Radio Javan


Radio Javan Alternatives


#1 La Musica


La Musica app enables its global users to enjoy more than 100 playlists with the best music available around the globe. La Musica: Radio, Podcasts, and Playlists is a widely loved radio app presented in the market by Spanish Broadcasting System Inc. that features HD quality audio, curated playlists section, and listen to live radio whenever, wherever. You can precisely listen to stations in Puerto Rico and the United States, including La Mega 97.9 (WSKQ) New York, Mega 96.3 (KXOL) Los Angeles, and Z 93 Puerto Rico, etc.

Other than these, you can also listen to Z 92.3 (WCMQ) Miami, Amor 93.1 (WPAT) New York, La Nueva 94 (WODA) Puerto Rico, La Raza 97.9 Los Angeles, and more. La Musica: Radio, Podcasts, and Playlists app also lets you listen La Raza 93.3 San Francisco, Ritmo 95 Cubatón y Más (WRMA) Miami, Play 96.5 Puerto Rico, and La Ley 107.9 Chicago.


#2 Radio Romania


Radio Romania is a stunning platform presented in the market by Radio Romania International, where you can intuitively listen to live audio whenever, wherever. Radio Romania International app carries an interactive and easy to use interface that helps you enjoy radio with extreme ease. The app enables you to listen to stuff online as well as offline whenever you have downloaded them to your device (saving mobile data). You can instantly become a part of its exclusive radio community by facilitating access to it without going anywhere.

The app supports an elegant integration with the society so that you can intuitively get the latest posts over its page on Facebook. The app also carries a Flash Poll option through which you can precisely make your voice heard by answering the trendiest questions that it asks. Radio Romania International is more than just a radio through which you can get tons of intuitive features instantly.

#3 Stingray Karaoke Party


Stingray Karaoke Party app enables its global users to start their party with a perfect ice breaker, presented in the market by Stingray Group. Stingray Karaoke Party app lets you get ready to pump up the sound and get entertained for hours with over 19K licensed songs. The app enables you to find your desired songs from Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars, Billie Eilish, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Shawn Mendes, Ariana Grande, Maroon 5, Lil Nas X, Sia, Lady Gage or Queen, Bryan Adams, Billy Joel, Luis Fonsi, ABBA, or any other.

Apart from pop, country, and rock, the Stingray Karaoke Party app carries dozens of Disney songs, kid’s songs, and Show tunes to keep the kids of you and your guests entertained. Once you find the song or your desired music to sing, you can even add them to the song queue to play them whenever you want or even save them to remember for later.


#4 80000+ Free FM Stations


80000+ Free FM Stations is a stunning platform that carries over 80K radio stations, almost 200 countries across the globe, and it keeps on expanding its content all the time. 80000+ Free FM Stations – Radio Mobi – World Radio is a superb platform presented in the market by Radio Modi Inc. that lets you tune in to your most likely stations whenever you are at home or abroad. It brings the fastest and easiest way to tune in your most likely AM radio, online radio, FM radio, SW radio, internet radio, and more.

You can intuitively discover new songs, amazing melodies, and exclusive channels that you have never heard before. The app carries tons of music tags, including Pop, Jazz, Classical, Blues, Rap, Metal, Ethnic, Country, Chill Out, Dance, Ethnic, Latin, and various others. 80000+ Free FM Stations – Radio Mobi – World Radio app lets you enjoy hundreds of decades stations.

#5 Podcast app by myTuner


Podcast app by myTuner app brings you the most impressive mobile experience while listening to podcasts for your smartphones and tablets. Podcast app by myTuner – Podcasts for Android is a stunning platform presented in the market by Appgeneration Inc., where you can instantly discover and listen to the podcasts based on its tailored algorithm, sleek user interface, and presented in a modern platform. You can intuitively listen to more than 20 million podcasts episodes right over your cell phones.

It lets you subscribe to podcasts by language, category, and the country as well. You can precisely discover podcasts channels from more than 15 different categories, including tech, comedy, sports, news, and other entertainment stuff. You can intuitively discover famous episodes and popular podcasts in more than 200 territories and countries. Podcast app by myTuner – Podcasts for Android app helps you discover all the outstanding podcasts and listen to your most likely podcasts in multiple languages.


0 PRIME app brings dozens of podcasts as well as radios without banner ads and videos, developed in the market by Inc. PRIME app lets you enjoy all your most likely stations and podcasts under a single platform by having fewer ads, pay once, and enjoy stuff forever. It is a must-have a radio app for you if you love listening radio but do not need to see annoying banner ads and videos.

To use the PRIME app, you just have to pay a one-off fee and enjoy lifelong use of this engaging radio application presented for free. The app brings dozens of additional features that help you have plenty of fantastic stuff right on the palm of your hands. You can download the PRIME app for free to listen to your most likely channels, podcasts, and stations right over one place.

#7 Radiogram


Radiogram app brings a fine platform for listening to the radio stations over your tablets as well as smartphones. Radiogram – Free Radio Player is a stunning platform presented in the market by app needs a reliable and fine internet connection and does not need any aerial. Its sleek design helps you simply tap over the radio station and start listening to your favorite channels and podcasts. You can precisely tune into the best sports, talking radio, news, music, and other content from all over the world.

Radiogram carries a simple, sleek, and beautiful interface based on the Material Design of Google. It can cast radio stations over your television as well as other supported devices. The app also supports Android Audio, and you can connect the app to your car and listen to radio stations whenever, wherever. Radiogram is a free-to-use radio streaming platform that contains minimal advertisement.

#8 Ibiza Sonica


Ibiza Sonica app is more than just an ordinary radio station that intuitively brings plenty of awesome radios whenever you want. Ibiza Sonica is a fabulous platform presented in the market by Sonica Broadcast Inc. that carries a slice of the White Island over the broadcasting that it brings whenever, whenever you want. The app support DJs and producers, radio culture, electronic music, employee staff, plenty of music channels, and unique content, etc.

You can precisely enjoy dozens of unique music whenever you want to use your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Ibiza Sonica app lets you enjoy a radio that shares its love for hedonistic, music, free-spirited, and young heart, etc. It lets you enjoy an app that is more than a radio and helps you enjoy dozens of amazing channels anytime you want. So just download the Ibiza Sonica app from the stores for free and enjoy everything flawlessly.

#9 Mixupload


Mixupload app lets you enjoy free music streaming without getting any irritations from ads or other annoying things whenever you want. Mixupload – Free Music is a significant tool for you if you love modern dance music and to hit unique and exclusive musical content all the time. Its magnificent catalog updates every day with tons of brand new underground hits and club tracks. It enables its global users to listen to the excellent tracks of Club House as well.

Mixupload app enables its global users to create playlists from your most likely tracks and listen to them whenever you want. You can hit these exclusive sounds in the car, over a family gathering, and on the home party, etc. Mixupload – Free Music is a fine tool presented in the market by Mix Upload LLC that enables you to have the most intuitive way to fix it over your Android, iPads, and iPhones.

#10 RadioPublic


RadioPublic app is all about podcasts where you can enjoy streaming as well as downloading podcasts for free whenever you want. RadioPublic: Free Podcast App for Android is a fine tool that brings thousands of exclusive podcasts that you can listen to stuff online and download episodes for listening to them even in offline mode. You can instantly create a continuous playlist, share podcasts and episodes, follow your most likely shows, and get instant notifications.

The app enables you to search through a magnificent catalog of more than 500,000 podcasts, and you can select any of your desired ones to play. You can search for most of the popular podcasts, including podcast audiobooks, music podcasts, and podcasts from networks, including Radiotopia, Maximum Fun, HowStuffWorks, BBC, Gimlet, and the CBC. You can also enjoy podcasts from news publications, including Washington Post, CNN, The New York Times, and the famous USA Today.

#11 Beatronome


Beatronome is a free, feature-rich, and interactive rhythm trainer and programmable metronome with amazing visualizations for both professional and beginner musicians. Beatronome – Pro Metronome is a stunning platform presented in the market by LiquidVoid Inc. that makes it easy to keep the tempo and make practicing rhythm. You can get the features of editing everything live, four ways to set the tempo, plus-minus button, keyboard input, and custom time signature, etc.

You can instantly study and create your desired rhythms using your cell phones and tablets. You can precisely start stuff by selecting one of 15 subdivisions, touch to choose the visualized based, change the rhythm by creating rests/accents, playful study even complex rhythms. Beatronome – Pro Metronome app features precise and accurate timing, loud and audible click sound, tempo wheel, TAP your tempo, appealing interactive, and a sleek or user-friendly design for using them whenever you want.

#12 Radio Turkey


Radio Turkey app enables its global users to listen to their loved FM for free and listen live to the most exclusive AM and FM radio stations using RT. Radio Turkey: FM Radio and Live Radio is a stunning platform presented in the market by RadioWorld FM that allows you to listen to live internet radio and Turkish radio stations over your cellular devices. Radio Turkey app lets you choose what you want to listen, including news, music, sports, and more.

The app lets you enjoy Radyo Fenomen, KRAL POP, İstanbul FM, Seymen FM, Süper FM, Virgin Radio Türkiye, Kraldamar FM, Turku FM Radyo, Slow Radyo, and Arabesk Damar FM, etc. It also lets you listen Damar Türk 34, Slow Türk, X Nostalji, Türkü Radyo, Arabesk Alemi, Ask FM Turkiye, Number One FM, Power FM, Joy Türk FM, Karadeniz FM, Radyo Müzik, Radyo Alaturka, Radyo 7, and many other radios.

#13 Chillout & Lounge Music Radio


Chillout & Lounge Music Radio is an exceptional tool that enables its global users to enjoy dozens of radio stations available. Chillout & Lounge Music Radio is a fine tool presented in the market by Maxim Kabluka Inc. that brings more than 70 radio stations available currently and also keeps on updating its stuff as well. You can intuitively access chill-out, Ambient, Lounge, and plenty of other new and famous radio stations.

The app supports a licensed audio library along with the fantastic sound quality of 32-bit. The app carries a robust 10 band equalizer with plenty of additional sound settings. It features no buffer settings for stable playback, even without having any internet connection. You can also enjoy tracks history with search or internet, sleep timer, full-screen dock mode (merely for car listening), and sleep timer as well. Chillout and Lounge Music Radio app lets you enjoy new as well as old radio right away.

#14 TuneYou


TuneYou carries a massive selection of radio stations from all across the globe, and you can listen to them whenever you want. TuneYou – Free Online Radio & Internet Radio is a superb platform presented in the market by TuneYou Radio Inc. that enables you to listen to your most likely radio stations whenever, wherever. You can instantly listen and save your most likely songs, add your desired music files in favorites, share your most likely music, and discover from more than 50K daily updated radio stations.

The app provides an alarm clock that lets you wake up while listening to your most likely music. You can intuitively fall asleep while listening to your favorite music. You can intuitively select your desired stations by browsing through state, city, or country, etc. TuneYou – Free Online Radio & Internet Radio app lets you enjoy alarm clock, sleep timer, cast radio to TV, and Android Auto, etc.

#15 Free Techno Radio


Free Techno Radio app brings thousands of amazing radio stations online and helps you listen to them whenever you want. Free Techno Radio is a stunning platform presented in the market by MyIndieApp Inc. that carries a diverse selection of channels including Dubstep, Techno, Electronic, and various others. Some of its Arcade Sounds includes chiptunes, Gainesboro radio, deep tech, future synthpop, glitch hop, tech house, and clip hop blips and bleeps.

Some of its most popular music songs include Techno, bass radio, classic electronica, 181.FM, dance hits, dubstep, chiptunes, clubberry dance, club dubstep, Party 95 Music, Mi, clubberry drum and bass, clubberry trance, and more. Some of its Techno Mixes include classic electronica, clubberry techno, electro radio music, techno, electro house, and electro sound radio, etc. You can also get the Dubstep of DI – Club Dubstep, DubstepLive – 24/7 DUBSTEP, Dubstep – DI, and DI – Liquid Dubstep.

#16 Kurdina Music


Kurdina Music app brings you with the most extensive and stunning collection of Kurdish music, developed in the market by Kurdina Music Inc. Kurdina Music app lets you enjoy playing your most likely songs along with tons of various options. The app provided things in multiple superb options, including Kurdina Music, categories, Artists, Favorites, Albums, My Playlist, Playlist, and various others accordingly. You can instantly grab the latest hits, old classic, and your most likely Artists right over your cell phones and tablets.

The app contains featured as well as customizable personal playlists for music files. It also supports offline playing (no need for internet for streaming) by syncing songs to My Downloads section as well. You can play your desired music files without doing much. You can download the Kurdina Music app for free to enjoy listening and watching your most likely content whenever, wherever.

#17 AccuRadio


AccuRadio app makes it comfortably stunning for you to discover, enjoy, and customize your most likely music available over this planet without spending a single penny. AccuRadio is a superb platform presented in the market by AccuRadio Inc. that carries a massive team of musicians and music lovers dedicated to delivering world-class music without letting you do much. You can instantly save your most likely music channels and listening history, ban artists or songs, never run out of songs skips, etc.

Some of its available genres include top 40 pop hits, classic, rock, smooth Jazz, relaxing music, classical, jazz, country, alternative rock, Hip-Hop, Christian, electronic, blues, lite adult contemporary Christmas music, and more. You can also enjoy R&B, reggae, Celtic, Americana, oldies, Indie Rock, Korean Pop, native American, Hawaiian, comedy, soul, pop Standards, Cabaret, Broadway, punk, and Latin, etc. AccuRadio app lets you share your most likely songs and channels with buddies.

#18 Manoto


Manoto is a super stunning entertainment platform that helps its global users to get loads and loads of entertaining videos right over the palm of their hands. Manoto – Marjan Television Network is a superb platform presented in Oct 2010 and owned by Marjan Television Network LTD. The app carries a stunning catalog of world-famous documentaries, films, series, reports, news, sports, and plenty of other stuff on entertainment. It helps you enjoy your most likely Persian shows without making any efforts or spending any money as well.

You can instantly enjoy Iranian entertainment movies, TV shows, video clips, important news, and various other stuff whenever, wherever. Manoto app needs a username as well as passcode whenever you have to come over the app. Its enhanced graphics and elegant sound help you enjoy content flawlessly. So just download Manoto – Marjan Television Network app in your cell phones and tablets and get entertained freely.

#19 VavMusic


VavMusic brings one of the most elegantly designed and advanced online songs and playback download service for enjoying instant access to music whenever, wherever. VavMusic is a stunning platform presented in the market by Karo Studio Inc. that helps you grab an instant and sleek access to your loved music. The app brings the most comprehensive archive of Iranian songs (both newer and older ones) right on the palm of your hands.

You can instantly download music videos and share them with your loved ones, family members, friends, and other music partners. It helps you create playlists of your choice and makes it easy to manage and access the quality of broadcasts as well. It carries the capability to manage automatic mode as well as program template day and night. VavMusic app brings a fine archive of Iranian artists and allows you to follow your favorite artists.

#20 Navahang


Navahang app makes it superbly easy to stream your most likely Persian songs and helps you to find new music over its most extensive streaming catalog of Persian music available under one platform. Navahang is a superb platform presented in the market by Navahang Inc., where users from all across the globe can download tracks and music videos to listen to and watch stuff without having any internet connection. The app brings streaming and free access to both the hottest as well as the newest tracks and music videos to watch and listen offline.

You can download stuff to watch and play your most likely songs, albums, playlists, music videos, audiobooks, and other things without having any internet. You can download albums, mixes, audiobooks, and other stuff with a single swipe. Navahang app enables you to get instant access to the most extensive archive of Persian music.

#21 Persian Radio


Persian Radio is a fine platform where you can enjoy the sleekest and elegantly designed news and music destination based on Persian stuff. Persian Radio app lets you enjoy top quality streams, top Iranian music, FM and AM from Tehran, Farsi music, Persian News, broadest selection, and Persian Music right over their cell phones and tablets. You can enjoy top FMs streaming live globally.

Using this stunning platform, you can enjoy instant access to Farsi or Persian Music as well as Farsi or Persian News from Hamrah, Bia 2, Radio Shemroon, Faaz, BBC Farsi, Persian-Farsi, SBS Persia, Nava 7, and many more. The app also contains Farsi or Persian News from Radio Javan, Farda Radio, Iran Radio Kirn 670am, Faaz, BBC Farsi, Hamsafar, SBS Persia, and various other platforms. So just download the Persian Radio app in your cell phones and tablets to enjoy music and news for free.

#22 Bia2


Bia2 is a magnificently designed music app where you can enjoy loads and loads of Iranian music without making any effort or spending any money as well. Bia2 – Persian Music is a superb platform presented in the market by bia2 Inc. that brings premium Iranian music filled with more than 30,000 on-demand songs for you to enjoy whenever, wherever. You can instantly login over the Bia2 app using your Facebook account and customize your ultimate music experience.

The app brings more than 7K exclusive Persian songs that you love to listen to. The app helps you create a personalized favorite list, and you can fill the list with your desired content and grasp them instantly. Bia2 – Persian Music app features a massive collection of Iranian music videos, stream Bia2 radio, and precisely share your most likely music through plenty of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter, SMS, and other platforms.

#23 Shuffle Music


Shuffle Music is a widely loved platform for listening to Farsi (Persian) music over your Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Shuffle Music is a stunning platform presented in the market by Shuffle Inc. that brings music right over your fingertips and listen to the ones that you loved the most. You can enjoy finding loads and loads of categorizations in the Shuffle app that includes viral tracks, new releases, instrumental music, nostalgia, K-pop, Turkish music, Gilaki Music, and Tajik music, etc.

All the channels that are available over here are free to listen, and you are also allowed to download them to play them offline as well. You can also enjoy trending, dance music, Gheri music, easy listening music, Armenian music, Lori music, happy songs, Afghan Music, Kurdish music, and various other categories. You can download the Shuffle Music app to enjoy pop, rap, soundtrack, electronic music, and various other styles.

#24 MrTehran


MrTehran lets its global users enjoy the trendiest most and newest most music over their cell phones and tablets. MrTehran – Persian Music is a fine platform developed in the market by MrTehran LLC that notifies you at the time whenever some new song with come. It supports two languages that include English and Persian, and you can enjoy it in your desired one. You can precisely listen to stuff online, along with having three playback qualities and settings as well.

The app contains sleep time for offline/online playback modes, professional-level equalizer, dedicated page for each user, offline layer with special capabilities, etc. You can also hit the like button to like your favorite content as well as do comment on things for putting your own opinions. You can download MrTehran – Persian Music app in your cell phones and tablets to always become the first one to get notified of the newest music versions.

#25 Radios Anime Chat Pro


Radios Anime Chat Pro is a sleekly designed app that enables its global users to enjoy their most likely genres, including KPOP, JROCK, KPOP KROCK, JPOP, and various other rights under one platform. Radios Anime Chat Pro is a fine app presented by Linea Streaming EIRL, which presents over 20 stations that you love to listen to.

Some of its supported broadcasts include, adios Anime, J-Jams or Modern J-POP and R & B, Armitage’s Dimensions, Anime Classics Radio 1, AnimeRadio.SU, Anime-Thai.Net, Anime Classics Radio 2, Animes Station, Anime Classics Radio MOE, anime RadioTenshi, Anime – J-Rock, and more.