The CNN stand for ‘Cable News Network’ is an American simple satellite and also cable television channel which is owned by the turner broadcasting system division of Time Warner. The 24 hour cable TV news channel was started in 1980 by American media operator Ted Turner. Upon its start, CNN was the very first television channel to offer 24 hour information coverage, and was the very first all-news television channel in the U.S. The website attracted expanding interest over its very first decade and it is now one of the extremely well-known news websites in the world. The wide-spread development of blogs, social media and also user-generated content have affected the website, and also blogs in particular have targeted CNN’s previously scattershot online offerings, many noticeably in the development and start of CNN Pipeline at the end of 2005. CNN website started broadcasting in the high-definition 1080i quality format. This format is now standard for CNN and is available on all main satellite and cable providers.

#2 is the website of American Broadcasting Corporation and provides people living in the country and around the world, with exciting options for staying updated with news. The best feature which becomes evident with the name is the live video section, where individuals who are subscribed to the channel can get to see the latest programs and other segments on their devices. The US section provides news about the country and the political scenario, while the International tab caters for the events taking place in the other parts of world which have several other tabs including local and political news. The politics section then covers the happenings in the world where different leaders and countries are involved. Moving on the Lifestyle part, ABC News Go provides people with the trends in the modern world and other activities that help with the trendsetting. Entertainment section provides individuals with the latest gossips and activities of their favorite celebrities along with many other parts such as sports, virtual reality, business, etc. which make it an excellent option for news.



NBC News is a division of the American broadcast network NBC. The capturing unique personalities, news, ideas and trends. The website keeps you up-to-date with lifestyle to make you feel good about the world around you. is a news digital and a collection of innovative and powerful news brand the provides a compiling content about the Politics, Health, Science, Pop culture and Business, Investigation as well as sports. The website delivers a latest videos related to the news and also provides a photos of the all categories such as sports, entertainment, tech as well as the politics. The is a best source to get in touch with daily news and keeps you updating the sports, tech and many more of the daily lifestyles. is offers closed captioning on long-term content and certain other content that it makes available on TV and via a website and now you may touch with this by simply installing the mobile apps.


BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and is United Kingdom state channel which broadcasts different channels and brings the news to its viewers. It was formed way back in 1922 and ever since has been able to maintain itself as one of the best places where people can read unbiased news and views from different writers. It is considered the oldest broadcasting network in the world and also the biggest one in terms of the people working for it. There is also a dedicated website for this network which brings people the latest news and other activities specifically from the country and generally from around the world. The homepage is simple where latest news from different categories are laid out which makes it easier for people to get an idea about what is happening in various fields. Interestingly, one of the main sections for this website is the weather, where people can get to know about the latest climate, temperature and other factors. It has been used for this purpose for several decades now. There are other sections too, for example, people can read about sports, which is further divided in various categories and brings the broadest range of sports activities. Other sections include, traveling which is more famous among people who want to know about the latest trends and other events taking place around the world. There are many more sections as well, which won’t be able to fit in this short space but they include a section for kids, food, radio, online television, music, arts and many more. The best feature of this site is that you do not have to pay anything to use all the features since it is run by state government. All in all, it is a wonderful tool for people who want to read news in a different way.



Australian Broadcasting Network is one of the best places for news when it comes to the particular area of Australia and surroundings. It is the biggest network in the country and has become a household name when it comes to getting the latest stuff from all over the world. It not only has a website where people can keep track of the breaking news and latest developments but also has different mobile applications where they can access stuff without having to sit in front of the television. The website itself has different features and is divided in various sections to make it easier for people to keep track of everything. There is a separate section for business so that people can get the latest rates and other news. Then come the entertainment and sports sections which are most famous among people who want to do away with the usual news. If you are interested in traveling or technology, there are dedicated sections for that which help people in staying in touch with the latest events. There are other different categories in which news is divided. People have the option of reading news about sports, politics, national, international, science, arts and even showbiz. There is also the option of getting to know about the latest weather and other features where people can see the photos related to a story which is only unique to Australia. If you are subscribed to the network, then you can watch live channel stream if you are in the country. The option of watching videos along with the news you read it also there while once the news is read, the related stuff is shown at the bottom to help people getting the full information about the main things. In a nutshell, it is the best website related to news in Australia and for the people who want to stay in touch with latest news.


CBS which is also known as Columbia Broadcasting System is one the main networks when it comes to news and entertainment in the United States. The network was founded way back in 1927 and ever since has developed itself as a strong and independent place for people. It also has different website and channels which are there because of different categories. The news channel is separate and also has a website where people can get to know about the breaking news, latest events and other activities happening within the country or even around the world. People can also access it on their devices and enjoy on the go news and views. There are many features of the website which can be favorable for people who want to stay updated with anything happening anywhere. There are different categories in which the website is divided. The first one is the region, where you can get news from various parts of the world. The next one is U.S Politics where people can get to know about the world of leaders in the country. Since people are more interested in entertainment news a section for that is also there which is one of the most viewed on the website. There is also a section for sports for people who want to know about latest sports and other events around the world. There is a separate section for business so that people can get the latest rates and other news. There are likewise numerous videos along with the news which can be found with the details to get more understanding into the story. Many other sections are also there to make sure there is news about everything. All in all, this website is one of the best places for getting the latest updates and keeping yourself known with whatever is happening around the world.


Fox News Channel is stand for ‘FNC’, also called Fox News, is an American basic satellite and cable news television channel which is owned by the Fox Entertainment Group. This website FNC provides a number of programming, with up to 15 hours of live broadcasting each day along with programming and also content for the Fox Transmission Company. The majority of programs are broadcast from Fox News head office in New York City. Fox News Channel offers 7 studios at its New York City headquarters which are useful for it’s and Fox Business’ programming. The website channel was created by Australian-American media mogul Rupert Murdoch, which hired former Republican Party media expert and NBC executive Roger Ailes as its founding CEO. It introduced on October 7, 1996, to 17 million cable subscribers. It increased during the late 1990s and also 2000s to become the dominant cable news network in the United States.

#8 Yahoo News


Yahoo is one of the greatest services particular with anything that is fundamental for people and this application of Yahoo News is precisely what a person who needs to stay in contact with the most recent news and stuff will require. There are numerous intelligent elements of this app which make it one of the best places, it might not be the most exceptional, but rather the application gives all the important tools at one place to ensure you don’t pass up a great opportunity for gaining knowledge. The interface is straightforward where you can discover every one of the options at one side. This aide in ensuring you don’t need to look here and there to reach the wanted point. The possibility of setting alerts on the breaking news you need to know is likewise a probability, the application sends you breaking news on the phone regardless of where you are. There are also video clips present with most of the text news to make it more alluring. Once you finish reading a news, all the related stuff will appear toward the end to ensure you don’t pass up a major opportunity for reading related stuff. The main disadvantage maybe of this site is that there is no live streaming of news since there is no channel of Yahoo. All the news here is given by various other news agencies which are as of now acclaimed in the news world. It is not just about news on legislative issues and other stuff, rather there are numerous categories which are available, for example, sports, history, science, innovation, expressions and other. The main aim of this app is that individuals become more acquainted with the events taking place around the world. There are many diverse features of this application as well, which can be useful for the ones who are a news buff and need to stay known with whatever is occurring in the world of news. This is the reason which makes this application a standout amongst the competitors, particularly in the United States.

#9 has gained fame as one of the most famous news channels and website that provide people with something different on offer. It has originated from Qatar and given people of the area a voice around the world although most places do not have much space for it because of the bold nature of news. The website itself mirrors the channel and has latest news and features shown on the home page. It makes the life of a person easier when they open the platform and want to see the latest content and news on the front. Moving on to the other section and we have the middle east focused content and has become the most visited section of the website. The documentaries section contains innovative videos and programs that have gained recognition from critics and fans alike. Moving on the shows section which displays the latest events and their schedule. Add the opinion, investigation, sports, trending and other parts, and Aljazeera becomes one of the most versatile places.

#10 is a new entrant in the list of news providing and magazine platforms but has a lot to offer if someone needs a new platform for quenching their thirst. The best feature of the website is the layout which contains many options that help the user to move from one place to the other without having to distort their experience and wait for few horrible seconds before the next page loads. The BreitBart sections get arranged directly, with the government tab contains all the news and latest activities in the political scene of United States, then comes the journalism which has articles, posts, and blogs of famous writers from around the world. The Hollywood sections do not need much explanation as it becomes a world of glitz and glamour while providing relevant news and reviews. Most of the focus of this site remains the country of origin and therefore seems somewhat restricted. The Breit Bart sports and video sections give it more dimensions.


Tribunnews is another news platform that presents national, international, regional economic, sports and business news as well as lifestyle and celebrity based in Indonesia. It also manages the conversation boards and online communities through Google, Facebook, and Twitter. It has more than 500 professional journalists in up to 22 major cities in Indonesia. features all the latest news about Indonesia and world. Just like the other news sites it also consists of multiple categories such as Business, Sport, Technology, Video, Images, and Entertainment, etc. Each category also consists of multiple contents. One of the most exciting thing about is that it is available as an application on both Android and iOS platform. Easy interface, no registration need, regular update with new content and support multiple categories these are a most prominent feature of this platform.


Gazetaexpress is a news portal owned by MediaWorks created in 2005. known for its massive range of news, fastest news delivery, focus on investigative journalism and distinctive editorials, etc. It is one of the best new platforms with millions of active users who read and share thousands of news. Another great thing about Gazeta express is that has all the senior journalists and editors team who regularly work hard to deliver latest and maximum of its users. The platform does not require any registration to view the news, but if you want to update with breaking or latest news owns your email inbox you just need to subscribe. It delivers verity of news that consists of multiple categories such as Business, Politics, World, Entertainment, Health, Technology, and Sports, etc. also offer lots of prominent features such as produce wide range of content, easy interface, available as a mobile application and much more. is available in more than four different languages.