Velotton is one of the best fun community for cycle lovers where you can track your rides explore profiles and find all other cyclists around you. It is a bit different platform as compared to the other tracking platform. The platform is used to discover a new place to create a new adventure. The great thing about is that it offers a massive community of cyclist who can daily share, create and upload their ideas and adventures that motivate the people. also offer lots of prominent features such as record your rides, get your lives stats, explore elevation, completely free, discover new community, find routes and much more. In order to become the part of Velotton, you just need to register yourself by providing the valid email address and all the other information. If you’re a true cyclist and want to create a new adventure here is the best platform for you which guide you.




MapMyFitness is another free platform that allows you to track your workout anytime and anywhere. It is your online trainer that helps you to stay fit and healthy. Plan your track, workout analyze and share your adventure with the other each and everything is here is for you which maintain your figure. Map My Fitness allows you to map your route and distance, track your workout and view your progress bar. It also allows you to discover new workout routes and share it with the others. has a massive community with more than 40 million people around the world who can daily share, create and upload new workout ideas each other. MapMyFitness also offer communication option in which you can chat with your friends or other athletes around the world. The best and great thing about is that it contains more than 60 different kinds of activities such as running, jogging, walking, cycling, yoga, gym and much more. Get audio feedback, customize voice stats like routes, distance, and pace, automatic sync, use routes to a nearby place and create groups this excellent feature of the site.


0 is free training log and performance analysis platform that provide competitive cyclists the motivation and support to achieve your goal. It is the best platforms that allow you to access to information to your health and training at anytime anywhere. As compared to the other it offers simple interface you just need to register yourself by providing some important information about your health. After the registration, it requires you set you to aim and start tracking your workout. import all the common file formats such as Garmin, Mio, Suunto, ANT+(FIT), Falk Outdoor and Polar, etc. The great thing about Velo Hero is that is you can analyze your workout in detail with Google Earth. You can set each and everything about your health and fitness on this platform. Record your workout and share it with the other, blog service, share a new idea, ad your own map, workout with your friends or family and upgrade these are a key feature of this platform. is the best platform of Cyclist.



0 is another web-based platform that helps you to progress your running or cycling performance using your GPS enabled mobile phone. On this platform, you can easily track your location, routes, time and your progress. It is completely free for everyone with lots of free training tools. The ultimate objective of this platform is improving your health and fitness condition to order to stay active healthy and maintain your figure. Sporty Pal allows you to create and tracks from any of your existing workouts or create tracks, set your aim with distance, calories gain or burned on your workout. require registration to use the service. includes lots of prominent features that engage the worldwide audience such as listening music, map view, draw your elegant graphics chart performance, sharing tools, auto-start option, online motivation, interact with the other online people, share your workout, blog and much more. If you want to stay healthy or maintain your figure here is the best platform for you. Do try it out, you’ll enjoy it.


0 is another health and fitness platform like a game that allows you to run, walk and jog in order to explore your city. It is an excellent game in which the player can act as a player character whose aim is to explore the different environment of your city, collect the star and escape monsters in order to progress. The ultimate mission of the platform is to help the people to complete your workout to stay active. Just like the other similar platform it also has a verity of missions, and each mission of the game offers more enjoyable task of the last one. On this platform, you can be also able to create your own mission and share it with the other. The best thing about Run is that it offers challenge option that allows you to challenge your friend or family to test your skills. also offers community feature where you can share your progress, images, videos and all the other special activates. You can also be able to share your activity on all the other social networking platforms. is one of the best platforms for active people.



ZombiesRunGame is one of the best and enjoyable platforms that is specially made for those people who want to fit. It helps you to complete your workout by playing the exciting game. On this platform, you can play as a player character, and your ultimate mission is run, walk or jog in order to survive because the game world is full of bloodthirsty zombies. During the mission, the player can automatically collect power-ups and all the helpful resources. It also allows the player to list music and interaction about your mission with the help of your headphone. Zombies Run Game has a verity of missions, and each mission of the game is more challenging and enjoyable of the last one. The platform also allows you to create your own mission and share it with the other. Massive range of music, share your progress with the other, interact with the other athletes around the world, new tips, run everywhere, upgrade, collect supplies and easy to understand these are most prominent features of the It is highest grossing Health and Fitness platform around the world.



Runalyze is another platform like that offers lots of similar service with some extra features. It is an online platform that tracks your location, time, routes and your complete training. On this platform, you can calculate your shape, computes prognoses and training plot that will help you to achieve your goal. is completely configurable in which you can decide for yourself which information of your training which statistics and record you want and being displayed in which place. It is made for everyone however you’re a beginner or expert. It manages each and everything for you just like your partner. It developed by athletes for athletes. The great thing about this platform is if you have any problem about your workout you just need to submit you massage and they will replay you after a few times. Just like other similar platforms it also offers community feature where you can communicate, share and upload your ideas with the other. It is a great platform for those who want an alternative to


0 is an Austrian fitness platform that combines traditional fitness with social-networking, mobile application and all element of gasification as a location reaction to the Quantified self-movement. It has its own hardware products, activity tracker apps, and services such as online training, detailed data analysis, comparisons of other users and much more. It is not a platform it is your online trainer that train you about your goal. In order to use the service you just need to register yourself with your real name, email address and all the other important information the service require. is also available in as a mobile application which tracks outdoor, indoor and all the other activities namely known for its namesake GPS fitness tracking app. With the help of Runtastic, you can also be able to get communicate with the other people around you, upload your activates and images and much more that make the service enjoyable. It has millions of users and all the users deliver positive reviews about Do try it out.



RunKeeper is another platform like that allows you to track your fitness activities such as cycling walking and running using GPS and detailed statistics around their pace, time and distance. It is one of the best platforms for those people who want to fit. Run Keeper tracks progress, statistics and applies coaching that allows you to advance your progress through your headphones with built-in audio cues to listen and control music during a workout. It also allows you measure your heart rate, take a picture and share it with the others. also offers you to track performance over time, view detail history of your activity, get a notification, measure progress against the current goal and much more to engage the worldwide audience. Another great thing about RunKeeper is that it offers lots of challenges which rewards the user for completing certain are in the given amount of time. is not a community it is a family of more than fifty million people around the world.



Endomondo is a web-based platform that makes fitness fun and helps you to stay motivated. It is a similar site to which allows you to track your fitness and health statistics. Endomondo is one of the best platforms for active people. It can track various fitness attributes such as distance, running routes, calories, and duration, etc. The ultimate goal of this platform is to motivate people to get stay and active. It has free and paid version; free version takes advertisement and paid version if advertisement free with lots of advanced features such as possible to create your own training plan. The great thing about is that it offers Music system that allows you to listen to your favorite music in during the workout. Workout history, multiple sports, heart rate sensors, tagging pictures, communication, customization option, daily challenging, routes, pep talks, new feed, global fitness community and share your workout on the other social networking sites these are core features of the site


0 is a web-based platform which is used to track athletic via satellite navigation. It enhances the experience of sports and connection millions of sportspersons across the world. It is one of the best social networks for those who strive. It has some features that include the ability to search the database for routes and athletes. On this platform, all the athletes follow each other and automatically grouped together when they occur at the same place and time. The most exciting thing about is that the athletes can give Kudos as well as comments each other. The user can also be able to upload their special workout or images. It is a free service but if you want to unlock some exciting features you just need to pay. Strava track and analyze each facet for your activity. Measure your performance, connect with friends, create communities, explore new routes, heatmaps and peace of mind for athletes these are most prominent feature of the site. If you’re active, than this is a best for you.