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#1 Survive ARK Companion


Survive ARK Companion is the only companion application for the Survival Evolved version of ARK you will ever need. Survive ARK Companion: ARK Survival Evolved app carries everything for your survival over the island to admin commands as well as creature comparisons (a must-have to PS4 and Xbox One users). The app brings almost all the features and stuff that is needed to play the regular version of ARK or the actual game as well.

The app carries a taming calculator, including up to 9999 custom levels, torpor calculations, starve and Narcotic timer, Kibble flowchart, additional creature information, breeding information, creature stats calculator, and additional creature information as well. You can precisely enjoy finding out how much food and time is required to raise your precious baby. Survive ARK Companion: ARK Survival Evolved app provides admin commands, including the generation and overview of dino color, spawn, and item commands.


#2 Moonlight Game Streaming


Moonlight Game Streaming is an exclusive app that elegantly streams programs, gaming, and your entire desktop from the NVIDIA Game Stream compatible personal computer. Moonlight Game Streaming is an open-source and absolutely free-to-use app developed in the market by Cameron Gutman Inc. that streams stuff in a way like never before. Moonlight app precisely works over your internet or LTE and your home network.

It also includes support for Xbox One, Android, Xbox 360, Play Station 4, Play Station 3, and Xbox gamepads. Moonlight Game Streaming app features force feedback support, stylus support, up to 4K 120 FPS HDR support, local co-op with four connected controllers, mouse control through gamepad, and keyboard and mouse support as well. The streaming performance may genuinely rely on the network setup and client device. Moonlight Game Streaming app requires GTX 1000-series GPU, HDR 10-capable device, and HDR10-enabled games.

#3 XIM APEX Manager


XIM APEX Manager app brings the most exclusive and concise keyboard and mouse experience over PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One, etc. XIM APEX Manager is a stunning platform presented in the market by XIM Technology Inc. that provides the facilities of extreme flexibility, ease-of-use, and quality. The app precisely empowers gamers without bombarding them through unnecessary complexity. It brings a unique smart translator technology that brings unparalleled one on one aiming precision as well.

The app enables gamers to grab their desired input devices that suit them best, whether gaming from your chair of the drawing-room or at a desk as well. You can select any of your desired games from the collection of Call of Duty and choose a console with a single click. XIM APEX Manager is one of the most elegantly designed companions to the most demanding gamers, loaded with everything they need.


#4 Codes for Borderlands 3


Codes for Borderlands 3 is a stunning platform developed in the market by Bameos Apps Inc. through which you can intuitively get all the latest shift codes for the legendary Borderlands 3. You can precisely use the VIP-codes and Shift for golden keys, skins, and points as well. The app features an auto-updater that helps you in staying updated for all the new changes in codes precisely. You can precisely copy as well as redeem codes over the included links to the shift website and Borderlands VIP.

The app also carries an exclusive PRO version that features an ads-free atmosphere, notification on new codes (Beta), and mark used codes. Codes for Borderlands 3 app also features an integrated web view for community-based sources of plenty of codes as well. So just download Codes for Borderlands 3 app in your cell phones and tablets to enjoy grabbing the latest shift codes.

#5 Dances & Emotes from Battle Royale


Dances & Emotes from Battle Royale is the unofficial application where you can precisely enjoy watching all the moves, emotions, and dances from almost all the popular battle royale games. Dances & Emotes from Battle Royale is an excellent tool presented by LastBit Inc. It carries all the dance modes and emotions, enjoys watching dances instant, adds your desired dances to your favorite sections, and use the live wallpaper function.

You can precisely use those emotions and dances in the tournaments, the lobby, and the game as well. You can instantly receive your desired dances/emotions as a reward for increasing the level of the battle pass or even buy items in the daily shop as well. Dances and Emotes from Battle Royale app lets you choose what you watch, use the season function, add and view your most likely dances, and manage easy settings whenever you want.

#6 Gameflip


Gameflip is a superbly loved gaming hub and marketplace loved by a community of millions of global users who are using this platform for online shopping and improving their gaming skills. Gameflip: Gaming Hub | Buy & Sell | Learn & Train is a stunning platform developed in the market by ijji Inc. that enables you to buy and sell games, items, gift cards, and more on your mobile devices. The app allows you to browse the items that you are looking for at the best possible price and enjoy 100% cash-back support.

You can sharpen and enrich your gaming capabilities by watching high-quality video content through learning and training all your most likely games right under one platform. Gameflip: Gaming Hub | Buy and Sell | Learn and Train app enables you to buy or sell your desired stuff at the most reasonable prices, fast cash-outs, safe and secure atmosphere, and list in a snap.

#7 R6 Stats


R6 Stats is an exceptional tool that helps you get connected to the Rainbow Six Siege by using tools presented in the market by Denis Suarez Jr. R6 Stats app provides features through which you can stay on top of all your stats and get every information over the leaderboard section of this tool. You can precisely enjoy watching the stats of you as well as your friends, weapon, view casual, rankings of players, and see how you’re doing over the game.

It precisely includes plenty of exceptional features that provides several functions, but its official Rainbow Six website does not contain everything regarding the stats or other tracking stuff. You can precisely track the daily progressions as well as the stats of your performance in the game where rivalry is everything. R6 Stats allows you to take a precise eye over the progressions, stats, position, and power of all the competitions.

#8 ClickLoot


ClickLoot enables you to earn significant points by unlocking plenty of exceptional offers and filling out surveys, games, or various gift cards, and points that you can redeem as VGO skins, CS:GO skins instantly. ClickLoot – Earn skins, games, and gift cards is a fabulous tool developed in the market by Drop Table Inc. that provides third-party service with ClickLoot has an agreement. The app carries a shop where you can intuitively use your earn credits to claim loot whenever you want.

The app provides high-quality desirables, all the way up to higher tier items, a range of popular and cheap care keys, or skins to enjoy under a single platform. ClickLoot – Earn skins, games, and gift cards app brings plenty of simple stuff like installing an app, filling surveys, creating third party website account, playing games, etc.

#9 Undertale Amino


Undertale Amino is a sleekly designed application that enables you to join one of the most exclusive and significant growing Undertale community for enjoying plenty of things effortlessly. Undertale Amino is the most excellent tool presented in the market by Amino Apps Inc., where you can precisely discover Undertale, test your knowledge with quizzes, meet fellow fans, and create your own identity. The app is significant for learning new strategies, explore Undertale, and find gameplay partners over a deeper level.

Undertale Amino app enables you to enjoy chatting with a community of global players and even make new friends have a quality fun time. It allows you to vote over your desired aspects, get latest updates and the latest news regarding the games, and share your ultimate skills and strategies. Undertale Amino app allows you to learn from as well as contribute to the catalog of its Undertale.

#10 G2A


G2A brings one of the most exclusive and fastest-growing digital gaming platforms developed in the market by that brings the best deals for you. G2A – Games, Gift Cards & More app carries millions of customers to come to explore more than 75 thousand games. Apart from these, it provides thousands of physical and digital products from more than 400 thousand sellers intuitively. You can precisely turn your cellular devices into a portable browser for your desired digital products today.

The app provides a massively exclusive and detailed gaming marketplace, no matter which collection or genre of game that you love playing. It provides user-friendly, sleek, and fast checkout designed to make your shopping experience way better. G2A – Games, Gift Cards, and More carries an exclusive collection where you can enjoy searching more than 75,000 products for various platforms, including Origin, Uplay,, Steam, Xbox One, PSN, and more.

#11 Steam Chat


Steam Chat app enables its global community to enjoy a massively secure, effective, and online community of gamers right over your cell phones and tablets. Steam Chat is an exceptional platform developed in the market by Valve Corporation Inc. that allows you to take your stream friends, conversations, groups, and all the other things regarding gaming with you all the time. The app carries plenty of features for desktop steam client chat over your cellular device.

Over its friends list feature, you can precisely track who is online as well as in the game at a glance and also see your favorite bar and custom categories like you can on your PC. The app provides a Rich Chat functionality and makes your chats even secure and better with higher fidelity tweets, gifs, videos, Steam, emoticons, Giphy, links, and more. Steam Chat app provides customizable mobile notifications, group chats, and invite links functionality.

#12 Guilded


Guilded lets you enjoy chatting, sharing documents, scheduling events, and just kick back over the discussion boards of the community. Guilded is a stunning platform developed in the market by Guilded LLC, which brings the most elegant and free-to-use app for staying connected with your team of gamers. You can intuitively recruit new teammates with its custom apps, and you can also decide who makes the cuts. Guilded app also lets you stay connected with almost all the platforms as well as along with its companion site.

The app also brings plenty of additional features, including discussion boards, event calendars, documents, custom recruiting, and more. Its intuitive discussion boards carry exclusive media capabilities and ironic editing as well. You can precisely enjoy the member management features where you can precisely assign as well as create custom members’ roles. Guilded app also provides the functionality of custom recruiting from application and creation management.

#13 GameTree


GameTree app rate your most likely gaming platforms as well as take your personality test right using your cell phones and tablets. GameTree – #1 Gamer Discovery Network LFG app provides plenty of excellent features along with the availability of offering new AI to get introduced by new friends, events, news, and games whenever you want. It intuitively supports almost all the games on all the tabletop and platforms, such as Board Games, Miniature Wargames, CCG’s, and RPG’s.

GameTree is compatible with millions of games, including Counter-Strike, Grand Theft Auto V, Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Fortnite Battle Royale, Minecraft, PUBG Mobile, Overwatch, The Elder Scrolls V, Dota 2, and Fallout 4, etc. GameTree – #1 Gamer Discovery Network LFG app also includes League of Legends, Rocket League, Mortal Kombat X, The Witcher 3, Rainbow Six Siege, Apex Legends, Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), and Magic the Gathering (MTG).

#14 R6 Squad


R6 Squad app allows its global users to enjoy watching your squad of Rainbow Six Siege as well as precisely track their performance whenever you want. R6 Squad: Track your Squad for Rainbow Six Siege is a stunning app presented in the market by Squad Union OG, where you can elegantly compare your squad, check your performance, instantly see stats, and do much else. You can get intuitive gran seasonal overviews and operators as well as detailed statistics whenever you want.

You can precisely check the overall performance of your squad and even compare them with your desired stuff. R6 Squad app enables you to search users (cross-platform), be up-to-date with stats, more detailed stats page, seasonal w/l k/d, more detailed stats page, adding up to five people (in the free version), and operator stats, etc. R6 Squad app also provides its users with the features of notifications and daily progressions.

#15 Rainbow Six


Rainbow Six is an exceptional platform for people who want to randomize their games as well as try something unique despite try-Harding all night and day. Rainbow Six is an excellent app presented in the market by Emzi0767 Inc. that brings plenty of exceptional components to operate in that way you want. The app provides you with the support of enabling and disabling the operators you don’t feel like playing as well as operators you do not have.

Rainbow Six app features recruit randomize support where you can select five random defenders and attackers for your friends and you to play. Over its operator randomizers, you can precisely choose random defenders or attackers with the Loadouts as well. The app includes almost all the in-game operators and updated for all year five changes. Rainbow Six app provides the options of team randomizer, recruit randomizer, settings, strategy roulette, and various others.

#16 Destiny 2 Companion


Destiny 2 Companion is a valuable tool that always keeps you stay updated and connected to your destiny adventure whenever, wherever life takes you. Destiny 2 Companion is a superb platform developed in the market by Bungie, Inc. that allows you to join Xbox Live, Steam, PlayStation Network, and Stadia, etc. Over its Companion feature, you can precisely see all the latest updates as well as news regarding your favorite stuff.

You can precisely gran new activities and special events that are live in the game. You can elegantly track the progress of all your collection and triumphs. The app helps you to inspect all your most likely armors and weapons, view item perks and stats, and also move your equipment between your vault and the characters. You can create, manage, and monitor your clans by using its unique share identity as well. Destiny 2 Companion app lets you track progress, share rewards, and levels.



PLINK app enables its global users to discover the best teammates, see the stats of gamers for popular games, select teammates by in-app stats, age, location, and language as well. PLINK – Connecting Gamers is a superb platform developed in the market by DogApps Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy discovering your supreme teammates, enjoy instant and secure communications, rushing over the top, and squad up as well. It offers the diversity of almost all popular games as well.

It allows you to enjoy battle royale games and enjoy an in-built community for Apex Legends, Clash Royale, PUBG Mobile, and various other gamers. It is an exceptional social platform that enables you to discover skilled teammates, beat global rivals, discuss the winning strategy with your buddies precisely. PLINK – Connecting Gamers app allows you to enjoy the discussions about Destiny 2, Warface, Overwatch, CSGO, Paladins, and various others.

#18 GamerLink


GamerLink is an excellent platform where users from all over the globe can enjoy clans and chats for Gamers, developed in the market by GamerLink Inc. GamerLink – LFG, Clans & Chat for Gamers is an excellent tool that enables you to discover teammates on Rocket League, PUBG, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Grand Thief Auto V, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six Siege, etc. It is surely a universal platform that supports more than 200 titles across almost all the major podiums.

The app supports games being played by a massive community of active global players, whether they want to love playing games consoles, Xbox, Playstation, or even over the PC. You can enjoy discovering gamers who enjoy playing in the same way that you do. Gamer Link Gamers app also carries an elegant clan or group chatting support that provides you with all the tools to discover new communities and plan out your next gaming sessions.

#19 Moot


Moot is an ultimately loved premier tool for people who love playing games over their cell phones and tablets. Moot – LFG & Gaming Discussion is a stunning platform developed in the market by Naver Corp. Inc. that brings a fantastic source for gaming as well as LGF discussion. This platform enables you to enjoy exploring your most likely lounges of games and discover the teammates with ease by using its elegantly LFG functionality.

You can seamlessly integrate the stats of the games and buy items over its coin shop to spice up your profile as well. The app lets you stay updated with the latest or the trending gaming memes, highlights, reviews, and other significant information. You can precisely communicate privately with your game buddies by using its direct message feature. Moot – LFG & Gaming Discussion game support a dozen lounges, including Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty, etc.

#20 Clutch


Clutch is an exceptional platform where you can intuitively edit, grab, and share your epic gaming moments from plenty of engaging games, developed in the market by Utility Team Labs, Inc. Clutch – Share Xbox/PS4/Mobile/PC DVR Game Clips is a stunning platform where you can intuitively share your best or the most entertaining moments from Fortnite, Apex Legends, Rocket League, PUBG, and anyone that you love to play. You can also add captions, trim your clips, tag your friends, and shared clips play directly with other apps.

Clutch app provides an instant and effective access to sharing them over Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and various others. The app lets you connect your Xbox Gamertag to automatically import clips (Xbox DVR) and even connect your Facebook or PS4 account to import your clips from PlayStation. Clutch app lets you grab a magnificent great place to upload your gaming content.

#21 Bigfoot


Bigfoot is an easy-to-use, ad-free, and safe gaming assistant for plenty of mobile games, developed in the market by Oz Interactive Inc. Bigfoot – FREE in-game assistant for the mobile player is an elegantly designed mobile gaming assistant that helps you in enhancing your gaming experience and play in a way like never before. The app offers plenty of specific functions for games, shooting games, and especially battle royale games. Some of these games include PubG, Fortnite, Pokémon, Roblox, Coc, Cod mobile, Free Fire, and various others.

The app brings the functionality of Auto-record game highlights over the brawl stars and call of duty mobile. It lets you make simple revisions by using the video editing functionality of this platform. Bigfoot – FREE in-game Assistant for Mobile Player app enables you to elegantly share and save, brawl stars, cod mobile, and various other mobile games videos to your desired social platform.

#22 Ubisoft Club


Ubisoft Club app lets you get more from your games while taking on more and more challenges, presented in the market by Ubisoft Entertainment Inc. It enables you to access tons of exclusive and unique rewards by getting over 700 exclusive items across more than 90 PC games and Consoles, etc. Club rewards are probably special in-game items, including costumes, weapon skins, consumables, and much more. You can also enjoy more benefits by getting your gaming assistant named Sam, which is available over here.

You can also check the exclusive daily login feature of the app to get video guides, personalized tips, high-class stats, and much more. Ubisoft Club also lets you celebrate achievements and also track the activities of your friends. You can also discover the best rewards at a glance through its elegant color classification such as Blue – Rare, Purple – Epic, Grey – Common, and Exotic.

#23 Companion for Fortnite


Companion for Fortnite is a fully functional and useful app for Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the players of the world right over your cell phones and tablets. Companion for Fortnite (Stats, Map, Shop, and Weapons) is an extensively used tool that carries almost all the useful tools for some popular games. The app works exclusively as an assistant, guide, stats tracker, and companion for Fortnite. The app contains a store approach that provides all the items that are currently for sale.

Companion for Fortnite app carries summarize tools for almost all the challenges regarding Battle Royale Challenges in Battle Royale while providing only the remaining challenges. You can grab news from plenty of resources such as Youtube, Forums, Fortnite website, and more. Companion for Fortnite (Stats, Map, Shop, and Weapons) also provides tips and information, weapon comparison, new feed, battle pass challenges, Battle Royale map, battle royale guides, leaderboard support, and much more.

#24 My Hero Academia Amino


My Hero Academia Amino is a widely loved platform that enables you to join one of the most magnificently growing community for fans of the anime and manga series. My Hero Academia Amino is an excellent tool presented in the market by Amino Apps Inc., where you can intuitively discover everything, flaunt your fandom, meet fellow or global fans, and share cool finds whenever, wherever. The app is like a forum where every gamer can enjoy chatting and meeting with a fun community all in one place.

You can intuitively chat with other fans and meet new people and even discover modern art and trivia effortlessly. You can also enjoy the most instant and latest updates and news on almost all the upcoming chapters, series, and episodes, etc. You can intuitively discuss your theories, share fan art, meet other fans globally, roleplay, and enjoy plenty of other things.