Telugu Top Rhymes Videos & Nursery Songs


Telugu Top Rhymes Videos & Nursery Songs Alternatives


#1 50 Telugu Nursery Rhymes


50 Telugu Nursery Rhymes brings more than just rhymes because of its exclusive bunch of memorable and catchy jingles for building the skills and mental capabilities of kids and adults alike. 50 Telugu Nursery Rhymes is a stunning platform presented in the market by WowKidz Inc. that provides 50 top Telugu nursery thymes on both cell phones and tablets.

The app brings sleek thumbnails of all the available rhymes, and ou you can instantly play one with just a single tap of the button. Some of its classic rhymes include Bava Bava Panneeru, Cheema Entho, Jo Achuthananda, Chal Chal Gurram, Chitti Chilakamma, Burru Pitta, and various others.


#2 Telugu Rhymes Chinnari Patalu


Telugu Rhymes Chinnari Patalu brings a fabulous stack of amazing, fun, and addictive rhymes that helps you boost the learning and educational capabilities of your kids without paying for tuition or school fee. Telugu Rhymes Chinnari Patalu is a stunning platform presented in the market by Telugu Apps World Inc. that brings the best collection of Chinnari songs in the world of Telugu.

You can enjoy listening to tons of songs in Telugu rhymes and the Pillala songs app right over your Android cell phones and tablets. The app brings rhymes and songs in the Telugu language, and you can let your kids learn them without going anywhere. You can download the Telugu Rhymes Chinnari Patalu app for free from Play Store and start singing these cute little rhymes and songs whenever, wherever.

#3 Telugu Rhymes for kids


Telugu Rhymes for kids brings the entire stack of all Mintu and Minnu Telugu nursery rhymes right on the palm of your hands and helps you learn them while listening to them whenever you want. Telugu Rhymes for kids: Telugu Nursery Rhymes & Videos is a sleek platform presented in the market by Kidzooly Inc. that brings a one shop stop for Telugu Nursery Songs, Rhymes videos, and a completely free to play and download scenario.

You can enjoy all the Mintu and Minnu Telugu songs and nursery rhymes over your desired devices and even in offline mode. Telugu Nursery Rhymes & Videos app brings high-quality 3D Telugu Nursery Rhymes Animations, Cute Animations, sleek parental, and sing-along songs.


#4 Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games & Songs Free


Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games & Songs Free app enables you to delight your kids and toddlers with an amazing stack of nursery rhymes, toddler games, early learning kid songs, and loads of sleek activities. Nursery Rhymes, Kids Games & Songs Free is a fine platform presented in the market by IDZ Digital Private Limited that helps you get exclusively significant learning content right on the palm of your hands.

It is the free version that brings amazing kids games and nursery rhymes that you can learn precisely. The app brings all your favorite nursery rhymes, including Old MacDonald, Humpy Dumpty, Row your Boat, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Pussycat Pussycat, and various others.

#5 Kid Video


Kid Video is an easy to play game that brings plenty of amazing content designed for educational purpose. Kid Video is a fine application presented in the market by TonyJet Inc. that helps you learn the sound of transport, musical instruments, animals, and various others.

The app also brings the names of objects in English rather than providing a bunch of amazing sounds. It is a free to play a game where you can get high-quality images, fun or interesting learning, teach you to recognize objects, and various others. The app brings fun and elegant way to boost and increase your English vocabulary the right way.

#6 Kids Learn Phonics


Kids Learn Phonics app enables its global kids to have a fun, interactive, and elegant platform for learning plenty of amazing stuff. Kids Learn Phonics: ABC Songs & Preschool Rhymes is a fine platform that is helpful for both toddlers and kids to have ABC songs, educational HD cartoons, sing-along, nursery rhymes, amazing animations, and various other things with ease.

The app brings hundreds of materials, including Phonics, ABC Songs, Counting Numbers, Animals, Vegetables, Thumbkin, Learning Fruits song, Know Musical Instruments Songs, Sleeping, Alphabets Learning, Ten in the Bed, Brushing song, Bathing song, Sea Animals, and various others.

#7 Kids Top Nursery Rhymes


Kids Top Nursery Rhymes lets you have a stunning collection of nursery rhymes, amazing songs, sleek nursery content, and videos without having any internet connection. Kids Top Nursery Rhymes Videos – Offline Learning is a magnificent platform presented in the market by Kidzooly Inc. You can get kids games, nursery rhymes, rhymes, and more for effective learning.

You can get five little babies rhymes, five little ducks rhymes, humpy dumpty set on a wall, butterfly finger family, Mary had a lamb, ants Go marching, Mary Had a lamb rhymes, Ringa Ringa roses, jingle bells, Rain Rain go away, and various others.

#8 Kids Preschool Learning Games & Kids Rhymes Songs


Kids Preschool Learning Games & Kids Rhymes Songs app contains a bunch of amazing games and songs for kids and toddlers who want to have effective learning while having fun. Kids Preschool Learning Games & Kids Rhymes Songs is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Kidzooly Inc., where you can enjoy loads of exclusive content for kids to let them learn while having fun.

You can get kid songs, kids stories, nursery rhymes, nursery videos, kids learning games, and various other learning activities right over your cell phones and tablets. The app is packed with tons of exquisite 3D animated education cartoons, fun music, engaging graphics, and kid’s shows with singalong text. Kids Preschool Learning Games and Kids Rhymes Songs app brings unique kids pre-learning educational shows and content, parental control, dance to the tunes, and learn phonics, alphabets, numbers, and other characters with activates and songs.