New Anonymous Chat Online


New Anonymous Chat Online Alternatives


#1 Stranger Chat: Meet New People


Stranger Chat is a unique social tool that lets you introduce yourself and start chatting without any boundaries and paying anything. Stranger Chat: Meet New People is a stunning tool presented by Kapps Inc. that enables you to add interesting people right over your friend’s list and chat with your new fellows on the move. It is a new, free, easy to understand social chatting app that helps you chat with real people online without any signup or login.

You can elegantly meet new people, share images, transfer videos, have endless messaging, make friends online, clear chat history, and add people of your choice over your friend’s list to have real fun. Stranger Chat app lets you enjoy anonymous chatting, chat date with strangers, boys stranger chatting, meet random people, and have endless hours of fun.


#2 Opus Penpal


Opus Penpal app makes it super easy to search and connect like-minded people from across your area and around the globe and have endless fun. Opus Penpal is a superb social tool presented in the market by MagnumOpus Tech Ltd. that brings a superb tool for people who are looking for someone to chat with and have fun.

This app enables you to rate your pen pals, make the connection with a single click, and write testimonies about them with ease. You can effortlessly type calligraphy over its sleek search bar and see the listing of all profiles who are fond of calligraphy. You can effortlessly create a profile by logging with FB, editing or adding your own tags, and deciding which keyword you like the most or should be found.

#3 Poke Friends


Poke Friends is a simple yet sleek tool that enables trainers to share their trainer code and make a secure connection with each other whenever needed. Poke Friends: Meet Global Friends is a superb app presented by CharlieStudio Inc. through which you can meet new friends from all across the globe and have endless hours of fun.

The app lets you get an intuitive settings panel that brings the option of liked trainer list, copied trainer code list, country, time zone, city, share app, rate app, remove ads, restore purchase, and sing out with a single click. You can get the trainer code while scanning the barcode using the phone’s camera, and you can either share or copy the trainer code.


#4 Make Friends by Flinch Chat


Make Friends by Flinch Chat app helps you make new friends and share all the thoughts and passions you often do not discuss with your real friends. Make Friends by Flinch Chat is a significant social application presented in the market by Flinch Chat Inc. through which you can make new friends, find more fun, and have the endless joy of meeting.

It is a 100 percent free, super fun, robust, and secure social chatting application that helps you make friends from all around the globe. You can also enjoy adding your desired people as a friend and chat with them in private in the way you want. It enables you to enjoy becoming friends with strangers and become a part of its global community.

#5 Realfriends


Realfriends is a magnificent app for the new generation and lets you enjoy the future of social media platforms over cell phones and tablets. Realfriends for True Best, real Friends, No Spying is a superb tool presented in the market by Raphael Afil Inc. that enables you to have a secure atmosphere for having an endless chat with global users. You can intuitively make various groups of almost up to 25 real friends, completely independent and unique.

You can precisely share multimedia stuff over these exciting groups and enjoy sharing whatever you want. It features a trusted community of millions of global folks, no commercial content, a unique searching tool, and a unique and independent platform.

#6 People nearby ZINGR


People nearby ZINGR is an exclusive social platform that enables you to discover stories, posts, people, and photos nearby you. ZINGR – People nearby: meet, make new friends is a superb application presented in the market by Kestas Inc. that brings your city right in your pocket and lets you meet people in a way like never before. ZINGR – People Nearby app enables you to reach nearby people and make instant hookups or relationships to have endless chats.

You can instantly see all your nearby people filtered by distance, and the limit of distance is set to almost 1 kilometer for your security. ZINGR – Meet and Make new Friends app lets its global users meet neighbors next to your doors.

#7 Friends – Chat, Meet, Dating


Friends let you meet single girls and guys by tapping over their faces on a world map and have endless chats. Friends – Chat, Meet, and Dating is a superb app presented in the market by Friends App that lets you make an instant connection with people globally and view their lives and view their cultures, meet singles, enjoy chatting, and meet single for dating around you.

It enables you to share pics and videos and enjoy scrolling through a never-ending world feed of images that friends share for endless entertainment. You can precisely enjoy chatting with a global single without any additional payment requirements. It enables you to zoom in on countries or around the globe and meet them in style to build real and long term relationships.

#8 Blurry Chat


Blurry Chat makes it effortless to make new strangers and favors over appearances by enabling its global users to self-express with its fun chat features. Blurry Chat – Chat, Meet & Date New People is a magnificent platform presented in the market by CSTech Apps that helps you chat, reveal, and date right using their cell phones and tablets.

You can intuitively sign up whenever you want and start chatting with people around you without revealing your identity until you get ready to exchange pics. Blurry Chat – Chat, Meet, & Date New People lets you select your interests and other details regarding you to catch the real attention of nearby people having like-mindedness.

#9 TriPriend


TriPriend has an active community of more than 70K users from more than 170 countries from around the globe. TriPriend: Meet Korean & International Friends is a magnificent designed social platform presented in the market by TriPriend Inc. that lets you make friends instantly and have endless chats on the move. You can get to know amazing guys and girls wherever you move and start having real relationships in a way like never before.

You can search for new friends who match well with you with its amazing search functionality and get to know new people’s traditions, cultures, and languages. It features real tags that can recognize something in mutual with other users right over your Android or iOS user interface.

#10 Live Audio Chat


Live Audio Chat is an awesome chatting app that contains 2 million users from all over the globe, and 15 million minutes talked every month. Live Audio Chat: Make new friends & Improve English is a significantly designed tool presented in the market by OpenTalk Live Audio Chat Inc. that makes it superb to talk and make new friends throughout the globe.

You can securely talk to native English speakers to practice the language of their origin and enhance your speaking capabilities in a way like never before. You can enjoy live video or live audio calling and chatting with global strangers whenever you want.

#11 Korea Social Online Dating


Korea Social Online Dating is one of the most exclusive chatting and dating application that helps you meet single girls and boys from all across the globe. Korea Social Online Dating Apps to Meet & Match is an amazing tool presented in the market by Innovation Dating Apps that makes it easy to enjoy finding single soul mates (either you are single or not) right over your cell phones and tablets.

The app features group chat rooms, chat dating, video and photo profiles, make fans (people who like you), tags system in profiles, make friends (people you like back), and enjoy endless hours of chatting. You can meet new people, generate fans, and enjoy nearby or global dating.

#12 Global Roaming powered by Mico


Global Roaming powered by Mico app enables you to precisely get to know all the happenings in other places and meeting new people from all over the world. Global Roaming powered by Mico is a stunning application developed in the market by MICO World Inc. that lets you have an amazing place if you are tired of meeting boring people nearby.

You can enjoy endless chats with fun and exciting people globally and never get bored of things ever again. It brings an exquisite way to meet new guys/girls and get feelings like a local before arrive somewhere around the globe. Global Roaming powered by Mico is a simple to use, free, and exciting platform that lets you have an amazing social chatting and meeting experience.

#13 HOLA by LiLin2020


HOLA by LiLin2020 brings one of the most elegantly designed, robust, and a fantastic platform for you to enjoy online meeting, fun private chatting, and random connections in a way like never before. HOLA – Private live Random Video Chat is a superb tool presented in the market by LiLin2020 Inc. that brings one of the most amazing social or entertainment apps to enjoy endless conversations.

This application enables you to chat and meet new guys and girls and make friends on the move. It helps you start private live video chatting with anyone just in a single click. HOLA – Formerly HALA app lets you start instant chatting with any of the global users randomly to start chatting whenever, wherever.

#14 Germany Chat


Germany Chat app features free chatting, instant dating, meeting new friends, and have endless hours of fun whenever you want. Germany Chat: Meet, my friends and USA Dating is a globally loved application presented in the market by Mychat Apps that brings an exclusive way to meet and stay connected with German people from all across the world.

It is one of the most amazing Europe chatting applications through which you can use an easy format to start using an excellent chat room platform. You can stay connected with people from around Europe to enjoy sharing culture, images, video chat, and various fun facts.

#15 Sweetalk


Sweetalk is a fantastic international social app for AI translation to meet and chat with strangers from all across the globe. Sweetalk – AI Translation Chat is a superb application presented in the market by Eliteall Ltd Inc. that brings an exclusive platform for making amazing conversations with global strangers whenever, wherever. Its amazing Six AI Translation function helps you stay updated with friends and business partners from all across the world.

You can enjoy barrier-free communication and connect with friends globally whenever you want. Its Five AI translation scenario covers both online and offline communication so that you can have endless hours of fun even when you don’t have internet. You can enjoy text translation, call translation, video call translation, translation headset, voice translation, and more.

#16 Cheeky


Cheeky is an exclusive and free dating app that helps you meet new friends and talk to strangers, developed in the market by Next Tech. Cheeky: Anonymous Live Video Chat with Strangers app enables you to enjoy flirting with beautiful girls and guys from all across the globe. This application does not need any login requirements or details regarding your privacy so that you can enjoy the app anonymously.

You can enjoy anonymous texting with new guys and girls from all over the world and make instant dates or meetings whenever, wherever. It is an alternative chat platform to contact random people and have endless chatting without revealing anything important.

#17 Meetzur


Meetzur makes it effortless to meet people, make real friends, and enjoy exclusive chatting without paying for anything. Meetzur: Chat & Meet People is a superb tool presented in the market by Wired Web, Inc. that enables you to enjoy extraordinary meetings with global strangers to have endless chats and to make new friends.

It brings a sleek interface that helps you search for your desired content with some simple swipes. This application brings people a search filter that lets you choose age, gender, and more. You can precisely create your own profile to showcase yourself with plenty of photos and an about section to provide your details regarding your personality.

#18 Meet and Chill


Meet, and Chill enables you to enjoy meeting and chilling with cool people without revealing the identity or any hidden charges. Meet and Chill: Make Friends Relaxing People Chat is a sleek chatting platform presented in the market by MAC – Meet and Chill Inc. that lets you find fun, chill, and positive people around to share feelings and thoughts whenever you want.

It helps people make instant connections with beautiful and chilling guys and girls globally through the internet and help them with mental health problems. Meet, and Chill – Chat Make Friends Meet People app enables people to make new friends and meet new people with similar interests and issues.

#19 Meet New People, Dating, Video Chat & C Strangers


Meet New People, Dating, Video Chat & C Strangers enables its global users to join millions of people video chatting, messaging, live streaming, and making new friends on a daily basis. Meet New People, Dating, Video Chat & C Strangers is a superb tool presented in the market by Durmal Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy free chatting, meeting, and dating new people globally.

You can not only make new friends by meeting new people and strangers but also have hangouts with your friends as well. You can enjoy real-time video chatting for both boys and girls to have exclusive video calling whenever, wherever.

#20 Find Friends: Be Naughty


Find Friends: Be Naughty is an exceptional social platform where you can find new friends nearby and around the globe. Find Friends: Be Naughty app lets you add your profile, filter users by age, swipe through profiles, add gender, give a location, and interact with people that interest you. You can use the username of your choice, search and browse profile pics, and search hashtags to find people with the same intentions and interests.

It enables you to unlock popular users, like your profile, increase profile visibility, liked your profile pics, unlock users who viewed, remove ads, and much else. It enables you to filter users by location, gender, and age to discover nearby users. You can precisely see the profile visitors and people who liked you in the app.