Nertivia Alternatives


#1 Tox


Tox is a fine and sleek kind of instant and secures messaging to new people, your friends, and family members whenever, wherever you want. Tox is an easy to use platform that helps you make a secure connection with new people or your desired people right over your cell phones, tablets, and PCs.

You can enjoy instantly and secure chatting with people across the whole globe with the secure messages provided by Tox. It enables you to keep in touch with family members and friends using completely free and encrypted voice calls.

#2 Jitsi Meet


Jitsi Meet is a stunning platform where you can enjoy meeting and chat with all your teammates, family members, colleagues, and more in the most secure way. Jitsi Meet: Video meetings for everyone is a sleek social app presented in the market by 8×8 Inc., where you can enjoy video conferencing and secure meetings in a way like never before.

The app needs no artificial restrictions on the number of users you call over your conferences but imposes limits on bandwidth and server power. The app does not need an account or login setup for using its functionalities, so you can just open it, invite your fellows by pretty URLs, and start doing whatever you want.


#3 Pidgin


Pidgin is a robust chatting platform that enables its global users to log into accounts over multiple chat networks at the same time. Pidgin app brings a fun and unique way to chat with friends on XMPP and sitting over an IRC channel simultaneously as well. It is compatible with all the current versions of Windows, Unix, Linux, and other operating systems.

It brings plenty of exceptional features of these chat networks, including file transfers, buddy icons, custom smileys, typing notifications, away messages, and much else.

#4 Whereby


Whereby is an easy to use and flexible application that helps you start, create or join official and domestic meetings right from your cell phones and tablets. Whereby – Easy video meetings on the go is a stunning platform presented in the market by Whereby Inc. that makes it easy to join presentations from video meetings whenever, wherever.

You can securely follow along with screen share presentations right from your mobile phones and tablets. Whereby – Video Meetings app enables you to join a video meeting without even log in for guests.


#5 Messenger Lite


Messenger Lite is a secure, amazing, robust, and data-effective messaging platform to reach people in your life in a way like never before. Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages is a super sleek platform that makes it effortless to make the connection with your friends, family members, buddies, colleagues, fellows, and more, no matter where you are.

You can contact anyone over Facebook, Massinger, and Facebook lite having this app over cell phones. It enables you to have endless audio or video calling to your loved ones and share photos, videos, emojis, text, stickers, and anything you love.

#6 Daily Co

Daily Co is an elegantly designed, real-time video API for developed that enables its global users to add one lick video calls to any application or website with just a few lines of code. Daily Co: The real-time video API for developers is a sleek application that helps power video for today’s innovation apps without any efforts.

It contains Javascript and REST APIs to help you get and running with real real-time video instantly, the scale as you grow. You can intuitively get started with the prebuild call user interface with just a few lines of code.

#7 Facechat

Facechat makes it effortless to have secure and instant communication with your friends and family members right over your cell phones and tablets. Facechat is a stunning platform that brings instant chatting and media sharing with your desired people whenever you want.

You can either chat privately with your close ones or even enjoy group chatting with all the users from chatting over your cell phones. You can create your own profile over this platform and let others make instant connections whenever you want.

#8 Lifesize Video Conferencing


Lifesize Video Conferencing is an award-winning platform that enables you to experience exclusive video conferencing most effectively and effortlessly. Lifesize Video Conferencing: HD Video Meetings Made Easy is a sleek platform presented in the market by Lifesize Inc. that features unparalleled video clarity along with enterprise-grade security.

It enables you to start a call or schedule a meeting and share content from your device with other participants during a call as well. You can instantly click to call rooms, meetings, and contacts. It supports hands-free calling when paired with compatible audio systems as well.

#9 JumpChat


JumpChat app lets you enjoy extremely amazing video chatting over your Android devices, web browsers, and desktops whenever you want. JumpChat is a super stunning platform presented in the market by JumpChat Inc. that is one of the finest communicating apps for making secure connections with your intended people no matter when and where they live.

The app contains skype like the scenario of making live conversation with your intended people without even having any fear of being traced. You can enjoy video chatting with global folks through your devices or the browser in a highly encrypted way. You can chat with up to four members of your family, friends, and others in the secure room.

#10 Phoner Second Phone Number


Phoner Second Phone Number is free to send text messages as well as calls to your intended people. Phoner 2nd Phone Number + Texting & Calling App is a stunning platform presented in the market by Appsverse, Inc., where you can add a second phone number for your calling and messages services for your business and social life.

It provides its users to protect their privacy while keeping their personal or private numbers secure. Phoner Text+Call Phone Number: Burner Texting and Calling App enables you to get a burner number for free to text or call anonymously to their intended people.

#11 Collabify

Collabify brings a virtual office for emote teams for managing things in a way like never before. Collabify is a stunning platform where you can create your account for free, bring your team together, and start managing your intended things in a way like never before.

It allows you to create a free account, bring your distributed team and fellows together, enable remote collaboration, and manage stuff in a way like never before.

#12 Skype Lite


Skype Lite is a new skype build for the people living in India to meet all the needs of their daily messaging as well as video communication. Skype Lite – Free Video Call & Chat is a sleek app presented in the market by Skype Inc. that enables you to enjoy sleek chatting with your family members, colleagues, friends, and others through skype and SMS within the app.

It brings free video and voice calls with anyone on skype, chat with your desired people for free, and enjoy free voice or video group calling. It never lets you miss any information or update with SMS insights. You can get to know your entire data usage in the app for video usage and messaging.

#13 Video Call


Video Call is a simple, secure, and elegantly designed video calls for tablets and smartphones whenever you want. Video Call is a stunning app presented in the market by Apps by Forbis Inc. that helps you enjoy high-quality video calls, send free HD video messages, and have fun with group calls.

It brings high-quality voice and video and low internet data usage along with having end to end encryption and an extreme level of security. You can instantly enjoy local video calling for long-duration calls along with low internet data consumption.

#14 Fring


Fring is a sleekly designed and elegant way to capture your availability for your work and share it with your network whenever, wherever you want. Fring | Recruit yourself is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Fring. App Inc. that enables you to keep your availability details right under a single platform.

You can instantly create a hotlist of trusted freelancers and all the relevant contact details at a glance. It enables you to share your work abilities with your trusted networks, including agencies, freelancers, recruiters, former clients, and various others.

#15 is a sleekly designed application that enables its global users to measure and boost meeting engagement right over your devices. app enables you to see how this amazing video meeting platform gives you actionable insight into health. It also tracks meeting hours and sees how your team are allocating their time by meeting host meeting type and project.

You can intuitively track meeting behaviors, drive quality engagement, distill company culture, and diverse participation. It enables you to see when attendees arrive ad leave, how engaged the listeners are, and who speaks the most. The platform allows you to dive into a company meeting culture by exploring speaking minute by demographics.

#16 SliQ

SliQ is a highly compatible, sleekly designed, and robust platform for making instant and secure communications with your family members and friends whenever you want. SliQ: Free voice & video call is a sleekly designed application that provides voice and video calling along with highly optimized chatting right under one platform.

It enables you to make seamless video and audio calling and watch entertainment specially optimized for your iPhone and Android cell phones and tablets. It brings one of the easiest ways of being connected with family and friends, even on low bandwidth networks.

#17 Tribe Messaging


Tribe Messaging is a simple, fast, and free application that helps you manage all your messenger and everything it has inside. Messenger: Text, audio, and video calls is a stunning platform presented in the market by Sunny Lighting Inc. that helps you enjoy message conversations while having all the available functionalities that you love in some robust platforms.

You can enjoy one click to open your messenger whenever you want to have a message from your family and friends, show you the times of each messaging app. New Messenger 2021 lets you add multiple contacts to message to enter group messaging mode and block your desired contacts, MMS, and SMS.

#18 Beagle IM


Beagle IM is one of the lightweight, sleek and powerful XMPP clients developed by Tigase, Inc. that brings one of the most easiest and secure ways to start using the XMPP protocol. Beagle IM: Multi-Account XMPP Client app makes it effortless to manage and control plenty of accounts with ease and sign in all your XMPP accounts at once.

The app contains a message archive support where you can access the history of chats from the server. It also contains the support of joining and creating your desired number of chatrooms for multi-party collaboration.

#19 CamVoice Live


CamVoice Live is a widely loved live video streaming social network that brings millions of active users in thousands of exclusive video chat rooms for secure conversations. CamVoice Live is a fine social app presented in the market by Net-Promotion SA, where you can enjoy video chatting with your desired people right away.

It enables you to have secure live streaming of all your special moments like talk with your family members and friends or make video calls. You can intuitively enjoy chatting with millions of people from plenty of countries and make free video calls with known or unknown persons.

#20 Mixsii

Mixsii is a fine service that lets you enjoy amazingly free video chatting with old and new friends right from your devices effectively. Mixsii lets you enjoy free video chatting, make new friends, no additional downloading, and a 100 percent free use scenario.

It enables you to enjoy one on one video calls, group video calls, share gifs, meet new people, share your desired files, and create user profiles in seconds. You can enjoy HD video calling with your family members, friends, and strangers from all across the world.

#21 Convoz


Convoz brings one of the best places for genuine conversations with amazing people from all over the globe. Convoz – Video Stream & Conversations is a sleekly designed application presented in the market by X Empire Inc. It brings genuine conversations with real people and hosts conversations about all your most likely topics right away.

You can host conversations about your desired topics with ease and meet or connect people across the globe over the topics that you love to share. Convoz – Video Discussions app lets you enjoy live streaming, and you can even join ones with real ease. Convoz – Video Stream and Conversations app enable you to record messages to start conversations and send your video responses to add to your conversations.