Teen Love Story Games For Girls: School Crush


Teen Love Story Games For Girls: School Crush Alternatives


#1 Episode


Have you ever thought of being the creator of your own story in the virtual world? If not then here we are going to discuss about a game based app where you can explore your inner world in a virtual style. If you are not happy with your current like then this app will give you all means of changing every aspect of you but again in virtual world only. Episode is about living in that life and in those stories that you always have dreamed of. This mobile based storytelling platform features interactive stories of the Hollywood and famous celebrities that are built from the ground up for smartphones and not the means for passive entertainment for either TV or movies. In Episode, you are given the full permission to decide the path and fate of your story. Here you are the master and creator of your world. It is only about you.


#2 Descendants


Inspired by the blockbuster movie of the Disney Channel of the same name, Descendants is an app for the iOS and Android devices where you can create your unique character. It is for those people who want to stand out from the crowd with hundreds and thousands of others fashionable combinations. The player of the game will be provided with all available resources that considered being an important one from crafting standard of living and way of thinking. A lot of tasks will also be assigned by the Descendants like completing any target, arranging any party, designing a costume, helping the others and much more. Social media platforms are also connected with this app so you can stay up to date with your friends and make them updated about your activities as well. You will also get the alerts of updates via push notification as well. Descendants is a complete world in it.

#3 High School Mystery Story Game


High School Mystery Story Game is a kind of visual novel that is full of a lot of attractive and amazing characters. This app based game is also full of interactive story episodes as well. After entering into the charming world of High School Mystery Story Game, you have to make only one choice, and that is to decide with whom you want to go on a date or with whom you want to fall in love with. High School Mystery Story Game is recommended for those people only, who love watching romance fiction and drama, or who want to fall in love with someone or who want to explore who dramatic romance feels virtual or who are interested in romance game or otome game or who simply like the boys or girls’ comics and animation. All these are welcome here to showcase their skills and show the world they can impress anyone.


#4 Choices: Stories You Play


Whosoever says that one choice can change everything has right. In life, many points come when the choices we made defines our end. Choices: Stories You Play is such kind of app-based game where you will choose the character for yourself, and that character will decide your end. But keep in mind, you will never under the control of your character at all rather Choices: Stories You Play will give you the chance to control your character as you want. You will get all real life options in the virtual world. You can make friends, form groups, fall in love and can do many other activities. If you want to enjoy the day with your favorite celebrities, then these are also the part of this virtual world. Here you are free to do whatever you want to do in real.

#5 Demi Lovato: Path to Fame


Demi Lovato: Path to Fame is an app for the smartphones where the dreamers get the chance to star in their own story. In real world, sometimes we become bound to make the choices subject to the available options we have. But in Demi Lovato: Path to Fame you become the part of an interactive story where you are free to make the choices that you will like to want if you will be ever given the chance to make in real world. Here you can make the friends that you like, you can go on date with the person you want and can live the life as per your own terms. From living style to character building, you can bring perfection into your life. The availability of interactive customization options will allow you to shape your look like a star and choose the style from the hundreds of available options.

#6 Social Girl


Social Girl is for girls only but for only those girls who want to live a social and fashionable life. Social Girl give them the chance to define and reshape their personal fashion appearance, make new friend, make relationships with personalities and even famous public figures, and experience the living relationship with boyfriend as well. In short, this virtual world allows the girls to create their own interactive story and make the world they like to have in real terms. The features of the apps are it permits for throwing parties, customizing all things from living to dressing style, making many friends, going on a photo shoot and much more. Social Girl is all about going on shopping, experiencing new relationships, making friends, setting fashion trends, going on date with a perfect guy and doing much more. As you will proceed further, you will be able to unlock more possibilities.

#7 My Emma


If you are still unmarried or going to be the parent of the first child, then have you ever think of how it will be when you are the parent of a baby in the real world? This virtual world is exploring one important segment of life. My Emma will teach you what those things that you need to have to adopt your very own baby are. So have a baby named My Emma. You have to take care of her by all means. Feed her regularly. Play games with her and do many other activities to keep her entertained. If you keep her in life in comfort, then you will get coins that can be used for unlocking next levels with other options and functions. My Emma is simply full of fun and entertainment and practicing how would you feel when you will be the parent of a baby in reality.

#8 Stardom: Hollywood


In this virtual world based game, the players are given the task of living the life of an aspiring actor. You have to perform that role and need to travel from the level of nobody to number one celebrity of the world. Just imagine if in reality you were given that chance, would you be able to complete this? You will never be sure but in Stardom: Hollywood you can set how this will come true. Although it is also difficult to Stardom: Hollywood at least you will be given the all available sources, and you only have to set the path and make careful selections. Imagine yourself as a start in a huge interactive adventure like self-centered celebrities, sleazy agents, parasitic paparazzi and much more. You can create yourself as an actor or actress and can make your interactive look from hundreds of available style options.

#9 Dear Diary – Interactive Story


Dear Diary – Interactive Story is although a kind of interesting application, but it is an ad heavy app and requires patience. But when it comes to making own destiny then obstacles of this nature is nothing at all. Here you will meet with an interesting girl named Anna Blake who is struggling in her high school life. Your task is to assist her in making life changing decisions. Keep in mind your decisions will count in reshaping her destiny. The choices that you will make for her will directly impact on her destiny. It is simply awesome. The features that will force to fall in love with the game are it contains many challenges, each time offer different endings with the various choices on the same matter, amazing doodle art and much more. One thing is clear; this virtual world app is not going to make you feel bored at all.

#10 Kendall and Kylie


Kendall and Kylie is an application where the mysterious and curious people come to explore what can be done in the virtual world that sometimes seems to impossible in reality. In the virtual world set by Kendall and Kylie, you as a player come set your path and craft your own story. It is about getting those dreams come true that seems to be impossible in real world. Kendall and Kylie will give you a chance and all those resources that will help you in being yourself and expressing yourself openly in front of the world. The available styles will allow you create your character and set your charisma. Fashion, media, film industry, college life, business world and likewise many other virtual worlds are the part of this game where you can step in any time and prove yourself in front of others. It will take some time but will result in the meaning full end.

#11 High School Life


High School Life is an app based game where you can live the high school life in the way you want. You are free to do whatever you want. These kinds of games are means to allow the people to live their dreams. There are many activities that we can’t do in real life either because of not having resources or another kind of constraints. High School Life also offers the opportunity to live own life own terms in the shape of a student life. After entering the game, you will explore a lot of opportunities in the shape of setting schools on own terms, going on dates, throwing parties in lawns, making friends and doing much more. High School Life also gives the chance of building a relationship and finding a soul mate as well. This game contains all possibilities that are impossible practically.

#12 Hollywood U


Just imagine your long lasted dream of entering into Hollywood has come true and you have been accepted for the new badge of Hollywood University that is one of the leading schools for the stars. After entering into the world of fashion and glamour you can choose your own path to fame. Choices are of yours whether you want to see yourself a movie star, director or a fashionista. Here you will be provides with a lot of dresses and gowns so that you can dress yourself for the red carpet. If you love to go on date with celebrities then Hollywood U will also give yo0u the chance to date celebrities, build relationships, attend red carpets and do much more activities. In the end we would like to tell about another amazing activity that you can also do and that is making a blockbuster movie.

#13 High School Story


This virtual world is for the students only or for those who want to live the life of students but have never lived at all. High School Story allows this kind of people to create and design the school of their dreams. Here they can do whatever they want like filling it with friends they like to have, can arrange parties, go to date, play games, and can do much more. Unlock more and more level and enjoy more and more activities. A lot of other extra activities can also be done in the shape of attending a fashion show, going on a spring break beach trip and exploring hundreds of other mind thrilling adventures. It is your chance to do whatever you want. High School Story is simply the means for fulfilling those dreams in a virtual world that are hard to complete in reality.