Plato Alternatives




HAGO lets you make a connection with gamers from multiple locations, and you can hop onto the PK battle and do chat and play at the same time. HAGO: Play Games and Make Friends bought in the market Hago Games Inc. allows you to enjoy chatting with people you want by playing hilarious games. It helps you have exciting battles weekly new additions to cool and cute games such as sheep fight, fun link, knife hit, and various others and never enjoy the same things over and over again. Hago friends making app lets you get online and high with gamers through the voice chat anywhere around the world. HAGO: Play Games and Make Friends allows you to get to know more and more friends in-game and indulge in damn entertaining conversations to have a quality fun time with the game as well as the gamers together. It is a rapid progression game which takes almost 3 minutes to play to your heart’s end. HAGO gaming app helps you play tons of exciting games as well as limitless conversations with people to have an outstanding chatting and gaming experience in one precise app. So just download HAGO: Play Games and Make Friends app on your mobile phone, connect with friends anytime you want to enjoy chatting and gaming with people ultimately.




LINE PLAY is the perfect platform for people who love fashion and cute items, and want to make new friends, friends with similar interests, a new app to kill time, want to start something new with strangers, and the one who wants to live life on its boom. LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World is a great tool introduced in the market by Line Corporation being loved by an amount of more than 60,000,000 folks, which lets you to be the best you by making your own avatar, meet a new friend, and enjoy life ultimately. It enables its entire users to make superb avatars that looks just like them by taking a selfie. You can precisely set your avatar as you DP over Line profile and even decorate it with the LINE camera stickers. You can also capture your friend pics and have hilarious fun to make avatars of your friends in a way like never before. LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World app brings endless possibilities, and there are thousands of items waiting for you to produce any kind of look. It brings an awesome pack of fashion, hair, makeup, accessory items, and various other things to extemporize your avatar ultimately. So just download LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World app and start creating whatever vibe you were in the mood for.

#3 Lady Popular


Lady Popular is a superb, fun yet challenging game that gathers millions of players from around the world to compete against each other and to express their unique fashion style for the real-time. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena app bought in the market by XS Software JSCo Inc. which brings an exciting platform through which you can enjoy a challenging game that brings tons of challengers from around the world. It allows you to customize every aspect of your avatar from your hairs, skin, eyes, nose, makeup, lips, clothes, arms, skin colors and tone, various accessories, and much more. Lady Popular: Fashion Arena app lets you designed the apartment of your desires with its exclusive items from its store and filled up with the most likely pets that you always wanted to have. You can discover the perfect boyfriend and style him to match your personality and outlook, and do whatever you want, in your own way. Lady Popular app lets you become the part of a club and make friendships with other cool girls that lasts forever. So just download Lady Popular: Fashion Arena gaming app in your mobile phone devices to join its exquisite community and make tons of friends while having fun with creating the lifestyle that you always desired.


#4 WoozWorld


WoozWorld enables all the Spanish, French, Portuguese, and English buddies to step into the fashionable virtual world and join millions of fashionistas as well as fashionistos who are expressing their fashion scenes intuitively under one platform. Woozworld – Fashion & Fame MMO is a gigantically used app bought in the market by Wooz World Inc. which brings the facility of building your own character’s story and never get bored even again. The app allows you to publicize your inner artist by with new weekly clothes and lets you use tons of stylish clothes which carries you one step closer to the stardom. Woozworld – Fashion and Fame MMO app brings the features of trade and cell, meet and chatting feature, weekly new clothes, role play to express yourself, create your own games, organize and host parties, discover millions of rooms, and have damn fun in live events. Wooz world app also lets you explore your fashion taste. So just download Woozworld – Fashion and Fame MMO app from the store if you want to express your imagination through new fashion designer clothes, dreamed of being the top mode, or want to get a teste of exclusive fame and be a celebrity and movie stat overnight.

#5 Live Portrait


Live Portrait Maker lets you have an exciting platform for enjoying portraits of your own choice by picking tons of marvellous items that it brings. Live Portrait Maker: Girls app bought in the market by Angela He Inc. which lets you enjoy building your own characters and then save them in your mobile devices for lateral access. You can double tap over the portrait to change the eyes, eyelashes, brow, nose, skin, hair, noses, lips, and various other things up. This application allows you to build your own star by selecting the style from more than 73 facial features as well as a collection of almost 44 outfits for making portraits that fulfil all your expectations. Live Portrait Maker: Girls app contains a collection of almost 12 dynamic, cool effects which brings the real pace and charm in what you’ve created. This intuitive girly portrait making app carries highly customizable features that help you make things and extemporize them in the way you want. Live Portrait Maker: Girls is applicable in building all your desired looks whether you want to create, casual, sweet, disastrous, funky, jolly, sad, or devious and a lot more looks. So just download Live Portrait Maker: Girls app to explore your inner talent and also sharpens your skills if you are professional.

#6 Avakin Life


Avakin Life lets you have the most personal and ideal life through experiencing an amazing 3D life where you can meet millions of new people, do chat with them, dress your avatar’s up, and design your dreams house to get real happiness. Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World Gaming app allows you to enjoy this chatting game where you can become socialized with millions of other people and meet them from all around the world. It lets you enjoy this platform to show off your outfits and get advice on the best styles, newest trends, and clothes from friends. You can compete with millions of other players and even explore all the awesome outfits and brands from your friends. Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World lets you take pics of your hand-made avatar and share them over Facebook too with prizes. You can choose your desired stuff for your avatar and dress them up in the way you want. You can go cute and even crazy, and it lets you become the person you always dreamed for. So just download Avakin Life – 3D Virtual World app to enjoy the simulation ad virtual reality world which will give you the limitless opportunities to elaborate and reveal, and purely express yourself.

#7 The Sims Mobile


The Sims Mobile lets you express your own creativity and level of thinking as you customize your Sim’s unique personalities, distinct appearances, having fun with fashion, and giving them the traits, in all in one app. The Sims™ Mobile is a widely used mobile app bought in the market by Electronic Arts Inc. which allows you to build your own Sims the perfect home by choosing your most likely decorations and designs and even with more details as well. Through The Sims app, users can intuitively customize their Sims appearances, outfits, hairstyles, mustache styles, accessories, makeup, and lot more things and extemporize them from head to toe in the way they love. The Sims™ Mobile lets you build your Sims a home where they can intuitively experience all that life has to offer. You can precisely choose the active, musical and various other personality traits for each Sim as your Sims gain life experience. You can easily personalize home designs and layouts by selecting from a diversity of furniture, decorations, and appearances and even themed collections. You can also share your Sim’s lifestyle by choosing from professional carriers such as Fashion designer, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, Architect, Musician, and more. So just download The Sims™ Mobile app in your mobile phone to lets you Sims enjoys the life that you always desired.

#8 Decisions


Decisions is an ultimate, intuitive, and immersive app which get you hooked in a heartbeat. Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice bought in the market by which brings an app full of romance, action, drama, thrill, and some other factors that will never let you get bored. This app is developed by the makers of one of the highly significant Friends Forever Stories. This app lets you experience college drama, uncover hidden agendas, and fall in love again. This app carries several genres to choose from, make your decisions in visually engaging stories, get exciting options for dressing up, multiple episode choices, and you can customize your character in the way you want. Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice is one of the most engaging story game which is available in English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and various other languages. This app will transform all the interactive stories into a very own adventure. You can make multiple choices, live different lives, go through some exciting chapters, get unique outcomes, and enjoy a lot more. It lets you get drawn into a world of compelling various characters where you can make decisions by yourself. So just download Decisions: Choose Your Interactive Stories Choice app in your cell Phone and choose your most likely adventure right now.

#9 Desperate Housewives


Desperate Housewives lets you join the real-time desperate housewives in a virtual dramatic new prequel to the hit shows of TV. Desperate Housewives: The Game is a widely loved application bought in the market by MegaZebra Inc. where all your favorite characters are ready to welcome you as a new resident of Wisteria Lane. This app enables its worldwide users to build unlimited friendships and reveal mysteries in these brand new episodes. This app lets you be indulged into mysteries and dramas where there are big things happens. It lets you choose your desired paths as you keep on exploring the uncover secrets of Wisteria Lane by finding clues, unravel lies, and gather gossips. Desperate Housewives: The Game also brings a romance factor for its lovely users where they can enjoy doing what they want. You can enjoy growing your career as a fashion designer, doctor, engineer, musicians, and journalist. You can intuitively join the dating scene and get swept off your feet. Some of its eligible singles include the handsome playboy, hot yoga guru, hunky cowboy, etc. So just download Desperate Housewives: The Game app and start building your own reputation by tons of customizable options and exciting features.

#10 Stardoll


Stardoll is an excellent platform which enables its worldwide users to enjoy the real fame, express their sense of fashion, and make new friends right from the palm of their hand. Stardoll Access: Fame, Fashion & Friends app was developed in the market by Glorious Games Group AB Inc. through which you can enjoy all the features that you love and know about Stardoll can be easily accessed anywhere you want via smartphone devices. This application brings you the unparalleled access to your Avatar which is known a MeDoll. This avatar enables you to keep tabs over your Stardoll status which includes Starcoins, Starpoints, as well as your Stardollars. Stardoll Access: Fame, Fashion and Friends, is also a fine gateway to the gigantic community of fashion obsessed, fabulous boys and girls from all over the world. You can intuitively view posts, ability to respond and receive to messages, access to your Stardoll account, add items to your wishlist, and get the ability to respond and read friend requests as well. So just download Stardoll Access: Fame, Fashion and Friends app in your mobile phone and get the best of new fashion and other accessories right from this game store Staplaza as well.

#11 Blue Mars


Blue Mars is an excellent tool through which users from all over the world can easily create and customize your own stunning 3D avatar while on the move. Blue Mars Mobile – Avatar Reality app bought in the market by Avatar Reality Inc. through which lets you do chat with other Blue Mars users, vote to determine the top rated, and leave comments as well. This application allows you to shop thousands of fashion, accessories, and other items created by other users to outfit your avatar in the way you want. You can use the Augmented Reality feature of this tool to take videos and photos of your avatar in the real world settings. Blue Mars Mobile – Avatar Reality app enables its worldwide users to search for the best selling items by price, and share them via Facebook and Instagram. You can explore, connect, share, shop, and play games with a merging community of users from all over the world. So just download Blue Mars Mobile – Avatar Reality app to enjoy a 3D virtual world as well as a social platform that brings the free tools to create, manage, share and explore real-time visually stunning, interactive content.

#12 Life Quest 2


Life Quest 2 is an intuitively used application which lets you begin a 12 step life quest program to discover a new rewarding carrier in this super engaging, gaming platform. Life Quest 2: Metropoville Full is an incredible strategy game introduced by Big Fish Games Inc. which enables its entire users to purchase a pet, upgrade their vehicle and even discover the true love as they move up the social ladder. You can enjoy going through rags to riches and complete the challenging quests as well as difficult objectives to earn real cash that you can invest in yourself. Life Quest 2: Metropoville Full app allows you to finish 12 life quests, challenge your friends with your high score here, and earn new exciting careers like professional Athlete, Doctor, and even the Mayor of Metropoville. This app allows you to race around, take important classes, working awesome jobs, enjoy your entire day, and do lot more over here. Life Quest 2 is one of the most leading marketplaces to enjoy discovering casual games. It allows you to enjoy its virtually endless selection of games anywhere, anytime right over your PC, Mac, Mobile phones, Tablets, and other devices. So just download Life Quest 2: Metropoville Full app to start a hilarious journey towards an engaging platform.

#13 Superstar Life


Superstar Life lets you shop the most wanted clothing, stylize your star through exquisite dress, win fashion shows, and a lot more. Superstar Life is an excellent tool which helps you meet your celebrity crush and enjoy your life that you are always looking to spend. It helps you become a start, music pop, star sensation, business superstar or the best-selling fashion designer. You can get social with all your friends, win fashion shows, earn intuitive rewards, beat your friend style, and play with friends and party. Superstar Life lets you make your own avatar and dress them with your desired selection of clothes. It brings an entire set of makeup, dressings, stylize and decide your character’s look, and do a lot more with your own avatar. You can precisely star with gorgeous dresses, handbags, hairstyle, makeup, neckless, and the chicest celebrity in the entire world. It lets you have the best stardom experience by shop at the luxury beauty salon, play stardom mini-games, enjoy the spa, and travel the world with the private superstar jet, hires your personal assistant. Superstar Life is an intuitive place to find your desired date over this platform in the way you want. So just download Superstar Life to enjoy and enjoy flirting, dating, and falling in love again.

#14 Hollywood Story


Hollywood Story is an excellent, star-studded, and spectacular streets platform which lets you have a chance to become a true Hollywood star without any prior effort. Hollywood Story is bought in the market by Nanobit Games Inc. which allows you to live Hollywood celerity’s lifestyle. It lets you be your own movie star by personalizing your avatar in the way you want and do anything you want. You can precisely choose all your clothing, hairstyle, make-up, fashion style, and various other things in the way you want. It lets you win auditions as well as shoot blockbusters by promoting your movies and earn real fans. You can precisely meet designers and wear unique dresses crafted only for the user. It enables its users to create their own star-signed fashion collection, design your own perfume and become a megastar with hordes of fans all around. Hollywood Story app lets you meet with your desired, hottest Hollywood star celebrity and hang out with them at epic parties over some disastrous locations. As you make real growth through the game, you can further unlock more engaging features and amazing new locations. So just download Hollywood Story app from the store and start playing games and meet new people to enjoy the ultimate lifestyle as you always desired.

#15 Party in my Dorm


Party in my Dorm lets you met thousands of new people from all over the world to play games with them. Party in my Dorm: Meet New People is a great tool introduced by A Thinking Ape Entertainment Inc. which enables its worldwide users to enjoy creating their dorm by choosing their most likely style and meet new people across the world. It allows you to collect hundreds of different avatars through its collection of a hipster, a girl, a boy, a surfer, and many others. You can precisely create as well as upgrade your dorm and get new roommates for having quality time. Each of your cool activity including your dance off, every hipster prank, and every fight gets you closer to being the most popular and coolest person in your college. You can also start a relationship and discover a girlfriend or boyfriend. Party in my Dorm: Meet New People lets you rent out dorm room and add new crew whenever they want. You can challenge others to hipster pranks and dance off and enjoy eavesdrop, fight, and pranks over other students. So just download Party in my Dorm: Meet New People app from the store and enjoy playing awesome stuff with all your cool and awesome friends in one of the best college game available now.

#16 Ludo King™


Ludo King™ is a classical board ludo game played between friends, kids, siblings, and other family members to have an exciting time. Ludo King™ is a widely used application introduced in the market by Gamotronix Inc. which enables its worldwide users to have quality fun time through playing the royal game of kings. Ludo King App lets you recall your childhood as you were used to play ludo with your family members and friends to have the same experience now. This is a marvelous cross multiplayer platform that precisely supports Desktop, Android, Windows, and other mobile platforms at the same time and lets your entire family to recall your precious past time even if you are far away from each other. Ludo King™ brings the features of real chat with friends and bodies, the auto move system (no concept of cheating), classy, colorful user interface, and make buddies from all across the world. You can enhance the fun by challenging your Facebook friends through its ultimate online connectivity. It also allows you to share your game results with other friends over multiple social platforms and enjoy your celebrations on an up level. So just download Ludo King™ app to enjoy a modern version of the royal game of Pachisi.

#17 Ludo Classic


Ludo Classic is a classy multiplayer game which can intuitively be played online as well as offline with your Facebook and other friends, and now bought the availability of Bluetooth option as well. Ludo Classic is a great Ludo game app introduced by Sudhakar Kanakaraj Inc. which lets you enjoy a classic, timeless board design to get one of the best ludo game experience ever from your smartphone devices. This ludo game app brings real-time dice rolling experience which helps you have the real charm of playing lude with people you want to play. Ludo Classic brings the features of player names and selecting colors, last plated match, decide before returning tokens in squares, real-time die feature, multi-color dies, game instructions and help, and various other features as well. Ludo Classic is a great strategy board game for almost 2 to 4 players and is being played in Pakistan, Nepal, Algeria, India, and various other Asian, European, and Latin countries, and is also called as Laadhuu, Parcheesi, and Parchisi, etc. Ludo Classic app allows you to emote your tokens as well as message your opponents while playing the match. So just download the Ludo Classic app in your mobile device and enjoy real battles between buddies.



ZEPETO is being loved and used by millions of people from all over the world which are using this ultimate tool for making marvelous 3D characters through tons of exciting stuff that it provides. ZEPETO: Easy to make 3D characters of your own bought in the market by Snow Corporation Inc. which is used by tons of people for making awesome avatars of their own as well as their friends. All you need to do is to imagine a cute little character of yourself and the one your produce here would even cuter than your imagination. ZEPETO – Make 3D character of yourself lets you make the emojis of your character and use it in the chatrooms. You just need to pick a pic of your own and even of your friend and let this app to make a character that is even more delightful, charming, and prettier than your most likely animation character. Zepeto – Make 3D character of yourself lets you edit your character’s face, or you can even dress it up with various costumes so that you can express it in your own way. So just download ZEPETO: Easy to make 3D characters of your own app from the stores and enjoy making ultimate characters which are even beyond your imagination.

#19 Ludo Club


Ludo Club is an exquisite application which enables its worldwide users to enjoy playing ludo online with all their friends and be a star in no time. Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game is an online multi-player version of the hit board game Ludo where you can join an exclusive club of star players over this ultimate premium dice game and enjoy tons of exciting stuff with damn ease. You can play this game with your family and friends and also establish a connection to Facebook and play the ludo game over multiple devices. This app uses a little data consumption and works smoothly whether you use 2G, 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game lets you send gifts to friends and co-players, or you can also do chat with them on your games board. It lets you win free coins through its daily bonuses and lucky dice features to keep playing. It is an engaging platform for all the ludo lovers and other people who are looking for non-stop enjoyment. So just download Ludo Club – Fun Dice Game app to start your efforts of becoming the best player by climbing up the ladders of winning and becoming the King of Ludo right using this classy tool.

#20 bitLife


bitLife is a fine platform where you have to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen from time to time before you expire. BitLife – Life Simulator app bought in the market by Canndywriter Inc. which brings an exquisite text life simulator app to enjoy adult life in a way like never before. Bit Life – Life Simulator app enables you to find how the bit by bit life choices adds up to determine your achieving of goals in your life in this exquisite game. This application lets you marry the love of your life, pick up a good education, have your desired number of kids, and enjoy anything you want. BitLife – Life Simulator lets you descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, fall in love with someone special, go on adventures, smuggle duffle bags, cheat on your spouse, play multiple games, smuggle duffle bags, and do lots of amazing stuff to choose your story. BitLife – Life Simulator lets you get interactive story games that have been around for years. So just download BitLife – Life Simulator app in your mobile phone and enjoy probably the first text life simulator to truly mash up and simulate adult life in a way like never before.

#21 IMVU


IMVU is a gigantically used and widely loved avatar-based social experience with one of the most oversized 3D world and catalog to customize your entire look and meet thousands of people across. MVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World and Social Game was bought in the market by IMVU, Inc. which brings an exquisite hub for enjoying the 3D world and expanding their circle for socializing. This gaming app brings classy features which help you to chat with friends and indulge in a virtual world with millions of others for free. IMVU is a virtual world simulator, social chatting app which brings more than a life simulation, where you can precisely create and choose your own avatar and choose your life as you want to be. IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World and Social Game allows you to customize your avatar, personalize your own animated emoji and make endless chats with people from all over the world. This app helps you choose your life and customize yourself, and you can even change the looks of your avatar just to match your own expectations. Its 3D avatar creator allows you to design yourself from head to toe, and you can play it in the way you want once you enter into this 3D world. So just download IMVU: 3D Avatar! Virtual World and Social Game app to live your virtual life in the way you want using your very own, hand-made ultimate 3D avatar.

#22 MovieStarPlanet


MovieStarPlanet is an exquisite app for all the boys and girls who are looking for the real stardom. Movie Star Planet app brings in the market by MovieStarPlanet Inc. which lets you create a movie star today for making awesome movies, photos, design clothes, art books, and share them with your fans, friends or the entire world. This is a great app for becoming a famous celebrity overnight and enjoys the same feelings as a genuine celebrity had. You can intuitively create an avatar doll of yourself to reveal your breathtaking designs and decorate your own room for the sake of real happiness. MovieStar Planet lets you enjoy chatting in the cool chat rooms and make tons of new friends to share things that you want. Movie StarPlanet app lets you take care of your own boonies and pet, and you can also watch videos of your most likely shows and celebrities from the Youtube as well. It helps you play fun games with other gamers worldwide and climb to the highest level of its high scorers. You can give your avatar a makeover and design your own clothes intentionally. You can intuitively download MovieStarPlanet app for free to enjoy one of the coolest social networking and ultimate game for kids of all ages.

#23 Animal Boyfriend


Animal Boyfriend is a marvelous product of Ambition Co., Ltd. which enables its worldwide user their own avatar to become a real human and enjoy things they really want to do in their own life. Animal Boyfriend app enables its entire users to raise their very own animal student into a classy, fine-looking human being using tons of its exciting features. This application allows you to choose a specie and get working, learning, and spending time with them to help them become a real man. You can dress them in the way you want using its diverse collection and variety of accessories and clothes. It also brings the options of changing the hair, eyes, and even his very personality. Animal Boyfriend never let you get bored of your animal avatar through having tons of customizable options present in this app. This application brings the features of hair salon, huge assort shop redesigned, and add two new personalities (flirt and intelligent) in its most recent update, and keeps on increasing its stuff for letting you have more and more in one shop stop. You can download Animal Boyfriend and enjoy the features of multiple species to choose, 17+ different personality types, hair salon feature, intuitive social chatting, and creating your own Animal Boyfriend.

#24 Club Cooee


Club Cooee brings campfires, beach parties, exquisite gatherings, and cool beats altogether with tons of exciting features. Club Cooee – 3D Avatar, Chat and Party is a classy application introduced by Cooee GmbH which lets you become the part of one of the most exciting and cool 3D chat community of all the time. There are tons of enthusiastic members who enter the ultimately interactive 3D chat every day and make sure there is plenty of thrill, action, fun, and music at all times. Club Cooee brings the features of unlimited 3D chats, a huge community, fun in packed party rooms, designing your own clothes, meeting new people, navigating, exploring and dancing in a virtual 3D world, Challenges in quiz rooms, and lot more. Club Cooee – 3D Avatar, Chat, and Party app let you celebrate a sunny pool party with classy people. Other than these, Club Cooee – 3D Avatar, Chat and Party also lets you create your own rooms with real furniture, great music and playing DJ, Shops with an amazing selection of items, pets support(that will follow you wherever you go), along with regular shop updates with new content. So just download Club Cooee – 3D Avatar, Chat and Party app in which heaps of exciting and good time is waiting for you.

#25 OurWorld


OurWorld is an online virtual world game where you can create an avatar which contains your desired accessories and looks just to enter a virtual world in the sky, right through your mobile devices or computers. OurWorld bought to you by FlowPlay, Inc. which intrusively combines the top online games to a gigantic virtual world with more than 32k virtual goods right under one platform. Our World: Casual Virtual World app allows you to enjoy a superb place to play games with genres from action to puzzle and play to win prizes including hairstyles, furniture, pets, clothing, and everything else that it contains and you need for your virtual life. This application allows you to enjoy hanging out with the circle of your friends in the romantic coffee shops, fabulous dance clubs, beaches, shopping venues, and various other places in this virtual world. OurWorld lets you have your very own quests and condo to perform arise through the ranks of the role laying that sticks the experience together. So just download OurWorld app in your mobile phones, create a good looking avatar and enjoy a classy virtual world to enjoy tons of games and meet millions of people.

#26 Habbo


Habbo is an intuitively used role-playing gaming app where you can do chat with tons of people from all over the world, trade, and craft in an epic pixelated virtual world. Habbo – Virtual World is a fabulous application introduced by Role Playing Inc. through which people from all over the world can enjoy role-play on the move. This application allows people to take part in live events and taking their creations and friendships wherever they go. It carries a gigantically used community of over 3 million people using its stunning pixel art graphics to enjoy an immersive virtual world where you can trade, chat, participate in challenge build your desires and enjoy tons of games. Habbo – Virtual World gaming app enables its worldwide users to decide how their avatar looks and let them choose from a diverse collection of fashion lines to make them unique. Habbo app brings excellent personalization approach which helps you create your own space to show off to your buddies, family members, and finds. It carries over 3 million rooms with the player using a diversity of pixel and furniture items to build their dream spaces. So just download Habbo – Virtual World and enjoy a virtual world where the only limit in your own creativity.

#27 Dollify


Dollify is a widely loved app which lets you make exquisite avatars that you want to create by getting efforts from your own imaginations. Dollify: Make Your Own Portraits bought in the market by and is used by millions of people from all over the world who are enjoying the creation and refinement of multiple characters and personalize them in the way they want. Dollify: Avatars Making app allows you to customize your portrait by placing the eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, hairstyles, lips, ears, nose, chest, and various other things of your own choice. Once you finalize the skin of your portrait, then you can pick your desired outfits from a collection of tons of clothes whether you choose from winter clothes, summer dressing, or any else. Dollify: Make Your Own Portraits brings tons of color variations that allow you to add your most likely colors to all the accessories that you’ve placed over your portraits. This application allows you to get hundreds of color combinations for all your looks and the accessories you use to make various characters. Doll-ify contains a fine collection of hairstyles, mustache styles, hoops collection, the instinctive pack of necklesses, various glasses styles, and lot more things to give it your own look. So just download Dollify: Make Your Own Portraits app and enjoy making your own, exciting portraits.

#28 Hello Ludo™


Hello Ludo™ lets you be friends of all your most likely folks which are playing the same Ludo app and say feel free to share their passion, thoughts, experience, or anything else they want in India. Hello Ludo™- Live online Chat on star ludo game is great gaming and chatting platform introduced in the market by Mech Mocha Inc. through which you can start chatting and enjoy ludo in an ultimate way. This exquisite application enables you to be friends with tons of people in India and start endless chats right through their mobile devices. This Ludo game allows its worldwide users to get one of the most desirable, cool user interface for plating Ludo and chatting with girls and boys. Hello Ludo™- Live online Chat on star ludo game is a real-time multiplayer online ludo app which can be played with strangers and Facebook Friends with the same app. It lets you experience the gaming and chatting simultaneously so that you can give your reactions and thoughts on the game and anything else for the real-time. So just download Hello Ludo™- Live online Chat on star ludo game app to launch Ludo and start meeting exciting people from all over India and do live chatting with strangers over their ludo board.