BandwidthPlace is s web-based platform that measures your internet performance and manages your bandwidth speed. The platform is inspired by and offers lots of similar activities including with lots of advanced features that will help the user to manage their bandwidth. It supports all the browsers and devices such as iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. It does not require any registration and installation. The specialty of the Bandwidth Place is that it helps the users to find the best internet providers in your area to improve your current service. also offers Broadband News that provide all the latest and important about internet and broadband. In Broadband section the content consists of multiple categories such as Internet, Speedtest, Mobile, WiFi, Tablets and Google Fiber etc. It also allows their users to share their own ideas with the other on You can test your device on anytime where it is completely free for all. Do try it, if you’re facing internet problems.




TelcoQ is a leading platform that is specially made for mobile telecommunication users to monitor the quality of their 3G, 4G or LTE coverage online. It is very simple to use you just need to install the application of TelcoQ in your mobile phone and then click on the start button to analyses the network quality. TelcoQ measures more than 24 different parameters of your device such as download/upload speed, eNBC, signal strength and pink etc. During the measurement, the TelcoQ doesn’t use additional mobile data. It has the massive team member who can work hard to provide the more efficient service that helps the users. Simple interface and fast measurement will engage the audience. To make the service better it also refer lots internet tools that fixed your all kind of problems. Do try it out, if you find that your internet connection is too slow.


0 is a modern DSL speed test to investigate your broadband internet access. The platform is specially made for users who find that their internet connection is too slow or you’re just curious how fast it really is. Here is the best tool for a fast check globally. It measures your current internet performance to the server nearby to you. test your download, upload, and connection as well as ping speed. All the test are performed within your browsers over the HTTP and not require any further installation. In, you can check all kinds of connection including with DSL, LTE, Cable, UMTS, and VDSL etc. After the checking the speed of your internet connection it also provides the solution of how you can fast your internet connection. is the useful platform for those who want to compare internet packages. It works very simply the, give you tools that you need to run the test entirely in your browser. You just want to ensure that your mobile or computer is connected to the internet directly to the router via wifi or cable. It takes 20 to 25 seconds to provide the result of your internet connection.




My Connection PC is a Freemium web-based platform that allows you to test or check your internet connection quality and speed. It performs a range of important connection tests to provide the detailed performance analysis of the network connection. MCPC (My Connection PC) also support automated testing to classify congestion, over subscription and lots of other intermittent network problems. provide the detail graph that showing performance over the time of application speed test. You can easily switch between download and upload graph using the drop down menu. My Connection PC also offers lots of key features such as identification of quality problems, capacity and connection speed measurement, network routing analysis, TCP delay analysis, VoIP quality test and automated testing service etc. In order to simply test the internet speed you do not need to sign up or any installation, you just want to open the My Connection PC official platform and click on the start button. After the checking, the is the product of Visualware whose aim is to provide the high-quality experience.


0 is the similar sites to that allows their users to check internet speed on any device such as Mac, Mobile, and PC in seconds. It is completely free service for everyone across the world. You just need to visit the Up down Test official websites and click on the begin start button, and after the few second the platform will show your internet download and upload speed. To provide the more facility of their users, it also introduces hundreds of web tools such as Article Rewriter, Meta Tag Generator, Robots.txt Generator, XML Sitemap Generator, Link Analyzer, Domain into IP and lots of others that the service more efficient. offers most prominent features such as refer advanced tools, simple and fast interface, no installation and registration need and support on all the browsers, etc. Try it out; you’ll surely enjoy the service of



OpenSpeedTest is another cross-platform internet performance test application where you can test your internet speed in multiple web-browsers within the different operating systems such as Mac, Windows, and Android without any installation. As compared to the other similar site it uses advanced technology to test the internet speed. Open Speed Test designed for testing all types of internet connection speed from 1KB to 1GB+. The algorithm of the has automatically detected the stable connection speed by running on multiple file download and upload requests from your web browser itself. It offers user-friendly interface you don’t need to do anything just click on the start button and wait for a 10 to 15 seconds for the final result, but be sure different broadband operators have different plans that are the way they give different speed. is completely free for everyone around the world and support all kinds of browsers. One of the special things about this service is that it offers to provide brilliant ideas and refer modern tools to increase your internet speed.


0 is an internet speed information and review site based in New York City. The website if the main focus on the internet, mobile phones, fiber optics, cable TV and wireless services in the Canada and United State as well as other countries. It was launched in 1999 by Justin Beech, and the founder aims to provide all the major information on the internet in order to help the users. Just like the other websites, it offers fast internet speed test tools that allow you to test your internet connection download and upload speed. But it is not just a platform that you can use only for test the internet speed it also offers lots of exciting services such as Reviews about internet stuff, hundreds of tools, latest news about the internet and much more that engage the audience around the world. In order to use the service of, you must need to sign up with the valid email address. DSLR reports also allow you place their own ideas and review to share with the others. Do try it out in order to immerse himself deep into the advanced internet world.



nPerf is a web-based application that accurately your internet connection’s performance. It provides an exclusive algorithm which allows you to measure accurately download speed, upload speed and latency of your connection. You can use its own all the worldwide dedicated servers network that is optimized to provide the enough speed to saturate your connection so that they cannot measure its speed accurately. is usable on all kinds of broadband and mobile devices connection including ADSL, optical fiber FTTH/FTTB, Wifi, 2G, 3G, and LTE. By default, it uses TCP mode which is more effective because it uses sockets straight without going through the browser. In order to use TCP mode, you require access remote services on TCP port 8080. In case the TCP mode is not available then the test is done in HTTP mode. is one of the best and trust able service because it only collects geo-localized statics, there is not personal information or data collected. Providing a detected server, fast testing, support on all the browsers and easy to use these are most prominent features of the



SpeedOf is one of the smartest and most accurate online bandwidth tests that work on all the major platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac, etc. It was launched in December 2011, and it is world’s first bandwidth test platform that creates in HTML5. It works on all the browsers without any installation. Speed Of is completely free service and available in all around the world. SpeedOf.Me includes lots of prominent features to engage the audience such as real-time bandwidth graph, work on all hand held devices, lightweight websites, not registration require and much more. In order to use the service of SpeedOf.Me you just need to visit the Speed Of official websites and click on the begin test button after a few second the service will show the complete performance of their internet connection. It also allows their user to test their service provider server that is located in multiple places around the world.



TestMy is one of the best alternatives to that allows the users to check the performance of their internet connection. It offers three different option to test the speed of your internet connection such as Test My Download Speed (check the download bandwidth speed), Test My Upload Speed (check the upload bandwidth speed) and Test My Automatically Speed (Benchmark internet connection bandwidth automatically). is useful service for those users who feel the connection slow down or want to check the performance of their internet connection. It also provides the latest information about the intern world where you can also post their own ideas with the other or discuss on the other major issues. Test offers lots of key features such as simple interface; no need sign up if you simply check your internet performance, new ideas, and communication option with the other users around the world. With lots of speed boosting tools that engage the audiences. is a world’ leading platform to check your internet speed.



Just like the, it is another platform that estimates your present internet download speed. You’ll usually be able to get this speed from leading internet services that can use worldwide distributed servers. is only reported on the downloading speed because the downloading speed is the most relevant for people who are consuming stuff on the internet and want one of the best and trust able internet speed test It offers most simple interface as compared to the other similar sites that provide the way for consumers to test the what performance of their ISP is giving. It is not a diagnostic speed test suit and engineer’s analysis system; it is a simple internet performance measurement tools for everyone. You can run it on all the platform such as iOS, Android, Apple TV, Microsoft Windows and Mac. In order to solve the problem of their users it also refers most popular and world’s best speed boost tools. has millions of users around the world they can check multiple devices in each day.



Speedtest is a web-based platform to measure your internet speed or performance. With the billions of active users to date, it is the dominant global leader in the internet speed testing and metric. The ultimate objective of the service of is to provide the faster and better internet facilities around the world. Speedtest works on all the platforms such as Mac, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Androids, etc. The proven technology behind the Speed test is purpose built for correct and unbiased internet performance testing that authorizes audience all over the world to gauge and troubleshoot the speed of their internet service. It is one of the best speed measure platforms that wins lots of awards around the world by providing the best service. It has a simple interface to the user just need to visit on the and click on the Begin Test in order to measure the performance. In order complete the mission of speed test it also offers lots of unique tools that will increase the performance of the complete system and internet service. Do try it out, to check your internet speed.