My Visual Database

My Visual Database Alternatives


#1 Sailforms Forms Database


Sailforms Forms Database is a stunning, powerful, and easy to use the personal database that lets you have the entire information regarding all your significant projects right under one platform. Sailforms Forms Database is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Sailforms, LLC that brings an excellent database tool that comes with preloaded forms you can use, customize, edit, and modify.

You can intuitively manage and customize all the sample forms and create your own forms from scratch. It contains an exclusive bunch of easy form layouts that enable you to build beautiful and functional entry forms right over your cell phones and tablets, without even going to PC all the time.

#2 SQL Mini – SQLite Editor


SQL Mini – SQLite Editor is the must-have tool for people who are searching for a robust and one of the perfect solutions for practicing SQL queries offline. SQL Mini – SQLite Editor is a stunning app that enables you to practice and run all your queries of SQL over your Android devices in a way like never before.

The app contains an interactive work-space editor for running commands, prebuilt tables for practice, a history of executed commands for later use, and much else. You can get smooth, sleek, and quick autocomplete to help you write your desired SQL queries as quickly as possible. It brings a colorful and stylish output of tables and instant import and export of databases whenever necessary.

#3 HashData – Innovative forms


HashData – Innovative Forms makes it quick and effortless to create forms with various types of entries to manage things professionally and have an amazing user experience. HashData – Innovative Forms is an elegantly designed app presented in the market by Hashdata Team Inc. that brings all the healthy and must have functioning and functionalities for creating and managing forms.

You can create your desired number of forms while adding almost all the entries such as scale, image, customizable fields, GPS, text, numbers, and the format chosen by you. HashData: Formulários Inovadores app contains extreme level customization without any requirements of any other programs. The app helps you get the best way to publish all your curated forms, whether through email, WhatsApp groups, and other social platforms.

#4 DataScope Forms


DataScope Forms is an exceptional, exclusive, and ideal tool to get rid of all the physical papers while managing things digitally. DataScope Forms is an elegantly designed app presented in the market by DataScope Inc. that brings an excellent tool for field team management and mobile forms whenever you want. It enables its global users to answer personalized mobile forms with or without internet from their phones and tablets using this app.

You can intuitively create, assign, and edit forms of your desired choices to your intended people or community. You can effortlessly add signatures, geolocation, photos, checklists, and other types of questions to your forms to receive key information regarding your business.

#5 GoFormz Mobile Forms & Reports


GoFormz Mobile Forms & Reports is a highly engaging and significant tool that makes it easy to digitalize your forms for your computers, tablets, phones, and more. GoFormz Mobile Forms & Reports: Capture data with mobile forms is a stunning app presented in the market by GoFormz Inc. that enables its global users to manage their digital forms in a way like never before.

You can intuitively upload your form to drag and drop from the builder, start filling out your forms online, and customize your forms with fields and logic in a way like never before. The app enables you to add images and sketches, signatures, GPS and Maps, Text and Number fields, Drop-Down menus, instant calculations, and a lot more.

#6 Formstack Mobile Forms


Formstack Mobile Forms is a highly engaging app that enables you to view and access all your submitting, gather all the information online, search for submitted information, and other stuff whenever you are far from your PCs. Formstack Mobile Forms is a stunning app presented in the market by Formstack Inc. that helps you access the entire data that you have over your computer whenever away.

It is a sleek and easy to use, online form builder that enables its global users to design secure, powerful, and sleek forms without any knowledge of programming. You can intuitively build workflows, securely connect your forms to more than 50 native but third party integration, and export submissions to excel.

#7 Formitize Forms


Formitize Forms app enables its global users to integrate their business solutions while moving themselves in smart forms to manage things flawlessly. Formitize Forms is a stunning app presented in the market by Mobile Interactive Technologies Inc. that enables you to create and track your sales pipeline, customize with your logo and colors, and run your entire business in a way like never before.

The app is assisting thousands of businesses in over two hundred industries all over the globe, including pest control, food safety, commercial landscaping, building inspection, fire protection, and plenty of other trade and services businesses. You can intuitively build your forms by yourself or email your form to the service and let the app build it for you.

#8 Nest Forms – Survey Builder


Nest Forms is a sleekly designed app and web-based form builder that enables its global users to track, manage, edit, and create paperless mobile forms, audits, surveys, and other polls under their own dedicated account. Nest Forms – Survey Builder is a widely used app presented in the market by Nest Design Inc. that enables its global users to manage all their forms while having everything needed.

It enables its global users to access your forms from your web content, native Android or iPhone app, or even online through its magnificent platform. The app is helpful for creating your own forms through websites that will then link directly to your phone without paying any effort.

#9 iForm


iForm is a globally used app for creating, viewing, managing, and sharing highly customizable and comprehensive forms in a way like never before. iForm is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Zerion Software Inc. that enables you to build simple forms and amazing business applications whenever necessary.

You can create highly customized forms over its online form creator and view and manage data in the way you want. The app carries a powerful API for integration, dispatching records, and administer user’s availability to manage things on the administration level. The app provides the functions of automated metadata collection, iFormBuilder Web portal, and exclusive hardware and software integration.

#10 SailformsPro Relational DB


SailformsPro Relational DB is a robust, easy to use, and intuitive application that lets you build forms for your business, domestic, and official use. SailformsPro Relational DB is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Sailforms, LLC, which comes with plenty of preloaded form outlets and applications that you can use, create, manage, and modify accordingly.

The app enables you to take your forms of Sailforms that you have built and hook all of them together in an app system. It enables you to set up all the transactions to add as well as subtract values to remote forms whenever necessary. These transactions intuitively adjust the values whenever changes or deleted.

#11 Snappii Mobile Forms


Snappii Mobile Forms app makes it effortless to fill out any of your desired forms much faster and easier than with a paper and pen. Snappii Mobile Forms: Turn paper forms into Apps is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Snappii Inc. that helps you create and manage forms whenever you want and with extreme optimization for completing on a tablet or smartphone.

The app works significantly with any existing paper form and intuitively stores your answers, so filling out the same form again robustly. The app also sends out complete forms as if completed manually and save completed forms over your Android and iOS cellular devices.

#12 Formyoula Mobile Forms


Formyoula Mobile Forms app enables its global users to get the most effortless and fully-fledged way to collect data from people in the field, offices, and other working destination. Formyoula Mobile Forms 4: Salesforce Offline Surveys is a sleekly designed app presented by Richard Ozols Inc. that enables you to use Formyoula Mobile Forms to capture new leads during events.

The app supports plenty of data types such as text, numeric, date/time, select one, multiple selections, phone number, yes or no, images, location, email, signature, sketch, and various others for managing your forms whenever necessary. You can assign forms to organizational groups and send them to people in the field using the browser of your cell phones.

#13 Classic

iPhone Classic is a robust enterprise mobility solution for altering paper-based operations right over the field and manage everything whenever you want. Classic is a sleek platform presented in the market by WorldApp INC. that gives your field staff whenever, wherever access to critical job forms and other documents with or without any internet connection.

The app lets global users access their docs and forms while providing exclusive management of a unique interface for overseeing operations. You can precisely view, manage, maintain, update, and execute electronic forms, either offline and online. The app enables you to submit the same form more than one time right over your cellular devices.

#14 ProntoForms – Mobile Forms


ProntoForms – Mobile Forms app enables its global users to access their business forms to capture critical field data accurately and quickly. ProntoForms – Mobile Forms is a stunning app presented in the market by ProntoForms Limited that brings one of the leading mobile solutions for remote workers to collect data over a mobile device.

The app makes it effortless to access the data of the company in the field and share the results with back-office systems, people, and cloud services. The app makes it effortless to create mobile forms to automate all the business forms tasks through robust data access, delivery, and collection. The app provides extreme level customizations and integration for letting you manage stuff professionally.

#15 Easy Database


Easy Database app makes it an effortless and straightforward way to manage all your data regarding all your projects over tablets and mobile phones without any wireless mobile or internet. Easy Database is an easy to use app presented in the market by Easy Database Inc. where you can manage all your data whenever you want without going on all the laptops and PCs.

You can intuitively generate pdf files from results, support large amounts of information, support incoming calls identification, support table relationships and GPS fields, and more. The app enables you to import CSV data from Excel, Access, OpenOffice, MySQL, and other programs that export to its standard formats.

#16 Mobile Forms for Business


Mobile Forms for Business is a widely used and elegantly designed mobile data collection tool that intuitively utilizes your Android cell phones and tablets to create, manage, and provide forms. Mobile Forms for Business is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Café Software Inc. that brings an ultimate destination for building forms whenever you want.

You can precisely build forms online in minutes, add photos from your gallery or camera, and even manage them whenever you don’t have an internet connection. The app enables you to get color-coded validation to get to know what questions are answerable instantly, contain an invalid answer, or requires an invalid answer.

#17 VFront

Open Source

VFront is an elegantly designed, open-source, and free front-end for MySQL databases written in Javascript as well as PHP. VFront enables you to enjoy creating forms for managing and maintain your data in AJAX style, different privileges and rules for groups, and export reports in PDF, HTML, XML, and much more. It is significant for those who are in need of an easy to configure and install database front-end. The service is useful when several or various users have access to a single database through diverse privileges.

It is a sleek and significant platform for all the organizations, brands, and companies, and other industries that are directly or indirectly connected with PostgreSQL and MySQL. This service is created for non-expert users capable of working securely on data through a sleek and beautiful graphical interface. VFront has export data modules, report management, and statistics based on XSL, XML, XSL-FO protocols.