Real Face Age


Real Face Age Alternatives


#1 AnaFace Facial Beauty Analysis


AnaFace Facial Beauty Analysis app makes it easy to get to know how beautiful your face structure is just by uploading any of your desired photos. AnaFace Facial Beauty Analysis is a unique and elegantly photography app that helps you take a photo from the camera or pick from your library to get your facial structure with an entertaining AI level.

The app spots some marker dots that will instantly calculate the level of beauty, facial structure, and facial symmetry. It provides a symmetrical face of facial structure because it is scientifically proven that we are catchier to such people. The app helps you get a symmetrical face and calculate data intuitively whenever you want. AnaFace Facial Beauty Analysis app lets you get the best idea of how ugly or beautiful someone is right using your cell phones.

#2 GRFace


GRFace app enables you to get to know the level of cuteness, ugliness, and beauty of your face just by adding a single photo. GRFace – Golden Ratio Face is a widely used entertainment app that lets you distinguish a beautiful face and a bad face right away whenever you want. The app auto recognizes the face over the photo you take from your camera or choose from your gallery and get instant analysis.

It precisely marks the position of the nose, eyes, face, eyebrows, and other facial stuff. You can get these positions to calculate the reactive distance between them or even compare it to the golden ratio in a single swipe. It can precisely measure the distance and scores of your faces and get a golden ratio that delivers the peak of beauty face. You can have a perfect face with scores greater than 9, a bad face with a score of less than 5, a normal face score from 5 to 7.5, and a beautiful face with a score of 7 to 9.

#3 Facial Metrics Analysis Pro


Facial Metrics Analysis Pro is a widely love mathematical tool that analyses the photos or images over the phone gallery, newly taken from the camera, or other web images to get accurate details about the person of interest. Facial Metrics Analysis Pro app intuitively generates reports that you can save or share via plenty of platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and various others.

The app brings a facial recognition technology that helps you analyze all your photography whenever you need it. It provides predicted parameters regarding your images such as gender, the mood at the time of the photo, maximum and likely age, minimum age, and various others.

#4 Best Side


Best Side app lets you find which side of your face looks better and captured better while taking images whenever you want. Best Side is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Andapp Inc. that helps you get to know the best side (either left or right) of your face and helps you make ultimate photographs right over your Android or iOS camera.

For getting the best side of your images, the Best Side app lets you add any of your desired photos from the gallery or even take fresh ones from your mobile phone’s cameras. Every face has a half (right or left) face that is more beautiful and attractive because no human has a symmetrical face. You can download the Best Side app over your Android cell phones and tablets for free and get to know which side of your face looks better, and even fun time.

#5 Symmetry Mirror


Symmetry Mirror app intuitively creates a frontal face, one side face, and check the symmetry of your faces whenever you want just by uploading your pics. Symmetry Mirror is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Inc. that allows you to check the distortion of the face and get the symmetry of your face whenever you want. You can intuitively select any of your desired pic from your photo library or through the camera and get the display of the left or right side of the images.

It allows you to operate from the library, a diversity of pics from social platforms, and various others to get to know the symmetry of images in just a single tap of the button. Symmetry Mirror app enables you to drag images and look for the symmetrical position, click the save button, press the menu to rotate selected, and change direction with the simple press of the button.

#6 FatBooth


FatBooth is one of the most entertaining and popular apps by the creators of AgingBooth, MixBoothh, UglyBooth, BaldBooth, BoothStache, and various other apps available over android or iOS cell phones. FatBooth – The Big Prank App is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by PiVi & Co Inc. that lets you have fun while fattening your friends and family members while using their photos and share them to have fun.

The app features auto-cropping using face detection, share the device to see after and before views, and scroll results into the app gallery, save results to your photo gallery. FatBooth: The app that makes you fat! App lets you transform the process in instant without any internet connection.

#7 Face Changer


Face Changer app lets you transform the boring and uninteresting images of your family members, friends, and other people into funny and exciting ones. Face Changer is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Scoompa Inc. that makes it effortless to make your pics more funny and humorous. You can intuitively replace face parts into fun face parts while transforming your eyes, nose, hairs, cheeks, and other parts in the way you want.

You can make faces fat or thin, make your photos smile, and make ears pointy, add fun stuff over your images, and much more. The app enables you to add text or draw on the top of your images and share your creations with your friends. Face Changer app contains dozens of accessories such as plenty of fake ears, a bunch of funny glasses, unique color of eyes, designs of faces, a collection of lips, and various other stuff to have real fun.

#8 Vanity


Vanity is a beautiful measurement tool that intuitively assesses your level of beauty and tells how attractive your face is. Vanity App – Face Test is a fabulous app presented in the market by Tav Shande Inc. that enables you to get to know either you are beautiful or ugly while applying a fabulous AI system over your photos. The app works elegantly with works with males and females, and you can even zoom into your photos for precision.

Vanity App – Golden Ratio Facial Analysis is an intuitive, easy to use, and fun app that works elegantly with all races and faces. The app provides a golden ratio to evaluate as well as score the attractiveness of human faces based on facial structure. Vanity App – Face Test app is a famous app featured in the NY Times, Elle Magazine, The Sunday Times, Huffing Ton Post, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and various others.

#9 GATM Meme Generator


GATM Meme Generator app lets you have a real dose of entertainment with hundreds of amazing memes to create from and thousands of memes that you can browse whenever you feel bored. GATM Meme Generator is a sleek tool presented in the market by IDDQD Inc. to have fun memes and share the laughs with your buddies whenever you want to have real fun.

You can create fun memes using your own pics, search and browse the content of your choice, and view memes in a grid or list view to have real fun. You can shortlist your favorites, live preview when creating, no watermark on images, and can be moved to SD-Card. You can enjoy socially awkward penguin, confession bear, bad luck brain, success kid, actual advice mallard, and many more. GATM Meme Generator app lets you have real fun and entertainment time and share laughs with your buddies.

#10 Ugly Meter


Ugly Meter app enables you to assess your desired photos and measure the level of ugliness it has to have real fun with your friends, family members, and other fellows. Ugly Meter is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Dapper Gentlemen that you can download for free on Google Play Store and enjoy things in a way like never before.

It works elegantly with the photos taken with your Android mobile phone’s camera or from the pics available in the gallery of your phones. The app features auto-cropping functionality using face detection and even shake device to see before and after view of your photos.

#11 UglyBoothPiVi & CoEntertainment


UglyBooth is an elegantly designed app that lets you have fun with your friends and family members by making their pics interesting and entertaining merely ugly. UglyBooth PiVi & Co Entertainment is a sleekly designed app developed and presented in the market by PiVi & Co Inc. that allows you to upload your designed photo from a gallery or create new ones to have real fun.

You can precisely get to know the level of ugliness over the photos that you deliver to the app. Ugly Booth app presented a funny, engaging, and entertaining way to make faces ugly of people you want to know. The app provides the sleek transformation of your beautiful-looking images into ugly ones to have real fun.