Notebooks Pro


Notebooks Pro Alternatives


#1 Notepad with Lock


Notepad with Lock lets you secure your notes behind a lock and never lose your private data while providing backup options and functionalities. Notepad with Lock is a superb application presented in the market by Skydot Apps Inc. that helps you note everything and manage them professionally. This app lets its global users get rich functionaries such as font size, bold, font size, color, background color, redo, undo, strike, and various others.

This app comes with several useful options for protecting notes, such as passcode, pin, pattern, fingerprint, etc. You can precisely choose the type of lock accordingly and safeguard your notes with sleek lock settings. It helps you customize your text with plenty of options, including strike, italic, highlight, font size, font color, bold, and more.


#2 Notes by Vitaliy Panov


Notes by Vitaliy Panov app enables you to write your notes, input notes as regular items or lists of items, attach multiple stuff to notes, and use plenty of useful features. Notes by Vitaliy Panov is an elegantly designed application presented in the market by Vitality Panov Inc. that helps you create, manage, edit, or modify any tabs in the app and enables you to organize your notes more convenient and much easier.

You can precisely attach your designed photos to notes and even modify (edit or remove) photos in attachments. You can precisely put all the important notes, make lists right in front of your eyes, and access them whenever necessary.

#3 Tab Notepad


Tab Notepad is a highly convenient and sleekly designed notepad app that enables you to switch to the contents you want to access. “Tab Notepad”! Switch Notes Quickly with Tabs is a significant platform presented in the market by Takashi Inada Inc. that helps you create and check all the memos that you want whenever, wherever.

It automatically displays the last opened, last updated, or newly created memo files whenever you open the app. You can manage notepads, sticky notes, alarms, and calendars right over your cell phones and tablets. It precisely displays notepad in tab format, opens the last opened files automatically, automatic saving of notepad, and brings various other options.


#4 Notepad by Lucidnap Developers


Notepad by Lucidnap Developers is a stunning application that helps you capture and save easily and quickly right over your cell phones and tablets. Notepad – With Lock, Backup, Colorful Themes, 2020 is a significant tool presented in the market by Lucidnap Developers that enables you to note down all your ideas and thoughts and never miss any important note again.

You can precisely get a comprehensive list of features that helps you create and manage things in the way you want. You can capture all your notes and stuff behind an app lock, and you can choose the style of locks such as passwords, pin, and pattern. You can get plenty of colorful themes to choose from and text to speech functionality for adding words through voice.

#5 Free Multi Clipboard Manager


Free Multi Clipboard Manager is a multi-platform clipboard management platform that helps you keep and organize all your important notes right using your cell phones and tablets. Free Multi Clipboard Manager is a stunning note-taking platform presented in the market by Lufick Inc. through which you can create and manage notes having everything needed. It helps you copy your desired number of phases and keeps them in a sleek stack to use them whenever necessary.

The app features sleek automatic backup, compatibility with almost all the Android devices, Instant and easy access to clipboards, clipboard journal, text manager, note organizer, auto OTP reader, and detector, multiple device synchronization, and much more. Free Multi Clipboard Manager helps you connect stuff to multiple devices via logging through a single Google account.

#6 Post-it


Post-it brings the simplicity and ease of taking notes using Chromebook, cell phones, and tablets for all your necessary things whenever you want. Post-it® – Brainstorm. Capture. Share. is a significant tool presented in the market by 3M Company Inc., where you can precisely jot down your thinking, all the official work, important assignments, and various other stuff in a breeze.

It helps its global users to keep the momentum going either you are using it for collaborations and teamwork or even for personal note-taking or remainders. You can intuitively share your ideas and thoughts with students and co-workers, share content with your teammates, structure your assignments, create reminders, and share stuff with your friends.

#7 Private Notebook


Private Notebook makes it superbly easy and comfortable to create and manage your most likely notes in a secure and sleek way. Private Notebook is a significant note-taking application presented in the market by Vesta Soft LLC that helps you create notes having all the necessary tools and protect everything behind a passcode. It lets you create, delete, edit, modify, share all your notes and to-do lists and protect them behind a strong passcode to keep things protected from prying eyes.

It helps you store private notes, create shopping lists, manage groceries, set note remainder, and customized account settings right under one platform. Private Notebook app contains a sleek, easy to use, modern, and simple interface for creating and saving unlimited notes right away.

#8 Techo Note (memo /sticky note)


Techo Note (memo /sticky note) is an elegantly used note-taking, sticky note management, and memo creating tool that helps you to manage stuff in a professional and secure way. Techo Note (memo /sticky note) is a superb application presented in the market by Breezesoft Inc. that helps you manage memo notes having all the necessary options and tools.

Techo Note app contains everything that other traditional applications contain but three additional features that make it unique and elegant. You can get all the functionalities of clear or undo clean, import and export, copy all, shortcut support, share text receiving, send via mail, and share things with family members, colleagues, friends, and anyone else you want.

#9 Voice Notes (No Ads)


Voice Notes (No Ads) is a super simple and sleek platform that helps you jot down all the necessary content, your daily thoughts, all your assignments, and anything that you want to capture. Voice Notes (No Ads) is a sleek platform presented in the market by Pacific Fisher Group Inc. that helps you enjoy creating and taking notes without any resistance to ads.

It helps you record your notes through voice to text speech recognition and helps you set date and time for notification. This app creates significant integration with the calendar available over your Android device, so you don’t have to download any third-party calendar. Voice Notes: Ads Free Notes app supports the headset button to control stop or start voice recognition as well.

#10 Stickynote Widget


Stickynote Widget is an elegantly designed and super simple sticky note creating a tool that helps you manage your daily stuff with real comfort. Stickynote Widget is a superb note-taking tool presented in the market by KF Software House that helps you put any of your desired text on notes and keep it over your devices’ home screens to remember them for the required period.

It contains a sleek widget approach that helps you create as many widgets as you want (every widget with a unique sticky note and various customizations). You can also customize the widget’s length and share over your home screens and manage or fill your notes whenever you want.

#11 Cool Sticky Notes Rich notepad Text Reminder Chits


Cool Sticky Notes Rich notepad Text Reminder Chits is a stunning note-taking platform that makes it truly simple to create cool sticky notes and superb remainder chits for your daily use to manage things intuitively. Cool Sticky Notes Rich notepad Text Reminder Chits is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Pro Data Décor Pvt. Ltd. that helps you make the cure, colorful sticky notes for managing your daily scenarios.

It is a revolutionary note-taking platform for mobile phones that is super safe and free to download. Cool Sticky Notes Rich Notepad app is great for creating highly customizable sticky notes that enable you to create sticky notes and manage remainders using stylish cool font styles and customizable colors.

#12 To Do List & Notes


To Do List & Notes makes it effortless to organize your daily to-do lists and tasks to get things done professionally. To Do List & Notes – Save Ideas and Organize Notes is a sleekly designed tool presented in the market by App Innovation Inc. that helps you save notes quickly, create todo lists, add locations, attach photos, and never forget important things on time.

You can professionally organize your notes into List & Notes to track your ideas and thoughts whenever you want. To Do List and Notes app enables you to create shopping lists with ease and share them with friends or family members with just a single click of the button.

#13 VoNo


VoNo enables its global community to create and send memos to others and yourself using your smartphones as well as smartwatches in a user friendly and quick fashion. VoNo Voice-to-Text Notes Speech Notes Text Memos is a sleekly designed tool presented in the market by VONO B.V. Inc. that helps you create and share memos whenever you want.

This application lets you send text memos, photo memos, voice memos, or even record a text to speech memo using intuitive speech recognition to any pre-selected email address. VoNo | Voice-to-Text Memo Note app never share memos with any third party and ensure 100 percent reliability and safety. VoNo: Speech Text Voice Notes Memos app enables you to record messages, send voice memos as an audio link, audio attachment, or even both.

#14 Grid Note


Grid Note brings a unique and elegantly designed ‘Grid Layout’ design that enables its global users to structure their thoughts in an exclusive way. Grid Note is a super simple but beautiful note-taking application presented in the market by Sumi Interactive Inc. that brings a sleek and smart way to jot down your thoughts, assignments, official work, or everything valuable that comes into your mind.

This app contains an amazing bunch of in-built note templates such as 5W1H, Cornell Note, SMART, and various others to get started. You can also replace those with your own inventions and creations of notes. It features a unique grid format for note structuring and helps you organize notes with tags and notebooks.

#15 Voice Notes


Voice Notes is a sleekly designed tool that makes it effortless, secure, and sleek to create notes, to-do lists, and memos right using your cell phones and tablets. Voice Notes is a superb app presented in the market by Pacific Fisher Group Inc. that brings loads of magnificent features for creating and managing notes for enhancing your work capabilities in a way like never before.

It brings a sleek functionality of one-touch swapping to receive your speech and convert to text in a breeze. You can precisely set the date or time and let the app notify you whenever necessary to lets you stay updated. It supports robust integration with your android calendars and never lets you download or maintain any other third-party calendar.

#16 FastNote


FastNote brings an easy yet fast way to create files of your choice and helps you to manage content in a super-secure and elegant way. FastNote is an effective tool presented in the market by SwiftyStudio Inc. that brings plenty of sleek functions for taking notes while on the move. The app brings fully material design to create notes while adding pics, links, images, writing, and every other thing needed.

The app helps you add images to notes to make it full-fledged, and you can add or remove images with extreme comfort. You can also save or share images after copying them from FastNote app. Fast Note app provides a sleek interface that helps you manage all the functions without making any effort or paying for anything.

#17 Simple Notes by AngkorWorld


Simple Notes by AngkorWorld is a lightweight and simple to use note-taking platform that enables you to capture all your assignments, official work, and thoughts and helps you organize them professionally. Simple Notes by AngkorWorld is a superb application presented in the market by Angkor Apps Development Inc. that contains beautiful design to enjoy quick notes on the move.

It makes it simple, quick, and secure to capture your thoughts while having all the necessary functionalities needed to manage and modify stuff. Rather than a simple note-taking app, Simple Notes app also helps you create to-do lists, memos, shopping lists, grocery lists, and other note-taking facilities. You can intuitively organize notes by notebook (categories) and have secure back to external storage.