Prayer Time & Namaz Alarm Clock


Prayer Time & Namaz Alarm Clock Alternatives


#1 MuslimPro


Muslim Pro is a tremendously loved and widely used app for Muslims that contains a community of more than 70 million Muslims who are getting real assistance regarding Islam. Muslim Prayer Pro with Azan, Quran & Qibla Compass is a fine platform presented in the market by Bitsmedia Pte Ltd that brings prayer timings in multiple azans and Holy Quran right on the palm of their hands. MuslimPro: Azan, Quran, and Community bring visual audio and visual notifications for the prayers, and you can choose the voices of muezzins.

MuslimPro: The Muslim app you need app features fasting times during Ramadan, colored Tawheed that improves your communication, community (join and pray for each other), Halal restaurants, nearby mosques, and an animated compass. Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran, and Qibla app brings Quran Majeed in multiple languages, including Bahasa Indonesia, English, Francis, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, Turkish, and various others.


#2 Australia Prayer Times


Australia Prayer Times app is designed magnificently to indicate the timings of Prayer for the majority of cities of Australia. Australia Prayer Times is a superb tool developed in the market by Mazoul Dev Inc. that features the most precise prayer times, time for next Prayer, Hijri date, and much more. It instantly indicates you the most precise prayer timings and even reminds you before Adhan as well.

The app carries an elegantly designed compass approach that indicates Qibla’s direction from your current location no matter where you are. You can even get more than 130 Quran reciters, and you can enjoy that you love the most.

#3 Azan Prayer times UK


Azan Prayer times UK is an exclusively designed tool for Muslims that indicates them the most precise timing of prayers in the United Kingdom. Azan Prayer times UK is a stunning platform presented in the market by Mazoul Dev Inc. that brings prayer timings for the majority of cities in the United Kingdom, such as prayer times UK in Prayer times London, Birmingham, and Manchester, and various others. It reminds you just before Salat or Adhan’s timings with the capability to choose the duration of Salaat as well.

It helps you discover the nearest mosques around you and helps you say Prayer in the mosque rather than anywhere else. You can instantly view the monthly timings of Salaat, view monthly prayer times, the possibility to adjust Adhan Times, over 130 Quran reciters, and instant downloading of Mp3 Quran. Azan Prayer times UK app helps you intuitively get multiple Adkar and Duas that the Muslims need.


#4 Prayer Times: Azan Alarm, Qibla


Prayer Times: Azan Alarm and Qibla is an exclusive platform where you can get the most precise direction of Qibla as well as timings of prayers, no matter where you are. Prayer Times: Azan Alarm and Qibla is a superb app for Muslims developed in the market by Fauztech Inc. that provides the most elegant Islamic prayer times to stay informed about the Salat throughout the year. It carries an elegantly designed Hijri Calendar that includes the following month of Ramadan.

The app brings the most precise timings of Azan and prayers (Fajr, Zohar, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha) for all the global Muslims. You can get prayer times through the help of timely alerts to remind you to say prayers on time. You can get the most precise direction of the Kaaba from your current location whenever you needed them the most. Prayer Times: Azan Alarm and Qibla app is a significant platform for every Muslim to get plenty of valuable features.

#5 Prayer Times the USA


Prayer Times USA is an intuitively loved and significant Muslim pro app designed to indicate Prayer’s most precise call for the majority of cities in the United States of America. Prayer Times USA is a superb tool presented in the market by Mazoul Dev Inc. that brings plenty of valuable features regarding saying Prayer, getting the direction of Qibla, and much more. It indicated the most accurate Prayer times, the remainder for Adhan, and exclusive compass integration, etc.

You can intuitively select as well as download Azan in the voice of your most likely Muezzin. You can mute the sound of the Azan instantly by clicking the volume button for long. It enables you to view the monthly prayer times corresponding to the date with the app and download mp3 Quran over your cell phones and listen to IT whenever you want. Prayer Times USA app carries over 130 reciters of the Quran as well.

#6 Azan Philippines


Azan Philippines is a superb tool, designed to dedicate the most precise timings of prayers for almost all the Philippines’ cities. Azan Philippines: Prayer Time Philippines is a stunning platform developed in the market by Mazoul Dev Inc. that instantly indicates you the prayer times by providing Adhan (Jadual Waktu Solat Philippines). The app reminds you before Azan with the capability to select the duration of prayers. You can instantly mute the sound by making a long press over the volume button once you become aware.

It helps you discover nearby mosques along with a precise localization and helps you get the exact location of Qibla wherever you are. It also features the possibility of adjusting the timings manually, downloading mP3 Quran over your phone, automatic display of Azkar, Manila Lumpur prayer time, and much more. So just download the Azan Philippines: Prayer Time Philippines app and enjoy everything flawlessly.

#7 PrayerMate


PrayerMate is an exclusive platform for Muslims that helps them organize their prayer life using its sleek, distraction-free, and straightforward app. PrayerMate is a stunning platform presented in the market by Discipleship Tech Inc. that helps you set up your own categories as well as subjects to suit the way you Prayer. You can precisely subscribe to online prayer diaries along with exclusive content from organizations including UCCF: The Christian Unions, Open Doors, Church Society, London City Mission, and numerous local churches.

You can precisely attach PDFs and pics to prayer points and optional daily alarm clock (that reminds you to say prayers on time). You can instantly schedule cards by day or date of the month or week or even let the app choose for you. Prayer Mate app helps you attach photos to subjects, optional daily alarm clock, downloadable prayer gallery, attach photos to subjects, and set up your own personal categories.

#8 Ceaseless Prayer


Ceaseless Prayer app enables its global users to experience the joy of saying prayers on time and enjoy plenty of exclusive features right over your cell phones and tablets. Ceaseless Prayer is a stunning platform presented in the market by Christopher Lim Inc. that helps you pray for all the relationships by providing a scripture as well. You can add notes from your conversations and even use them as a personal journal for prayers.

The app keeps everything private unless you choose it to share the content on your own. You can intuitively sync the app with your own contacts and get started intuitively. You can precisely connect personally as well as ask buddies for prayer requests. You can even send messages as well as emails to your friends effortlessly from the app. Ceaseless Prayer app also helps you encourage others by enabling them to know that you are offering well wishes for them.

#9 IGP


IGP is an elegantly designed and probably the most popular Islamic app available over the world that brings a stylish interface with dozens of exclusive features. IGP: Prayer Times, Al Quran, Azan, and Qibla Finder is a stunning Islamic toolbox for the community of Muslims that helps you get accurate prayer times, azan alarm, Adhan time, Holy Quran, Qibla finder, Ramadan Duas, Ramadan 2020, Islamic Calendar, Digital Tasbeeh Counter, and plenty of other features.

The app feature a Digital Tasbeeh counter, nearest Mosque Finder, Daily Duas, a fine collection of Hadiths, hadith finder, and various others. You can precisely get the Namaz time of Fajar, Zuhr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha, and the Jumma prayer as well. You can intuitively get 114 Quran Surah for reading, Quran Arabic Audio, and comprehensive Quran with over 30 languages as well. IGP: Prayer Times, Al Quran, Azan, and Qibla Finder app also brings the Islamic Hijri calendar and sleek Qibla Finder.

#10 Auto Azan Alarm


Auto Azan Alarm is a stunning platform for the Android device to develop in the market by AlijSoftSolution Inc. Auto Azan Alarm app brings the main purpose of showing the time of prayers according to the exact location as well as alarmed it. The app’s core feature is accessing the precise location for measuring the exact timings of Salaat without letting you do much. The app contains a precise interface that carries loads of exclusive features through which you can enjoy saying prayers on time.

The app consistently detects your location automatically as well as calculate the timings of prayers according to your area. The app also has the option where you can manually select the location. It features the functionality of High Latitude settings where the time of the Prayer adjusts according to your latitude. Auto Azan Alarm is a simple and user-friendly tool, and everyone can use or understand it better.

#11 Muslim Prayer Times: Qibla Compass & Quran MP3


Muslim Prayer Times features Islamic compass, Qibla map, Islamic payer timings, date converter, and plenty of appreciated functionalities right on the palm of your hands. Muslim Prayer Times: Qibla Compass & Quran MP3 is a stunning platform developed in the market by TrueIslam Inc. that helps you get the most precise direction of Qibla right from your present condition. It shows salt times for everyday prayers, alarm or notification settings, shows the timing of prayers, daylight saving for each Prayer, multiple azan sounds.

It also features multiple time formats, juristic methods (Hanafi and Shafii), and helps you choose multiple languages. You can get Qibla from anywhere you want, magnetic field indicator, shows the distance of mecca, spirit level indicator, and much more. You can also get an Islamic calendar, Hijri calendar date, convert Muslim calendar date, and much more. Muslim Prayer Times: Qibla Compass and Quran MP3 feature plenty of valuable Islamic stuff for free.

#12 SALAT By SoftBrigh


SALAT By SoftBrigh is a stunning platform that helps you practice Islamic religion for all Muslim prayers in the whole globe. SALAT: Prayer Time, Azan, or Du’a (Muslim) is a superb app that carries a special calendar of Ramadan for all the Muslims for offering prayers and fast. It contains prayer schedules for all the prayers, including Fajr, Zohr, Asar, Maghrib, and Isha, along with beautiful Azan for mobile devices in the most accurate manner. The app offers a complete and precise Holy Quran along with an exclusive translation, everything offline.

It features Quran Majeed, Du’a and azkar, Islamic Hijri calendar, the 99 names of Allah, Mecca videos, Medina live coverage, and various other benefits for the global world. SALAT app helps you get the right direction of the Kaaba from your present location so that you can say your prayers precisely. SALAT: Prayer Time, Azan, or Du’a (Muslim) app provides alerts of five Prayers a day of Islam along with the availability of exporting in PDF.

#13 Muslim Prayer Reminder by Gimmickri


Muslim Prayer Reminder helps all the global Muslims to say prayers at azan time, get Asma ul Husna, do zikr and Azkar, and plenty of other valuable offerings whenever they want. Muslim Prayer Reminder by Gimmickri is a fine platform that helps you do tasbih as well as azkar at the digital counter available here. You can intuitively offer Prayer at the exact timings of Salaat according to your area. It provides a needle for prayers compass that intuitively illustrates Qibla’s exact direction right from your location.

You can get Kiblah’s direction from anywhere around the world and say prayers while having the most precise direction of the Kaaba. It is amongst the most significant app that helps you get Muslim prayer timings, Adhan alarm, Kaaba’s direction, fantastic created user interface, and namaz remainder, etc. Muslim Prayer Reminder by Gimmickri app brings plenty of significant features for the global Muslim community.

#14 Daily Supplications


Daily Supplications app brings more than 300 supplications for all the awesome occasions along with amazing images for every category, developed in the market by YoubO Apps Inc. Daily Supplications – Prayer Times, Quran, and Qibla app features phonetics, audio support, and translation all under one platform. Its sleek design helps you get everything in detail, and you can also get further details through its plenty of excessive options. It brings a detailed view with more information with references as well as transliteration.

You can intuitively get Hadiths and Duaas to read every day with counters to help you measure what you have read. It will then save the number of times that you have read the petitions and rest the counters at midnight. Daily Supplications – Prayer Times, Quran, and Qibla app features widget for daily supplications, references/translation of supplication, a reminder for fasting supplications, and the possibility to mark supplications as well.

#15 Echo Prayer


Echo Prayer is an effective and robust tool that helps you get a precise and sleek way of connecting to your religion ‘Islam’. Echo Prayer is a stunning platform presented in the market by Echo Inc. that helps you pray without ceasing. It enables you to keep a list of your prayers, and you can even add as many Prayer as you want. Apart from these, you can categorize them, mark prayers as answered, and delete old prayers.

The app provides its global users with the capability to pray now that gives you a focused and clear way to pray. You can also follow your desired ministry as well as pray for them having this tool in your cell phones. It helps you replace your email list as well as an old-school prayer chain with a platform that is instant, sleek, powerful, organized, and full-fledged. So download the Echo Prayer app to get something that helps you say prayers at the right time.