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Link.TL is one of the best alternatives to because the platform offers similar services with lots of new features and benefits for a blogger such as high earning rates, available in all around the world, two different languages and easy interface, etc. Just like other similar sites, you must need to register by providing valid emails address and some important information when you complete the sign-up form the service send a confirmation link to your given email address in order to verify the email. You must click on the given link to start your earning. It supports different payment accounts such as Payza and Skrill Account to get your earning. Each country has it’s own earning rates such as the US $16, UK $12 and Canada $5.33, etc. In order to earn, you must complete the simple steps, paste your link into the given section to short your link and share it with the others. Each visitor who can visit your website will pay you. Link.TL also offer new ideas and additional information. The platform also allows their users to create advertisement campaign to introduce your new websites.



Monetize your content and earn money. is one of the best and most popular web-based services that allow their users to monetize your blog or website smartly in order to start their income. If you’re new on the, you must need to sign up by giving a valid email address. After completing the registration, it allows the user to place your blog or website link into the input area to create shorten the links, after creating the URL the user must share it with the family, friends or social networking sites. Every visitor paid who visit your site on the given link. It Monetizes all kinds of stuff such as websites, blog, tweets, torrents, and images, etc. The platform offers competitive rates and pays out the largest part of finding paid. To make the service easy and fast it offer extension features that automatically shorten your links. Coin URL also offer lots of core features such as Audience Targeting, Hundreds of tools, High efficiency, high secure, all categories of an advertising platform and privacy system. It also offers customization option that allows the user to adjust the setting for those who click on your links and filter out unwanted ads and other option.


0 is a web-based platform that allows their users to shorten your links and earn money. The platform is specially designed for new bloggers who provide too much time on their blogs to write articles in order to earn money. But it is not so easy to you must complete several tasks to place an advertisement on your blog or websites that take much time. offers a fast and easy way that you can use at any time to earn money. First, you can sign up with valid email address, shorten the URLs and share the link on the internet. Every visitor paid who visit your links. It offers lots of exciting features that engage the audience such as Details Stats, Flexible Payment, Reliable and Trustworthy, Innovative design, Referral Bounce and Worldwide Presence. It also creates a frank relationship with all its users, if any user faces any problem they must solve in a minimum amount of time.



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0 is one of the widely used platforms where you can earn money in the form of coins and gift cards in a user-friendly atmosphere. This app lets you register for a free account, get paid for every person who visits your URL’s and place your links on Facebook and more. It has an enormous amount of registered users and links checked. It offers safe advertisement which is strictly family-safe with no popups. It provides a 24/7 antivirus and malware serves to scan. While on the other hand its comprehensive fraud filters ensure high traffic and pay you for the real visitors on your website. offers low minimum payouts (where you are required to earn only $5 before you will pay) and provides a details statistics per link. It has an easy to use API that lets you widget, website or app to create link in no time and so all these things in a secure atmosphere. Rather than this, it offers a simple to install scripts where you can easily earn for the visitor who comes to your website. You can redeem your cash through PayPal, Payoneer, Pyaza, etc.



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LinkBucks is the first social advertising platform that recognizes the interplay between the websites and web users on the basis of the successful viral campaign. The ultimate objective of the platform brings the blogs, users, and marketers together in a way that is helpful for everyone. It is the perfect service to monetize your blog, website or community without restoring to the distracting ads. You share all kind of content such as funny videos, files or web pages that you can link to making money. The start in 2005 and now it is huge fish in the internment world. In order to connect with the Link Bucks, you must want to sign up by providing some important information such as valid email address, first and last name, postal address, city, payment account and much more. After completing the registration, the service provides an input type in the top of the screen where you can pass your blog or website link to short URL and share it with the others. offer lots of prominent features that are helpful for its users such as website scripts, different payment options, minimum payout, simple interface and fast service, etc. Do try it out, it will surely engage you.