Story Plotter


Story Plotter Alternatives


#1 Word Count Notes


Word Count Notes is an elegant tool that is useful for you to make memos, essays, and novels using your cell phones and tablets. Word Count Notes is an amazing platform presented in the market by DRIP Products Limited Liability CO. that brings a sleek and straightforward notes app with word count and characters. You can elegantly spread your thoughts on craft using the application and enjoy saving your precious stuff whenever you want. It is a sleek application with a clean user interface through which you can enjoy its exclusive features effortlessly.

Word Count Notes support multiple languages including Japanese, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Turkish, Swedish, Arabic, Dutch, Polish, Thai, Greek, Vietnamese, Hindi, Czech, and various others. Other than these, the Word Count Notes app also supports Norwegian, Hungarian, Catalan, Croatian, Hebrew, Romanian, Slovak, Ukrainian, and Indonesian, etc.


#2 Notes with Pictures – Easy Notepad with Images


Notes with Pictures is an easy-to-use, sleek, and lightweight notepad application to write and manage your desired notes and even attach media accordingly. Notes with Pictures – Easy Notepad with Images is a stunning tool presented in the market by Damapio Inc. that helps users in writing as much content as you want by grabbing its unlimited characters. You can precisely add multiple pics to your notes, write text in italic and bold, dark mode availability, and instant sharing of notes.

You can precisely filter content using categories, tags, and notes with a star. It helps you customize things with dozens of options and add clickable links and emails. You can also manage your notes over a folder view with just a simple, comfy grid layout and compact list. Notes with Pictures – Easy Notepad with Images is an effective tool that can be used without any need for the internet and even takes small space over your phone.

#3 ePUB EBook Reader


ePUB EBook Reader app enables its global users to read your desired EPUB books whenever, wherever. ePUB EBook Reader is an elegantly designed tool developed by that contains a small, fast, reliable, and clean interface to manage everything over cell phones and tablets. You can intuitively save a massive collection of books that you love to read and search for them with sleek and simple keywords. You can intuitively control all the font sizes as well as control margins in the way you want.

ePUB EBook Reader also carries a sleek night mode that you can use in dim light to read books of your choice. The app features extreme level customization, text selection or copy, instant sharing on multiple platforms. ePUB EBook Reader app features a table of contents, automatic discovery of books, preserve unique aspects of books, clean interface, elegant searching, smart reading, zoom support, and various others.


#4 HandWrite Pro Note & Draw


HandWrite Pro Note & Draw is an immensely loved note-taking application and an advanced level vector-based drawing tool. HandWrite Pro Note and Draw is a stunning platform presented in the market by Alstapp Notes & Draw Inc. that carries smooth drawing and elegant writing using the super exclusive Scribmaster drawing engine. You can effortlessly markup PDFs to fill out forms, sign docs with new PDF import, and edit or grade papers using your cell phones and tablets.

Its smooth and exclusive user interface makes writing as well as drawing as straightforward and simple as possible. You can precisely draw with an active stylus, vector graphics engine, PDF export, export directly to Evernote, image import, copy and paste, vector point manipulation, and endless page size. HandWrite Pro Note & Draw app also enables you to simulate line width using a passive pen and your fingers.

#5 Writer by Zoho Corporation


Writer is a superb, sleekly designed, and beautiful word processing application that helps you to write your heart out brings people of your community, and manage it accordingly. Writer – Create Docs, Share is an intuitively used application presented in the market by Zoho Corporation that helps you to create amazing looking docs right over your cell phones and tablets. It helps you sync across devices as well as access them wherever, whenever you want.

Writer is an intuitive app to create a black, clean paper-Esque writing experience across your personal computers, tablets, and smartphones. Writer by Zoho Corporation app lets you make elegant collaborations while joining the discussions even whenever you are far from your desk. You can instantly add your desired docs and thoughts to docs, appreciate them by clicking, and reply to the comments of friends. Writer – Create Docs and Share app lets you edit and access your docs and work without having any internet.

#6 ABC Editor


ABC Editor App enables you to edit files up to more than 50 MB text files and manage them according to your needs. ABC Editor (Large File Text Editor) Text Editor is a significant tool presented in the market by PolarBear Soft Inc. that brings a magnificently loved plain text editor through which you can edit things effortlessly. ABC Editor – My Text Editor app brings plenty of sleek options for editing plain text whenever you want right over your cell phones and tablets.

My Text Editor lets you edit larger files using the default keyboard Android cellular devices. The app features multiple modes, share instant stuff, create zip, hex viewer, text editor, create shortcuts, move to the hidden cabinet, and other options (copy, move, detail, rename, and various others). Abc Editor (Large File Text Editor) Text Editor app enables you to edit the plain text using emojis and stickers.

#7 Offline Notepad


Offline Notepad is an intuitively used application that helps you to enjoy editing and managing all your notes and files without having any internet connection. Offline Notepad is a significant tool presented in the market by Gino Basiletti Inc. that helps you to create notes with ease and organize them in a way like never before. You can precisely create notes according to your needs and search for them by keywords in the note body to discover them again at ease.

It helps you write, create, and manage your weekly shopping lists of domestic and official use. You can add as many items as you want, filter content by incomplete or incomplete, check off items, and see your progress at ease. Offline Notepad app lets you organize all your lists and notes into subfolders and folders while creating as many folders as you like.

#8 BlackNote Notepad Notes


BlackNote Notepad Notes is a sleekly designed note taking and notepad application for the people who love black color and want to do everything in dark mode. BlackNote Notepad Notes is a significant tool presented in the market by Notas Notepad Inc. that brings everything regarding notepads and note-taking right on the palm of your hands. The app facilitates its users in making sleek and handy shopping lists, ID or PW, Travel Planning, Cooking, Movies, Homework, and various other stuff that you want to note on a daily basis.

BlackNote app is an easy-to-use, intuitive, and super simple application that helps you manage everything in a black theme. You can precisely enjoy shopping lists while managing all the products such as Apple, Mushroom, Banana, Strawberry, potato, peach, grape, strawberry, and various other stuff. BlackNote Notepad Notes app enables you to add or mark stuff accordingly intuitively.

#9 Moon Writer Pro Key


Moon Writer Pro Key is a stunning tool that facilitates its users in writing books, keeping diaries, writing articles, taking sleek notes, sorting notes into multiple folders, and enjoy various other features. Moon Writer Pro Key is a sleek application developed in the market by TerminaCode Inc. that enables its global users to use the optional minimalist design to manage everything. The app helps you enjoy a functional and reliable text editor that brings MarkDown support view mode.

You can precisely unlock features, including titles, lists, list where you can select task status, insert code block into text, automatic backup, and various others. It also contains a magnificent Night mode availability through which you can edit and manage notes in black mode. Moon Writer Pro Key is a functional and minimalist text editor that helps you enable minimalistic icons, change font size, markdown support, customize formatting symbols, and various other options.

#10 Markor


Markor is an elegantly designed tool through which you can create as well as manage notes and to-do lists using simple markup formats. Markor: Markdown Editor – todo.txt – Notes Offline is an exclusive tool presented in the market by Gregor Santner Inc. that helps you create to-do lists and manage all your notes without making any effort and do everything offline. Markor: Markdown Editor contains format related, and syntax highlighting actions and enjoy converting, sharing docs (as PDF and HTML), and previewing files effortlessly.

Markor – Todo.txt app is compatible with almost all other plaintext software and helps you edit with notepad or vim, convert to PDF, create a zip archive, and various other options. Markor: Markdown Editor – Notes Offline app enables you to elegantly store all the docs, instant access to notes, write down your to-do, share pages to read later, markup formats, and copy to clipboard.

#11 Epsilon Notes


Epsilon Notes is an excellent editor for writing text with almost all the CommonMark Tags that are markdown-compatible. Epsilon Notes: Markdown Editor is an intuitive app presented by Eugene Kartoyev Inc. that enables its global users to use CommonMark tags, including tables, unnumbered, pics, links, underline, italic, bulleted lists, and various others. The app enables you to write texts, music notes, and math formulas without any effort.

It enables users to process text files via plenty of markdown extensions and enjoy reading, generating, HTML, writing markdown, etc. It brings robust AES-encryption of notes, individual note customization, and use HTML tags directly in the text. You can keep all your Epsilon Notes and files without having the need for the internet. Epsilon Notes: Markdown Editor is a universal application that is effective for all your writing needs for all the story writers, scientists, bloggers, website developers, musicians, poets, diary writers, journalists, etc.

#12 Create My Notes


Create My Notes enables its global users to take notes using their Android Devices and stuff it with everything needed to make it strong and complete. Create My Notes – Create Notes, Sync and Share is an exclusive application developed in the market by IndiShots Inc. that helps you to take notes while adding your desired video, image, audio, remainder, handwriting, to-dos, checklists, files, and everything else needed. It enables you to take notes whenever you want and keep them protected from all the harmful stuff.

You can use the app without any need of sign-up or login however you can Sign-up or login here to sync all the notes as well as access the same on multiple devices whenever you want. Create My Notes – Create Notes, Sync, and Share app enable sits global users to create notes from audio, video, extract text from images, handwriting, documents, text, and various other media stuff.

#13 Scrittor


Scrittor app gives a secure place to all your thoughts, ideas, feelings, and whatever your heart and mind tell you anytime, anywhere. Scrittor – A Simple Note is a significant tool developed in the market by Shahid Shaikh, which helps its global users to enjoy a simple and sleek interface to manage notes over their cellular devices. It features elegant searching of notes, an easy-to-use interface, adds notes to starred lists, beautifully crafted service, fingerprint authentication, dark and light modes, and various others.

Scrittor app enables you to create multiple categories to manage all your notes and add notes to the notification drawer. All you need to do is to add notes, select your desired category from its extensive collection, and you are done. Scrittor – A Simple Note app primarily focuses on keeping its interface as sleek as possible and storing notes categories in a way like never before.

#14 Notepad by Braden Farmer


Notepad by Braden Farmer is significant for making notes for the next semester, notes for work, to-do notes, shopping lists, and various other things over cell phones and tablets. Notepad by Braden Farmer is an elegant tool through which you can instantly create and save plain-text notes. You can optionally create rich-text notes using HTML and Markdown for all the devices above 5.0. Notepad app carries an easy to use, beautiful, and sleek user interface to manage everything without any effort.

It is an open-source app through which you can share notes to multiple social platforms and even receive a text from other third-party applications. You can enjoy a view mode for notes with clickable links and grab keyboard shortcuts for multiple actions. Notepad by Braden Farmer app lets you import/export notes, ads-free atmosphere, zero permissions, dual-panel view, and auto-saves draft, etc.

#15 Character Story Planner 2


Character Story Planner 2 is a significant tool that makes it superbly easy and straightforward to build or plan a story using your cell phones and tablets. Character Story Planner 2 – World-building App is a must-have mobile application developed in the market by Ifantasia Inc. that is significant for all the story lovers and novel enthusiasts who love making stories. The app helps users in planning as well as building stories while developing the characters, groups, creatures, relations, and other aspects.

You can elegantly create characters, group, race, item, scene, deities, relation, and various other things using your cell phones. You can precisely create a template and download them instantly. It enables you to have the most organized way of building stories. Character Story Planner 2 – World-building App is a stunning tool for writing, story-making, world-building, D&D planning, and for the user who wants to have fun imagining and creating.

#16 Book Cover Maker by Desygner for Wattpad & eBooks


Book Cover Maker by Desygner for Wattpad & eBooks brings a robust way to design Wattpad as well as eBook covers that are guarantee to lure readers in a way like never before. Book Cover Maker by Desygner for Wattpad and eBooks is a fine platform presented in the market by Desygner Pty Ltd, which helps its global users in creating amazing eBook Wattpad Covers using your cellular devices. You can precisely add content via your camera roll, storage drives, and social media.

It is an easy-to-use editor that brings exclusive templates, millions of free images, loads of fonts and icons, and everything you need for beautiful designing. You can precisely share designs through multiple social platforms, download files in multiple formats, and print stuff in seconds. Book Cover Maker by Desygner for Wattpad & eBooks app is significant for making fully integrated Wattpad covers, Print-ready book covers, Kindle eBook covers, and other eBook covers effortlessly.

#17 Notebooks by DroidVeda


Notebooks by DroidVeda is an amazing note-taking platform through which you can precisely take notes of all your desired stuff and attach anything accordingly. Notebooks by DroidVeda app enables you to take notes and attach multimedia files, customize the style, freehand drawings, and enjoy everything without papers. You can precisely avoid the messing of notes and create multiple notebooks for all your necessary subjects. Its elegant design helps you take notes with extreme ease and flexibility.

The app lets you enjoy taking or creating notes for all your desired subjects and customize everything with multiple colors for all the covers of notebooks. You can precisely create multiple notebooks, password protection support, finding entries, attaching image files, set themes, instant searching, and much more. Notebooks by DroidVeda is a must-have tool for all businessmen, students, business owners, and anyone who wants to take notes using their cell phones and tablets.

#18 SomNote


SomNote is a beautifully designed journal app for saving all the private, public, and domestic content and keep everything protected. SomNote – Beautiful Note app is a superb product introduced in the market by Wizard World Inc. that brings one of the robust journal application loved by millions of users from all over the globe. You can intuitively start creating journals and edit them while attaching files, pics, and documents according to the needs.

SomNote – Notepad/Diary is an excellent tool presented in the market by taking pics, attach them, and also draw a pic to attach as well. You can intuitively make any folder in your desired color, rename it accordingly, and customize all your notes in the way you want. You can even protect your secret while locking your journal and keep it safe. SomNote – Beautiful Note app features the finding your journals, auto-sync, exclusive themes, intuitive sorting, font customization, and much more.

#19 yWriter


yWriter is an effective tool that enables its global users to write as well as edit your novel on the move, developed in the market by Spacejock Software. yWriter – Novel Writing Software is a significant tool that brings your novel in scenes and chapters while making it much easier to keep track of everything flawlessly. It is an elegantly designed and handy note-taking app through which you can effortlessly grab separate files for all the categories and scenes.

yWriter Software is a famous and robust mobile novel-writing software where all the created files are compatible with the yw6 files from the PC version. This platform helps you share your entire work between Android and PC and manage things in a way like never before. So just give a chance to download yWriter – Novel Writing Software app over your cell phones and tablets to enjoy flawless writing and editing.