Phrendly Alternatives


#1 Meetville


Meetville is purely an adult dating application comprising an endless number of hot men and women from different parts of the world. The people part of the community of this application is ready to meet with the people like you. But for this, you have first to install this dating application, and after that, you can get the chance of finding your true love. A thousand of singles are the part of this application and for that reason you will be able to get your desired one because only singles will be available for dating and chatting purpose. It’s time to invest your precious time in a real working application and interconnecting with those people only who are also seeking the same passion in others. Meetville will ensure that you are exploring this application in best way and discovering the perfect match only. The advantages of using this app are that it offers endless choice of potential partners, based on smart matching system that is backed by the common values, interests and even psychological compatibilities.


#2 Topface


This international dating application permits its users to discover the new and interesting people living nearby them and in the other countries as well. One of the best things about Topface is its meeting system that allows the users to meet with people having similar hobbies, interests and even mindset. This dating application can be used for many functions and activities like either finding new friends for just hooking up or making permanent relation as well. When you are using this application, you will realize that meeting with new and exciting people was never easy before using this application. For using this app, you don’t need to pay even a single penny at all and don’t need to share even your credit card details as well. Just in five minutes, you will be enjoying chatting with almost fifty new people who will be interested in chatting with you. Now you have to decide which person suits you most and which are just for time passing. The chatting can be made in indivisibility mode as well.



Have you ever noticed most of the dating apps focus more on finding single and hot girls despite the fact these assume to be used for all purposes? But for the first time, there is a dating application named PINK that is dedicated to finding and spotting the hot guys only. Although this application allows the men to find the hot girls too but the main focus of PINK is chatting with hot guys only. Sometimes PINK is also confused with a gay dating application, but the fact is that it is not a gay dating app at all. Here you can decide who can contact you because the privacy and security system of this app is so advanced. After meeting with someone again you can decide where to take this new relationship. Despite the fact, PINK is offering too much features and functions to its users, it is still a free dating application that allow its users to always control their chatting with others.




JAUMO is a free to use chatting, dating and flirting application that has made the process of finding real love quite interesting and full of fun. No complications and stalemates are involved in this application at all. As you will install JAUMO you will be all ready to explore the world of singles from your smartphones. This one of the leading dating applications basically wants to allow its users to give a better meaning to their life. It aims to make the chatting and dating full with fun and fulfilling all the time that’s why it always offer the users that environment that make them feel relax , stale and extraneous all the time. The reasons behind using this application are that it has no artificial connecting system at all, its meeting system works, it is comprising almost twenty million active members, allow its users to flirt for free and is private, safe and secure by all means. Nothing is more than the privacy of the people that’s why JAUMO always emphasis on the privacy and security of its users.

#5 Waplog


Waplog is a new way of finding those real people across the world who are looking for the singles like you. It is one of the largest communities of real people who want to enter into a new relationship. First of all you need to create at this application and after that you will be all ready to wander here and there without even worrying about payment, usage limitation or geographical limitation at all. The distinguish feature of Waplog is that it shows the list of those people only who best match you but for this you have to clearly mention your preferences while creating your profile. After getting in touch with the like-minded people, you can then chat for free and can socialize with your favorite person. At the moment this application can be access from fifty countries that means the people of fifty countries are available here for chatting. Both of you and can exchange the photos as well and can do text and even video chatting as well. This will take your chatting experience to a wholly new level.

#6 MatchAndTalk


MatchAndTalk is an audio and video chatting based dating application and a perfect platform for those users who rather than wasting the time on lengthy messages like to express their selves openly in front of others. This dating application will give them the chance to meet with the new people living nearby them and in other countries via the camera of their smartphone. The specialty of this dating application is that it is widely available in all parts of the world and don’t impose any geographical restrictions at all. For the first time when someone will accept your request for calling, you can then make video call. You can also do text chatting but voice and video calls are the streamlined functions of MatchAndTalk. MatchAndTalk will always make it sure you are getting to the right person only subject to common interest between you and that person. For the first time you will need to register on this application and after that you can search the profile hat you interested in and then make a voice or video call for either chatting or dating purpose.

#7 Lively


This dating application has only one dedicated function and that is allowing its users to always connect with real and interesting people living nearby them and across the borders. The critics called this dating application the Snapchat of dating apps because it offers more than original to its users. Well, first of all, we would like to tell about those two most important things that are authenticating of its claim for being different from the rests. Lively has first replaced the traditional requirement of text-based chatting with quickies and frames that are the new way of knowing people more than before. Both of these functions will permit you to show you creative, funny and unique face to the others and get the chance to view their real face as well. If you want to remain on the high edge then you need to create a compelling profile first. If you don’t know how you will do this then don’t worry as the inspirational games available in this app will make this simple for you.

#8 Love Lab


Love Lab is a newly launched dating and chatting based social networking application. according to the developers of this application they want to give a better way of chatting and dating to the people so that that they can improve their experience on the other sites, apps and services by offering them the simple way of experiencing their self and the people they interact anywhere. What make Love Lab different from the rest is its verification system that although most of the time make the process of enjoyment complex but everlasting when the flights move on. This application first verify the all available records of its users like their social media accounts, the phone number that they provide and the photo that they upload on their profile. By all these means, Love Lab basically ensure that its dating and chatting app is being used by the real people only. You will never be disappointed by this application as it will always offer you the best possibilities to explore the world.

#9 Qeep Dating App


Qeep Dating App brings online dating for all the folks who are singles and are getting an education anywhere around the world. Qeep® Dating App for Serious Relationships app makes it absolutely safe and secure to find the right partner for people who never get in relationships ever in their lives. The app works for every kind whether you are Jewish, Christian, Catholic, or anyone you want. Qeep® Dating App lets you present yourself and meet beautiful single girls and handsome, hot guys near you and helps you find true love that you are looking for. It lets you meet singles in your area and enjoying dating, having fun, and dating with them. Qeep® Dating for Serious Relationships app brings Asian dating, dating a beautiful black guy, African girls, Swedish girls, Brazilian girls and it’s got your back in discovering a match. You can register here for free to mingle with local singles by swiping through daily pics of concurring local singles. Qeep app brings ultimate features of handpicks profiles, extreme privacy, full data protection, and handpicked profiles right under one platform. So just download Qeep® Dating App for Serious Relationships app and enjoy an exquisitely interracial and international dating platform to meet handsome boys and beautiful girls nearby your city and around the whole world.

#10 mbuzzy


mbuzzy app enables its global users to search for new friends and chat buddies from all across the globe based on your location. Mbuzzy is a globally loved social application presented in the market by Acotel Interactive, Inc. that enables you to locate new members around your area and start instant messaging with new friends whenever you want.

You can precisely search for more than 7 million profiles worldwide and browse girls and guys to have real fun. You can enjoy instant IM with new friends from all around the globe and have a chat partner instantly. You can also get 1-on-1 messaging and get access to secret stashes.

#11 Flurv


Flurv is an instant chatting and dating application. It is, in fact, the global network for meeting new people across the world. It also give is users the chance to even meet with those people who are living nearby them. Millions of people are the part of this application and these are connecting and meeting on daily basis. This app that is filled with a lot of features and functions will enhance your chances of chatting and friending. The main highlighted features and functions of Flurv are meeting people according to proximity and preference. The users can even check who has viewed their profile, and in the same way, they can also keep themselves updated with the activities of nearby users as well. If you want to promote your profile to get the status of premium guests, then you can also do so by going to the premium services of Flurv. The standard version of Flurv is available for free but for those who want to enjoy the premium features will need to go for the paid version.

#12 Bloomy


Bloomy is in fact the messenger of dating applications because of comprising the database of millions of beautiful men and women who are still single. The other thing that makes this popular application one is that it is an international dating app that means you will get the chance to interact with people living in other parts of the world as well. This dating application will offer its services to you in the shape of safe and secure communication, an instant access to the world of active members who respond to the message quickly and regularly, manual member confirmation system of this application and messaging to start chatting with the new people. With the manual identification system, Bloomy always ensure that its application is filled with the real people only under its identification system it personally confirmed the status and information of the user. That’s why most of the singles like to use Bloomy for getting regular access to communication with handsome men and beautiful women in real time. You will always enjoy the premium status in this dating application.

#13 SweetMeet


SweetMeet is a real time chatting application for those singles who are looking for their soulmate to go on a date or want to marry with someone special. Maybe at this application, you will also be able to find that special person you are looking for an extended period as the possibilities, options, and opportunities are there simply endless. It is up to you whether you want to keep the relation restricted to chatting only or want to go on date or desiring for making that person permanent of yours. The choices are open all the time. Every kind of facility is available right on your smartphone. The sole aim of this application is to assist its users in meeting up with those special people that are living in their neighborhood or their working environment. SweetMeet is available in both free and premium versions. The premium version is than available with many subscription plans. In the paid version of SweetMeet, you will be treated like a VIP guest.

#14 I Like You


I Like You is one of the leading platforms overt the internet for social communication and chatting purpose. This application offers the people across the globe to meet with new men and women each time they will visit this application. For those alone, single and even other kind of people who are interested in chatting and talking with strange people living nearby them or in other parts of the world will surely like this application. The best about this application is that it offers lot of possibilities to its users like meeting, chatting and dating. It is up to the user whether he likes to keep the relationship straightforward or more social; I Like You will offer the all possibilities. Millions of people are already the part of this chatting and dating application. If you are looking for a person like you for the purpose of either dating or chatting then you are at right place because I Like You is the platform of those thousands of active men and women who like to do chatting around the clock.

#15 DateWay


DateWay offers the Messenger like chatting experience so that its users can chat in a user friendly environment with the new singles people who are living around them. If you are still single and want to enter into a new relationship then you need to use this application for discovering new partner by exploring random guys or girls or swiping through the list of strangers. After choosing the desired person now picks your date and start chatting with that person right away. DateWay will allow you to add new people to your friend’s list, accept the friend’s request of other people, create a compelling profile, upload your pics, see who visited your profile, start conversations with other singles in the public chat rooms, share the interesting things on your profile, and much more. DateWay is an entirely free dating application that doesn’t ask you to share your credit card or bank details at all. Moreover, there are no limitations and restrictions at all on using DateWay for finding soulmate.



Are you interesting finding new people living around you and want to make your friend so that you can have some dating with them then HOOTT is an application for the iOS and Android mobile phones that empower its users with the system of exploring the new and interested people. The main advantage of using HOOTT is that it has made the communication and interaction process really easy and simple for its users. Everything here is in ready to use state and you only need to install this application and after that creating a simple account only. It also enables its users to share the messages, photos and even videos with others. In case you like a person and what to stay updated with all of his activities then you can follow that person as well. In that’s why HOOTT work like the Facebook of the dating applications. If you want to meet someone then simply say Yes and the process of communication will start instantly.

#17 FastMeet


FastMeet is a real lover finding and relationship making application where the journey begins from simple chatting. Today this dating and chatting based application is one of the largest sources of motivation for millions of singles across the world who are looking for perfect match for their selves. This application gives them the opportunity in the shape of freely accessing the community of millions of daily active users. This free chatting and dating application comprises the features of profile creation, text messages and even audio and video messaging as well. If you are still single and tired of using traditional dating apps because these have been failed in giving you what you are looking for then you need a practical dating application like FastMeet. The quality of FastMeet is that it will permit you to do exciting conversations that will put a powerful impact on the other person will be bound to keep a relationship with you. This free dating app will allow you to create profiles, voice and video messages, sharing pictures and doing many other functions as well.

#18 LovelUp


LovelUp is a new social networking application in the field of chatting and dating application. The communication system here starts with the game playing system where the strange people come to meet each other. It is in fact the dating application for the gamers only where they can enjoy communicating the other people like them. The play the games and boost their scores. As they progress in the communication they start to know more about each other and meanwhile they share the invitation for date or proposal for marriage. Sociable is although new dating application but offering an entertaining and interactive way to socialize with strange people while playing the favorite smartphone games. The chatting function of this application allows the users to get more socialize and even share the photos with others as well. You can even follow the others as well to stay in touch with their regular activities. Overall, LovelUp will give you the chance to meet with new people only and making relation with them while playing your favorite mobile games.

#19 Color Dating


In the liberal world of today, still most of the people like to talk with other people on the basis of their skin color and their race. This interracial dating application named Color Dating is for satisfying the main need of these kinds of people. This free dating application is called to be one of the largest racial dating applications available over the Google and App Store. For those who want to enjoy meeting with people of different ethnicities will also like the working style of Color Dating. Asian, Black, White, Red Indians, Hispanic and people of diverse races are the part of Color Dating. If you like someone then send him a message using the live messaging system of Color Dating. This will open the process of chatting and you can then start chatting with other person. Color Dating will also give you the chance to browse all of the singles member profile with just a one tap. If you want to enjoy the premium features and VIP treatment, then you must for the paid version of this application that will open the door of possibilities for you.

#20 Clover Dating App


This free to use dating application named Clover is one of the fastest and simplest ways over the internet for meeting new people right from the smartphone. You don’t need to use multiple dating applications for performing various activities like chatting, texting, video calling, flirting, dating or performing any other function as Clover is offering all of these under one umbrella. The best about all Clover is free as well. Clover will always ensure you that you are viewing the photos of singles only living nearby you. It will also allow you to discover the local events and even online meetups so that you can get the chance of getting even faster result than tinder. Clover called itself the provider of real dates only and helps its users in finding real people who really want to meet with others. The best function of Clover is its filter and searching criteria that allow its users to filter the people by relationship intention like making friends only or going on dates or making the relationship serious by going into permanent relationship.