isoHunt was a torrent website for file index and file repository. The website function for its users to browse, search, download or upload torrents of different digital content mostly of the entertainment style. IsoHunt allows its users to feel free to search and download torrents. isoHunt offers almost Two million torrents and also a large users list. And also being able to search torrents and type them by age, quantity of peers, as well as other common search elements. Isohunt has a selection of all the other elements which includes age, range of user comments, plus much more. Sorting by isoHunt Rank allows you to see which torrents are the best overall rather than just best in some subcategory like quantity of seeders or age.



0 is the popular bit-torrent website is made to deliver an database and search engine for every type of torrent files. have a lager information of the torrent files. The website guests of this platform may upload torrents to this website, tracked by any BitTorrent tracker, the great file submitting technology recently launched sync the tool for synchronization of data found in various files along several devices. The achievements story of this great tool is pointed out by the simple fact that users already have used it to sync a large petabyte of data. is the biggest bit-torrent platform aims to offer an easy-to-use index and search engine for all sorts of torrent files. Visitors of this website are permitted to upload torrents to this website, followed by any BitTorrent tracker.



The Pirate Bay is an online list of digital content of largely entertainment media. is to deliver user-friendly system that can make search of torrents easier and much structured. Thepiratebay website enables its users to get for Magnet links. Many are helpful to refer resources available for download through peer to peer networking websites. When opened inside a Bit-torrent client, start downloading the unique file. does not allow downloading or the playback of personal files. The pirate bay website is a great for use in partnership with uTorrent or BitTorrent. is a very quickly and also good way to find files on the biggest torrent website in the world. By using this application installed, when a torrent is accessible, you’ll be able to find it and also download it. characterizes a search function which helps users to determine which is to be seen in broad categories like Audio tracks, Video, as well as Games, along with sub-categories like Audio books, and many others torrent files.




Service was suspended by Authrities but it is back online with name. KAT sometimes abbreviated (Kickass Torrents) is a website that delivers torrent files as well as magnetic hyperlinks to guide peer-to-peer file sharing using the Bit-torrent process. KAT is a most useful torrent website. KAT isn’t a tracker and hosts no content material, KAT offer simply use of already available torrents in a similar technique Google and alternative search engines do. The most significant reason for using KAT is to deliver users with a user-friendly system that can make search of torrents simpler and much organized. The function of KAT is simple to view all new submissions to the website, but if you decide to download anything, you need to be sure you use a Torrent client installed on your computer. Simply, you will simply be capable of enjoy each of the features of the website if you already have the PC/Desktop kind of BitTorrent, Utorrent, or a related software.



Torrentreactor is a popular and most trusted resource for torrents. It is easy to find and also download everything you wish in five minutes – a number of copied torrents online now. The key objective of Torrentreactor is to find and also directory all the good torrents from other websites Torrentreactor is trying to be a trusted listing along with a news source for all the torrent gurus out there. This torrent website have no files are actually hosted on this server, they are offered from peers of the BitTorrent network. Torrentreactor is allows you to download your favorite music, video clips, Television shows, applications and software’s, and a lot more. In short, you can search, manage, and also download bittorrent data files right from your desktop computer.



BitSnoop is a torrent website. This website is designed to create bad, duplicate and also missing torrents something of earlier times with increased listing and mixing of torrents. This kind of torrents platform is generated by Tracker Match. It collects a lot of the trackers related your search results and also uses the ones with more quantity of seeds. This also filters out copied torrents for quicker download connections. The website seems like that of Google’s in so far as the employment of minimalism. The search outcomes are incredibly simple yet completely organized free from advertisements except for a banner ad at the end of the screen. This is a easy, fast and as well good way to find files on the biggest torrent website in the world. By using this application installed, when a torrent is available, you’ll be able to find it and also download it.


0 is the next generation torrent provider and the repository of torrent files that provides a large database of various types of torrents to the visitors. It is very easy and simple to start downloading torrent files by using the database of Whenever the user moves to the internet for downloading something he has two options either to download it via download manager or by using the BitTorrent client. Among a lot of torrent providers, is also that type of torrent provider that make it easy for the visitors to get torrents at desirable speed and convenience by using the best technology of There are Dozens of benefits of using with the best advantage of getting the torrent files of best health that are hard to encounter anywhere else. Moreover, it provides the latest torrent files of all types that are continuously updated on daily basis so the user would be able to get the latest stuff. The torrent visitors can search, browse and download all kind of TV programs, shows, songs, music, publications, movies and lot of other stuff entirely and completely free


0 is an anime focused torrent provider with the main focus on the torrent of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean animation and cartoon based movies, dramas and show. It is important to point out here that also work as a tracker and track the security and privacy of its users. There is also an RSS feed system by subscribing which the user can get the recent update of new torrent files in the browser. Moreover, it also provides the one click downloaded and sortable torrent files. As it is mentioned above that is a torrent repository that deals in anime and cartoon best torrent files. However, it still deals with audio, literature, pictures, and software torrents that are available in very limited quantity. The user-friendly interface of lets the torrent users to such a torrent file according to the date of the latest download, size, and name. For those who wants to upload their torrent files are also allowed to do this. However, they are forced to require to create a free account with no torrent. It is suggested that this torrent provider is best for getting the anime and cartoons based stuff instead of bothering about searching the other type of torrent files.


0 is a torrent website that has its focus on providing people with the latest television shows, series and other content along with the usual movies and games. EZTV Ag has a browse option on the top where you can look for the recently uploaded files, then comes the upload option for individuals who want to share content with others. An ordinary person does not have the possibility of uploading content, which means everything originates from the administration which makes it even safer for the people who are downloading these files. The user interface gets good marks because although it does not have all the features that a modern website needs, it still makes up for the various factors that are included such as the main downloaded items that people are interested in, showing on the homepage. EZTV also has many other features that will be difficult to explain here but has come of age in the past year or two. An excellent website for sharing content online.


0 is a BitTorrent provider that delivers the torrent visitors with the best torrents of games, movies, music, television, applications, adult content, XXX content and software. The best about is that it also provides the user with various directories and documentaries as well. However, there is one disadvantage of using and that is it is not being an independent torrent search engine. It basically deploys the torrents services of the other most popular torrents providers. So, it is best to move for its torrents providers directly instead of concerning the platform of For the entertainment of the visitors, there is also some sections for chatting and radio stations that are integrated into the However it deals in torrents of anime material, applications, documentaries, games, movies, televisions and adult content but most of the torrents available here are regarding entertainment staff only. For those who are looking for the torrent of the movies can also explore thousands of torrents of the movies here for free that are available in high quality.


0 is a worldwide BitTorrent search engine that delivers the torrent visitors free downloadable torrent files that are available on all torrent tracker across the internet. At first, it was providing the magnet links and torrent files but now it has started to offer torrent files only because of the risk of getting caught. for those who want to go the torrents of the recent released of movies, applications, games anime, and other types of software or entertainment stuff can join the website of for free where they will be provided with the best and fastest way of getting and downloading torrents. At present there are almost eight million total files that are available on 8000 servers across the globe and all are being offered by the for free. Most of the torrent lovers like to use it for downloading entertainment stuff only that range from movies, music, TV shows, anime, cartoons to xxx content.



Limetorrents is a approved torrents download Movies, Video Games, Music, Cartoons, Television Shows, Software, bittorrent downloading completely free of charge. Limetorrents is easy to get and download anything you like to download as well as allows you to download your favorite music, video clips, TV shows, Softwares, and many more. In short, you can search, control, and also download bittorrent data files from your desktop. Limetorrents a large amount of copied torrents online. The main function of Limetorrents is to find and also listing all of the great torrents from other websites. Limetorrents functioning to be a trusted directory as well as a news source for all the torrent. The website interface is easy and user-friendly, simple to understand and find the reliable torrents. You will get verified file that are trusted by downloaders and are virus and also malware free.


0 had to rebrand itself after it was closed but now has again made a name for itself. The best thing about The Pirate Bay Org is the amount of content that is present, so people quickly locate the thing they need and several people upload the torrents for the same thing. It allows the option of downloading the best content from the list, and people get to choose and install the files upon their interest. Another good thing about ThePirateBay is that people can easily upload anything they want and then convert the file into a torrent, this also helps when it comes to downloading it. Keeping in mind that the search option shows on the main page, which not only saves time but also allows for the user to get the job done properly. The Pirate Bay site has lost most of its content but now again is gaining the popularity that was once a part of it. In a nutshell, a place that people would want to visit because of the relevant items present.


0 is the official home of Yiffi Torrents that provides the user with the option of downloading high definition content in the smallest of file sizes. The website ensures that the person visiting gets the best content and latest movies that are released. The user interface is simple and the color combination of the site easy on the eyes. Most of the most recent films are present in content types such as 720p, 1080p, and even 3D. The only thing that may go against it is that the site does not contain any links of seasons and focuses just on films but in hindsight, this makes it more authentic than other platforms. The programs present of YTS have proper encoding and have seeds and peers active most times to provide fastest download speed. The content shows what is says unlike other websites and YTS AG checks for viruses upon downloading.



Utorrent is a web-based platform that allows the users to download MP3 Music, Movies, Video Clips, Images and all the other torrent downloads. It allows their users to enjoy the cool torrent downloading experience without any size or downloading limits. UTorrent is fast, powerful and lightweight platform and available in all the popular languages such English, Spanish, Chinese, German, French, and Arabic, etc. It offer three different plans such as Utorrent, Utorrent Ad-free, and Utorrent Pro; each plan has its own price and features. has a massive team of a professional member who always tries to deliver best deliver best. One of the greatest thing about is that during the downloading it not slow down your other online activities. Utorrent includes lots of prominent features such as available as an application on mobile, download unlimited files at the same time, enhanced music listing and video viewing experience, share your content with the other and simple and beautiful interface, etc. It is one of the best platforms for those who lots latest movies, music and other digital content on the internet.