Retro Film – 8mm Video Make


Retro Film – 8mm Video Make Alternatives


#1 Highlight Story Cover Maker!


Highlight Story Cover Maker app contains a magnificent collection of more than 1000 Instagram highlight cover templates for you to extemporize your stories in a way like never before. Highlight Story Cover Maker! – Insta Covers for Instagram TV is a classy tool presented in the market by OSD2Filter Inc. through which you can enjoy creating amazing highlight covers in just a few clicks to impress your community of followers or friends.

The app makes it effortless to create your own Instagram stories that look natural yet classy with highlight covers. You can enjoy adding your desired text, stickers, backgrounds, emojis, locations, and more to make an amazing story to attract your family and friends.


#2 Preset Box for Lightroom


Preset Box for Lightroom is a significant tool that brings an amazing stack of aesthetic borders that helps you make eye-catching pics. Preset Box for Lightroom: Cool Photo Presets & Filters is a superb tool presented in the market by ASAP Visuals, Inc. that features a collection of more than 140 filters, photo and video effects, essential and advanced tools, and one tap aesthetic effects for all your videos and photos.

The app contains a trendy collection of presets, including more than ten exquisite packages to let you have amazing content. Some of these preset include Autumn, Amber, Bali, Film, Hawaii, Indoor, Influencer, Black & White, Bright, California, White, Winter, Wedding, Landscape, Travel, Urban, Vintage, Christmas, Dark Skin, Dragon, and various others.

#3 I Love Film


I Love Film app enables you to enjoy making your photography better and more attractive than ever. I Love Film – Grain Filter is a significant tool presented in the market by Marcus Carlsson, which enables you to enjoy a massive collection of analog films, light leaks, and dust and scratches, and plenty of amazing features right on the palm of your hands.

You can enjoy more than 10 films in total, and they simulated color, black and white, slides, infrared films, instant films, and various others. You can enhance your life moments with an old look using light leaks as well. The app also brings vignette effects where you can darken the edges of your photos while adjusting the texture accordingly.


#4 KUNI Cam


KUNI Cam enables its global users to create videos and photos that stand out in a way like never before. KUNI Cam is a globally loved tool presented in the market by Ginny Pix Inc. that provides professional-grade editing is now made super easy and sleek. You can use a selection of more than 190 pre-made filters and effects and save your own presets recipes.

The app helps you edit all your desired things and create infinite variations of the same photos and videos without losing the original charm of the content. Some of its exclusive features include super-fast processing, 190 filters, dust filters, edit both videos and photos, color effects, advanced grain features, and various others.

#5 Plann +


Plann + app enables you to get an Instagram planner, get content prompts, schedule posts, create breathtaking stories templates with Canva stories, use Instagram pic editor and crop, and various others. Plann: Design and Schedule Posts is a stunning application presented in the market by LadyLaurence Pty Ltd that provides a design schedule for Instagram, drag and drop functionality, exclusive analytics, and so much more.

You can retouch, whiten, and brighten your photos on Instagram with a free Instagram pic editor. Plann + Analytics for Instagram is a sleek tool that enables you to add your desired text, sleek borders, and even draw over your photos whenever you want. Plann: Analytics for Instagram app enables you to choose from hundreds of looks from pastel to vintage or add special effects right away.

#6 The Grid: Plan for Instagram


The Grid app makes it effortless to plan all your posts, craft your captions before posting your content, and effortlessly rearrange posts with drag and drop functionality right on the palm of your hands. The Grid: Plan for Instagram is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by The Good App Company, Limited that enables you to achieve the best feed on Instagram best for you or your business.

You can elegantly plan your post over Instagram in advance, post scheduled content over Instagram, write captions for each post ahead of time and enjoy loads of beautiful features. The Grid: Visually Plan Your Posts app enables you to grab the most attractive and beautiful timeline over all your social feeds with elegant drag and drop controls.

#7 Chromic


Chromic app presents Hollywood-style and quality color correction filters to extemporize your life moments with pure class. Chromic: Video Filters, Editor is a stunning platform presented in the market by Lucky Clan Inc. that brings plenty of amazing filters for making your content chic and beautiful. This application brings a stack of amazing filters, including a dramatic Hollywood environment, authentic vintage aging, film emulation, and various others.

You can enjoy 8 in-built filters from each of the six sets that it contains for you to extemporize your photos beautifully. Chromic: Adjust Film, Vintage Effect FX app provides 7 built-in exposures and effects adjustment features from all six full sets. Some of its filters include special films, special effects, split tons, pastel colors, vintage, film, antique, monotone, and various others.

#8 Your Story – Create Stories


Your Story is a gorgeous application that you can download for free to start using its exclusive toolkit for storytellers to manage and create things flawlessly. Your Story – Photo Editor for Storytellers is a stunning application presented in the market by Anna Marco, which enables you to choose your story, curate it with class, and share it over your desired social platforms to get attention or gain organic followers.

You can discover original templates, add your desired piece of text over your stories, and choose from multiple collage collections to make your photography ultimate. Your Story – Create Stories app lets you set the mood, save all your curated collection in ultimate quality, and share stuff on social media platforms with your friends, fans, and followers.

#9 Colourtone


Colourtone is a leading photographers and content creators application presented in the market by Bonnie Cee Inc. through which you can enjoy ultimate edits for your social feeds whenever you want. Colourtone: Creative photo filter app is a brilliant application that helps you take your edit to the next level and achieve the photography aesthetics in the most effortless but unique manner.

You can enjoy a stack of more than 100 filters that you can add over all your special moments to make them look astonishing. The app features island escape collection, wanderlust, classic collection, bonnie cee collection, summer daze, middle easy collection, royal collection, beach bronze collection, royal collection, luxe B&W collection, and various others.

#10 Presco


Presco is one of the most robust mobile apps that enables its global users to apply Lightroom presets created and curated by a team of professional photographers. Presco – Edit your Photos like a professional is a superb tool presented in the market by Long Tail LLC Inc. that brings a bunch of professional presets for you and helps you try stunning presets for free.

The app provides presets with more than 250 Lightroom presets in total, a stack of best background tones, unique color variances, and amazing color themes. Presco: Edit w/ Lightroom Presets lets you grab the most stunning matches for your photos while getting this ultimate collection of presets whenever you want.

#11 Insta Story ·


Insta Story is a great tool that helps you edit your photos and make your stories stand out in a way like never before. Story Maker – Templates for Instagram Story is a gorgeous tool presented in the market by InShot Video and Photo Apps where you can find film and ripper paper, neon, system popup, and various other collections to extemporize your stories in a way like never before.

The app contains a fabulous stack of more than 500 unique designs to express your imagination and life moments into elegant stories right away. You can just select a photo, text, and start decorating with backgrounds, covers, colors, and let the app does the rest.

#12 Mojo


Mojo lets you choose an animated template of your choice, add your texts and media, customize stuff in the way you want to create stunning video stories for your social feeds on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, or any of your desired ones. Mojo – Create animated Stories for Instagram is an exceptional tool presented in the market by Archery Inc. that helps you create stunning stories and share them to any platform in a single swipe.

Mojo – Insta Story Editor app enables you to choose from a classy collection of more than 50 templates from multiple styles, with 100 editable approaches. Mojo – Animated Stories Templates app enables you to choose from a stack of more than 50 styles; all are beautifully animated and adapted to your memorable or special content.

#13 Preseters


Preseters is an elegantly designed application that brings an exclusive collection and a rich catalog of Lightroom mobile presets. Preseters – Lightroom Presets and Video Filters is a unique and stunning application presented in the market by Plexagon s.r.l. that enables you to get curated presets to extemporize your images with pure class.

Preseters – Lightroom Presets app enables you to beautify the charm of photos of you and your friends, family members, colleagues, and all your loved ones. Preseters – Mobile filters for photo edit app enables you to discover, import, and download presets to your Lightroom app. It enables you to purchase a subscription version to precisely unlock and grab all the premium features.

#14 Quick Cam


Quick Cam is a sleek mobile phone tool truly based on the WIFI’s smart cloud full GD sports camera that helps you make an instant connection with sports cameras whenever, wherever you want. Quick Cam is a sleekly designed tool presented in the market by Chengli Xu Inc. that brings a new and instant way to connect sports camera no matter where you are.

You can intuitively make an instant connection with plenty of sports cameras for video preview, download photos and videos, playback the content, and share all your most likely images on social networks. You can live your life live in real-time whenever you make an instant connection with a sports camera using the Quick Cam app.

#15 Vintage Film Camera: Retro Art


Vintage Film Camera: Retro Art app makes it effortless to shoot amazing retro-style videos in just a single tap of the button. Vintage Film Camera: Retro Art: Your video, time-slipped, is a sleek app presented in the market by Daichi Sasaki, which turns scenes of your daily life into hundred years old movie just by tapping the record button available over the app.

You can intuitively create a video of 20 seconds for the default back and white film and almost 6 seconds for other lengths. The app also features playback support through which you can enjoy a motion camera to record video playback preview. You can even extend all the films to five mins if you purchase its pro version having exceptional features.

#16 Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker


Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker app enables its global users to create amazing and sleek stop motion and time-lapse motion videos with ease. Life Lapse Stop Motion Maker is a simple application presented in the market by Bolandia Creative Inc. that makes stop motion effortless just over your cell phones and tablets. You can precisely align your subjects from flips simultaneously because it overlaid the previous photos in the camera mode.

The app features plenty of amazing filters, multiple project, import images into projects, back camera and selfie mode support, rearrange clips in projects, and realign images after you take it. It also features sleek sizing customization whether you want to up your story game, upload to video hosting, or share your contact through social media platforms.

#17 KOD Cam


KOD Cam app does not include any complicated operations, just as the past film cameras, and is officially authorized by KOD CAM. KOD Cam – Disposable Film Camera is a significantly designed application presented in the market by PSDC Mobile Inc. that captures all your life moments with real class. The app helps you get amazing photos as they were officially taken with a real disposable camera.

The app provides its users with amazing photography and helps them enjoy the features of a disposable camera right under one platform. Each of the detail available over the camera impersonators (a real disposable camera) helps you have an amazing user experience whenever you want.

#18 Seen: Stories Maker


Seen: Stories Maker app enables you to make your social media posts and stories stand out, having plenty of exceptional features and functionalities. Seen: Create & Edit Story Templates is a significant tool presented in the market by Lightricks Ltd. that enables you to enjoy amazing template transitions, gifs and stickers, and endless possibilities for extemporizing your Instagram feed.

The app contains a collection of more than 1000 trendy, exquisite story templates and keeps on adding more and more to let you have an amazing experience. Seen app brings unique template transitions and helps you preview the Instagram feed of any user on Instagram with ease. Seen: Stories Maker app lets you enjoy transitions between pages of stories you don’t find anywhere.

#19 Feed Preview for Instagram


Feed Preview for Instagram is a significant tool for organizing and building your feed on Instagram in a professional and beautiful way. Feed Preview for Instagram: #1 Preset, Plan & Schedule IG is a stunning tool presented in the market by BerthX Inc. through which you can manage your Instagram account, having everything right in the palm of your hands.

You can precisely preview as well as plan amazing feed on Instagram and add or plan your future posts with extreme ease. You can intuitively edit your photos with amazing filters and effects and get the classiest feed every. Feed Preview for Instagram app lets you add and delete videos, pics, and carrousels with simple steps.

#20 Tezza


Tezza is a widely used photography tool that brings plenty of amazing functionalities for its global users to professionally extemporize their photos. Tezza: Make Photo & Video Magic is a sleekly designed application presented in the market by Tezza Inc. that enables you to beautify your images and videos with amazing editing tools and fresh preset using your Android or iOS cell phones and tablets.

You can enjoy loads of editing tools and functions while having beautiful presets, robust tools, dust textures, and many more functionalities right away. Apart from editing a single memory, the Tezza: Make Photo and Video Magic app also enables you to enjoy batch editing (editing more than one image).