0 is the domain dedicated for reading the science, health, and medical journals. For its independent work and one of the largest collections of journals, is said to be the leading source over the internet for finding the reliable and unbiased medical, health and scientific materials. Right at the official website of the you will be given access to all type of scientific material from foundational science to the new professional and novel search. has the one of the largest collections of sciences and engineering publications. It is covering a wide range of disciplines from the theoretical to the practical approach. The user friendly search system of will allow you to easily explore the technical, medical and scientific material on this website. You can here search for all kind of book chapters, articles and journals. It also provide the open source content as well. All you required to provide some keywords, author name, journal or book title, volume, issue, page and press the search button and the entire detail regarding your query will be in front of you. That is the way of working of that is very simple and user friendly. You can also opt for the advanced search as well but for this you will be required to provide some extra details to get more filtered and relevant result.




This journal-based portal is one of the credible sources for getting the scientific and technical journals because it is being backed by the Oxford University. The journals, books, and research papers available at the complied by the experts and professionals of So, one thing is clear from that you will get from here the credible and highly professional research material. The journals available at the platform of are arranged into the alphabetical order so that you can get an instant access to your desired journals by simply exploring alphabetically. The main journals and reading material available at belongs to the field of arts & humanities, law, medicine & health, science & mathematics and social sciences. In addition to exploring through the categories of, you can use the advanced search bar of as well to search your desired articles. If you want to get the only relevant data then use the advanced search system of and provide the citation detail, keywords, authors’ details, select journal or subject area, limit results and results format and you will get only relevant information. For the information of the readers, is the official journals website of the Oxford University Press and that is enough for its credibility.


0 is the official website of the Scientific Journals International that is known for working as the open source access journals for almost all leading disciplines. This web based journals system actually published the peer-reviewed open access journals to its visitors. The innovate work and reading material is giving benefits to all kind of its disciplines including scholars, scientists, academic and research institutions. The independent researchers across the globe can also search out for their desired data at the as well. The best about is that it also publish the work of other researchers as well. So, here is an opportunity for you to get international recognition. Your work will be published according to your own title. Reviewers and editors can also take part in the activities of as well. has been transforming the way of compiling the journals in an online environment. The exceptional about is that it combines the open access model with innovative approaches to address the problems in the current scholarly publishing system at the worldwide level. Its revolutionary working system provides the one stop efficient forum for publishing research and creative work from all disciplines. So, if you want to search journals only then is here to welcome you and if you want to publish your journals then you are always welcome too.



0 is a type of library. It is a web-based open access scientific journals and articles providing a platform that is working as a non-profit organization. To some extent it is a community based platform that is assisting the disciplines of scientific and medical to get the free access to the scientific material. PLOS is itself stand for Public Library of Science. The exceptional about is that its platform is being run by the leading scientist of the world. Almost the experts and professionals of the over 190 countries are working on the platform of the You will amazed to know that in these scientist and experts almost 59 are Noble Laureates. Four main advantages that you will get from the that are finding the PLOS journals that are right for you, see the best reasons to publish journals or research papers with PLOS, learn about where this WebSite headed with PLOS innovation and discover the simple ways to get involved. All you required to provide some words about the topic in the advanced search bar of the and in return you will get the complete detail about your desired topic. Tens of thousands of articles are the part of the that are free to access, reuse and redistribute. There is no geographical restriction at all.


0 is an online digital library of tens of thousands of academic journals, books and research papers of the expert of their disciplines. In order to access the entire services of the you will be first required to create an account with For its largest collection of journals and articles is said to be one of the leading sources for getting the journals, primary sources and books as well. There is an advanced search system of where you are required to provide the name of journals, primary sources and books, in return you will get the detail of your provided material. The material available at the can be browse by way of title and publisher as well. You can go for the advanced search system of as well for finding the most relevant data. For advanced search system you are required information about item type, data range, publication title, ISBN, check the field and the most relevant search result will be in front of you. provide its services to librarians, publishers and individuals. Each of these services contains the different services in their areas. For its distinctive services, is helping the academic community to use its digital material in a more sustainable ways.


0 is one of the largest general scientific society over the internet. is delivering the information about the advance science, engineering and innovative knowledge across the globe. The data of is based on the open to access system that’s why whatever is available on the platform of is open to access for all researchers. publishers the four type of peer-reviewed journals that are Science that is the premier weekly global journal; Science Signaling that is the leading journal of cell signaling and regulatory biology; Science Translational Medicine that is for integrating medicine, engineering and science to promote human health; at last there is Science Advances that is an innovative and high-quality open access journal for all the sciences. The Science Advances editorial is receiving submissions of manuscript. You can also submit your manuscript at as well. To submit a paper you are first required to register at Editorial Manager System of and after that, you will be given access to proceed further. In short, is one of the best journals providing websites containing administrative and program records as well as records for the journals science. The archives of are open all the time to the researchers who are interested in the development of science and technology.


0 stands for Directory of Open Access Journals that delivers the tens of thousands of open access and high quality peer-reviewed journals. At present, almost twelve thousand journals and millions of articles are the part of the open source directory of the You can search the data from the database of either by way of exploring through the categories section of or use the search system and specify first either you are searching for journals or articles. You can also go for the advanced search system of as well but for this you will be required to provide some extra detail in order to get the only relevant information. has categorized its articles according to the Library of Congress Classification. You can either type a keyword into the box or click the arrows in the tree to expand and collapse subjects. Clicking on any subject will reveal the number of available records in the box on the right. You can also get your journals and articles published at the platform of as well. But you will be required to create an account first. Moreover, you will be required to provide the articles for free to In the journal application form you will be provided with a complete form where you are required to provide the all detail of the In case of providing the all and accurate detail you will get your article published soon.


0 is the name of an American-based science magazine. It is the provider of science news, information, journals, and articles. For those who want to get the up to the minute scientific news and want to read the articles and journals will surely like the services of the Whatever the subject matter is either it is of earth, environment or about the outer space, you will get the access to the almost all scientific and technical subjects over the web-based platform of the For its instant knowledge sharing and the writers who are writing for the, it is said to the one of the most trusted and leading sources over the internet to get the best scientific news. is working under the supervision of Springer Nature and is delivering the sources of the thousands of scientific journals provider and publications services. The free access to the material of is available from all leading web browsers. contains all those articles and features that it collects from its own sources and Scientific American Mind Magazines are the part of this website and are available in the format of news, blogs, videos and other web-only content. If you want to access the feature-length magazine of you are first required to go for the digital subscription plan of the This will require some payment.



This website is basically the aggregator of the journals of the data of the leading scientific publishing and journals services. This online source is the name of open access journals where you can access its material for free with all its material. As it is an open source journals provider so the data available at the platform of is free to read, download and even print without any cost. The exceptional here is that there is no subscription system at all as it is an open access based journals system. You can search here the content according to author, title, abstract, index terms and full text. At you can communicate with the expert writes to seek their help to write a better paper. The articles and journals available at are very limited and available in the discipline of biomedical science, engineering, medical science, pharmaceutical science, and technology. Currently is offering the journals of International Journal of Advances in Scientific Research, International Journal of Advice’s in Pharmaceutics, International Journal of Advances in Pharmaceutical Analysis, International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research, International Journal of Pharmacological Research, International Journal of Biomedical Research, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and International Journal of Phytopharmacy. You can submit your journals and research paper at the website of as well.


0 is one of the leading databases of the scientific material, medical and technical information. It provides the information about various products and services as well. The articles, research papers and journals available at the online database of will make you able to make the better decisions, deliver better care and discover more in the world of science and technology. Use the data of and make the best discoveries in the health, science, and technology. The exceptional about is that it deliver the digital solutions in a web based interface. In order to do so, it is dependent upon the leading science articles and news providers like ScienceDirect, Reaxys, ClinicalKey and much more. Tens of thousands of book titles and hundreds of journals are the part of the online reading database of It is the one of the vest ways over the internet to get the daily stories for the medical, science and technology communities. Elsevier Clinical Solutions, Elsevier Research Intelligence, Elsevier Education, Research Platforms and Elsevier R&D Solutions are the some main area of services by the The cross discipline platforms of support for your research journey, enable research and career management and empower you to make an even greater impact in your field. You are going to enjoy lot of informational and credible stuff over the internet. If you want, you can submit your paper as well.


0 stand for the European Scientific Journal that is an online source for getting the peer reviewed and open access articles and journals. The articles and journals are available on the platform of are high quality and review by the leading experts of the Every month it issue the journals and articles of the all those researchers who are interested in publishing their scientific material at this platform. is based on the concept of interdisciplinary that allow its members to submit their articles in different areas currently being recognized by the You can get your article published at in English, French and Spanish. Each month it publishes the at least issues on its websites. These issues are about humanities, life sciences, economics, law and education. You can search here the content according to author, title, abstract, index terms and full text. At you can communicate with the expert writes to seek their help to write a better paper. For those who want to get notification from the can also subscribe for the services of as well. At the website of, you will connect with the twelve thousands authors from all around the globe and will get an instant and open access to hundreds of articles and journals. You can also submit your articles and journals to as well but before going to do so you must read the submission terms and conditions of the



This website is the platform of open source and peer reviewed articles and journals. This online scientific journals containing website is covering the articles of almost four hundred academic. At the moment, there are fifty-five open access journals, forty-three thousand articles and three hundred topics covered at the platform of The web interface of is very user friendly that make its visitors able to easily search for their desired articles or journals at the At the main page, there is advanced search bar of where you are required to provide the name of articles, journals and people and you will get all result against your search. The left section of contains the top news listing. The leading quality of is that the research topics available at the scientifically correct and approved by its experts. Over seven thousand scientists are attached to the editorial section of the You can search your desired topic in the featured of all, journals, articles, research topics and simple blog. You are really going to take a lot of material from the The journals available here can be search in the range of alphabetical order, science, engineering, and humanities & social sciences. You can also submit a manuscript, abstract or abstract of an event as well.


0 is the name of International Publishers of Journals and Books that publish and journals relevant to medical, scientific and technical topics at its online website. It is the provider on hundred subscription-based academic journals and almost two hundred open access ebooks and journals. It has a presence in almost all countries of the world. The technical and scientific writer from the China, Japan, India, United States and Pakistan are working for the At the main page of its sections are arranged into the order of journals & ebooks, articles by disease, Bentham online, marketing opportunities, for librarians and for authors & editors. Here the point of concern is the journals and ebooks section of the from where you can find the journals and articles being published by the These journals and ebooks can be filtered into the areas of subscription journals, ebooks, journals & ebooks catalog, free online trials, and endorsements. In the journals and ebooks section again you can search out the journals and books by way of subject, title, patent journals, free online samples, journals impacting science, and much more. For the information of the readers, is totally a paid journal service. Only a few articles are available at free sample basis.


0 is basically an aggregator of the leading journals and articles provider. It is among those few sites that provides the journals and articles of almost all academic areas. For its massive collection of journals, is said to be the one of the largest and leading website around the world that is in cooperation with almost all leading libraries and journals providers over the internet. For every section, it has a special area to provide the journals and related articles of that area only. This will make the browsing and filtering process very easy and simple for you. The online journals that are available in the database of are peer-reviewed open access journal and dedicated to providing the information in the respective academic. In most of the cases, you will get the free and full access to the high-quality work done by the researcher and experts of their fields. For each journal, it will deliver you the score, article links for the content and the provider of that journal. If you want to get the updates of the journals on your desired subject in your inbox then simply provide the email ID and get the free updates and notification.


0 is the name of Open Science Journal that is the provider of open access journals across the globe. Just like getting the open access journals from the you can also publish your original research work at the publishing platform of as well. It allows the disciples of all area of sciences including replication studies and interdisciplinary as well as negative results. However, it merits to mention here that only those articles that are scientifically rigorous research. You are not required to bother about the novelty of subject. All you required to deliver the professional level of work as it will increase the chances of the publishing of your work. In order to submit the article or journal be careful about the file format, length, font, headings, layout, page numbers, footnotes, languages, abbreviations, reference style and equations if any. The information about all these is available the submission section of the If you want to get the regular updates from the then you are required to sign up for the newsletters of the and stay up to date and get notices about the new developments and journals in your inbox.