Olymp Trade


Olymp Trade Alternatives


#1 RoboForex Analytics


RoboForex Analytics is the portable service available to all clients of an organization, presented in the market by RoboForex (CY) Ltd. RoboForex Analytics is a simple mobile trading tool that brings elegant access to all popular types of analytical reviews, main trading signals, and instruments, and the information on currency markets. It lets you discover forecasts as well as reviews based on both fundamental and technical analysis.

You can get information regarding plenty of instruments, including CAD, EUR, CHF, JPY, NZD, AUD, USD, Gold, Stocks, Brent, JPY, CAD, and various others. You can review the information in plenty of languages, including Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Russian, Indonesian, English, and various others.


#2 Forex Calendar, Market & News


Forex Calendar, Market & News is an elegantly designed trading platform presented by Myfxbook Inc. that brings a real-time economic calendar, exclusive calendar widget, Myfcbook portfolio, and various others. Forex Calendar, Market & News app that makes it easy and effective to track and analyze stuff you have over your trading.

This app lets you stay updated with your entire forex portfolio and forex markets on the move to keep your data comprehensive. It enables you to join hundreds of thousands of global traders who use it daily and stay connected. You can access a great view of your forex portfolio, including watched accounts and live forex patterns analysis.

#3 FXhours


FXhours app brings a significant opportunity for all the global traders to trade globally at any time using their cell phones and tablets. FXhours: Forex Trading, Charts, Finance, & News is a superb tool presented by AsaamSoft Inc. that brings an amazing tool to simplify and secure the forex trading. The forex market, merely known as the Currency exchange market or the Foreign exchange market, remained open every day.

The app brings elegantly designed summer time notification, pip value calculator, pivot calculator, forex correlation, finance and forex news, technical analysis (powered by TradingView), and exclusive currency converter. It brings a complete Forex Calendar with the availability of alerts that are powered by the Forex Factory site.


#4 Forex Trading Book for Traders


Forex Trading Book for Traders is an elegantly designed application that brings a guide for learning Forex trading right over your cell phones and tablets. Forex Trading Book – Traders Guide is a superb tool presented in the market by Foobr Digital that makes it easy to learn to trade 2020 while finding the best broker without any efforts.

The app helps you learn everything you need regarding trade and get to know how you can take advantage of currency movements as well. Some of the topics that it contains include the intro to Forex trading for beginners, major currencies and trade systems, market analysis in forex trading, forex trading benefits, and technical indicators in forex trading.

#5 Forex Strategies


Forex Strategies enables its global users to get the best Forex strategies that are tested strategies for professionals. Forex – Trading strategies is an elegantly designed application that brings simple but valuable Forex Strategies for all beginners and professionals. You can effortlessly grab the realistic opportunity of profitable and steady trading at Forex with the app.

It provides its users with the most secure and effective trading strategies developed by professionals and exports to be adopted by the traders. It also supports plenty of experience levels and multiple currency pairs. It never lets you attend online classes as well as boring lessons anymore and get things done professionally.

#6 Forex Course


Forex Course app contains an effective, robust, efficient, and easy way to gain trading skills from the InstaForex community. Forex Course is a fine tool presented in the market by InstaForex Inc. that enables you to learn the exact way of trading whenever they want using their cell phones and tablets. It contains well-structured and valuable info regarding trade and lets you make your first step on Forex whenever you want.

Its effective learning course contains more than five main sections that help you manage things effectively. It includes technical analysis, fundamental analysis, Introduction to Forex, Trading Psychology, and Capital and Risk Management from InstaForex. Each of its topics is supplemented with a test to help you memorize materials.

#7 FXTM Trader


FXTM Trader is an amazing tool that enables its global users to trade more than 250 financial instruments along with all the minor or major currency pairs. FXTM Trader – Trade Stocks, FX, CFDs, & Gold is a signifying tool presented in the market by Fresh note Consultants Limited that enables traders to experience the power of global markets.

You can flawlessly get instant access to the MyFXTM and all your trading accounts while using your personal username and passcode. FXTM Trader – Forex Trading app helps its global users to keep the entire financial markets in their pocket and get instant notifications regarding all the sudden market changes and improvements.

#8 OANDA fxTrade for Android


OANDA fxTrade for Android is an award-winning trading tool available over mobile devices to revolutionize and expand your trading experience. OANDA fxTrade Forex Trading is a magnificently designed tool presented in the market by OANDA Corporation Inc. that brings a superb tool for all the new as well as professional traders to trade flawlessly.

This app provides sleek and fast access to global markets to trade over 100 instruments, including currency pairs, CFDs, precious metals, indices, bonds, commodities, and various others. It uses intuitive and effective functionality to place trades right from the chart with exceptional, reliable, and fast trading execution.

#9 XM


XM app provides its clients with a user-friendly interface that enables its global users to enjoy trading over more than 1K instruments from a single login using a secure account. XM – Forex, CFDs on Stocks is a magnificent tool presented in the market by Trading Point of Financial Instruments that enables its global users to trade forex, CDFs on stock indices, metals, energies, and tons of instruments.

All its global users can use either a demo or a live account to start and continue trading over a thousand instruments right using their cell phones and tablets. XM – Trading Point app enables you to sleekly manage everything regarding your accounts, such as the withdrawal funds, deposit funds, sleek dashboard, and other of its functionalities.

#10 FBS Trader


FBS Trader is an exclusive trading platform that enables its global users to trade using your cell phones and tablets using tons of handy tools right on the palm of your hands. FBS Trader – Trading Platform is a sleekly designed application presented in the market by FBS.com that brings an all-in-one trading platform for you to get started quickly and manage things effortlessly.

It brings all the essential features for trading, including the easy order management, risk management features, local payment systems, instant deposits, and withdrawals using mobiles. You can use a demo account with interactive onboarding for training and an official account for true profit. It enables you to optimize your trading efficiency and speed with powerful trading features.

#11 FxPro


FxPro is one of the most exclusive and top choice for traders from all over the globe based on over 70 international awards. FxPro: Trade and Manage MT4/MT5/cTrader Accounts is a user-friendly application presented in the market by FxPro Inc. that enables you to experience a new way of trading using the most exclusive and world number one broker.

You can register new accounts, fund your wallet with 0% commission through an extensive collection of convenient funding methods, make a secure transfer between accounts, and keeps you updated with the latest market news. FxPro Online Trading app lets you enjoy trading the full range of products using a single account with 0 commission.

#12 Exness Trader


Exness Trader is an exceptional tool for people who are looking for a robust, convenient, and secure way to manage your trading accounts on the move. Exness Trader: Everything Traders Need app is a fine platform presented in the market by Exness Global Limited Inc. that enables you to get the entire financial market in your hands. It provides its users with incredible control of your accounts, access to assets for trading, and excellent trading conditions.

It brings a superb simple registration process, easy navigation, instant access to real-time rates, benefits from low transaction costs, and the availability of trading more than 130 popular tradable assets. Exness Trader: Trade on the Go app lets you receive instant push notifications about the margin calls, trading activity, and your balance whenever you want.

#13 Social Trading


Social Trading app is a highly secure trading platform that brings a list of profitable and current strategies for you to copy. Social Trading – Invest, Copy, and Repeat is a fine app presented in the market by Exness Global Limited Inc. that enables you to build your social trading portfolio by having everything you want. You can precisely create a strategy, invest funds, and get things done with ease.

You can precisely browse a sleek list of top strategies, discover shared strategies, a bunch of trading options, and copy trade with a single tap of the button. You can precisely select from a list of trending currencies, view the entire strategies by performance, and get precise-updates over its exclusive economic calendar.

#14 LiteForex


LiteForex is a trustworthy, highly efficient, and robust tool that helps you create your own trading portfolio with some simple clicks and have everything needed. Forex, Stock Trading, and Investing – LiteForex is a superb tool presented in the market by LITEFOREX (EUROPE) LTD that brings a high-tech application user-friendly interface to manage everything regarding trading.

Forex Strategies enables its global app to provide you with secure access to favorable conditions and online forex trading on commodity, crypto, stock, and currency markets. LiteForex – Investing and the Trading app is a powerful social tool created for people’s success in trading, making effective communications, and copying trades of professional traders from all over the globe.

#15 Forex Trading Book


Forex Trading Book is an ultimate forex guide for all the beginners and pro-level traders who want to get plenty of valuable data regarding trade. Forex Trading Book – Traders Guide is a superb application presented by FBS.com that enables you to get Forex guide and grow into pro-trade whenever you want. You can learn forex in the sleekest and effortless way and study trading steps by steps.

It enables you to get trading skills to get profit on the genuine market and become a top trader to succeed with an international Forex broker. You can get the basic Forex definitions and terms, when and how to trade, the instruments to trade, and the instructions on the amount of money you spend over-trading.

#16 Trader.bg


Trader.bg app enables its global users to trade forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and gold with its easy-to-use, simple, and sleek platform. Trader.bg – Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, and Gold is a superb application that helps you open a demo account for free to trade for real money whenever you are ready. It brings more than 2400 trading instruments, including indices, gold, oil, forex, stocks, and various other facilities right on the palm of your hands.

This application supports CFDs on cryptocurrencies all the time, and some of its currencies include Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and various others. Trader.bg – Stocks, Forex, Crypto, and the Gold app provides convenient and effective graphs for technical analysis whenever you want.



DEGIRO is an elegantly designed trading platform where you can buy and sell everything without having any fear of stealing. DEGIRO – Mobile Stock Trading is a superb tool presented in the market by Degiro – Online Trading App that revolutionizes the way people invest and lets them trade worldwide with incredibly low prices. You can intuitively watch the biggest markets at a glance and precisely view your portfolio whenever, wherever.

This application brings instant access to global stock exchanges, super-fast execution, and real-time prices. DEGIRO – Mobile Trading app brings low prices and a combination of the low-cost and innovative alternatives to the existing range of brokerage platforms.

#18 Forex Trading for BEGINNERS


Forex Trading for BEGINNERS is a world-leading forex trading app that brings tons of exclusive fun features for you to have real fun of trading whenever you want. Forex Trading for BEGINNERS is an amazing tool presented by GoForex24 Inc. that enables you to play and study in the same way.

The app is designed to boost your knowledge and build real confidence to enjoy exclusive trading whenever you want. The app also predicts currency rates and compete with all the other global traders whenever you want. It provides highly illustrated lessons rich with tricks and tips for you to get real help. Its new version is updated with Quiz with 2X more questions and improved compatibility for multiple screen sizes.

#19 Webull


Webull is an exclusive application that helps you invest in options, ETFs, stocks, and other commodities whenever you want. Webull: Stocks, Options & ETFs is an elegantly designed tool developed in the market by Webull Technologies Limited that supports zero commission, no deposit minimums, and zero contact fees for online options, ETFs, options, and other trades.

You can flawlessly get two free stocks where each value is between 8 to 1600 dollars whenever you open a brokerage account. Webull: Real-time Stocks app enables you to make an initial deposit of 100 dollars or according to the situation you want. You can also receive a three-month complimentary subscription to level-2 advance when you sign up here.

#20 Forex Portal


Forex Portal app brings high-quality and precise information support for all the global traders that enables them to have all trader tools in one platform. Forex Portal: Quotes, Analytics and Trading Signals is a superb application that brings quotes in real-time and exclusive financial charts and technical indicators. You can precisely achieve professional trading to help you get the necessary information on one platform.

You can precisely keep track of the rates of all the major indices, stocks, currencies, and futures whenever you want. Forex Portal app enables you to choose any of your loved ones to work with from its extensive number of trading tools. You can effortlessly get trading signals and precise chart patterns of all the technical analysis.

#21 OctaFX


OctaFX is an official checking trading application that brings tons of exclusive tools that enables you to manage your OctaFX personal profiles, demo support, contest accounts, control real, and manage deposits. OctaFX Trading App is a lightning-fast trading tool presented in the market by OctaFX Inc. that carries an amazingly attractive and easy to use tool that makes you fall in love with everything it brings.

It enables you to manage your trading accounts, support multiple languages, make deposits and withdraws, activate bonuses, etc. You can effortlessly sign up on the move and even create your official account with just a few simple steps to open an order with new leverage.

#22 ExpertOption


ExpertOption is an award-winning broker that brings financial services to over 20,000,000 people from more than 150 countries and manage everything right over your cell phones and tablets. ExpertOption – Fast Online Trading is a superb app presented by ExpertOption Inc. that makes trading hell easy for all the new as well as old customers. You can intuitively deposit from $10 to $10,000 free demo fast withdrawals.

It provides its new users with a new demo account and practices with virtual funds and other things provided just before switching to the genuine account. It supports fast and secure withdrawals to a convenient payment system by supporting the bank card or any of over 10 e-wallets.

#23 Binomo


Binomo is a sleekly designed tool for market analysis as well as trading using your cell phones and tablets whenever you want. Binomo: Trading of Popular Assets is a stunning tool presented in the market by Binomo Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy more than 50 trading assets and make money on the move. You can precisely practice investing with unlimited viral funds and various other stuff over its demo account mode.

It enables you to discover popular currencies, shares, commodities, stocks, and more than 50 assets available for you to have secure trading. Binomo: Smart investments app lets you take small steps and learn how stock trading works to move further to make your way up sleekly.

#24 Investing.com


Investing.com app makes it super easy to track all your most likely stocks on the move and get updated with sleek alerts, important notifications, and global financial News. Investing.com: Stocks, Finance, Markets & News is a superb tool presented in the market by INVESTING.com that brings real-time price quotes and forecast trends using technical analysis.

Stock Exchange: Bonds, Indices & Market News enables you to join a community of people using the app whenever you want to stay on the top of global finance. It brings a precise set of financial, informational features and tools, including portfolio, watch list, economic calendar, stock alerts, and various other things.

#25 TradingView


TradingView brings fast charts, real-time market quotes, ideas, and strategies for global traders, advanced technical analysis tools right on the palm of your hands to manage things properly. TradingView – Stock charts, Forex & Bitcoin ticker, is a superb application presented in the market by TradingView Inc. that brings real-time charts and quotes for you to manage things flawlessly.

The app provides data by professional providers from all over the globe who tool a precise eye over all the updates and have direct access to everything. It enables you to get to know popular indices, CFDs, futures, stock quotes, Forex, Bitcoin, and everything necessary for you to know.

#26 Trading 212


Trading 212 is easy to use and powerful application that brings the facility for you to buy stocks and ETFs without paying any money or investing anything. Trading 212 – Stocks, ETFs, Forex, and Gold is a superb tool developed in the market by Trading212 Inc. that enables its global users to access the global financial markets hassle-freely and commission-freely.

You can precisely start a free account over this platform, along with the support of a practice account with virtual money. Trading 212 is free to use, and a robust app that does not implies any fees of commissions and helps you manage everything using your cell phones. This elegant tool enables you to get 3000 ETFs and real stocks from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, and various other categories.

#27 IQ Option


IQ Option is an elegantly designed and award-winning mobile trading tool that brings a clean and healthy interface to manage things intuitively. IQ Option – Online Investing Platform is a stunning tool presented in the market by IQ Option that enables its global users to control their deals with real-time elegant notifications and custom price alerts. It provides its users with an opportunity to trade more than 500 assets, including stocks, commodities, currencies indices, and more.

Some of its key features include a wide choice of currencies, auto-close of your position, and negative balance of your positions right over your cell phones and tablets. Some of its trade commodities include a wide choice of assets, good as an alternative to stocks/currencies, and gold/silver/oil on one platform.