Songsterr Alternatives


#1 Amazing Slow Downer


Amazing Slow Downer app enables you to slow down your cell phones and tablets over your cell phones and tablets. Amazing Slow Downer is an important tool for people who are musicians who like to learn unique and extraordinary techniques and songs by listening to the same music over and over again. You can slow down the music if you want to listen to the lyrics to enjoy the music properly.

You can also repeat any of your desired section of the music at full speed of songs, speed it up and slow it down by altering the level of music. You can precisely change the speed to a ratio of 200% (almost double rate) and 25% (one-fourth of original speed) without even changing the pitch of the music. You can also change the musical or tuning keys without any problem. So just download the Amazing Slow Downer app in your cellular devices to manage the speed of your desired music.


#2 Rock On – A SongPop Adventure


Rock On – A SongPop Adventure is a stunning platform that allows you to quiz yourself over more than 3K Rock hits right over your cell phones and tablets. Rock On – A SongPop Adventure app enables you to join the band of their desired people and embark over a rock journey wherever, whenever you want. The app lets you enjoy ultimate music competitions along with your family, friends, and global rivals.

Rock On app carries plenty of exciting levels, and you can enjoy rocking on through dozens of levels while playing along with your loved ones. You can precisely discover music that you want to listen to and get all your most likely songs over iTunes. Rock On – A SongPop Adventure app carries an exclusive community of people who love music, listen to songs, and want to have online music battles while using your cell phones and tablets.

#3 Rockbot


Rockbot is a superb tool that enables you to request the music playing in restaurants, gyms, hotels, offices, bars, and various other locations right using your cell phones and tablets. Rockbot – Play Music You Love, Anywhere is a highly elegant tool developed by Rockbot, Inc. that helps you enjoy thousands of businesses across countries enabling guests to influence the music. You can precisely browse playlists of multiple locations as well as request most likely songs to play next.

Rockbot – Request Music app enables you to hear more of what you like, and it makes notes of your desired songs and adds them to the queue at Rockbot locations. You can download the Rockbot – Play Music You Love, Anywhere app for free to not only discover, share, and play the music you love and even request for songs you want to hear.


#4 PlayItYourself


PlayItYourself app helps you not only play but learn piano right over their cell phones, presented in the market by AlphaWeb Plus LLC. PlayItYourself is a superb tool that helps you see the upcoming notes and highlighted scores whenever you want to play over the in-built piano. The app presents professional sheet music, full-size piano, high-quality sound samples, Tempo of the second hand, multi-touch facility, and more.

You can also edit as well as export your desired music files and sync your score through iTunes. Some of its supported tunes include Moonlight Sonata, Air on the G string, The St. Louis Rag, Fur Elise, Tambourin, Pictures at an Exhibition, The Entertainer, Ladoiska, La Pastorale, Les Graces, and Tema, etc. Play It Yourself app also supports Rondo Alla Turca, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Waltz in H-Moll, The Star-Spangled Banner, Spring, Carmen, Waltz in A-Flat, and more.

#5 Chordbot


Chordbot allows its global users to create as well as play complex chord progressions intuitively and effortlessly over their cell phones and tablets. Chordbot is a stunning tool developed in the market by Contrasonic AB Inc. that helps you use the app to experiment with ultimate chord progressions even without using any fingering charts or other instruments. You can elegantly create highly customizable backing tracks as well as rearrange existing or new music files through different comping patterns and instruments.

It helps you fiddle around arrangements or chords until you find the stuff you like. You can elegantly add interesting chords, select instrument patterns, export files as MIDI, and hit play effortlessly. Some of the key features of the Chordbot app, including over 60 chord types, key/root note control, support songs sections, and over 400 dynamically mixable instrument tracks. Its Song-O-Matic feature allows you to generate songs automatically with jazz, pop, and experimental profiles.

#6 Jellynote


Jellynote app enables you to enjoy playing and learning your most likely songs as well as meet with thousands of musicians who love playing music together. Jellynote is a beautifully created tool developed in the market by Jellynote Inc. that lets you choose from a collection of more than 400K songs to play whenever, wherever you want. The app allows you to listen to the notes, loop a section, get help from the metronome, adjust the tempo, and manage plenty of other things in your own way.

Jellynote features a massive catalog of songs (from Metallica to Beethoven), instant sharing, tempo control, free daily updates, and filter by level, instruments, and artists. Some of its supported instruments include bass, guitar, brass, and almost 128 others. You can download Jellynote from the stores to enjoy exploring the music universe to get to know the global community of musicians and see how it’s getting more and more distributed.

#7 Tempo SlowMo


Tempo SlowMo is an astonishing practice tool for all the singers, dancers, language students, musicians, and music teachers as well. Tempo SlowMo is one of the best music tools presented in the market by Martian Storm Ltd, which helps you practice your desired music at your own pace. Its sleek and simple design helps you practice playing songs, speeding up an audio tracks BPM, leaning a new language by slowing down, dance routines without even harming the pitch.

You can precisely create, save, load, update, and manage playlists of tracks rather than loading them on the basis of songs. The app carries a Pitch Changer that helps you monitor, manage, and alter the pitch in 0.5 semitone increments as well. Other than these, the Tempo Slow Mo app also allows you to determine the BPM of tracks, remove advents, isolate the specific frequency band, and control balance intuitively.

#8 Slow Down Music Trainer


Slow Down Music Trainer is a magnificently created music playing tool for singers, dancers, choreographers, students, musicians, teachers, and everything in between. Slow Down Music Trainer – Fun, fast & easy way to learn is a classy tool presented by Andy Davidson, which makes it hell easy to learn new songs as well as manage plenty of things regarding music. You can precisely slow down or speed up your desire music without even changing the pitch.

The app seamlessly integrated with the premium account of your Spotify platform, Apple Music, iTunes, and other third-party applications. The app features loop phrases or an entire song, change music or tuning keys, and easy-to-define and save phrases. Slow Down Music Trainer – Fun, Fast, and Easy way to learn app also allows you to share the slow downed version of phrases as well as songs with students, family members, and friends from all across the globe.

#9 The Guitar with Songs


The Guitar with Songs app brings fretting and real strumming that you can learn to enjoy your desired songs. The Guitar with Songs – Best learn to play guitar is a significant tool presented in the market by Better Day Wireless, Inc. that carries over 1.4K songs that you want to listen to, drawn from the classics and current hits. This guitar app carries a massive library of in-built songs and keeps on adding new every week.

It provides songs from almost all the genres, including Rock, Pop, Reggae, TV or Movie themes, Alternative to country, and more. You can also enjoy playing your desired songs with the band you have and perform any song that you want as well. The Guitar with Songs – Best learn to play guitar app also carries a limitless premium subscription feature where you can access unlimited content just by paying a reasonable price for the matter.

#10 Jammit


Jammit is an elegantly designed tool that helps you discover out which stuff your most likely music is made off. Jammit is a superb platform that helps you in removing and isolating the instruments from the mix as well as jam via the genuine multi-track. The app uses the most intuitive multi-track master recordings enabling you to get minor details of the original performance through rebalancing the mix.

Jammit tool carries an exclusive team of transcribers that uses the multi-track recordings to give you transcriptions with extreme precision. You can precisely use the advanced tools of the Jammit app and use the section looping as well as the variable slow down mode to focus on multiple musical passages. You can precisely record stuff using it, either you are emulating its genuine tracks or producing with your desired. The app also carries an exclusive Jammit record feature for monitoring your performances as well.

#11 Crammit Player for iPhone


Crammit Player for iPhone is an elegant app where you can simply upload your desired music files to start enjoying your connection whenever you want. Crammit Player for iPhone is a fine tool developed in the market by Vandalay Industries Inc. that brings plenty of appealing features and for enjoying your most favorite music in the way you want. The app helps you quickly mute, isolate, remix, and manage individual instrument tracks in the way you want.

It brings an elegant, moving score detector that helps you in monitoring and managing notes as well as represents precisely what note you are working on. Crammit Player app helps you locate songs sections and loop sections according to your desires. Crammit Player for iPhone app also enables its global users to sharpen their playing parts and reduce the playback speed without changing the pitch of the music files that you want to manage.

#12 TabToolkit


TabToolkit is one of the most amazing and the best sounding and looking tab app, developed in the market by Agile Partners Inc. TabToolkit app helps you enjoy one of the most elegant ways to jam and learn along with your most likely music whether you play bass, drums, keyboards, bass, or any other instrument. This elegant tap app provides you with almost three ways to get amazing songs, but in the tab store, search online, and even upload from your personal computer.

TabToolkit is an Apple Design Award winner tool that is optimized from almost all the iPhone devices, including iPhone, iPad Retina, iPad Mini, iPod touch, and more. The app offers better learning by providing speed control, full-score music notation, instrument guide, A/B looping, and others. By bringing hundreds of (concise, licensed, and affordable) transcribed songs and complete notation for each of your instruments, TabToolkit is the best tool for you.