Score Creator: compose music


Score Creator: compose music Alternatives


#1 MuseScore: sheet music


MuseScore: Sheet Music app lets you discover notes of great quality no matter what instrument you love playing. MuseScore: View and Play Sheet Music is a stunning app presented in the market by MuseScore Inc. that enables you to view, play and manage more than a million scores to suit any taste, all under a single platform.

The app enables you to browse music notes on to get the most exclusive and one of the largest sheet music collection. MuseScore: Learn and Play Music Notes app brings more than one million pieces of free sheet music on piano notes, guitar notes, harmonica notes, kalimba notes, trumpet notes, and whatever instrument you love.


#2 Virtual Sheet Music


Virtual Sheet Music app enables users of android device owners to get an amazing virtual sheet music catalog on the move and get all its benefits whenever necessary. Virtual Sheet Music is a stunning application presented in the market by Virtual Sheet Music Inc. that enables you to enjoy downloading high-quality digital sheet music and play it without even having an internet connection.

You can intuitively download files to play analog available for most music for almost all the instruments that you love playing. Virtual Sheet Music app contains an optimized and new page-turning system that lets this sheet music app to be used in live performance to make it elegant over its genre.

#3 Musicnotes


Musicnotes makes it effortless to access and play sheet music while enjoying interactive play mode for both your performances and rehearsal. Musicnotes Sheet Music Player is an elegantly designed app presented by Musicnotes Inc. where you can enjoy shopping for more than 400,000 sheet music arrangements for your desired instruments. It brings your sheet music to life with exclusive and real-time playback for all your pieces of music.

You can intuitively change keys with the transpose tool, organize your music into setlists for instant access, buy new titles to play anything on the move, and mark up your desired music with a finger or table pencil. Musicnotes: Sheet Music Player app provides elegant access to the most exclusive high-quality collection of sheet music arrangements either music is your passion, hobby, or profession.


#4 Digital Concert Hall


Digital Concert Hall app enables you to stream more than 50 converts live every season and get elegant and unique access to its exclusive media. Digital Concert Hall | Berlin Philharmonic is a stunning app presented in the market by Berliner Philharmoniker that enables you to stream classical concerts on-demand and live right from your cell phones and tablets.

You can enjoy streaming plenty of live streams and get amazing access to its exquisite containing plenty of classical concerts from five decades. Digital Concert Hall: Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra app brings the greatest conductors and soloists of the era right under one platform. It contains more than 50 live broadcasts in high definition as well as surrounded sound every season.

#5 Piano+ – Sheet Music Score


Piano+ – Sheet Music Score app enables you to use an exclusive keyboard for creating your own sheet music score whenever you want. Piano+ – Score Creator & Writer Composer is an elegantly designed application presented in the market by Song Zhang Inc. that intuitively handles not only a sleek piano score but a complex symphony score.

It enables you to export and import the popular music XML file format, allowing for exchanging sheet music with Finale, Encore, MuseScore, Sibelius, and various other software. Piano+ – Sheet Music Score app features high-quality sound for playback, editing up to 8 parts simultaneously, multi-voice support, export PNG image and PDF document, and great lyric app.

#6 Metronaut Music Sheets


Metronaut Music Sheets app enables you to practice your most likely masterpieces with Metronaut while exploring hundreds of music sheets whenever you want. Metronaut Music Sheets: Music Sheets and Accompaniment is a sleekly designed music app presented in the market by Antescofo Inc. that enables you to explore more than 3,500 music sheets with high-quality backing tracks for all the instruments (that you love using) and levels.

You can explore an actually growing catalog of thousands of classics music sheets and get exclusive recommendations of music by its exclusive editorial team for your levels and instruments. It helps you play along with high-quality recordings from all professional musicians and effectively develop their listening and learning skills.



IMSLP app enables you to browse the entire collection of IMSLP and discover your most likely pieces right from your cell phones and manage them accordingly. IMSLP is a significant tool presented by IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library Inc. through which you can explore its recording library of over half a million tracks from all the top performers from all over the globe.

You can effortlessly read, annotate, grab and perform music using its in-built score reader whenever you want. It provides the most extensive free library in the world where you can create your own library of recordings and scores. IMSLP app enables you to add scores to your library and access them intuitively and manage your most likely recordings over your library anytime, anywhere you want.

#8 Nkoda: The Sheet Music Library


Nkoda: The Sheet Music Library app brings instant and elegant access to millions of pages of sheet music right on the palm of your hands and helps you manage things flawlessly. nkoda: the sheet music library is a sleek music tool presented in the market by nkoda Inc. that brings the most exclusive library of sheet music for you to enjoy music digitally, like never before.

It provides subscription-based access to its entire content and lets you play the best editions available over the platform. nkoda: All on subscription is a sleek tool to find rare music and hire materials, play all the available editions, and lets you enjoy more than just a sheet music reader.

#9 Tomplay Sheet Music


Tomplay Sheet Music app provides thousands of pop, jazz, and classical sheet music with backing tracks whenever you want. Tomplay Sheet Music is a sleek tool presented in the market by Tombooks Sarl Inc., where you can play thousands of scores with high-quality recordings to accompany you whenever necessary.

You can intuitively learn and play your most likely works made by professional musicians and accompanied by high-quality recordings. You can enjoy grabbing thousands of scores from beginners to advanced level folks and play scores for solo piano with the possibility of practicing one-hand to play in a duet and Four-hands and accompanied by an orchestra and recording of other hands.

#10 Newzik: Sheet Music Reader


Newzik: Sheet Music Reader is an elegant professional toolbox that brings everything you need to manage your sheet music needs whenever you want. Newzik: Sheet Music Reader is an elegantly designed app presented in the market by Syncsing – NewZik that provides all the tools for your sheet music right on the palm of your hands.

You can intuitively import, scan, and buy your desired score and build your library in a way like never before. Newzik: Your Pro Sheet Music Toolbox enables you to organize your digital library and enhance your score while having all the necessary things right in the palm of your hands. You can sync your scores with video and audio files.