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Relax by GOMO Live Alternatives


#1 Life Advisor by Happy Life


Life Advisor app enables its global users to enjoy palm readings that help you reveal all your hidden secrets and get things done precisely. Life Advisor – Face analyze & Daily Predict is a stunning application presented in the market by Happy Life 2020 Inc. where you can enjoy dace analysis, hand analysis, as well as daily predictions of your day or future to manage things flawlessly.

The app provides an elegant subscription of 89.9 dollars on a weekly basis, but you can enjoy the app for three days for free (just before you are going to start the original subscription). Life Advisor app does not deduct anything during the trial period. It deducts the fee from your account on the play store whenever the trial period is over.


#2 Tarot Card Future Readings


Tarot Card Future Readings app enables its global users to discover what the future holds for you while enjoying plenty of exceptional features whenever you want. Tarot Card Future Readings is a sleek platform presented in the market by Touchzing Media Inc. that helps you start your day with tarot reading and move further while having all the facts.

You can get your 2020 tarot card reading, discover tarot reading birthday, know the meaning of each card, start your day with your tarot readings, and share reading with your friends and family members whenever you want. You can instantly turn on a selfie camera, take your desired number of selfies, and add your face, and voila.

#3 Psychics by Adviqo Technology Corp


Psychics app makes it effortless to get all the precious answers, experience, professional advice, and spiritual containment to all the worries and uncertainties you have about your personal needs. Psychics is an intuitive app presented in the market by Adviqo Technology Corp Inc. through which you can get all the mysteries of your work relationships, money, love, personal relationships, and health whenever you want.

The app enables you to recover your internal criteria and visualize your past as well as future more clearly, when and where you want. Psychics is a pioneer app in the Spanish language with readers and advisors from all over the world. It features stable communication that ensures a harmonious experience without any hurdle, frustration, and interruptions.


#4 AstroBot


AstroBot is an elegantly loved app that offers predictions about life by combining multiple divination disciplines like tarot, coffee cup reading, and various other stuff right away. AstroBot: Free Tarot, Palm Reading, and Astrology is a sleekly designed application presented in the market by RoboBot Studio Inc. that provides tarot card reading, palm reading, complete astrology predictions, talking fortune teller, personalized daily services, and various other facts.

It provides a complete fortune-telling app by numerology, astrology, horoscope, dream interpretation, rune reading, meaning, and much more. Astro Bot is one of the most comprehensive fortune-telling platforms that helps you answer your eyes or all the questions to predict your love, life, health, and money by evaluating the past.

#5 Life Advisor


Life Advisor app enables its global users to get all the hidden facts about them, friends, family members, or any other folk you want. Life Advisor: Baby predict, Palm Reader & Face Aging is a powerful tool that contains plenty of fun facts for you to have fun. You can intuitively see your future baby, predict the future of yourself, and know the secrets in your palm.

You can get to know your future as well as your current situation precisely in just a few minutes. Life Advisor: Baby predict, Palm Reader&Face aging app includes aging prediction where you can get to know the secrets of your palm prints, and predicts how past life is, and know what your future baby looks like.

#6 Face Scanner by Face Scan Solutions


Face Scanner app carries plenty of amazing functionalities and features of Face Analysis that help you get plenty of hidden facts and get to know your face’s truth right from your photos. Face Scanner – Age your photo & baby photo creator is an elegantly designed app presented in the market by Face Scan Solutions Inc. enables you to that helps you get plenty of fun facts whenever you want.

You can enjoy its beauty analysis, face reading, and beauty competition of the user’s chosen favorite feature that we offer for free of charge. Face Scanner app is truly based on modern AI technology that is trained to grab all the unrevealed and hidden features over your own face or the faces of your friends.

#7 Fortunica


Fortunica app enables you to make an instant connection with highly professional and experience spiritual advisors that helps you to make the sleekest decisions whenever you want. Fortunica – Psychic, Love, and Tarot Readings is a sleek tool presented in the market by Adviqo GmbH Inc. that enables you to have a free horoscope every day.

You can enjoy receiving daily advice and support for all your significant decisions ad get answers about your career, relationships, life, love, and more. You can deal with all your daily difficulties or grief with guidance from professional psychic advisors whenever you needed it the most.

#8 Faces by Wowmaking


Faces app enables you to enjoy putting face in funny gifs, videos, and pics to share it over social platforms to have real fun whenever you needed it the most. Faces: funny face changer – gif video photo frames is a sleek platform presented in the market by Wowmaking Inc. that helps you add the face of yourself and your friends over cute, funny, or hilarious gifs or videos in some simple clicks of the button.

It enables you to check out the collection of hats, hair, glasses, and other masks to create a custom selfie video, loads of amazing pics, and gif videos whenever you want.

#9 Face Scan


Face Scan is an accurate and sleek zodiac prediction for all your loved ones, presented in the market by ViewAI Lab Inc. Face Scan: Horoscope & Astrology is a sleekly designed platform that brings your day by day astrology guide and helps you view your personal horoscope for the day, year, month, and week. You can precisely discover what your future will hold for you and keep things in a manageable way.

The app enables you to set your own sitcom horoscope notification to get instant updates whenever you want. Face Scan: Horoscope and Astrology app enables you to make your life better, easier, and significant by making it your personal coach and helps you solve your problems.

#10 Palm Secret


Palm Secret is a significant platform for people who want to see their opposite gender face, swap your gender using your photo, and get instant entertainment whenever you want. Palm Secret – Palm Reader, Cartoon Photo, and Fun is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Palm Horoscope Inc. that brings plenty of entertaining features for you to have whenever, wherever.

You can select any of your desired faces of your family and friends from the gallery and change to see the face when you swap your gender. You can precisely try your most likely style from plenty of makeup effects and edit stuff manually to better your gender change scenario to create the most amazing, suitable, and charming looks.

#11 Magic Face by Star Party


Magic Face by Star Party is a significant platform that enables its global uses to discover some amazing facts and hidden secrets about your face right over your cell phones and tablets. Magic Face by Star Party app enables you to shot your desired photos and get the prediction of your future face. You can instantly switch the gender of the images to have fun facts.

Rather than this, the Magic Face app enables you to get your baby with your lover and get to know more about your presents at your young age. Some of its main functions include Young Camera, Gender Switch, Past Life, Aging Prediction, Baby Prediction, Expression Change, Ghost Makeup, and various others.

#12 Psychic Vision


Psychic Vision app enables you to get psychic readings from the live psychics, tarot card reading, horoscope information, and video psychic readings with psychic vision. Psychic Vision: Psychic Video Readings & Live Chat is a significant entertainment app that helps you get to know valuable data regarding your life and manage things flawlessly.

Psychic Vision: Video Readings app brings a fabulous team of non-judgmental readings to enables you to reveal the mysteries of life and see what the future holds for you. Psychic Vision: Live Tarot Zodiac Predictions app enables you to speak with your most likely psychics whenever you want right over your cell phones and tablets.

#13 Face Truth


Face Truth enables its global users to transform their faces over their photos and enjoy photography in an ultimate and unique way. Face Truth – Future Face Seer & Face Swap is an amazing platform presented in the market by Face Truth Lab Inc. that features plenty of awesome dace aging effect, face status analysis, varied exotic face, and plenty of others.

You can take an instant selfie to get to see your old look after 20 to 30 years with artificial intelligence technology in seconds. You can also use the photos of your family members and friends to see what they look like whenever they get into the 60s or 70s.

#14 Face Seer


Face Seer app brings an advanced technology that helps you enjoy plenty of amazing things to enjoy your photography while letting you enjoy time traces, baby prediction, genetic source, and various others. Face Seer -Cartoon Comics & Baby Prediction is a powerful tool presented in the market by Lioncity Limited Inc. that enables its global users to enter the time traces and see your look after decades.

You can precisely see what your baby will look over its baby prediction, learn how to pursue your love with the seduction guide, and discover which celebrity you are most similar to. Face Seer – Time Traces app precisely eliminates all your confusion unlimitedly in Wisdom book.