Qqtube.com Alternatives


#1 Ytview.com


YTView.com is an online platform from where you can get solutions for your digital media marketing and advertising. YTView.com has the solution for all type of social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, Vine, SoundCloud, Pinterest, Google, SEO, Marketing and even website traffic. In order to start campaigning, you are first required to select your service and provide the URL and after that make payment and wait for the result to appear. All the socials that will work for you will be real people. You can also increase you account any time as well to get the more advantages. Currently for YouTube, currently, YTView.com is dealing in regular views, normal views, likes, dislikes, comments and subscribers. Regular views can be purchase in the range of 1,000 to one million against price range from $1 to $995. The normal views are also available in the same range but with a maximum price of $1,995. The quantity of likes, dislikes and subscribers are little low that ranges from 100 to 10,000 against price range from $5 to $1,995.


#2 Themarketingheaven.com


TheMarketingHeaven.com is said to be one of the most popular social media marketing services that is dealing in all type of social media marketing in addition to simply providing the views for the YouTube. TheMarketingHeaven.com lets the business and digital market managers to attract more YouTube views to their videos. This platform is best known as bringing the horses top the water and making the clients able to get the real output from what they are trying to selling or promoting over the YouTube. TheMarketingHeaven.com is really the market heavens that will offer you to get the views of millions of people against their videos. The main advantages of using TheMarketingHeaven.com is that it is provider of legitimate, pre-screened, and real human views with the total confidentiality. When you will buy views from the TheMarketingHeaven.com you will get the advantages of real people in shape of viewers of your channel and videos just the way you want it. Your videos will enjoy fast and natural growth. You can get 5000 to 500,000 views from the TheMarketingHeaven.com. The price starts from $35.

#3 Youtube-promos.com


YouTube-Promos.com is an online platform for getting the solution of YouTube promotions in the shape of reliable views, likes and subscribers. This platform is the provider of high quality YouTube services at very reasonable prices. The exceptional about this YouTube marketer is that it always provide the only real time YouTube views and make the users able to get their videos promoted and ranked at the even first page of the YouTube as well. YouTube-Promos.com delivers its customers the real time YouTube videos that will make them able to get their videos ranked. Currently YouTube-Promos.com is offering its deals for the YouTube videos only in shape of YouTube views, likes and subscribers. 5,000 views can be purchase at the cost of $22.52. One hundred guaranteed YouTube likes are available at the price of $7.33. 50 subscribers can be purchased at the price of $13.97. In term of the quantity, YouTube-Promos.com is not as greater. However, it is best for getting the guaranteed views, likes and subscribers on your YouTube videos and channels.


#4 Authentichits.com


AuthenticHits.com is a web-based YouTube profile promotional service that will make you able to get the output from your YouTube channels and videos. It is a platform from where you can buy views from the price of even $4 as well. In addition to basic plans, free views, likes and comments are also the part of the all of the paid plans of the AuthenticHits.com. This website is the provider of real social proof to the entertainers, music artists, online music marketers to boost their social media marketing efforts by the real people. Check out the advantages of using the AuthenticHits.com that are recognition, popularity, real fame, authority, credibility, trustworthiness, exposure, reach and virality. If you want to be the next internet sensation then here is the AuthenticHits.com to deliver you great in front of potential, possible buyers and real customers. The packages for YouTube are available in the form of 1,500 to 100,000 views against prices range from $4 to $168. Time for delivery range from seven to the twenty-five days subject to the plan you choose. In addition to promotional services for the YouTube, AuthenticHits.com provide the social promotional service for the other social media platforms as well.

#5 Buyrealmarketing.com


BuyRealMarketing.com is one of the leading social media marketing platforms that deals in the selling of YouTube views, likes, shares, Twitter followers, Facebook fans and Instagram followers. BuyRealMarketing.com is assisting the brands and companies to promote their products over the social media platforms in a legitimate way. In addition to providing the views to the brands and products, BuyRealMarketing.com also enable to the general users of YouTube or those having channels over the YouTube to enjoy the views on their videos by the real people in a secure way. Besides spending too much amount if you are still deprived of the real power of the digital media advertising then here is the BuyRealMarketing.com to assist you get the actual output against your product or video. At the platform of BuyRealMarketing.com, you can buy the regular views for your YouTube channels and videos. BuyRealMarketing.com is available in the shape of single payment, monthly subscription, three month prepaid and six months prepaid. You can get 1,000 to 500,000 real views regularly. Minimum price is $7 and the highest price is $167 subject to the number of views.

#6 Fastfollowme.com


FastFollowme.com is the solution provider of all social media marketing. FastFollowme.com is the provider of followers, views, likes and comments. One of the best things about FastFollowme.com is that it social media marketing solutions is for the all social media platforms. FastFollowme.com will make you able to increase your social media followers easily. From the one of the leading social media marketing platforms of FastFollowme.com you can buy likes, comments, and subscribers for the YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, SoundCloud, Vine and Twitter. If talk about the views for the YouTube videos FastFollowme.co make its users able to get their videos a real and trusted audience with subscribers to their channel. It also provide the real views and favorites in the entire globe. Moreover, FastFollowme.com is the provider of YouTube marketing solutions at very cheapest rates. Check out the rates of FastFollowme.com that are 1000 views for $3, subscribers for $4.95, comments for $4.99 and 100 dislikes for $7. You will always get the legitimate and real views on your videos and channels.

#7 Retentionpanel.com


If you are looking for a platform for buying YouTube views, likes and subscribers then here is an online source named RetentionPanel.com that will enable you to promote your videos. It will also provide you a dashboard for managing and tracking all of your campaigns as well. RetentionPanel.com is the provider of real time and high quality likes, views and subscribers by the real people. Three main advantages of using RetentionPanel.com are getting high retention YouTube views, gain more subscribers, gain more engagements and track and manage the campaigns in real time. The promotion and marketing services of RetentionPanel.com will make it easy for your videos to get real promotion and flood of real traffic. When it comes to YouTube videos, views are the only thing that could help rank the video even to the first page. RetentionPanel.com is not about increasing the views only; rather it will also make it sure that the rank of the video has also been improved. The promotion services of RetentionPanel.com are also available for other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.

#8 Views-great.com


Views-Great.com is a social media marketing platform that provide the users with the system of buying points and views for marketing on YouTube. Views-Great.com provide the users with the views of YouTube against the fixed prices. By availing these views, you can easily increase the number of views on your YouTube channel. Views-Great.com is the provider of real subscribers, likes and views. If you want to get your channel promoted then Views-Great.com is the best you to get the best services. You can even get the dislikes against your opponents as well. There are four plans of Views-Great.com that are based on the number of views. These plans are Views-Great.com 10,000 YT Views, Views-Great.com 50,000 YT Views, Views-Great.com 200,000 YT Views, and Views-Great.com 1,000,000 YT Views. These offers are available at fixed prices of $17, $69, $210 and $967. The best about all these plans is that all views and likes will be from the real people and delivery time ranges from one day to forty days subject to the number of views you are demanding for your channel. Simply provide your YouTube URL to Views-Great.com and get started instantly.

#9 Buyviewsonline.co.uk


BuyViewsOnline.co.uk is an online provider for getting YouTube views. BuyViewsOnline.co.uk is the real provider of the YouTube views, subscribers and like regularly. One of the main advantages of using the BuyViewsOnline.co.uk is that it provide the legitimate the views by the real people. BuyViewsOnline.co.uk is a platform from where you can get real YouTube views at very cheap rater. The best about BuyViewsOnline.co.uk is that it delivers the simple, quick and easy way to increase the number of views, subscribers and likes on your YouTube videos and channels. Why to use BuyViewsOnline.co.uk for buying the views? It is very simple because the BuyViewsOnline.co.uk delivers the real views by the real people at very affordable rates. The process of getting views from the BuyViewsOnline.co.uk is also very simple. Getting more likes and subscribers will make you able to make your profile look bigger and become more reputable. You can purchase the views from the BuyViewsOnline.co.uk from 1,000 to 15,000 from £4.49 to £16.99. There is only one limitation and that is BuyViewsOnline.co.uk provide the few number of views only.

#10 Buyviews.co


BuyViews.co is the provider of YouTube marketing solutions from where you can buy the YouTube views, likes, dislikes, shares and subscribers. That is the one of the best advantages of BuyViews.co is that it the solution provider of all YouTube solutions at a single platform. It is a way to get your videos with real views, likes and even the comments by the real people. If you have a video and you want more people to view it then marketing is the only solution to get this dream come true. BuyViews.co is the solution provider of that issue that will assist you in promoting your videos by way of providing the views, ranking and engagement that you really needs. In addition to getting the views on the YouTube videos, the users of BuyViews.co can get their business and products highlighted as well. BuyViews.co promote the videos to attract the right viewers. BuyViews.co is available into the categories of Fast Views, Organic Views and Social Views. The price of these categories ranges from $19 to $250. The delivery time is from three days to three months.

#11 Voogen.com


Voogen.com is an online platform from where you can buy views for your YouTube videos and channels. This platform provide the views from 1,000 to one million against any YouTube video. The best about Voogen.com is that the views provided by the Voogen.com will be by the real people and be based on the worldwide viewers as well. Most of the views by performed by the Voogen.com will be from the Western countries so that your video could get the improved rank on the YouTube website as well. From the online platform of Voogen.com you can buy views, likes, dislikes and subscribers. Rates for every service are different. Normally it ranges from $16 to $569. The rate depends on upon the number of views you want to avail. You can get views from 100,000 to 500,000. Likes can be avail from 100 to 2,000. You can buy 100 to 500 dislikes. Subscribers can be bought from 100 to 1,000. Three main advantages of Voogen.com are lowest prices, the views from the real people and confidentiality by the Voogen.com. The services of Voogen.com are also available for various other social media platforms as well.

#12 Buildmyviews.org


BuildMyViews.org is the solution provider of all of the YouTube needs. BuildMyViews.org offers the YouTube views at very affordable rates. BuildMyViews.org is offering the new type of views in shape of worldwide views, targeted views and high retention views. You can also get the likes and comments. In case of subscribers, BuildMyViews.org is also provide the worldwide subscribers and the United States subscribers as well. BuildMyViews.org is the solution provider of the fastest growing social media platform in addition to promoting the channels and videos of YouTube as well. A lot of YouTube views provider at the internet then why should go for the BuildMyViews.org? The answer is very simple that is based on the solutions being provided by the BuildMyViews.org in shape of real and legitimate viewers at very affordable prices. BuildMyViews.org is available into five plans that are BuildMyViews.org Package One, BuildMyViews.org Package Two, BuildMyViews.org Package Three, BuildMyViews.org Four and BuildMyViews.org Package Five. The plans are available against prices of $41, $85, $135, $210 and $329 respectively. The users of BuildMyViews.org can create their own packages as well.

#13 Buyhqfollowersforcheap.com


BuyHQFollowersForCheap.com is a platform for buying the YouTube views at very cheap rates. It is a way to boost your YouTube videos and channels campaign quickly and easily. You will explore here the best deals for the multiple social media platforms like YouTube views, Facebook likes, SoundCloud plays Vine, Twitter and Instagram followers. The whole process if very simple that take few minutes to start. The interested customers are required to first select the package. The customer will be provided with the package detail in return. After the selection of package, you are required to make the payment and your order will be process by the BuyHQFollowersForCheap.com. The benefits of using the services of BuyHQFollowersForCheap.com are the advantages that is delivering to its customers in the shape of legitimate & real views, super-fast delivery, affordable prices, no login system and order tracking system. BuyHQFollowersForCheap.com is offering its views in the range of 300 to 5000 that can be avail against prices from $1 to $15. You can also avail the subscribers and likes from 1000 to 2000 against prices of $50 to $100.

#14 Buyyoutubeviews.com


Just like its name Buy YouTube Views, this online portal is the provider of high quality and views by the real viewers. BuyYouTubeViews.com is one of the fastest and best platforms for getting the real-time views by the real people. You can start from $2 only. However, if you want more views on your YouTube video, playlist or channel, you will be required to pay more. The exceptional about BuyYouTubeViews.com is that it also deals in the selling of Facebook fans, twitter followers and Instagram followers as well. You can also avail all these services against fixed prices. At the online YouTube views platform of BuyYouTubeViews.com, you can buy views from 1000 to one millions. The prices of these views ranges from $2 to $1750 subject to the plan you choose. Moreover, the delivery time ranges from one to nine days. In case of few views, the number of days will be also low. If you required one million views on your YouTube channel then it will take nine to ten days against price of $1,750.

#15 Youtubebulkviews.com


YouTubeBulkViews.com is the provider of real and legitimate views of the YouTube videos at very affordable price. YouTubeBulkViews.com provide the YouTube Views, YouTube Likes, YouTube Comments, YouTube Subscribers and YouTube Shares. In addition to being simple one, YouTubeBulkViews.com provide the views, likes, shares and subscribers from the real people. It is way to boost your social media platforms and content easily by way of YouTubeBulkViews.com. This web-based platform is offering services at very cheapest prices and also guarantee the boosting of YouTube videos or channels as well. In addition to dealing with the promotion of YouTube videos, the other services being offered by the YouTubeBulkViews.com are Facebook Likes/Fans/Views/Photo or Post Likes, Twitter Followers/Retweets/Likes, Instagram Followers/Likes/Views, Vine Loops/Views/Followers/Likes/Revines, SoundCloud Plays/Followers/Likes/Download, Twitch Views and Dailymotion views. The single platform of YouTubeBulkViews.com is enough to provide you the solution of all of your social media marketing and promotion requirements. For YouTube, you can purchase the views and comments, likes and shares from 50 to 500,000 against variable prices. The delivery will be fast and by the real people only.