Private Screenshots


Private Screenshots Alternatives


#1 Snapkeep


Snapkeep was a widely used application that enables its users to save snaps as well as stories to your camera roll and then send these snaps with fabulous drawing and text on them. Snapkeep for Snapchat enables its users to save everything you want to get from your friends. The best part of this app is that the sender will never know that you have just stolen their pics. You can then send these pics through your Snapchat account and enjoy them in the way you want. You can also add multiple lines of text and draw with multiple shades and an extensive collection of color palette. Snapkeep for Snapchat is an entirely advertisement free app so that you can download the unseen stories and snaps and the sender will never knew that you have taken their pics. Other than these, Snapkeep for Snapchat also enables its users to add multiple lines of text, mark stories and snaps as viewed, replay directly from the received photos, forward pics to friends, draw on pics with various stuff, and so much more. So download Snapkeep for Snapchat app in your mobile phone and save videos as well as photos from Snapchat just to keep them safe forever.


#2 Snap-Hack™ LITE for Snapchat


Snap-Hack™ LITE for Snapchat is one of the most famous third-party Snapchat client that helps you save your Snapchats right to your camera roll without the sender knowing fact. It helps you view as many times as you want and enjoy them ultimately. All you need to do is to log in to Snap-Hack™ LITE for Snapchat app, and it will precisely download any videos as well as pics even that you have not even opened in the Snapchat. This app supports pics, videos, as well as stories. You can anonymously save all your favourite photos that you have received to your camera roll and album so you can back them up and even share them accordingly. It also provides notifications whenever your Snapchat got new stories. Snap-Hack™ LITE for Snapchat enables its users to instantly swipe between pics and forwards photos or videos to your other Snapchat friends and even through email. You can send your own Snapchats even from your camera tool, and it also supports the front flash feature. This app is available in five awesome colour schemes, and you can choose whatever you want. Snap-Hack™ LITE for Snapchat application is no more available in the store but still got that followings as it had once.

#3 SnapSaver


SnapSaver enables its entire users to take screenshots and screen recordings without leaving any identity. Snap Saver is a great product introduced by V-Ware Inc. through which people can easily steal things anonymously. This application starts capturing anything that is being displayed over your mobile phone’s screen with just a simple tap. This screenshot and screen recording app carry an easy to use interface through which you can enjoy managing things in the way you desire through simple taps. This application also contains options with video record and screenshot in the same session. SnapSaver does not require any login or any sort of registration, and you can use it without any fear of being traced. Other than these, Snap Saver tool also features autosave support, no account ban locks, no notification when its screenshot is captured, simple and intuitive use, and enables you to view captured pics and videos with the built-in gallery. It enables its entire users to precisely record videos if the audio is required and otherwise record it without any voice. So just give a chance to Snap Saver app by downloading it from the store and enjoy saving much-needed stuff whenever you want and from wherever you desire.


#4 SnapCrack


SnapCrack is an easy to use tool that enables everyone to save your photos as well as videos to your camera roll without the sender knows. SnapCrack Free for Snapchat is a great application that enables its users to save snapchats and stories of your friends to your camera roll without revealing anything about you. This a super secure tool through which you can take screenshots of your pics that you liked the most without any fear. This application enables you to post a story and send your own snaps like Snapchat, even from the photo album and camera. Snap Crack Free support stories so that you can directly post stories and save stories of your family, members, and friends. It lets you relive the moment by saving stories to your memory. Snap Crack Free for Snapchat allows its users to add stickers and draw over photos on your snaps and also supports front flash camera as well. It allows you to share stuff through Instagram, email, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also view and zoom pics using this app and just double tap snap to reply. So just download SnapCrack Free for Snapchat app in your phone, and start taking screenshots anonymously.

#5 StorySave


StorySave is a widely used tool that enables its worldwide users to relive those moments again by enabling them to save your friends as well as other fellows Instagram stories, live streams as well as posts. Story Save is an exquisite application introduced by Liam Cottle Inc. which makes it easy to snatch all the videos, photos, and even the stories that your friends have posted over Instagram. You have to log in with your Instagram account, then use the tabs at the bottom to navigate between stories, posts and live streams for the real time. You can even save the posts, live streams as well as stories of someone you don’t even follow just by tapping the search button in the toolbar to search Instagram users and save their stuff. StorySave enables you to see the stuff of people you follow over your Instagram account as well. Whenever you store any story, video or photo, then it will automatically be added to your gallery as well so that you can use them anytime you want. So just download StorySave app from the store and relive the moments you want with your friends or family members.

#6 SaveStory


SaveStory is a widely used application that allows its users to take screenshots of any app and even record videos with this super talented application. SaveStory is a famous product of Abhinandan Chakraborty which makes it easy to take screenshots as well as record videos of Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tinder, and any app that you desire. This application works in non-rooted devices and does not provide any notification when the screenshot is taken. The most flashing thing about SaveStory is that it does not require any login or password or even no more account ban or locking policy as well. Snap Saver app features continuous screen shooting, screen recording and screenshot works simultaneously, brings HQ recordings, recording videos with a single click, no login or sign up requirement, simple interface, super-fast scenario, works on the chat screen, and so much more. This easy to use application enables everyone to record videos with as well as without audio, and you can trim videos in the way you want. You can easily grab images from the videos that you have taken from here. If you want to capture things anonymously from any of your desired application, then give the SaveStory app a chance to record videos and capture pics for you with damn comfort.

#7 SnapScreenshot Tool


SnapScreenshot Tool is another amazing tool which makes it possible to take screenshots of anything without detection. Snap Screenshot for Snapchat was developed by VB Applications through which you can just click on the camera icon to start taking snap screenshots to capture anything you want. This application has made it so easy and un-detecting to take screenshots of apps that you want. Some of the apps will detect when someone takes a screenshot and notifies other persons as well, but this app lets you stay anonymous and never reveal your information in front of others. You can feel free to take as many screenshots as you want having Snap Screenshot for Snapchat app in your cell phone. Snap Screenshot for Snapchat does everything secretly and lets you open the screenshots directly from the notification. Snap Screenshot Tool has a simple to use interface which brings floating camera button to start taking screenshots directly and conveniently. This app also carries inbuilt gallery support as well to view screenshots that you have taken through it. It saves all its pics in a dedicated folder in your mobile internal memory so that you can access screenshots anytime you want from one single app. So just download SnapScreenshot Tool app, and start taking screenshots from your desired apps secretly.

#8 SnapSave for Snapchat


SnapSave for Snapchat is another gorgeous screen shooting app through which you can secretly take screenshots without other applications detecting it. SnapSave for Snapchat is a great tool introduced by Matt J Ashworth Inc. which brings a super secure way to take screenshots from your desired applications. Snap Save app makes it possible to screenshot photos, chats, games, videos, or anything you want with simple taps. This app also carries Friends feature due to which all the screenshots will be named after the friends that you have chosen, and this feature can be set up with all the names of your friends within the app. SnapSave for Snapchat has made it easy to manage files for those people who take lots of screenshots through multiple applications. This app enables anyone to anonymously take screen sot of pics, videos, posts, and stories just for strong them for a long time or to repost them through their own profiles. Through its setting option, you can add your friend to list, test Snapchat friend, and hold down on their names to remove from the list as well. If you desire to take screenshots without revealing your identity, then give SnapSave for Snapchat a chance and enjoy.

#9 Snap Save


Snap Save is a fine tool that helps you take screenshots of your desired applications and other stuff with so much ease and without revealing your identity. Snap Save bought in the market by Simka Inc. through which you can take screenshots whenever you want, and wherever you want. All you need is to click over the bubble and screen what you want without any risk of anything. This elegant application enables its users to take screenshots, record screen videos of any app secretly and with some simple clicks. It does not let you or anyone have any notification when the screenshot is captured, or video is recorded. It effectively works on the chat screen, on the story, on the game, on videos, on the snap, and various other things as well. Snap Save does not require any login procedure or no account locks and bans as well. Through Snap Save app, you can record videos and capture screens with a simple click. Snap Save is an easy to use app which works over non-rooted devices. So just download Snap Save app in your phone and start recording your desired videos with simple clicks and does not reveal anything about you.