#1 is a reading platform dedicated for the book readers only from where they come to know about the top books and their authors. is basically a community based platform from where you can get information about any book for free. You can also know about the taste and behavior of the other visitors of the You can read their comments and views as well that they are sharing all the time there. Check out those activities that you can perform on the website of You can see which books your friends are currently reading if they are already at the platform of the and sharing their activities with others. From here you can track the books you are reading, or have already read or planning to read. Right from the platform of the you can personalize the books recommendations as well by simply using the recommendation system of the as well that contain that data of 20 billion suggestions and points. These suggestions are listed by the to enhance your reading taste. If you find any book best then you can share the reviews with the community of the as well. The browsing section of support browsing for recommendations, choice awards, giveaways, new releases, lists, news & interviews, and explores to explore more.


This website is a good choice for readers and authors. This platform provides the catalog your books in an online environment. This website will provide you almost two hundred titles for free. Here the library will be yours and the books will be also yours. You can also make your own profile as well. There is discussion point from where you can interact with the other readers and authors as well. is a specialized home for your books. Simply enter what you are reading at the moment to let the other know. As you can create your own library as well so you can enter what you are reading. It is very easy. All you required to use the library based catalog system. is the community of almost two millions book lovers across the globe. It will provide you a communication platform that will connect you to the people who read what you do. Check out the stunning features of that you can say as the advantages of using are catalog you movies and music in addition to books. You can find from here the new books to read. Share your ideas about books with others and read what others are sharing. This platform even supports for the tracking and lending of your books as well. is one of the best platforms for the real book lovers.


#3 is a blog and community based platform for the book lovers. By joining the online library and book platform of this system you can create your own catalog blog as well. You will be provided with the system of collecting your books, discovering the new one, winning giveaways and connects with other book lovers in real time as well. Check out the features that you will enjoy at the portal of in shape of blog and rewrite reviews, shelve all your books, discover other book lovers, share your reading experience with others, your own personal timeline for your reading life. is a real platform for the real book lovers that offer you make your own personal webpage with the blog, reading timeline and virtual bookshelf. This website actually gathers the book bloggers, book loves, writers, reviews maker and real readers from all over the world who share their reviews and read the updates on the blogs of the other readers and writers. All you required to create an account with The best about is that it is a totally independent and free service provider. The other exceptional thing about is that in addition to being free there is no limitation on books, reviews, shelves and new book friends at all. is offering its services in three international languages mainly English, German and Polish.


This place is specified for reading and sharing stories with others. is one of the largest and leading communities of the writers and readers across the globe. You can join the online services of by simply creating an account here. You can also continue with your Facebook and Google account as well. There is an application of for the smartphones as well that make its users able to access its services from any part of the world. This contains all those stories that you need or that you will love to need. The best about is that it has made the reading system very easy and simple. Whether you are online over the website or offline in form of application you can read everything seamlessly without worrying about downloading PDFs. As it is the community of the readers and writers, so you can see how others reacted to your reading style. The inline commenting system of will make you able to share your thoughts and interact with the story while you are reading in real time. From science fiction to romance all stories are the parts of the The services of are available in almost all leading international languages of the world.



This online reading focused platform is basically a social cataloging platform for the books. It allows is users to create virtual bookshelves of the titles that already have or want to read. It also support for the system of rating, passing reviews and tagging the books of others as well. is listed among those book shelves and reading platforms that are doing well in the online communities of the readers. The main purpose of the is to help the readers to find new books and share their reading experience with others. If you will join the online services of the you will be provided with more features and functions. Check out the advantages that you will get as a member. You will be allowed to create virtual bookshelves to express yourself to your friends and the whole world that are already on the platform of the You can discover books that are popular in their trusted circles of your friends. There is a system of rating and discussion as well. That means the system for discussion and blogging are also available at the online portal of You are welcome to take part in the online book groups to explore the literature and share ideas in more detail. It is one of the best platforms for interacting with the leading authors of the world as well.


This platform is the name of the social reading platform that makes its users able to read and discuss books in the cloud. is a platform that will make you able to find and read the books. You will be here provided with an online community and you can interact with the reads and writers present there. It will deliver you the innovative and interactive social reading experience. In addition to reading the experience of others you can pass comments on the activities of the others as well. This website delivers a real innovative reading and publishing experience. It is really a nice reading experience where you can invite the other and pass on the comments as well. You will be allowed to create your own blog and bookshelves as well. Three main advantages of the are the services that it is offering to its members in the shape of gran something to read, set timeframe and discuss inside. This web-based reading system can be access from the tablets as well. You can create the reading event and invite your friends to read with your friend with for a limited amount of time and sharing comments on paragraphs as well. It is a totally free platform. All you required to sign in with your Twitter account.

#7 is the provider of premium level of book management tools to its members. This portal is offering its book system comprising the powerful tools to the authors and real book lovers. You will really like the conversational environment of the that is really different from the traditional blogging and community-based system. There are special sections for both authors and readers. You can move to that section that is according to your point of interest. This premier featured based literary community is supporting readers and writers with a completely ad-free reading environment. It is a real helping platform for both readers and writers from where they can come to know about the interests of the others and to develop their own interest as well. The authors at the platform of can take the advantage of getting those valuable tools that will assist them in building a community to promote their books. There is a unique Enter Once system platform in the that supports the feature of five times more clicks to purchase as compared to the ordinary sites. Then there is a place for the book readers. They can enjoy here the great books to read, buy a signed, copy, talk to the author and can share their review with others as well. They can look up the reviews of others as well from the Amazon or Goodreads as well. This is your platform and you are allowed to explore it as you like.


This platform is the other name of only goods books for the good readers. is the provider of real helping books tools for those who love to have these. This platform is the provider of the independently owned space where you can share your reading experience and can track this as well. It is one of the best platforms to celebrate your reading experiences with others. is basically a community based platform where the authors, writers and readers from different part of the world connect with each other in order to share their experiences with others in a more professional way. You will always explore here the real books that you can say as the real antique treasure. In order to start with, you will be required to create account first. You can also log in via your Twitter, Google or Facebook account as well. Right after signing into the you will be provided with the list of books from where you can select as per your own desire. Now tell about the book that you are currently reading and also tell about the authors that you like more. You can follow all those authors as well that are at the platform of It will also give you a chance to connect to great local bookstores and libraries near you. You can follow the other readers as well.


If you want to get recommendation about which book you should read then here is to assist you in this situation. is a reading recommendation based platform where you can tell to it what kind of books you have read and what you want to read and then it will make its own recommendations based on your interest and taste. is a community-based platform from where you will get the more information about the authors, books, and genres that you will surely love to read. You can also explore from here about the new titles, debut writers and new genres. From the casual reader to the one who documents each and every book read in a color-coordinated spreadsheet, it always provides something for all readers. It is a truth universally acknowledged that an avid reader in possession of a good book must be in want of another. At the front page of, there are various sections to explore like articles, fiction, notification, mysteries & thrillers, SFF, romance and much more. You can also subscribe to the newsletter as well. By subscribing to the newsletter of you will be provided with the latest news and recommendations once in a week.

#10 is a social book reading platform specified for the book readers only to share their passion for reading. Thousands of books are the part of the if you like any books then add into your special book shelf here and this will be included in the recommended book section of the Thousands of readers are the registered members of the You can also get a chance to meet readers from all over the world sharing your same tastes. It is quite simple: discover your compatibility rate. As is the community of the book readers so thousands of groups are already there. Groups are the reference point for discussing specific topics. You can create your own groups as well. Check out what you can explore at the platform of the You can discover new books through the shelves, collections, reviews, collections, groups and recommendations from the community of the You can add your favorite books to wish list or to your own shelf as well. If you want to review and rank any book then this system is also being supported by the So, is a platform that gives you a chance to connect with millions of book lovers and share your reading experiences with others. That is all about


Have you hear about books lifestyle? Have you ever heard about the book lifestyle? If not then is here to answer you. is the lifestyle destination for the real book lovers who want to know about each and everything by simply reading the premium level of books of the readers. It is better to do with all this with books but at the same time it requires a professional literary coverage as well. is here to give you chance to explore the books lifestyle with a new style and passion. The main sections of the front page of the are entertainment, smarts, stacks, review sand book memes. All these sections are worth to explore to get the better understating of the and what is hidden in its database. By simply joining the platform of you can get an instant chance to connect with the leading authors and writers of the world. also deals in the placement system as well. If you are interested in having your work or advertisement features on then you can contact with this website for that purpose. This portal deals in the advertisement of the books as well. If you want to earn books from the then once a day you will be offered with a giveaways offer.

#12 is a web-based book review magazine that deals in the recommendations of the books. You can get from the guides to the best new and current books. In addition to getting new books and recommendations on these, also enlist the reviews, reading lists, excerpts and find a book tool. A platform named info for book clubs is also the part of the that will take you the readers’ community of the has arranged the order of its website in very user friendly style. From the main page you can navigate to various sections like the review, what’s new, find books, read-alike, book clubs, authors, blog, and free and fun. All these sections then open into much more detail. Some services and sections of the are the total feee. However, if you will go for the premium service of the, you will enjoy more features and functions. You can get access to all sections of the in the case of becoming the member of the The recommendation section of recommends the books of all types both fiction and non-fiction. The majority of books available here belongs to the adult fiction of all type. At the, you will have a good idea of the better quality and more interesting titles currently available.

#13 is a simple way to sharing with others about what you are currently reading or what are your opinions on any specific book. You can simply login via Facebook or can create a new account as well. is the best one source for telling the others about your point of view on any author, writer or book. is basically a social networking platform especially for the book lovers to share their ideas with others and listen to those of the others. The other people around the world are taking the online advantage of as well. By joining the platform of, you can also get the chance to interact with these people. In that’s way, work as the community of the book lovers across the globe as well. There will be always something interesting at the platform of that you will surely like to explore and want to share with others. If reading book is your hobby and you have friends that are also addictive of the interesting books then will be surely a great book reading platform for all of you where you all can take the advantages of your experiences and can share the knowledge with each other as well. The best about this platform is that it is a free to use websites that require no membership at all except creation of a free and simple account.


The purpose behind the creation of this site was to fulfill the longstanding passion for reading of the readers. It is a platform for the book lovers to discuss their love of reading. This website is assisting the readers across the globe to discover brand new books organically and through word of mouth and offers the rewards to the readers as well that encourage then to pick up a book. It is a place for sharing your experiences with others. Here you can track of what you have read, review books, pass comments, express yourself openly, share your creativity and organize your books in a more personalized way. There is a community and blog system at the as where you can get engage in the group discussions with other readers as well. For its distinguish features and function, will make you able to unlock the reading and reviewing books sections here to get the better understanding of the books and reading. In order to add book to your own bookshelves you are first required to create an account with and after that find the book your wish to add by searching for its title, author or ISBN number in the search bar located into your account. In the same manner you can create a new shelf as well. You are also allowed to remove any book from the shelf as well.

#15 is an online book management platform that will make you able to keep track of all of your books that you want to read or have already read. First of all you will be required create an account with You can login via using your Facebook account as well. Just after the creation of your account you will move to your personal library. You will be provided with the creation of new shelf. To add the first shelf, type a name in the start a new shelf box and hit enter. In order to add the new books simply click the search bar of the for searching the book you want to add. There is also a blog of the as well from where you can explore the new books. You can also read the comments and reviews of the others as well. The list of available books is little low because the emphasis of the is on the creating of bookshelves and management of the books. is one of the book management platforms for the real book readers and writers. There is a community of the readers at The number of members is low but when it comes to creating on personal book shelf then is much featured rich in this section that will assist you throughout your stay at