#1 Sitenable


Sitenable is a free to use a proxy running glype software that intuitively hides your identity while letting your surf for your intended things in the way you want. Sitenable contains a simple search bar where you have to enter the URL to browse things whenever you want. You can precisely browse those sites by stripping the Javascript and use the remove scripts option to view such sites.

It intuitively encrypts the URL of the page you are viewing so that it does not contain the target site in plaintext as well. The app helps the URL of the page you are viewing so that it does not contain the targeted site over the plaintext. It helps avoid filters by encrypting the page before decrypting it or sending it with Javascript after receiving it.

#2 ProxMate

ProxMate app makes it effortless to browse the web with extreme protection to surf for your online activities while browsing from multiple countries. ProxMate is a widely used platform that helps you surf the internet and everything you want without any fear of spoofing or being hacked. You can check the free trial button and enter your email to set up a free account without any credit card requirement.

You can get the ProxMate app along with all the possible functionalities for free over its three day trial period. ProxMate app features plenty of exceptional functionalities such as unlimited bandwidth, access to content in multiple countries, no logging of your browsing activity, money-back guarantee, unlimited data transfer, and one of the lowest prices for the subscription.


UNLOCKYOUTUBE is an amazing platform that contains a free web proxy that enables its global users to unlock all Youtube videos over your desired Android phones and desktops. UNLOCKYOUTUBE is a stunning and super-fast proxy to unblock Youtube whenever you want, specially designed for video streaming sites. The app features unblocking Youtube, anonymous surfing, and elegant, fast servers.

Its elegantly free proxy intuitively unblock Google, Youtube, Facebook, and almost all the other online websites at school, at offices, and at work. UNLOCKYOUTUBE app features extreme integration and works elegantly on any device, including mobile, tablets, and computers, without installing anything. You can precisely hide your IP address, current location, and all the online activities you perform over your browser.

#4 GenMirror

GenMirror app enables its global users to unblock Facebook videos, Youtube videos, and other block sites using this elegantly designed platform for free. GenMirror Web Proxy is a stunning platform where you can enjoy unblocking stuff for free using GenMirror SSL web proxy on computers, cell phones, and mobiles. It allows you to access content from your desired platform and get it unblocked, no matter that stuff is available in your region or not.

You don’t need to install anything, just come over the platform along with the link that you want to unblock and let the app does the rest. GenMirror Web Proxy app lets you unblock your desired content from Youtube, Reddit, daily motion, Facebook, Google, Twitter, and loads of other platforms without letting you do much.

#5 Betternet


Betternet is an elegantly designed and free to use app that provides an unlimited Virtual Private Network proxy for Android and iOS devices. VPN Free – Betternet Hotspot VPN & Private Browser is a sleek tool developed by Better LLC that brings an excellent and fast VPN connection to make it effective to unblock all your searched content without even revealing your identity.

Best VPN Proxy Betternet app intuitively hides your IP address, overcome geo-restriction access, bypass internet censorship, and access your desired content flawlessly. Betternet: Unlimited VPN and Wi-Fi security app contains Incognito browsing, Wi-Fi security, and location spoofing for letting you manage things without placing any traces. You can simply turn on its incognito browsing to encrypt everything you have searched regarding your business or anything else.

#6 Hola! Better Internet


Hola! Better Internet is a free to use peer to peer VPN service that makes it effortless to browse your desired things while keeping your privacy and searched data secure. Hola Free VPN Proxy Unblocker app enables you to get the freedom to view all the websites and apps from all over the globe without revealing your identity.

Hola VPN Privacy & Security is a free VPN service that works elegantly by sharing idle resources of its users to create a comprehensive and more open web. Hola! Better Internet: World’s most popular VPN app precisely unlock sites blocked over your country via an amazing peer to peer Virtual Private Network over your cellular devices.

#7 StrongVPN


StrongVPN (formerly known as ibVPN and Unblock-Us) is a robust and elegantly designed tool for unlimited online privacy for letting you surf your desired apps and websites available over the internet. StrongVPN – Your Privacy, Made Stronger is a robust tool developed in the market by StrongVPN Inc. that enables you to enjoy unlimited virtual private network privacy to access content and stay secure.

StrongVPN – The Strongest VPN is one of the most exclusive available servers for the fastest speeds, extreme anonymity, and safe online access to your desired content. StrongVPN: Privacy, Freedom, and Security app elegantly protect your mobiles, desktops, routers, and other devices from ISP spying cybercrime while you use vulnerable networks. The app supports a diverse range of devices, such as Windows, macOS, iOS, and more.

#8 Rocket VPN


Rocket VPN is a stunning yet simple app that intuitively creates a VPN to encrypt your internet connection and keeps all your online surfing free from all the praying eyes. Rocket VPN Free – Internet Freedom VPN Proxy is a stunning app developed in the market by Liquidum Limited that intuitively unblock all the sites with a free virtual private network while protecting your privacy.

You can effortlessly hide your traffic, location, identity, and online surfing with a single tap of the button and browse the internet without any security compromise. Rocket VPN – Private Browsing app lets you get 250 MB free data usage to watch videos, surf securely, stream your favorite music, and upgrade to unlimited for a reasonable fee after 30 days.