Qpdownload.com Alternatives


#1 Filehorse.com

Filehorse gives you a new way of downloading and searching for latest web apps and software online. These software and apps are present on the website with latest updates which are also compatible with the MS Windows on PC and Mac operating system. You can freely download any app or software of your choice from Filehorse. Daily updates are available on this website for various applications. You get to have downloadable archives of the old versions of different applications if you are not interested in the latest versions. Filehorse provides you a friendly interface. All software and applications are tested and are a 100 percent free from every malware and antivirus.

#2 Filepuma.com

Filepuma is an online software and applications platform which is dedicated to providing you the compatible software and apps without any issues. The pages provided by Filepuma are optimized which helps in experiencing better browsing and downloading of apps and software. All software and application on this site are presented to you after a careful examination which makes them 100 percent free from every malware and antivirus. Along with the new versions of the applications and software, Filepuma also provides you the old versions of them. RSS feeds is also available for updates of all software and apps. Along with all of these benefits from Filepuma, you also get to have a free update detector which scans your OS for older software and apps and keeps them updated.

#3 Filecroco.com

Filecroco is an online platform for downloading various software and applications. Filecroco provides you a friendly interface for downloading various apps. Latest updates are also available on file croco for various apps and software. Filecroco categorizes different apps and software as the most popular which helps you in looking for the best for the OS you have. The apps provided are compatible with the operating system of PC, Mac, and iOS as well. Filecroco also provides you a free search engine so that you can look for any software or application without any hassle.

#4 Filesetups.com

Filesetups is an online platform for various apps and software. Filesetups make sure that you get the out-dated software and apps on your operating system to stay updated from time to time. The software and applications, on filesetups, are only compatible with the Windows operating system. Newest modifications are being made on this platform for making apps and software compatible with iOS and Mac as well. You can find daily updates on Filesetups for different applications and software. Filesetups provides you a trustworthy information regarding every app and software on the platform. There are no malware and anti viruses in the apps and software. Along with this, there are no popups on the site as well.

#5 Orbitaldownloads.com

Orbitaldownloads, an online platform for getting an access to free software and applications, makes sure that you get the desired apps and software without facing any sort of issues.

Orbitaldownloads search high-quality software and apps for Windows operating system, Mac, and iOS. After finding quality apps and software, orbital downloads put them all in one place for you to access them easily. Apart from the newest and updated versions of the various applications and software, you can also find and download freely oldest versions of software and apps. The software and applications available are free of every antivirus and malware.

#6 Lo4d.com

Lo4d is a free online platform for downloading various applications and software for Windows operating system, Mac and iOS as well. Lo4d is a platform which is free from malware and ad-based programs affiliation.

The free software and applications are free from antivirus and malware. Unlike other software and applications sites, Lo4d traces the potential malware and antivirus threats to the applications and software and let you know about them. Lo4d prefers to provide quality over quantity, unlike other software and app sites. There are selected quality apps and software which are not going to be junk files for you. This site does not interfere with your system by adding some useless installers and junk files.

#7 Majorgeeks.com

Majorgeeks was founded back in 2001 with the aim to provide you the right and top listed software and apps to download. Majorgeeks lists less than the 10,000 downloading apps and software, unlike other big sites which upload a list of 50,000. This platform believes in quality as compared to the quantity factor. If you are looking for some amazing apps and software for your Windows operating system, Mac, and iOS, then Majorgeeks is a notable platform for getting your work done. The team behind Majorgeeks is a group of computer enthusiastic people who believe in providing good quality apps and software for everyone. Majorgeeks provide you the latest updates about new software and apps from time to time. The team of experts is always there to answer your queries regarding apps and software on Majorgeek’s queries portal.

#8 Soft32.com

Soft32 is an online platform for various apps and software that you can download easily. You can get the free access to amazing applications and software without any issues of antivirus and malware. Soft32 also offers you the latest and updated versions of every app and software on its site for your Windows, Mac, and iOS. Along with the latest and updated apps, you can also get access to the older versions of different apps. With all the latest and old versions of apps and software, Soft32 also offers the visitors to the site some featured apps and software. Soft32 is a tested and certified website for providing notable apps and software which a 100 percent free from every spyware, malware and many other viruses. Soft32 provides you free links to many other useful things like popular apps and software and new releases online. The apps and software on Soft32, are thoroughly searched online and are further tested as well.

#9 Downloadcrew.com

Downloadcrew is an online and notable platform for finding some amazing apps and software for your Windows operating system, Mac, and iOS. Downloadcrew provides you good software and applications for various purposes. These software and apps are categorized by Downloadcrew like disc burning software, developing and programming, internet tools, and so much more. Downloadcrew offers you the latest and updated versions which are quite a catch if you are a geek. Along with the latest versions, you can also get your hands on older versions of apps and software. Apps and software are modified on a daily basis. These apps and software are free of every spyware, malware, and viruses of different types.

#10 Oldversion.com

From the name, Oldversion is an online platform for the old versions applications and software. Old verion believe that the newer versions of apps and software are a good thing to have on your operating systems sometime. But other times, the computer is not compatible with the newest version of different apps and software. Oldversion has been providing people with older versions of apps and software since 2001 and now this platform has gained popularity among people. This platform assists the computer users who cannot upgrade their systems on a daily basis.

#11 Oldapps.com


Oldapps aims to provide its users with the latest apps and software along with the older versions. The database of Oldapps is updated daily so that you can access and download older versions of apps and software without facing any issues or delays. It has geo-located servers of 1 gigabit so that you can download apps and software with faster speed.

The apps and software on this site are 100 percent malware, spyware, and virus-free. You can easily use any download manager for downloading any app or software from Oldapps as it supports every downloading method for apps and software. This site also provides REES feeds for individual apps and software. The interface of this app is full of dynamic pages.

#12 Techsupportalert.com

Gizmo’s freeware (Techsupportalert.com) is an online and non-commercial community that is completely supported and run by a large number of volunteers. Gizmo’s freeware aims to provide you better online apps and software for particular needs. The challenging part is that you find a compatible software or app for your Windows, Mac, and iOS. Gizmo’s freeware is here to provide you compatible apps and software that are going to be worthy of your time and need. Free from every virus and malware, Gizmo’s Freeware is a volunteered platform without any commercial affiliations.

#13 Filehippo.com

FileHippo.com is the software repository that delivers the latest versions of the top notch software developed for all type of operating systems. In addition to providing the complete description and analysis of the software and program, FileHippo.com provide the free downloading of the tens of thousands of software and program as well. Most of the software available here are free to download and those that requires premium version or full version of purchase can be also downloaded from the FileHippo.com in the shape of demo and trial version. Quality is the leading factor that has been perfectly tackles by the FileHippo.com. FileHippo.com is currently listed among the leading platforms because of delivering the best possible solutions to its visitors in the shape of hand-picked software titles, software tested for malware/adware/viruses and no system for added bundles, installers or toolbars. Currently, FileHippo.com is providing the free and best software for the Windows and Mac operating systems. Moreover, web applications are also the part of the database of the FileHippo.com.

#14 Software.informer.com

Software.Informer.com is a multinational programming and software company that in addition to providing the review and previews of the applications and software provides the top rated software and apps for free downloading as well. The unique profile creating system of Software.Informer.com makes its visitors able to create their own software profile. In short, Software.Informer.com is a website for sharing information of those software already installed on your system or of those the information about you are looking for. Exploring through the Software.Informer.com you will be able to know the information of that software that are available for free download. If you want to simply get the software information service of Software.Informer.com then simply use the Software Informer Client in your system and after that, you will come into position about knowing the description of software installed in your PC. By creating a profile on the Software.Informer.com you will get the advantages of exploring, reading the opinion, asking the question, learning of new programs, get updates and sharing of on opinion.

#15 Brothersoft.com

Brothersoft.com is one of the biggest directories over internet for the freeware and shareware software that are also available for direct download as well. At present, almost 200,000 free software are the part of the Brothersoft.com. These software are free to download, install and share. Currently Brothersoft.com is listed among the top five leading software providing websites over the internet. Brothersoft.com is the collectibles of tens of thousands of freeware and shareware software that are available for free to download. The software being offered by the Brothersoft.com are broadly categorized into seven channels that are Windows, Mac, smartphones and various other operating systems and devices. There is also a collection of plugin and add-on for the web browser as well. Being a global software provider, the website of Brother Soft is available in several international languages to meet the software requirements of those users whose native language is not English. The software channels being served by the Brothersoft.com are Windows Channel, Mobile Channel, Games Channel, Mac Channel, Web apps Channel, Widgets Channel and Drivers Channel.

#16 Softpedia.com

Softpedia.com is an online encyclopedia of free software and drivers. Almost one million software that are free to try and download are the part of the directory of the Softpedia.com. The software provided by the Softpedia.com are developed for Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile operating systems. In addition to software and programs, the plugins and third party software for the games and drivers of all kind are also available at the Softpedia.com and these are also free. One of the best features of Softpedia.com is its availability for software for Linux operating systems that are hard to found on most of the software providing platforms. Then there are thousands of drivers that are for all type of operating systems. In short at the online repository of Softpedia.com, you will find the best collection of free software in the category of Windows, Mac, Linux, the web and mobile operating systems. Every day it comes with hundreds of new software and programs. At the platform of Softpedia.com, you will surely find the free software for which you are looking for.

#17 Softonic.com

Softonic.com is a web-based platform that provides the news and reviews on the software and programs. It also delivers the free software as well. The software available at Softonic.com are free to download, install and share. However, Softonic.com doesn’t deal in premium version and full registered software. In the case of premium level of software, Softonic.com only delivers these software on trial and demo basis. The downloading system of Softonic.com is very different. Instead of enabling the users to get the complete setup of any software, Softonic.com allows the users to get their software downloaded and installed via the software downloader and installer of the Softonic.com. This requires some time to finish and same is the major limitation of using the Softonic.com. Softonic.com is one of the best places over the internet to explore the best apps, drivers, and software for the device or operating system that you are using, Softonic.com also delivers the news, reviews and articles over the software in addition to dealing with free downloading system.

#18 Freewarefiles.com

Just like its name Freeware Files, FreewareFiles.com is the platform for getting freeware software, programs, web apps, tools, and screensavers. Everything that is available at FreewareFiles.com either comes under the category of free or freeware. In the case of free, you will be able to enjoy the all features and full functions of desired software for free. However, in the case of freeware version, FreewareFiles.com will also allow you to download the software for free but the features and functions will be limited because of limited version. The free trial and demo of the registered and premium level of software are also available at the FreewareFiles.com. In addition to software, thousands of games and hundreds of drivers are also the part of the directory of the FreewareFiles.com. You can also go for the online game sections of the FreewareFiles.com. For the information of the visitors, there is also a reviews section of the FreewareFiles.com from where they can know about the complete detail of any software including reviews and views of the expert on that software.

#19 Freedownloadscenter.com

FreeDownloadsCenter.com is the free collection of software and games that are available for the Windows desktops and operating systems only. FreeDownloadsCenter.com has the giant collection of a wide variety of software, programs, themes, drivers and games for the Windows devices only. Almost 50,000 software and their old and latest version are available for free to download at FreeDownloadsCenter.com. The software available at this platform can be explored and download in the major categories of business, email tools, games, information management, multimedia & graphics, network & the internet, programming, shell & desktop, themes, utilities, web authoring and much more. The simple and easy to use interface of this website allows the users to search for desired software either by way of category or using the search bar. In addition to downloading the software, the visitors of FreeDownloadsCenter.com can read the description and features of the desired software as well. In short, from description to features and from functions to setup, everything regarding any software is totally free. If you have any software then you can submit the same to FreeDownloadsCenter.com.

#20 Snapfiles.com

SnapFiles.com is a web-based software repository for getting freeware and shareware software. This software house deals in only best and top rated software only that are available for free to download by the SnapFiles.com. Most of the software and programs available at SnapFiles.com are reviewed and viewed by its tech expert. The main advantage of getting software from the SnapFiles.com is that the software available at this portal are free from all kind of adware, malware, and viruses. However, most of the software contains the toolbar and for this, the users are advised to be caution during the installation of any software. This online software house is categories into the certain categories for the ease of the visitors. The main categories are freeware, shareware, latest downloads, editor’s selections, top 100, portable apps, top 100 compact, must-have freeware, latest user reviews, top 50 user favorites, now downloading, and random pick. For the ease and convenience of the visitors, there is also a search for software bar as well where they are required to provide few keywords and get the software.

#21 Freewarehome.com

FreewareHome.com is a downloading portal of the freeware software, programs and internet services. This software web portal is best known for its diverse collection of software and programs that are categorized into almost 140 different categories. You can expect a wide range of free and freeware software and programs for almost all major operating systems and devices. The best about FreewareHome.com is that in addition to dealing in the top and best rated free and freeware programs, FreewareHome.com only provides those free programs that are legally allowed by their developers to be downloaded and installed for free. So, the issue of license gets resolved here. You can also enjoy the portable setup of those programs as well that fall under the category of commercial category. FreewareHome.com aimed to always deliver best, featured-rich and totally free programs in almost all categories. Whenever you will select any software for downloading you will get certain descriptions in advance. These descriptions are in the shape of author name, download size, requirements and little introduction.

#22 Giveawayoftheday.com

GiveAwayofTheDay.com is an online software database that only deals in the free licenses software. In addition to having a directory of tens of thousands of free licensed software, it daily comes with hundreds of free software and programs. It is a well-established initiative in the world of software distribution that offer only free licenses software and applications that you would have to buy otherwise. GiveAwayofTheDay.com is the repository of best-rated software titles that have been developing by the leading developers from all over the world. The simple and user-friendly web interface of the GiveAwayofTheDay.com make the visitors able to easily search for their software and apps in the three leading categories mainly iPhone App Giveaways, Android Giveaways, and Software Giveaways. One of the best qualities of GiveAwayofTheDay.com is that there is also a section for those developers who want to get their software published. GiveAwayofTheDay.com gives them the opportunity to publish their software at GiveAwayofTheDay.com and enjoy the all publishing and hosting services by the GiveAwayofTheDay.com. However, only those software will be published that are available for free to download.

#23 Tucows.com

Tucows.com is the real way of unlocking the power of the internet and unleashing the qualities of OC by getting the thousands of freeware and shareware programs. This online software directory also deals in the demo and free trial of the fully registered and premium software as well. Almost 45000 software are the part of the directory of Tucows.com that are available for free to download, install and share with others as well. This software are tested and reviewed by the experts of the Tucows, so the chances of adware, malware, and any virus are zero. The way of providing the software by Tucows.com is unique. Instead of keeping the software on its own database, it actually provides the exact link to the official websites of the software that it is currently listing. Tucows.com is being backed by a number of web hosts, web companies, and operating systems. Tucows.com is the best platform for getting the best and top rated programs and software only.

#24 Nonags.com


Nonags Service has been Discontinued. It was one of the best software directories over the internet for getting the software for free. This website is known for providing most of the commercial and premium software for free. It always comes with original and licensed software on its websites. This software is then available for free to explore, download, install, and share by the Nonags.com.

The thousands of titles and user-friendly interface of this website make the visitors able to get the software for which they are looking. You will always find a unique type of software and programs at the online software directory of this site. It also deals in reviews on the software as well. When you will search for any software you will get additional information in the shape of compatibility, rate by this site, and a little description of the software and its purpose. Almost all freeware software available on this website is labeled as clean, scanned with multiple antivirus engines and real freeware.

#25 Freeware-guide.com

Freeware-Guide.com is an online guide center for the free and freeware software. In addition to providing the download links of the software listed in its directory, Freeware-Guide.com also deals in the reviews and views on the software as well. Every day it comes with news of freeware software, programs of the month and a lot of other necessary information. That’s why its name is Freeware Guide, means a portal for getting the complete guide to the freeware programs. Most of the software that are available at the Freeware-Guide.com are developed for the 64-bit system. That is the even best system because most of the software providing websites deals in software for the 32-bit system only. In addition to getting the downloaded links of the software, the visitors of Freeware-Guide.com can enjoy the reading of in-depth description and analysis of the software that they are going to download. In short, Freeware-Guide.com is one of the best online guide centers toward the freeware software.

#26 Freewaregenius.com

FreewareGenius.com is a coolest site that deals in the reviews and availability of downloading of freeware software. This online platform is an independent software platform whose main focus is on the information and downloading of the freeware software and mobile applications. FreewareGenius.com does not mean to provide the downloading link of the freeware software only. The other additional services being offered by the FreewareGenius.com are in the shape of informative articles on software and tech accessories, how to guides section and reviews on the freeware software. There is a special freeware comparative tests center of the FreewareGenius.com from where the visitors can find out the free programs available in the best category. The software available at FreewareGenius.com can be explored in the various categories. The visitors of FreewareGenius.com can also find the free applications for the iPhone and Android devices as well. In short, FreewareGenius.com is a complete website in it that delivers the most interesting information and free software to its visitors.

#27 Freebyte.com

Freebyte.com is one of the best and comprehensive directories to get the guide and freeware services in the shape of getting freeware software and programs. For its giant collection of software and global availability, Freebyte.com is said to be one of the leading website over the internet for the freeware programs and software. The freeware software that are available on the platform of Freebyte.com are free to explore, download, install and share with others. The main areas of services by the Freebyte.com are a guide to the freeware & shareware programs, description of the software, reviews on the software, etc. These software are tested and reviewed by the experts of the Free Byte. So the chances of adware, malware, and any virus are zero. The software available at Freebyte.com are free to download, install and share. However, Freebyte.com doesn’t deal in premium version and full registered software. In the case of premium level of software, Freebyte.com only delivers these software on trial and demo basis.