#1 is a digital media Company which covers culture and entertainment. It was launched by Jarret Myer and Brian Brater in 2008. It site’s target people in males aged 18 to 34. It offers premier news about entertainment, sports, music, life and discovery, viral content and video for the digital generation. It contains massive team of storytellers and journalists that deliver max a long and short form news. Shorter content provides trending content that the people want to know about delivered in the true, distinctive voice. Long stories shade in missing details, question, and answers or expand your knowledge base. No matter which kind of content (Audio, Video, written and photos) use, just provide true information. Uproxx offers completely engaging stuff to change your life. You can also be able to share his stores on the Uproxx to make the viral. It is also known as discussion website that allows you to discuss any type of topics such as Entertainment, Sports, Vehicles, and News.


Upworthy is actually a website for common content started in March 2012 by Eli Pariser. Upworthy’s stated objective is to sponsor the intersection of the amazing, meaningful and also visual. It uses virality to advertise stories using a progressive bent on social and political problems. In June 2013, an article in Fast Company known as Upworthy “the most effective expanding media website of all time. Upworthy made popular a unique kind of two-phrase statements that has distribute too many other internet websites. Upworthy produces daily stories, which it makes to be meaningful as well as high quality. It aims to be “social media using a mission”. Upworthy achieves this by marketing progressive and liberal perspectives through its choice of articles, without being overtly partisan. Upworthy doesn’t necessarily strive to have a community of its own. There’s no commenting on the site simply because Upworthy encourages its users to share its content in already existing social networks.


#3 is a well known online news website. This website is owned by GoViral, a parent company in London, Ontario. is also known for its ranking in the top 100 popular sites all over the world. Along with that, it is also ranked in the top 20 sites of Canada. This site was founded back in 2013 by Dean Elkholy, Gary Manning, and Taylor Ablitt. The community of aims to provide people the content they are interested in like videos, blogs, and many other social and trending stuff.


If you want a zip up your mind with News, Viral Content, Entertainment and another trending topic of the world than to break your mind and enjoy latest hot stories. In 2014 two brothers cropped up the idea with the motive of making bizarre stories reach an audience across the world and the company WEBBER MEDIA and ZEPPEFFD start. Gradually the team was formed that collaborated in a small area and together they thought to viral this website and now it has millions of viewers. The aim of the website is to provide all kind of relevant information to the people they love about friendship, relationship, fitness, and health, what do or what not do in the world where whatever can go incorrect any second. Stories which are told here will surprise you, shock you and some will even bring tears to your eyes and thaw your heart. Zepp Feed focused on keeping all the stories updated on the website, the stories which the people want to know about living a better life. These stories surely will entertain you, grab you and which you can get information most simply. Just like other it also invites you to send your stuff through-provoking stories to help to make them viral.



Click Hole is also known as Patrio Hole, and Cruft is a satirical platform from The Onion that parodies clickbait websites such as Upworthy and BuzzFeed. It was launched on 12 June 2014, according to the senior editor Jermaine Affonso is The Onion’s response to click-bait content and serves as a parody online media. It is the latest online social experience filled that offers lots of clickable and shareable content for everyone around the world. The aim of the Click Hole is to join the world by providing the viral, amazing, inspirational and other entertaining content. It also appreciates of new content by regularly updating our accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social media websites. offers a responsive view on all devices such as Computer, Mobile, and Tablets. In the most of the post, it tries to take a primary message usually poking entertaining at social media users or societal behaviors. The goal of the website is to publish content regularly, setting a target of seven to ten post a day.

#6 is a platform for everyone to show you best around the world. Whether this is Inspirational, Funny or Story that will shock you, it brings you the most popular stuff on the web and put them in the excessive place for you to enjoy. The viral thread is always trying to provide latest trending stuff and also appreciate anyone who is submitting content which will try their best to go viral. It offers all kinds of exciting content such as Animals, Science, Technologies, Brain Food, Videos and Inspirational Stories, etc. Viral Thread comes from childhood term of thread that backs you in the days of email when the people use to forward stories to each other. The Viral word is self-explanatory, so it joins them together to describe the goal of The basic purpose of the Viral thread is to satisfy our reader by providing stuff they actually want. It produces a various list a day, and each list also consists of multiple articles. If you want to enjoy your free time, then do try it out, it best platform for all users who want viral content.


The mission of is Don’t Be Boring. It is a web-based platform that offers Viral Content, Inspirational Stories, Hilarious Quizzes, Bad Parenting Moments and other Entertaining Stuff to make their audience happy. It reaches hundreds of millions of audience with engaging, smile including content with the power of Brainjolt networks it has up to 75 million readers a month and more than 15 million likes on Facebook. offers different kinds of stuff which addict audience such as Funny moments, Amazing things, Viral Videos, Latest News about Celebrities, Number of Bizarre and Intriguing, etc. According to the survey over 15 centuries of free time was spent on network in the last year. It also offers opportunities for that writer who is truly expert their field. produce up to 5 to 10 list a day in order to provide maximum content in a minimum amount of time. To reach their millions of readers, it provides native advertizing and sponsorship opportunities.


Rumble is a one the best platform that where you get world’s trending social and viral videos. As compared to the other Communities it offers little bit different experience where the video creator can host, create, share, monetize and distribute their content around the television and the internet. For newsrooms, publisher, and brands. It helps to identify, source, validate and acquire to the most important videos on the web. If you want to become the part of Rumble creator, you believe your video is unique. offer communication option where you will communicate with another creator around the world discuss his video or other topics. The Company boasts an army with more than 230000 video creator that currently contribute up to 250 million streams per month. If you love Trending videos or think you’re the best video creator, then do try it out.

#9 takes the combines the pursuit of interesting and exciting facts with the innate human want to rank and list things. From stereotypical cat images to crazy facts about the world, each list is designed to help you eliminate time in the most effective manner, all while giving you something to either fun at or think. Every weekday you can see at least two new lists, one of which is a Video. Most of the sites publish top 10 lists or maybe 15, but the audience wants more, that’s way it offers top 25 lists with more in depth and gives more material. It serves millions of hungry minds that have mentioned in big populations just like a New York Time. As compared to the other similar sites the stats of this site is outstanding. It has over 2.2 million subscribers on YouTube, 13.6 thousand followers on twitter, 448 thousand likes on Facebook and 24 thousand followers on Google+. You can also find it other social networking sites such as Instagram, Daily Motion, and Pinterest, etc.

#10 is the best platform for explorers. Together they seek out the most charming and rare gems of human knowledge. In each day it publishes three or more exciting lists packed with as many new facts as possible. It is a site that serves over 30 million pages a month for up to eight million readers. Listverse publishes lists that intrigue and educate specializing in the bizarrely called trivia. It has features on BBC Radio, BBC Television World News International, Alabama Radio and Radio Scotland, etc. It offers different kinds of Bizarre, General Knowledge information, Entertainment, Society, LifeStyle and Sciences experiments, etc. Listverse also offers career opportunities for freelancers around the world that offer the writers to follow their company rules and submit a list for Top 10. In order to create a successful submission, they provide a huge reward. It also offers viral content that interacts their audience.

#11 is a dedicated platform for creative and inspirational ideas. believes that there is much bad news in the world that we hear every day. motivates the art of creativeness in every individual in the world. You can find inspiring manifestations regarding every topic you can imagine. is a motivational and inspirational blog site where you can find a blog on every topic like medical, science and technology, food and nutrition, showbiz, curiosities, political facts and figures, environment, and much more of your interest. Articles are categorized into top articles where you can find interesting content and up-to-date as well. You can also write quality content for free on this site.

#12 notes itself as an internet meme database, and it goes in some sense. The range of content that is present here is larger than most places and includes stuff not only from the American and European region but also from African and Asian countries so that the best and funniest bits from all over the world stay at one place. The top section on KnowYourMeme shows the memes that are arranged randomly; then the categories section follows where everything gets arranged such as humor, college, sports, kids, travel, and others. Once you move to the news section, then you see everything that is trending in the world along with news and funny incidents. If someone is interested in viewing the videos, the option still exists where you see a hilarious content on the internet. The Know Your Meme blog section gives you the option of reading content shared by people, and the episode tab is where people share stories that continue through the pages.

#13 is an alternative site to that offers similar content with some extra features. The site can be created for those users who love trending videos, viral stories, and other entertaining content. The aim of the Lifebuzz team is to spread joy and good senses to the millions of people around the world that visit their site each day, through the stories of humor, nature, inspiration, happiness, beauty, courage and intrigue. Lifebuzz offers everything for everyone to break from his busy day, it also offers their users to be a part of it and share his ideas and other entertaining content. Beautiful interface which simple use, tons of stories, bookmark his favorite articles, daily viral content, share on Facebook and other social sites, share his content and mobile application these are most prominent features of Break his boring routine and explore the to discover the world’s popular stories.

#14 is an online creative platform, founded in 2014, and also a viral content portal for many readers. This internet media and content organization is located in Indore, India. This site publishes content and the latest news on every topic you can imagine like film, sports, history, politics, culture, and many others. You can discover the latest news and interesting facts from There are several talented writers and journalists working to provide you the best quality content.

#15 is a similar site to because it provides similar kinds of content such as Viral Videos, News, Health Tips, Stories and other Entertaining Content, etc. It is your daily sources of popular news, videos and leading company in the mobile era. The team of Ozock is an unlikely group of creatives who have unfair communities like Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube, etc. Through a thoughtful of content creation and social share. share most popular stories by sharing the culture, events, lifestyle and human insight. With the current explosion in Social Media sites, the way folks consume content today has undergone a sea change. More than referring to mainstream media for trending content a user prefers to provide content that is engaging, entertainment and time-friendly. Ozock started to fill the void that old-style media magazine leave, particularly on the fast growing social networking sites. With the combination of personalization and revealing story telling that the is the best place that provides a unique voice that entertains, intrigues and uplifts through various articles in multiple categories. is the best platform to spend his free time.

#16 is a web-based leading news magazine based on the principle of the social journalism and powered by the voice of thousands of Blaster. It contains massive range content that consists of multiple categories such as Politics, World, Video Game, Movies, and all the other major category. One of the great things about is that anyone can become the member Blasting news, you no need to have a gold plate or license, just need to require to write insightful news and expert on your area of interest. It also offers handsome pay of its each blaster. The ultimate mission of the is that to create a best international platform to make your voice stand up. It has more than 102 million visitors each month. It no needs to require any registration if you simply read the content, but if you want to become the member of, you just need to register yourself by proving some important information. Regular Update with content, contains all the major categories, various payment method and simple UI are the most prominent feature of the Try it out.

#17 is the web-based platform of viral videos, entertainment, trending content, latest news and new technologies launched in 2012 by Alexander. It is the world largest community around the world for social generation and known for its viral video creation. was the most watched video creator across the world with more than 2.8 billion views according to Tubular Labs. It contains multiple types of content such as video, images, gifs and written articles that consist of multiple categories including with Funny, Entertainment, Pictures, News, Technology, and Community, etc. One of the most exciting thing about is that allows you to share your own content with other on Lad bible platform. Before submitting the stuff, you just need to sign up with valid information and also read term and condition, if you break any rule of the site, in that case, it will block you temporarily or maybe permanently. Easy Interface, massive range of exciting video, comment option, share your favorite stuff on all the social networking sites, regular update with new stuff, no limitation, completely free and accessible on all the platform these are key features of this platform. Do try it out, if you want to enjoy your free time.

#18 is a web-based platform that offers entertaining content around the world. The content on this platform is consists of multiple categories such as Food, Animals, Health, Beauty, Sports, and Fashion, etc. It has millions of visitor around the world who can upload, share and discover lots of content in each single day. offers two different way to find the stuff that you want the first one is exploring categories and the second one is search bar where you can place the name of stuff that you actually want. The most exciting thing about is that it contains a trending section where you can get all the trending stuff around the world in the form of video, audio, and written form. In order to become the member of Provider community you just need to register yourself by providing the valid email address and other information. Before registration, you must read all the term and conditions if you break any rule of the site in that they will block you temporarily or maybe permanently. Do try it out, it is one of the best platforms for those who find a platform to spend their free time.

#19 is a web-based platform focused on culture, arts, trending and news topics founded in 1994 by Gavin McInnes, Suroosh Alvi and Shane Smith. It has a massive team of professionals who daily works hard in order to provide latest and content of their users around the world. includes the work of journalists, writers, graphic artist, photographers, and cartoonish, etc. The content on the has shifted from dealing mostly with the pop culture and independent arts matters to covering the most serious news topics. does not offer their users to become the part of in order to submit your own content. The content on the are divided into the serious of categories, and these categories also consist of multiple stuff. To make the service better, it creates sections such as Read, Watch, Photo, Magazine, and Garage, etc. that will help the user to find their own kind of stuff. Simple user-interface, regular update with new content, available on mobile as an application, subscription option and available in multiple languages, etc.


Liftable is an online platform that produces true storyline, trending videos and the other entertainment stuff around the world. The ultimate mission of the is to find most Liftable around the world and share them with you. It has a massive team of a member who always tries to deliver latest and most valuable content. The content on this platform is consists of multiple categories such as Animals, Life, Woman, Entertainment, Faith, and Family, etc. It does not require any registration or installation to read stuff. In each day produce more than ten to twenty post in each single day in order to deliver the latest and more enjoyable stuff. Simple interface, regular update with new stuff, a massive collection of database, share favorite on the other social networking site and true stories these are core features of this site. It is one of the best platforms for those who want to update with the world.