Strucc Alternatives


#1 Mosaic: Social feed editor


Mosaic: Social Feed Editor app enables you to give your Instagram feed an awesome new look and give it a professional look to get your things effective and unique. Mosaic: Social Feed Editor is a stunning application developed by MAJ Inc. that brings smart corrections, amazing filters, and extemporize your feeds whenever you want. You can intuitively select your pics, choose elegantly designed filters, and let the app does the rest.

It helps you enjoy a collection of more than 35 incredible smart filters truly inspired by one of the most intuitive and best feeds of Instagram. Mosaic: Smart filters for Social Media app helps you enjoy its smart editing features through a touch of artificial intelligence to manage your pics and edit them with stunning algorithms.


#2 Simple – Disposable Camera


Simple is an elegantly designed disposable camera that makes it effortless and engaging to capture photos and mix it with dozens of filters whenever you want. Simple – Disposable Camera is an amazing platform presented in the market by LI HUNG WANG Inc. that enables its global users to express even the most subtle mood over your pics and make them unique.

You can intuitively enjoy ultimate, unique photos and give your pics a stunning look and make it the center of attention. Simple – Disposable Camera app enables you to give your pics an awesome look just like back to the 90s or some classy vintage designs. You can precisely adjust everything of your pics in the way you want while having everything needed.

#3 InstaMini


InstaMini app enables you to enjoy the anticipation of waiting for a stunning photo while letting you enjoy unique photography whenever you want. InstaMini – Instant Cam and Retro Cam is a stunning application that helps you take photos and shake it to watch it develop miraculously. It contains a stunning range of random filters that you can apply over your desired photos right using your cell phones and tablets.

You can intuitively change the camera time while choosing Candy Square 2017, Insta Mini Since 1997 CANDIA 2016, Candy Flash 1957, and Toy Candy 2019. InstaMini – Instant Cam, Retro Cam app features instant camera support, the real instant camera experience, viewfinder up close, and more options right on the palm of your hands.


#4 Instants – Photo Edition


Instants – Photo Edition app makes it an effective and sleek editing application that helps you create highly engaging, unique, and stunning images while having all the necessary options. Instants – Quickly Create Your Instants is a stunning platform presented in the market by Soreha Inc. that enables you to enjoy magnificent photo making while using your iOS smartphones and tablets.

This application makes it effortless to cherish all your most stunning, memorable, and life’s special instants in a breeze. You can cherish all your happy instant, unique instant, magic instant, and that shared instant. Instants – Photo Edition app brings plenty of amazing tools and features for you to manage and extemporize things magnificently.

#5 Instories: IG Story Edit


Instories: IG Story Edit is an exclusive story and post editor for Instagram that helps you to make the most out of your account whenever you want. Instories: IG Story Edit is an engaging application presented in the market by Ylee Studio LTD Inc. through which you can enjoy making outstanding stories, an exclusive music library, and templates for Instagram to enjoy everything flawlessly.

You can intuitively download the Insta grid app and make posts and video stories that surely get you in trends whenever it’s necessary. Instories: IG Story Edit app carries an exclusive collection of collage templates for Instagram posts and stories right away. You can get templates for almost all tastes and needs, including minimalism, neon, mosaics, business, and more.

#6 Smoozly


Smoozly brings everything you want to make exclusive posts and animated stories whenever you want right over your cell phones and tablets. Smoozly: Templates for Stories and Posts is an amazing app presented in the market by Smoozly Inc. that brings one of the most robust and simple ways to create unique posts and stories for your social feed. You can intuitively customize the color, animation styles, and fonts to make your photos more beautiful.

You can intuitively select your desired templates, upload your desired pics, customize it with your most likely styles, and share your stuff in a single click. Smoozly: Animated Story Maker app brings an amazing collection of professionally designed templates that can be selected intuitively.

#7 Kards


Kards app enables you to take your stories, statuses, and posts to the next level with professionally curated templates, tools, colors, and fonts whenever you want. Kards – Collage Maker Layout Template is an elegantly designed story editor tool presented in the market by Marcos Escalante Inc. that features modern and minimal story layouts and templates.

You can intuitively and freely get everything for perfect story edits. It brings a magnificent collection of templates that you can use accordingly to curate your stuff intuitively. Kards – Instagram Story Editor brings a superb platform to create awesome stories, posts, and other social feeds to effectively expand your audience.

#8 Filmm | Video Effects + Color


Filmm | Video Effects + Color app makes it effortless and simple to stack and mix professional and elegant colors grading filters with amazing stuff whenever you want. Filmm – Textures, filters, and light leaks is a stunning application that brings an exclusive collection of authentic film textures, subtle distortions, and light effects whenever you want. The app helps you enjoy pairing more than 100 effects and filters to add your desired stuff whenever you want.

It brings an amazingly advanced collection and adjustment of tools, including curves, textures, and various other options, whenever you want. Filmm: Video Effects and Color app also lets you have the options of story splitting save options and clip trim for frame-accurate and exclusive editing.

#9 Steller


Steller makes it exclusively sleek and effective to discover amazing things to do and turn your photos or videos into chic stories that can be shared over all your social platforms. Steller: Photo & Video Sharing is an engaging app presented in the market by Expedition Travel Advisor, Inc. that helps you discover awesome content and discover cool places to go and things to do whenever, wherever.

Steller: A Place to Share your World app helps you curate your desired personal adventures and trips, customize things in the way you want, add music over your desired stories, and manage things effectively. Steller: Share and Find Travel Photo & Video Stories app enables you to create your photos, words, and videos having all the necessary features and functionalities.

#10 Featured


The featured app makes it sleek and creative to create amazing stories and share them with the global community to boost your productivity. Featured is an elegantly used application presented in the market by Often Inc. that makes it easy to create new and genuine layouts of your social or private stories. You can precisely add pics from the gallery or camera to apply editing functions accordingly.

It features more than 60 layouts and almost 48 premium layouts that can be accessed after purchase. It also enables you to save your stories and edit them later (whenever you are free). It helps you add amazing background photos to your polls, posts, conversations, and questions on Instagram.

#11 Nebi


Nebi is a widely loved movie photo editing platform that brings editing and refining to the next levels while providing dozens of amazing features. Nebi is a superb tool presented in the market by Brain Vault Inc. that makes it effortless to take your pics to the next level without paying for anything. It enables you to alter the mode of your pics while applying an amazing bunch of filters accordingly.

Apart from adding filters, you can also adjust the texture, level of brightness, composure, and various other aspects right away. Nebi app features more than 20 retro camera effects with magnificent 35 mm scratches and noise. You can enhance or decrease the level of filters to manage it intuitively.

#12 Planner for Instagram: Preview


Planner for Instagram app enables you to enjoy free unlimited posts, edits, schedule, rearrange posts, analytics, reposts, and various other options. Planner for Instagram: Preview is an elegantly designed tool presented in the market by Preview App Pty Ltd that helps you enjoy everything to customize your account on social platforms. It features a drag and drops functionality to manage your posts having all the possible functionalities.

It also provides the functionalities of unlimited grip space and all the insights and analytics to grab the necessary information whenever you want. Planner for Instagram app lets you schedule your desired posts and videos over Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and various other platforms. It brings editing tools such as whitening tools, blemish remover, memes maker, stickers, and more.

#13 8mm


8mm app effectively helps you captures the beauty and magic of vintage movies of old times right using your viewfinder. 8mm Vintage Camera is an amazing tool presented in the market by NEXVIO Inc. that provides original retro film cameras used by millions of users from all over the globe. You can get a total view of all the effects over its viewfinder portion and access things effectively.

8mm app lets you get retro colors, light leaks, flickering, dust and scratches, frame shakes, and various other functions with a single tap of the finger. 8mm – Shoot authentic retro films app provides support up to 4K HD recording with amazing video effects. Its 8 lenses include clear, flickering frame, spotlight, color fringing, classic, 16mm, and others.

#14 Nichi


Nichi is an elegantly designed app that carries the expectation of helping you record daily life (which means feeling the miracle of time and cherishing the emotion and detail). Nichi: Collage & Stories Maker is an engaging application presented in the market by BEIJING Muke Technology Co, Ltd. that brings excellent Instagram statuses and stories editor that helps you enjoy magnificent posts whenever you want.

The app provides tons of story frames and templates that help you easily get more followers and likes in IG stories. Nichi: Sticker, Photo & Typography app enables you to create extraordinary stories, posts, and IG videos while having all the necessary features. You can intuitively make stories over a blank canvas and customize them with real text, frames, brush, templates, and features.

#15 Usual Story


Usual Story is effective and beautiful journaling and story editor that helps you create story images while having everything you need. Usual Story is a significant tool presented in the market by usualstoryhall Inc. that helps your boost your story’s work by having trendy, unique, and minimal stickers and templates. It helps you make your business, social page, or blog more impressive while providing all your followers with classy stuff.

You can intuitively add your desired colors and fonts to your most likely pics and videos and create exceptional stories and statuses whenever you want. You can use exceptional templates, customize them in the way you want, and share them over Instagram with a single click of the button. The app features dozens of film frames that help you extemporize your photos with extreme comfort.

#16 Layer – Story Maker & Layouts


Layer provides all the essential tools for making exclusive and impressive-looking stories for a daily dose of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms. Layer – Story Maker & Layouts is a stunning app presented by SocialKit Ltd. that makes it easy to pick your designed templates and customize them ultimately to make flashing stories for your social feed.

The app helps you combine stickers, photos, videos, and text in exquisite templates to save or share them over social platforms in seconds. You just have to pick your most likely template, add animated text, insert your desired photos or videos, customize the colors, and instantly save/share. Layer – Insta stories editor templates app contains professionally designed templates and creative font and test styles.

#17 inStory by InstaShot


inStory by InstaShot enables you to make your stories stand out in the best possible way while having all the exceptional features whenever you want. inStory – Story Maker, Collage is an amazing application presented in the market by InstaShot Inc. that enables its global users to enjoy amazing designs for extemporizing your images intuitively. It features dozens of exceptional collections, including Ripped paper, magazines, film, vintage, and various others.

It features more than 100 unique and chic designs to reveal your inner artist and express your thoughts and life moments into stunning stories. You can precisely select your desired pics, highlight them with templates, add your desired background, and add text with stunning designs. inStory – Templates for Instagram Story app enables you to enjoy hundreds of icons to make your profile elegant.

#18 Ash – Insta Story Creator


Ash brings an intuitive and stunning story maker that helps you create eye-catching and beautiful stories for all your social media platforms with ease and elegance. Ash – Collage and Highlight Cover App helps you combine your desired pics and images and helps you customize things having everything needed. You can intuitively get new fans and followers while making world-class stories whenever you want.

The app brings almost all the significant and professionally designed templates that you can use regarding all the scenarios such as health, business, food, sports, festivals, photography, and any other. Ash – Insta story creator app makes it effortless to add your own text and pick your most likely templates whenever you want.

#19 Story – Social Media Ad Editor


Story makes it effortless and significantly stunning to make awesome stories and posts for all your social media feed and helps you become an effective social user and influencer. Story – Social Media Ad Editor is a superb editing platform presented in the market by Dynasty Apps LLC, which helps you grasp tons of unique animated templates with new text styles. You can explore and choose from tons of amazing templates to make quick photo stories using your desired text.

It helps you increase social media engagement while producing quality stories and posts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social platforms. You can intuitively create any kind of stories such as beauty and makeup, food, business, travel, health and fitness, toga, humor, technology, memes, animals, photography, business, and more.

#20 500 Stories for Instagram


500 Stories for Instagram app brings amazingly handcrafted animated templates for stories that help you enjoy making, customizing, and sharing stuff in a way like never before. 500 Stories for Instagram: Insta Stories Collage Maker is an amazing application presented in the market by Vitaly Dubnovitsky Inc. that brings more than 370 awesome templates to make exclusive posts whenever you want.

This app allows you to choose from collecting more than 350 hand-crafted templates, adding your desired photos and videos, and sharing your masterpieces in your most likely social networks. You can grab any of your required templates to add pics and videos for creating the collection stories and designs to impress your online community.

#21 Made – Story Editor & Collage


Made is an exclusive and unique storytelling toolkit that helps you make your stories more attractive to grab more attention. Made – Story Editor & Collage is a magnificent tool presented in the market by Instasize Inc. that helps you beautify all your stories to make your profile attractive and catchy in a way like never before. You can get tons of amazing templates, customize things intuitively, and make your posts and stories unique.

You can precisely elevate your stories curation with unique, elegant, and trendy template designs with the content creator in mind. Made – Instagram’s Story Editor is a superb app that provides a bunch of unique templates and keeps on adding new templates monthly for optimal and sleek editing scenarios.

#22 StoriesEdit


StoriesEdit makes it effortless, authentic, and attractive to create, manage, and customize all your Instagram’s stories while providing an extensive collection of designer templates. StoriesEdit – IG Stories Templates & Kit is a magnificent tool presented in the market by Planoly Inc. that helps you design your stories having the most ultimate storytelling toolkit and give them a stunning look.

StoriesEdit – Stories Layouts is an amazing Instagram story designing tool that enables its global users to customize their stories content using its remarkable selection of designer templates. StoriesEdit – IG Snap TikTok Story Templates app lets you choose your most likely templates and customize templates while adding pics and using its editing tools such as background color, text, shapes more.

#23 Dazzle


Dazzle app lets you have all the significant things right on the palm of your hands that are needed for creating captivating stories for your social feed. Dazzle – Insta Stories Editor is an elegant tool presented in the market by Conceptive Apps LLC, which brings loads of exceptional templates, stunning overlays, and eye-catching stickers to enjoy whatever you want.

It helps you stand out as an effective and unique social media influencer, blogger, user, or small business runner. The Dazzle – Insta Stories Editor app also puts a stop top blend social media stories while making you a pro in becoming a social influencer. The app provides a bunch of over 100 static and animated images to start creating masterpieces and doesn’t even need any designing skills.



STORIO makes it effortless to create your posts and stories more beautiful, attractive, unique, and chic for all your desired social platforms, merely Instagram. STORIO – Photo Grid & Stories Editor is a magnificently designed application presented in the market by Aleksandra Sabri Inc. that provides loads of amazing templates to make your social profile more catchy and attractive.

This intuitively loved application brings unique templates for stories, stylish templates for posts, amazing templates for your statuses, and unique templates for infinity needs. STORIO – Collage for Instagram app brings more than 25 unique layout collections and over 15 hand-crafted font styles to create and export quality stuff on Instagram.