Tejuri.com Alternatives


#1 Souq.com

Souq.com is an online shopping portal for the people of Dubai, Abdu Dhabi and the rest of UAE only. This online shopping portal deals in wide range of products and goods that are available at best shipment options and affordable rates. Whenever you will place an order with Souq.com you will get the confirmation messages and email in response. The usual timeframe for delivery of ordered product by the Souq.com is three to seven business days. Check out what you can purchase from the Souq.com; electronics products, mobile & tablets, women products, products and accessories for men, bay products & toys, perfumes & fashionable products, products of the leading brands and much more. From wearing to general home consumable products, Souq.com has the fine selection for all. In addition to regular shopping, special deals on special occasions and events also announced by the Souq.com. One of the best thing about Souq.com is that most of its products are backed by the guarantee and warranty schemes. If you want to sell your product in Dubai and UAE then Souq.com has also selling platform as well.

#2 Alshop.com

AlShop.com is an online shopping portal to make online shopping in the UAE. AlShop.com is the online retailer of digital products, makeups, cosmetic products, healthy products, electronics, electrical, kitchen & home products and much more. You can purchase from there the best deals in the smartphones and computers and linked accessories. The best about AlShop.com is that it support for the both cash on delivery system and cash in advance. Advance payment can be made by way of credit card in advance/on delivery, credit card online, VISA card, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal. Free shipping by the AlShop.com is available for entire UAE in case of placing order of AED 300 or more. However, it will take two to three days to get the order at your doorstep. You can also get the product within one to two days as well if you will pay extra 30 AED for priority shipping. The other best thing about AlShop.com is its return policy. Even in case of cancelling the order within 24 hours there will be no charges.


#3 Esybuy.com

EsyBuy.com is an online shopping portal for shopping in Dubai for men and women. In addition to local areas of Dubai, EsyBuy.com has also international presence and now it is a growing to become one of the leading online retailer into home appliances, fashion accessories, home décor, products for men and women and various other consumable products. EsyBuy.com has the finest collection of products of the leading brands of the world catering to categories like fashionable and consumable electronics. The premium online store of EsyBuy.com provides the best shopping experience to the customers. EsyBuy.com delivers an excellent range of electronic gadgets, and fashionable accessories and apparel for men, women and kids. EsyBuy.com delivers all those products that the consumers need on daily basis. From checkout route to shipment and from delivery to return policy, EsyBuy.com delivers the user friendly online shopping experience. Most of the shipment services being offered by the EsyBuy.com are totally free. Moreover, the customers can return the products within seven days from placing of the original order.

#4 Letstango.com

Wanna purchase digital product from any online shopping portal then here is LetsTango.com that is expertise in digital and electronic gadgets. The order that you will place at the online shopping portal of LetsTango.com will be deliver to you within forty hours. The other great specialty of LetsTango.com is free delivery service in Dubai and various other places of UAE. From placing order to getting the product, LetsTango.com delivers the best customer shopping experience. Checkout what you can purchase from the online shopping store of LetsTango.com; gadgets & wearable, phones & accessories, computers & tablets, photography, gaming & hobbies, TV and audios, etc. You can also purchase from there sports & health, fashion & accessories, and toys & babies products as well. However, the ratio of later on products is very limited. This online portal is suitable for buying digital products and accessories. Here are the advantages that you will get by making order at LetsTango.com; zero installment, genuine products, multiple payment methods, after sales support, thirty day money back returns and worldwide shipping.


#5 Crazydeals.com

CrazyDeals.com is an online marketplace for those who want to make online shopping in the market of Middle East particularly UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and various other Gulf Countries. The products being offered by CrazyDeals.com for online shopping are electronics & electrical, flowers & plants, computer & office product, sports, health & beauty, home & décor, kitchen & garden, men, women, perfumes & fragrances, toys, kids, baby product and much more. A lot of automotive products are also available at the CrazyDeals.com. In addition to regular deals, you can move for the special deals of CrazyDeals.com by the name of daily deals as well. For those who want to sell their products in the Middle East and Gulf markets can join the online selling portal of CrazyDeals.com as well. In short, CrazyDeals.com is not for online shopping only; it is an online trading platform. CrazyDeals.com support for the both payment in advance and cash on delivery system. In case of payment in advance, CrazyDeals.com support for Discover, MasterCard, American Express, VISA, and PayPal.

#6 Luluwebstore.com

LuluWebStore.com is an online marketplace in the Dubai and rest of the UAE and Gulf countries. This online shopping portal has the best collection of various products and deals by the leading brands and manufacturers of the world. The products offer for sale in the online showcase of LuluWebStore.com are mobile & tablets, computers, electronics, home & living, food & eatables, fresh food, bay & kids products, health & beauty and much more. LuluWebStore.com allows its customers to make the purchases by brands as well in addition to general shopping. From standard products to premium level of products, LuluWebStore.com has the finest collection of all type of products to make your shopping experience easiest and simplest. Payment against shopping can be made by way of VISA, MasterCard, and NAPS. These systems are verified by their respective provider. Most of the products for the UAE region are against free shipment scheme. However, there are many where shipment charges are applicable and in case of these products, buyers will be informed while finalizing the order.

#7 Thedubaibazaar.com

TheDubaiBazaar.com is an online shopping portal where you can explore the killer deals. The shopping at this online shopping marketplace can be made by way of best seller, shop by store and shop by brand. TheDubaiBazaar.com is a perfect place for finding the real hidden gems of Dubai at very affordable places and best shipping services. The shopping departments at TheDubaiBazaar.com are electronics & electrical appliances, fashion accessories, perfumes & cosmetics, jewellery & watches, sports & wearable, home décor, kitchen & garden, etc. TheDubaiBazaar.com deals in gift service as well. You can send gift to your beloved ones right from the platform of TheDubaiBazaar.com. In addition to exploring the products according to categories, the customers can search for products according to featured products, new arrivals and top selling products. For those who want to sell their products in the Middle East and Gulf markets can join the online selling portal of TheDubaiBazaar.com as well. In short, TheDubaiBazaar.com is not for online shopping only; it is an online trading platform.

#8 Namshi.com

Namshi.com is an online fashion shopping store for men, women and kids. Namshi.com largely deals in clothes, dresses, shoes, bags and various other fashionable products and accessories. What makes Namshi.com special one is the availability of products for all age of people and even for the kids. Namshi.com only deals in branded products. The products of the international leading brands are available at the platform of Namshi.com. The products of main brands at the online shopping portal of Namshi.com are Topshop, Nike, Adidas, Ginger, Name It, Lacoste, Jack & Jones, Brave Soul and dozens of others. At the online shopping portal of Namshi.com you will always find the best designer deals at best affordable rates. Free delivery scheme of Namshi.com is applicable on entire UAE. The order will be delivered within one to two business days in all Emirates. From shopping to making payment and from getting the delivery to exchange and return, Namshi.com delivers the customer oriented policies. If you are not satisfied with order or get the wrong or default product then you can make the returns within fourteen days of making purchase.

#9 Kingsouq.com

First of all it is worth to clear here that KingSouq.com is an entirely different online shopping portal to Souq.com. KingSouq.com is also an online shopping store that deals in phones, tablets, watches, and various other digital and electrical gadgets in the entire UAE. In addition to digital and electrical products, KingSouq.com is the provider of home & garden, toys & hobbies and various other general consumable products. The products can be searched either by way of category or simply using the search bar of KingSouq.com that make the customers able to search through the entire store. Among a lot of qualities, KingSouq.com offers the free shipping service for the entire UAE. KingSouq.com ship worldwide and accept all major credit cards and PayPal for the purpose of accepting payments. The credit card and debit card of any VISA card are acceptable by the KingSouq.com. You can make payment by way of MasterCard as well. In addition to advance payment system, KingSouq.com support for the cash on delivery payment system as well. Cash on delivery option is open for entire UAE and various other Gulf countries.

#10 Landmarkshops.com

LandMarkShops.com is one of the leading online shopping portals for buying products from the online market of UAE. LandMarkShops.com deals in clothing, wearable, shoes, makeup & cosmetic, fragrance, beauty, accessories, and various other products for men, women and kids. What make the shopping platform of LandMarkShops.com best one is that it deals in the branded products only. Currently the brands offered by the LandMarkShops.com are Lee Cooper, Barbie, Splash, Smiley World, Splash Lingerie, Arrow, Being Human, Lee Cooper, Avent, Chicco, Longboard and the products of dozens of others leading brands of the world. If you will place the order of AED 100 or above you will be provided with free shipping service. In case of buying more, you will be able to save more and get more. Most of the orders placed with LandMarkShops.com are delivered within two to three business days. Delivery of major appliances minimum takes three days. In case of making payment in advance, there will be no extra charges. If you pay cash on delivery then you will be required to pay additional AED 10.

#11 Awok.com


Awok.com is an online shopping portal for exploring the best deals from the best online shopping store in Dubai. It is the provider of branded and latest tablets, smartphones, home appliances, and much more at very low prices and against a free delivery system. From daily deals to bundle offers and weekly bestsellers to special offers, you will always explore a large variety of products at this site. That is the specialty of this site to always deliver customer-oriented services.

Check out the categories in which you can buy products, mobile & accessories, tablets, jewelry & watches, bags & glasses, health & beauty products, home & kitchen appliances, TV & audio appliances, cameras, toys & games, scooters, and much more. From placing an order to tracking an order everything will be at your disposal for your convenience. In the payment system, it offers both cash on delivery and payment in the advance system. In case of advance payment, it can be made by way of VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. it is one of the best online shopping stores in the UAE because of its product quality and being cost-effectiveness.

#12 Bestshop.ae

BestShop.ae is a web based shopping portal in UAE for enjoying the effortless and enjoyable shopping. Because of providing a range of selection to the consumers in shape of deals, combos, clearance and best sellers, BestShop.ae is known as delivering the best shopping experience to its customers. The products and services of BestShop.ae can be explored and buy in the departments of jewellery & watches, mobile & accessories, apparel, bags, health & beauty, shoes, toys, home & lifestyle, eyewear, baby products and much more. BestShop.ae deals in gift service as well. You can send gift to your beloved ones right from the platform of BestShop.ae. At the online shopping portal of BestShop.ae you can even compare the products list to make the best choices. The way of placing order is very simple. Just select your product from the list of available categories or search for the specific product and after verifying it, checkout for payment. BestShop.ae has no return policy. However, exchange policy is applicable only and you can exchange products within seven days of the original purchase.

#13 Doduae.com

DodUAE.com is an online retailer and whole seller of fashion products for women and girls only. DodUAE.com is best known for its widest and branded collection in clothes, shoes, bags, health & beauty products, makeup & cosmetic products and much more. You can also enjoy the online shopping in the category of new arrivals, bundle offers and clearance sale as well. From placing order to checkout and delivery to return & exchange polices, DodUAE.com delivers the professional level of customer oriented services. After placing the order you can also track your order to check for its current location. DodUAE.com has the finest collection of thousands of discounted goods that are being manufactured by the Chinese manufacturers. Both payment systems namely cash on delivery and payments in advance are applicable by the DodUAE.com. In case of cash on delivery, there will be no extra charges by the DodUAE.com at all. You can also make the payment by way of PayPal, VISA, MasterCard and Aramex. Return and exchange policy of DodUAE.com allow for return within three days only in case of enjoying the free return and exchange.

#14 Dubaishoppers.com

DubaiShoppers.com is an online Dubai based shopping platform making online shopping by way of either selecting stores or exploring through the on sale products. DubaiShoppers.com widely deals in the electronics & electrical accessories, jewellery & fashionable products, automotive & spare parts, luggage & suitcases, and various others. You can also take tips from the DubaiShoppers.com as well if you want to build your ecommerce store. DubaiShoppers.com mostly deals in the branded products only. So, at the online shopping portal of DubaiShoppers.com you will always explore the products of the leading manufacturers of the world. For its wide range of electrical & electronic products, DubaiShoppers.com is widely said to be the biggest one web based shipping portal that showcase the products at very affordable rates and after sale services. DubaiShoppers.com is the paradise of products for those customers who want to go for online shopping at the comfort of their present location. The return and exchange polices vary from store to store from where you make the purchase. However, at many stores, return policy is not applicable. But you can surely enjoy the exchange policies.