Slidejoy Alternatives


#1 Perk TV


Perk TV is a free app for Android which is best known for its reward app, earn money and uploading videos and providing free games, developed by Perk. It is a reward engagement platform which brings together the interest of consumers and interests to deliver actionable results and profound insights. You can watch popular videos through this platform. Using this platforms, you can also watch the trailer of new, unique, and hot apps which you have never seen. This platform offers you to choose from hundreds of gift cards and coins and enter sweepstakes for a chance to win some amazing and awesome prices. You can also redeem your coins for hundreds of gifts from Walmart, Gap, Amazon, Starbucks and much more. It lets you so many awesome ways earn coins and gifts for you. It also offers you earning while watching TV as you can get different rewards while you stream and watch your favorite TV shows. Rather than this, you can also earn on your mobile phone devices or Tablet. So you can easily use Perk on everywhere. So you can get points by watching videos, playing games, going places and much more.


#2 Google Opinion Rewards


Google Opinion Rewards is the finest tool that enables its users to answer some quick surveys and earn real-time Google Play credit through this stunning Google Opinion Rewards app. This app is efficiently created by the Google Surveys team while keeping in mind the scenario of earning real-time rewards. It is so easy to get started. You just have to download the application from the store and answer some basic or simple questions about yourself. This app will then send you surveys once a week, and you have to manage those surveys, although it may be less or more frequent. This app provides precise notifications so that whenever a relevant and short survey is ready for you, you will be notified through your mobile phone having this app in it. You can collect up to $1.00 in the Google Play credit for completing each of your surveys, and you can collect more and more by following the same path. More precisely, each of your surveys comprises of many questions, but are truly straightforward and relevant to that particular survey.

#3 SurveyMini


Title of the app is disclosing the half story about the app. Yes you have nailed it. SurveyMini is survey taking application whose registered members are required to take some surveys and get back cool rewards. These rewards can be redeemed against multiple available options. Have you ever thought that you can turn your opinions into free stuff, cash rewards, gift cards, discounts and in several other options by just answering few short questions? But SurveyMini has made it true by offering simple means of earning. Every time you will complete a survey assigned by SurveyMini, you will get many kind of rewards that we have already prescribed. SurveyMini is available for both iOS and Android. Moreover, it is operational in almost all countries so we are sure you will not face any geographical usage restriction or limitation at all.


#4 AppRedeem


AppRedeem is an application where you watch the trailers of the applications, try new apps, play games and do some other tasks and in return get the chance to earn real benefits in the shape of gift cards and free access to the paid apps. AppRedeem will ask to use only those applications that you love to use and in return get the rewards for free. If you want to earn more rewards then there are competitions in which you need to participate. If you will level up in the competition or become the point’s leader, you will earn extra bonus points. The points that you will earn will be used for having the free gift cards of iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store and few other services. If you want to get cash then you can also go for that as well. But for this you need to have PayPal account that you need to provide at the time of creation of account.

#5 Receipt Hog


Receipt Hog is a new way of getting the cash back from the shopping you have made from your nearby stores. It is a kind of rewarding app that pays you some amount you have spent on the recently made shopping. It doesn’t matter from where you have made the shopping and what you have bought. Receipt Hog pays openly to its users. It is very easy to earn cash with this application. Wanna know how it is possible? It is very simple to start with this app. The first shop from anywhere even from the local store and buy anything you want. Now take the pic of the receipt you have got to buy things. Send the pic to Receipt Hog, and you will get the chance to enter into the reward scheme. But before this it worth clearing here that you will not get paid at once for sending receipts. You will first earn points, and these will then redeem against cash and prizes.

#6 Mobile Performance Meter


Mobile Performance Meter is an intuitive application that helps its users to get free gift cards. After clicking the join now, you can automatically earn meter points just for using your phone as usual. This app rewards you with entirely free gift cards for doing nothing but using your mobile normally. It is a rewarding application through which users can easily redeem for Amazon gift cards and get them in minutes. It provides a spectacular way of getting money so that you do not have to make any extra efforts. Mobile Performance Meter has got lots of great brands like Amazon, Sears, Domino’s, and a whole lot more. In fact, you can earn free pizza every month, by just leaving the meter running on your phone to get free gift cards. It is a safe and reliable application that does not take any of your personal information or never allow you to install something trustworthy on your phone. It lets you get paid for going to various locations, reporting on internet quality and call quality, and so on. So just download Mobile Performance Meter to let the meter do the work to get paid.

#7 ShowBox


ShowBox is one of the most remarkable and a widely used app that guides you towards your most favourite movies and far-framed programs on TV. It enables its users to get precise stuff regarding your most favourite movies. It is a smart platform that enables a string integration with almost every platform. It is a finest entertainment providing platform that lets you get the details and proper information about your favourite movies, shows, HD movies to watch new movies at any time you want. In this app, you can enjoy your most likely movies related content. It provides an effective information regarding any of your favourite movies and shows just to keep you up to date with the happening in the world of entertainment. You can easily download this app in your mobile phone and easily enjoy the limitless information related to showbiz. It is probably the right choice for your entertainment purpose and is the best one app to enjoy all your favourite TV shows and movies for free.

#8 CashPirate


CashPirate is a real time money and gift cards offering application where the people get rewards for trying free games, free apps, completing surveys and offers and watching videos for free. The gift cards earn by means of earning system of this platform can be used for getting paid apps for free as well. Moreover, these gift cards can also be used as game credits and as a voucher for online shopping as well. You only need to pick the task that we have already mentioned and then complete that task so that you can collect some Pirate Coins. These Pirate Coins can be swapped for rewards. What make CashPirate special for earning point of view is that it has covered all the rewards offers the peopled wanted like gift cards of all online services and PayPal cash. Only you have to decide where you want to use the earned points.

#9 JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW


JunoWallet Earn Gift Cards NOW is one of the best apps for saving money and buying credit cards. JunoWallet is a user-friendly app which is easy to use and interact. This app allows you to earn free money by playing games and downloading apps from here. You can also get awarded by inviting your friends. Not just simple gifts you can win an iPhone, Samsung Note 3, Notebooks, Chromebook, PS4, XBOX, Watches, Gift Cards and much more prizes just by inviting your friends over here. You can increase your odds score of winning and earn unlimited raffle tickets that raffle items. Its one of the top users earns more than $3.234. Millions of tasks completed with more than 3 million in JunoCredits issued. It also lets you download free music every week that you can store in your Juno Wallet. Snap Mistry reward is offered once, and you will never see that offer again. It lets you a time of 10 seconds to decide to add it to your Wallet. So using this platform, you can get JunoCredits by Playing the game, watching videos, doing surveys, inviting your friends, making calls, and much more.

#10 AppBounty


AppBounty will offer you two main activities; first exploring a broad range of cool apps and secondly earning a lot of rewards, gift cards, and even cash as well. At the moment, AppBounty is offering its free apps downloading and reward earning scheme for fifteen countries only. If you are lucky enough then an amazing place is waiting for you to be explored. After installing the AppBounty app, you need to pick any target from the list of available targets that is comprising playing games for free, downloading and using apps for free, watching interesting videos and much more. If you want to earn extra credits, then extra bonuses against difficult tasks are also available. The points or credits that you will earn can be used for multiple purposes. You can use these for buying paid apps, gift cards and much more. AppBounty is simply the best option to save the free time and turning it into paid time.

#11 FreeMyApps


Enjoying apps for free and then getting the chance to earn free rewards, cash, gift cards and access to paid apps for free is not a simple deal to bypass. FreeMyApps is an application for the smartphone users where they can discover the new apps and can play the games for free just to earn free gift cards, access to paid apps and much more. At the moment, FreeMyApps is offering free gift cards of the leading brands and online services including Amazon, Google Play Store, and iTunes. All you need to download the sponsored apps being offered by FreeMyApps and use them for few minutes. FreeMyApps is the coolest means of exploring new apps for free and also getting the chance to earning credits and exchanging them for many rewarding options. After installing FreeMyApps, don’t forget to register first as all of the activities will count after creating an account first.

#12 AppNana


AppNana is one of the best facilitation centers for those smartphone users who are always seeking for the means of getting paid apps and gift cards for free. There is no limitation on any application as AppNana claims to offer any paid app for free and offers its members to earn gift cards, game cards and even game cards worth $10 million. This app clubbed the entertainment and earning so you can earn Nanas that are points of this app and can use them exchanging for paid apps or gift cards. To earn Nanas, you will be given the task of playing games or downloading and installing apps defined by AppNana. The more Nanas you will earn, the more chances will be there to earning gift cards, game credits and paid apps for both iOS and Android devices. The gift cards offered by AppNana can redeem for iTunes, Google, Xbox, and much more.

#13 CheckPoints


CheckPoints that is available for Android and iOS devices only is that app that pays back to its users. Today millions of people across the globe are making money in their free time just because of CheckPoints. If you are the registered and regular member of CheckPoints, then that means you are on a part-time job that pays back. The process starts from earning points that is conditioned with taking quizzes, becoming part of different surveys, making online shopping, completing offers and performing many another kind of activities. The points earned can be used for redeeming against gift cards of the Target, Amazon, Walmart, etc. or getting cool devices like smartphones, tablets, smart watches and other equipment. A lot of games are also the part of this application that are additional means for boosting the income. CheckPoints will never make you feel bored at all because it has limitless options crafted according to the mindset of the general public.

#14 AppTrailers


The name of the app titled AppTrailers is showing the picture and introduction. This reward, cash and gift cards earning app basically deals with few tasks that are backed by free rewards. You only need to watch the trailers of games and apps only. Once you start using this app, you will really become addictive of it because in return of your completion it will give you the points that you can redeem for cool prizes. Moreover, you will also get the chance to explore those new apps that you never heard.  The process is very simple. Right after the installation of the app moves to the task section and complete the tasks in the specified limit. You will get points in return. If you are interested in earning fast, then upload the interesting videos and get likes that will work as points for you that can be redeemed in the end.