Rave – Watch Together


Rave – Watch Together Alternatives


#1 Sync Video

Sync Video is a superb quality app that enables its global users to watch the video together with their family members, friends, and others. Sync Video is a sleekly designed app that enables you to create your desired number of rooms for free and watch videos with your friends in sync. You can enjoy watching your desired, most favorite videos, and listen to your music over this amazing platform.

You can precisely create a room without any registration, share the link over your most likely platforms or by email, and sync videos whenever you want. The app lets you enjoy an exclusive synchronized player for audio or video, enjoy content from Youtube, organize content into playlists, set a passcode for your room, and more.

#2 Jukebox.today

Jukebox.today is an elegantly designed social platform where you can make an instant collaboration with your friends and family members and listen to your desired music whenever necessary. Jukebox.Today: The Collaborative Music Player is a stunning social media player that enables its global users to share music across limitless people, speakers, and devices no matter where you are.

It is an amazing platform where you can enjoy a diverse collection of songs along with your friends, whether you are in the same room or halfway across the globe. You can also create your desired jukeboxes and share them with your own community to have fun together. You can also join a public jukebox to discover and listen to music with others from all over the world.

#3 Juicebox.dj

Juicebox.dj is an exceptional tool where you can enjoy listening to the music you love with the community of your buddies whenever you want. Juicebox.DJ: Made in Toronto, Canada with Love is a super stunning tool that lets you listen to your favorite music of your most likely genre along with your friends for free. You can join in your desired collection of rooms and discover new music in a way like never before.

Juicebox DJ is an amazing platform where you can enjoy listening to music along with your friends just by entering your username and pressing the button Go. The app enables you to enjoy your most likely genres and your desired music whenever you want.

#4 &chill

&chill app enables its global users to watch Twitch and YouTube videos together, with anyone you love. &chill is an excellent tool presented in the market by AndChillTV, where you can enjoy watching your desired content wailing with your friends and family members in a virtual theater where you pick your own seat.

It is an elegant website where you can enjoy watching your desired Youtube and Twitch videos together with anyone you want to meet. &chill app brings an exclusive virtual cinema that enables you to watch your desired stuff with a span of your friends. The app features an integrated chat, integrated web browser, watch videos together, and no registration requirements.

#5 myCircle.tv


myCircle.tv app intuitively expands your social video sharing platform where you can enjoy sharing plenty of amazing videos and movies with your own group of people. myCircle.tv is an elegantly designed app presented in the market by Organdia Inc., which enables you to create a room and enjoy watching exclusive content whenever you want to have real fun.

You can enjoy watching your most likely videos whenever you are connected along with your friends and family members in sync at the same pace and time. It enables you to create rooms, add a nickname, and invite friends to join them intuitively. You can precisely invite friends to join the room and even join your desired one to watch videos together.

#6 CyTube

CyTube is a sleekly designed web app that provides media synchronization and exclusive chats to have loads of fun facts whenever you want. CyTube is an elegantly designed group video watching site where you can enjoy watching your desired content with the number of people you want. It enables you to gather all your friends to see loads of entertaining stuff and enjoy things like you are actually sitting on the same couch, watching your favorite movies or videos over a single screen.

You can also enjoy exclusive chatting with your room partners and enjoy an arbitrary number of channels. CyTube is written in JavaScript and runs on Node.JS, and makes use of MySQL database to store user registration, data about each channel, and cached media metadata.

#7 Blatube


Blatube is an amazing platform where you can enjoy collecting your desired community of people over a single platform online and watch videos altogether whenever you want to have real fun. Blatube: Watch the video together with friends is an outstanding, free to use, and fast platform that saves your mobile data for letting you watch videos altogether over virtual rooms whenever necessary.

You can enjoy watching videos synced together along with your family members, friends, colleagues, class fellows, and other folks. Blatube: Watch Video Together with Friends app contains a sleek interface that you can enjoy in plenty of supported platforms, including Youtube, Clouder direct link, VK, and various others.