The New York Times (NYT) is an American daily newspaper, founded and also continuously published in New York City. The web presence of The New York Times is ranked one of the top website in the world. Accessing several content articles demands registration, though this may be bypassed in some instances through Times RSS feeds. The website had 555 million daily page-views. The website attracted at least 146 million site visitors annually by 2008 according to a study. The New York Times website ranks 59th simply by number of unique visitors, with more than 20 million unique visitors in March 2009 making it one of the most visited newspaper website with greater than twice the number of unique visitors as the next most popular website. Also, produced 22 of the 50 most popular newspaper blogs.




BBC News is to get the latest world and also regional news from the BBC’s worldwide network greater than 2000 newspaper writers. From breaking reports, to business, politics, entertainment, technology, the arts as well as sport, all split into clear sections, this website allows you to watch video reports, listen to live radio and study the newest updates wherever you are. Some of the best key features of this website is followings: Simple style along with simple scrolling for successful searching, Tap to show full-screen article as well as in-story video clip. You are able to swipe via stories to browse, Publish reports to social networks, as well as share via e-mail and also SMS, you can listen live to BBC World service radio stations. You can also watch or listen to the most recent news head-lines, Customize the house screen by adding, eliminating and also reordering sections.



The Washington Post is an American daily newspaper. It’s the most widely distributed newspaper published in Washington, D.C., and it was founded in 1877, which makes it the area’s oldest extant newspaper. The Washington Post is generally considered as one of the leading daily American newspapers, combined with The New York Times and also The Wall Street Journal. The Post offers recognized itself through its political reporting on the functions of the White House, Congress, along with other elements of the U.S. government. The Washington Post website published a daily based news on the website because the wide spread development of blogs, social media and also user generated content have affected the website. This website started the broadcasting news videos in the high definition.



0 is an online source of breaking news and provides the in-depth and detailed analysis of headlines, current stories, and events from the United States and across the globe. In addition to the United States, it has a special edition for Asia and Europe. is the leading source of national and international coverage on the website from where the readers can read the latest news in a highly visual and magazine-based experience. that is mostly regarded as the source for getting daily business news and international market situation basically provides the full-featured content, local and international news in a digitized print edition. The Wall Street Journal also has a mobile application for the smartphone users using which they can get the up-to-the-minute financial, business, current affairs, tech, and politics and much more from the online journal of the When you will first time go to the, you will find the news in a category of the world, United States, economy, business, technology, markets, opinions, arts, lifestyles, real estate and much more. The other best thing about is its short view of world’s top stock exchange in a real-time situation on its main position from where the stock and share analyzer may come to know about the real-time position of the world’s leading stock exchanges.



The CNN stand for ‘Cable News Network’ is an American simple satellite and also cable television channel which is owned by the turner broadcasting system division of Time Warner. The 24 hour cable TV news channel was started in 1980 by American media operator Ted Turner. Upon its start, CNN was the very first television channel to offer 24 hour information coverage, and was the very first all-news television channel in the U.S. The website attracted expanding interest over its very first decade and it is now one of the extremely well-known news websites in the world. The wide-spread development of blogs, social media and also user-generated content have affected the website, and also blogs in particular have targeted CNN’s previously scattershot online offerings, many noticeably in the development and start of CNN Pipeline at the end of 2005. CNN website started broadcasting in the high-definition 1080i quality format. This format is now standard for CNN and is available on all main satellite and cable providers.


0 is a online version of the newspaper. This uses banner title. The includes articles from the printing editions of the daily Telegraph and also the sunday Telegraph, as well as website have content such as breaking news, features, picture galleries and blogs. The website of the Year in 2007 and also Digital Publisher of the year in 2009 by the association of online publishers. The website, that has been the focus of the group’s efforts to produce a built-in news operation producing content for print and internet based from the same newsroom, completed a relaunch during 2008 relating to the use of the Escenic content management system, popular among northern european and also Scandinavian newspaper groups. Telegraph TV is an online video on demand Television service run by The Daily Telegraph and also the Sunday Telegraph. It is hosted on The Telegraph’s official website,


0 is an international news website which provide a broad-based information and broadcasters around the world gain unique resources and also cost-effective services, enhance and monetize your coverage with comprehensive real-time worldwide news coverage, dynamically updated news packages, lives and web-ready videos, award-winning photojournalism and cutting edge interactive graphics. The website transform your brand into a high quality content provider by joining up with the world’s largest source of fast, accurate and also unbiased information. provides greater than 2.2 million+ unique news stories each year. Delivered in 16 languages, news coverage is rich with facts and also context that speak to readers all around you. The Digital news services help publishers build and also monetize viewers by giving a selection of content, tools and also expertise.



The Guardian is a bitish national daily newspaper. Started in 1821 like a local paper that it was referred to as Manchester Guardian until 1959. It has grown into a national paper, and also forms section of a media group along with worldwide and online offshoots. Its sibling papers include The Observer (a British Sunday paper) and also The Guardian Weekly (a worldwide roundup of articles from different papers). In addition to its UK web based edition, the paper offers two worldwide websites, Guardian Australia and also Guardian US. The Guardian is powerful in the design and also publishing arena, supporting many awards in these areas. Other media projects include GuardianFilm. The Guardian and it is Sunday sibling The Observer publish all of their news online, with free access both to current news and an archive of three million stories. A 3rd of the website’s strikes are for items over a month old. The website also provides G24, a totally free printable A4 format PDF 24-hour newspaper containing the top stories.


0 is the online edition of British newspaper The Times that includes an e-paper editions, recent news, headlines, breaking news, opinions, articles and several other collections of reviews. For a long time, The Times has played an integral part in the British politics that’s why The Time is widely regarded as the most reliable source of political news. Today many local and international newspapers have borne the name of The Times like The New York Times, The Daily Times, Time of India, The Times of London and dozens of others. The web portal of The Times named is for daily readers from where they can get the recent headlines, breaking news, current affairs, business & financial news, e-paper edition, local and international news. The Sunday Times that is a weekly magazine of The Times can also be accessed from the official website for the weekly readers. has also shifted it towards the subscription service and for those readers, who always desired to go for the news and stories of the award-winning journalists, can subscribe for these services to get the more news as compared to free users of


0 has gained fame as one of the most famous news channels and website that provide people with something different on offer. It has originated from Qatar and given people of the area a voice around the world although most places do not have much space for it because of the bold nature of news. The website itself mirrors the channel and has latest news and features shown on the home page. It makes the life of a person easier when they open the platform and want to see the latest content and news on the front. Moving on to the other section and we have the middle east focused content and has become the most visited section of the website. The documentaries section contains innovative videos and programs that have gained recognition from critics and fans alike. Moving on the shows section which displays the latest events and their schedule. Add the opinion, investigation, sports, trending and other parts, and Aljazeera becomes one of the most versatile places.


0 is the daily dose of world news, US news, showbiz news, health news, science & technology news, books, promos and rewards center. is not only a news and latest headlines site. It is in fact above all this where the reader comes to know about the several other pieces of information as well. They can here search for the latest fashion trend in the industry from the Fashion Finder portal of the There is also a special section for the upcoming events and past events for those who want to keep them inform about the events. Then there is a section for promos where the entertainment lovers can watch the trailers and promos of the upcoming seasons and movies. If talk about the columns, opinions and reviews then is the platform of award-winning journalists who are writing reliable material for the readers of the In short, is not only a simple news portal; in fact, it is beyond the news portal that contains all those reading and multimedia materials that satisfied the needs of its readers and viewers.



USAToday.comis an American based news website that deals the latest local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology and also covers the lifestyle money and many more. USA Today is distributed in all 50 states, the Area of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico, Canada, and also the United Kingdom. The USA Today sells for US $2 at newsstands, although this is usually found free at air-ports as well as hotels that distribute it to their customers; the paper is also free online. USA Today is recognized for synthesizing news down to simple-to-read and also recognize stories. In the primary edition seen in the US and a few Canadian cities, each edition includes 4 sections: News, Money, Sports, and Life. On Fridays, 2 Life parts are included: the regular Life for entertainment, which functions TV, a DVD column, film reviews and also trends, along with a travel supplement called Destinations & Diversions. The worldwide edition of the paper features two sections: News and Money in one with Sports and Life in the other.


0 is an American based satellite network and the provider of local and national weather forecast. provide the now to month end weather forecast, weather radar, report and even the hurricane coverage as well. In the forecast area of the, there are the services like today’s forecast, national forecast, severe storm forecast, commuter forecast, farming forecast, allergy tracker, safety & preparedness, severe weather, and alerts. Then there is the map section of the that contains the information about weather radar maps, weather in motion, regional satellite, classic weather maps, commute radar map and report and recover. In short, is a that level of weather information providing website that provides more than simply telling about the ongoing temperature in a specific region. The way for searching is very si9mple that start from providing the city, zip or place and getting the detailed report in return in the shape of the day, temperature, description, precip, wind, and humidity. From now to even weekend, provide the same level of detailed information to its visitors.



Eastday is a Shanghai-based platform that provides news, travel and entertainment information. It operates up to 120 columns in the three different languages such as English, Chinese and Japanese. Eastday. com has more than 50 million views and up to three million new users a day. It also has a business coverage ranging from the news release, e-government opinions swap, information service, an influence spreading to the wireless and internet and TV networks, and advertising to the online cooperation. The platform is also run newspapers in different areas. produce lots hundreds of articles a day in order to deliver latest and maximum new about their visitors. You don’t need to sign up to simply read the news, but if you want to update with the new release, you must need to register yourself. The content on the consists of multiple categories such as Shanghai, China, World, Business, Culture, and Topics, etc. Each category also consists of sub categories. is one of the portals for those people who want to engage himself with the latest news.


0 is one of the leading news websites in Indonesia that offers breaking news and all the other related stuff about Indonesia. In was launched on 14 September 1995 with the name of Kompas Online, but on 29 May 2008, it changes the name as The ultimate objective of the to deliver service to the reader of Kompas daily in place complex to reach by Kompas distribution network. With the company of, readers of Kompas daily in Indonesia and abroad can enjoy the daily Kompas that day, no need to wait for various days as usual. It has a massive team of a member that always try to deliver best and latest news about their visitor that’s way it has millions of new user in each month. The articles on the are consists of categories such as Technology, Property, Economy, entertainment, automotive, health and much more. is one of the best platforms for all the Indonesian audience. The website is available in two different languages English and Indonesian.



Livedoor is a Japan-based company that provides internet related services such as software development, design, data management and network consulting, etc. It also operates a Japanese language web-based platform that offers the latest news about entertainment, business, and all the other hot topics. It was founded in 1996 with the aim of to provide best internet facilities around Japan. The company started with basic level with few employees, but now it has one of the leading company in Japan with the thousands of employees who work hard to deliver enhanced service. contains hundreds of new article in each single day to provide the latest news about their visitors. The web portal no needs to sign up to simply read the stuff, but if you want to get the latest stuff in your inbox, you must need to register yourself by providing the valid email address and all the other required information.



Caijing is an Independent magazine based in Beijing that covers economic, social and political issues with the focus on public affairs, civil rights, and business. The platform was established in 1998 and has become the vehicles for self-governing reporting and criticism of all the sorts and an exception to the rule about the limits and strictures on the Chinese domestic press. Caijing is China’s most leading read business and finance magazine with the mixing of 225000 per issue. The web-based portal boasts top-level readers from business, government and academic circles. It has a massive team of professionals that always try to best in order to deliver the latest. is a Chines news websites, but the content is also available in the English language in English. The website offers all the original new for readers seeking a clear picture of finance, business and economic development in China.


0 is the website of another leading publication Huffington Post, and although it does not contain content as frequently as some other places, most of the articles and features here have credibility. For a person who wants to stay updated with the local issues in the United States or around the world, HuffingtonPost becomes one of the best options. Another interesting thing that makes it even more famous is that people get to download the application on their devices and view content without having to move from devices to the other. The homepage contains a breaking news section on the top which covers the screen, after that, the most read articles, the trending content and latest news make up the rest of page. Most of the information becomes present on the screen which makes it easier for the user to read. Another interesting thing about Huffington Post website is that if someone wants to write, they can register and send in their work, which gets published if authentic and entertaining.


0 is entirely different from the Times of Indian to The Indian Times. is the online portal for getting the trending stories on Indian lifestyle, relationships, politics, travel, weather, entertainment, technology and much more. From regional issues to world affairs, is a web based news platform that covers the each and every type of news in all above mentioned categories. The user friendly interface of make the readers able to easily navigate from one section of to another one within go. Everyday brings the news, stories, articles, videos on entertainment, culture, emerging technology, trending topics, latest lifestyle and much more. For the information of the reader it is worth to mention here that most of the stories covered at the are being backed by the news websites. It largely depends upon the Times of India, The Economic Times and several other online news sources. is a free source of information for knowing about India and what is going on in abroad. is the platform of those stories and events that will amuse, surprise and inspire you to read and share with even your friends. is the house of trending stories of the day and always comes with the real time stories.


0 is although a multipurpose digital news service but it highly emphasis on financial news, business news, personal finance and position of stock markets. It also covers the topics of technology and lifestyle as well but the number of article in this category are limited. For its high quality of coverage and reliability of sources, is said to be one of the most credible financial sources over the internet. Each year it releases its list for Top Richet Person in the World, Top Valuable Brands in the World and likewise many other informational coverages. Most of the business news channels use the as a source of information. is known for delivering the original content on industry, finance, investing, marketing and various other topics that are directly or indirectly linked to the business and finance world. Its reporting area also covers the science & technology issues as well. But as it is mentioned above, it emphasizes more on the economic and business issues. The markets section of that can be accessed from the main page is covering the market situation in full detail. In the market area you can know about the US market, world market, sectors position, forex & commodities, %gainers and %decliners. For the information of the readers, has launched various type of products like Forbes Marketplace, Forbes eBooks, Forbes Newsfeed, Reprints & Permissions, Forbes Magazine, The Smarter College Guide, Forbes Travel SIM, Forbes Custom and Forbes Custom Covers. The magazine subscription service is also available by the


0 is a news website that was established in 2007 with the investments from and Global Times. It has developed in the parallel with the Global time. The platform is available in two different languages such as Chinese and English that covers all the world news. It has a massive team of professional member regular works hard in order to deliver all the latest news about the world. The content on the site is consists of multiple categories such as World, Politics, Sports, Technology, Entertainment and much more. Because of the so many years of experience and hard work to provide all the international news make the is the first international news platform among Chinese people, foreign men and women, international observation, and overseas travelers and students in China. It has millions of user around the world. Comment option, simple interface, regular update with new content, available in two different languages and fast service these are core features of the site. If you’re a news lover and want to update with the world than the platform is specially made for you.


0 is an Argentinian news web-based platform that was launched in 2002 by Daniel Hadad, a businessman. It is an online edition of the daily BAE (Buenos Aires Economico). It features all the breaking news around in Argentina. produce multiple types of stuff such as Politic, World, Entertainment, Business, Sports, Health and all the other major categories. The great thing about is that it has a massive team of professional journalist produce verity of breaking and latest news in order to deliver maximum and all the hot content before anyone. It does not require any registration to read the news simply, but if you want to update with the latest stuff on your perusal inbox, you just need to sign up by proving the valid email address. It has millions of view that are followed by Mexico, United States, Spain, and Venezuela. It also offers comment option just like CNN and BBC where you can place your own remark about the news.