They are able to explore the music from the giant music category of MixCloud which includes the background, bass, beats, chillout, classical, deep house, hip-hop, EDM, electronica, garage, dubstep, dub, funk, pop, rap, reggae, RnB, indie, rock, soul, techno, trap and many more. The available functions in MixCloud are stream limitless audio content, upload limitless audio music, upload radio DJ mixes/podcasts, promote and distribute the information, get a user specific social networking widget, etc. The MixCloud service is also available for the Android and iOS mobile phones.


0 is another web-based radio and social networking website revolving across the concept of streaming user-curated playlists consisting of at least 8 tracks. Users create totally free accounts and can either browse the website as well as listen to other user-created mixes, you can create their unique mixes. The website also has a subscription-based service called 8 tracks plus, although its functions are still evolving. Presently, a $25 payment purchases a 6-month membership, during which period advertisements are removed from the website user interface while subscribers are logged in. 8tracks website that enables users to share and find out music in a simple, legal, as well as free way. Listeners are able to search through current mixes and create their personal mixes. Member must include a least eight songs, uploaded using their personal music library or directly accessed through a SoundCloud bridge, per playlist.



This is a music platform that is a great web music player with a music library of its own. With the help of Spotify Music, you can get free access to millions of music tracks that may be old or latest instantly, and you can stream an incredibly large range of song or music tracks. You can find the tracks depending upon artists, albums, genre, or playlists. All you need to do is to click on the hit or play button, and your streaming goes like wild in speed. However this app is not available in every country and this is the only one setback of Spotify Music.

Spotify is becoming one of the most popular apps for music streaming that is based on subscription. To become a user of Spotify, all you have to do is download the app on your Android or iOS and sign up for free. It can also be used from the web on desktop applications. The services provided by Spotify are not time bound, and you can upgrade your account any time you want to listen to specific tracks or build the latest playlist. It is considered to be a commercial streaming service that provides you digital rights management-restricted content that belongs to several record labels like Sony, Universal, Warner Music Group, EMI, etc. The features including offline listening as well as ad-free play back are provided to premium subscribers of the app.



Shazam is usually referred to as a music discovery channel. You can easily install it on you Android, Window Phone or iOS and get connected with your favorite music in no time. The music streaming software is available on Macs and PCs as well. With the help of Shazam, you can not only listen to the music but can also explore TV near you with the recent expansion of its music streaming abilities that have integrated it with cinema, advertising, and retail environment. You are also allowed to share the music you love via this app with others. The new features of the app include lyric viewing, easy and rapid access to music videos, along with unique recommendations. There are new and improved discographies and biographies of the artists and their albums.

This app was found by Shazam Entertainment Limited in 1999. It uses the built-in microphone that helps to gather the audio sample that is to be played. The acoustic fingerprints of the sample are saved and compared with the database in Shazam. After finding the match, it delivers all the related information of the song like artist name, the title of the song or album. Shazam possesses two types of apps that include paid one, Shazam Encore and a free app called Shazam. It has been ranked among the top ten music app al around the world. It has around 100 million active users along with its widest collection of music tracks that has reached up to fifteen billion in number.



Another best platform for music lovers is Cross DJ Pro. Along with the beautiful music listening experience, it also provides you the option to mix your favorite tracks. With the help of Cross DJ Pro, you can make perfect combinations of your songs that may be new or old, using it powerful audio engine. It is basically as digital DJ and vinyl mixing software that was launched by MixVibes, a French company and was released in 2008. This app is workable with both platforms PC and Mac as well as with around all MIDI controllers and Apple devices. Cross DJ Pro offers its users all effects, locators, samplers, and loops that are present in any controller. Along with that, the beat matching features helps to correct any human error and provide a smooth transition.

The app provides you several other features like complete customizability and beat making. Automix, stable synchronization, split mono, smart seek and beat grid editing along with many others, are the notable features of Cross DJ Pro to enhance the experience of music listening. The recent version was released in 2014 that provide its users with specific features like a 4 channel mixer, 8 pad samplers, and 4 Band EQs. There are choices to use many different effects and seamless looping beat matching as well as automatic beat-gridding. The application gained its popularity owing to its features and easy integration of music tracks.


0 is a socially constructed music-based worldwide community for music lovers. Visiting gives you the chance of streaming online music and download your favorite music in MP3 format for free. The music available on this site is sold through the store or licenses to others. has a big library of music of all genres that would likely suit your taste anytime. This platform was launched in 1997 and for the past 20 years it has been providing latest and classic music collection to music listeners.



This is one of the music platforms that provide its users easy access to millions of music tracks. The music can belong to any artist whether of latest times or old times. Apple Music is one of the ways to make the music world better. It brings for its users a wide collection of music tracks, much more than ever brought to you by music streaming app. Using Apple Music, you can also recommend songs to your friends and get the recommendation from the people who know and love music. The connection through recommendation can build a strong connection between music artist and fans.

With the Apple Music app downloaded and installed, you can listen to the radio any time of day with the help of global station. All these services of Apple Music are offered in $9.99 rates for a month. You can also go for family plans that are just for $14.99 per month. This fee is to make you a member of Apple Music; however, you can also use this app without any membership. It provides the services to listen to Beats 1 Radio along with that you can also see what any artist has posted. Ad supported stations are also provided to the users without membership.



When it comes to music and music lovers, Blitzr is one of the famous music apps. It provides you instant access to around forty million tracks that include old songs, latest songs belonging to the great artists. It can be easily downloaded on your Android or iOS as well as Window Phone. Also, you need no fee to join Blitzr. It allows you to search your music arranged properly according to the name of artist or album or genre. This is the best app for you if you are bored of such apps that do not allow you the music services of Radiohead and also Led Zeppelin. With the help of Blitzer, you can not only enjoy these music services but also, you would not miss any of the show of your favorite band.

This app, Blitzr is free of cost, and it comes with no ads. It is said that this app is specially made for music addicts to enjoy the divine experience of endless music tracks ranging from oldest to the latest. You can search your favorite songs by the name of artist, genre, album or label. There are full discographies of various artists, and you can enjoy listening to the whole album as well. The option of enjoying live music is always available on Blitzr, all you have to do is to keep in touch or updated about the latest performance and live music show of your favorite artists, and you can find these easily on Blitzr.