Tunity Alternatives


#1 Co:tunity


Co:tunity is another amazing tool that allows you to connect you with others in a real-time experience to build ideas and capture inspiration. Co:tunity is a great application introduced by the Kairos Future, which brings an intuitive co-creation application for users from all over the world. This is a great application through which you can get precise help for the rethinking communication, development of new brands, empowering your brands, cutting cost or encounter how to attract more customers. Through this sleekly designed application, you can easily engage in challenged as a Co: inventors, Co: futurist, and Co: ideator to co-create sparking solutions and actionable insights. It Co: tunity is an effective application that allows you to share ideas in an effective and collaborative manner. You will precisely be guided by the Co: owners of challenges and be able to follow and learn from innovation capacity. So just download Co: tunity to make a contribution to increasing your community’s innovation capacity.


#2 Oticon ON


Oticon ON is a great tool that allows you to control your hearing aids, and choose what you want to hear. It is a fine application introduced by Oticon A/S, which allows you to manage your hearings in an effective way and adjust the sound effectively. It is efficiently used to connect users to their Oticon IFTTT channels. Oticon ON is a great application that precisely works with all the Oticon wireless gearing aids with extreme technology. While, you are to be noticed that, this app will not enable you to use your hearing aids for streaming audio right from your Android smartphones. This application efficiently works with Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, LG Nexus 5x, LG G5, HTC One M9, and Motorola Nexus 6, etc. Oticon ON only works with the Oticon Open hearing ads. This intuitive app also provides a ‘Find my hearing aid’ search function, low battery notification, user instructions, and more.

#3 Cast to TV


Cast to TV: Chromecast is an amazing application that allows its users to watch and cast web videos, sports, live news, and more right through their mobile phones. Cast to TV: Chromecast is a great product of Castify, through which you can enjoy streaming music found on websites to a casting receiver. It is a fine application that helps you navigate to a website through using app browser. The browser will try to discover any playable audio as well as video on that site and bring stuff for you. You can then play it locally on the Phone as well as Tablet or cast to TV with a compatible streaming device such as Chromecast. Some of its supported formats MO4 movies, MP3 audio, HTMP % video, IPTV M3U8 URLs, HLS Live Streaming, 4k and HD stuff where available. So just download Cast to TV: Chromecast to enjoy its free features including cast to TV, only 2 items in the queue and only 1 bookmark at one, play local files, cast web videos found only supports mp4 and mp3, play history, block popups per website, and more.


#4 Ear SPY


Ear SPY is another intuitive application which allows you to record audio or voice stealthily by Bluetooth within one second or the time set by you in the application. Ear Spy: Super Hearing brings an intuitive application introduced by First Tech Apps Inc. which enables its users to record their most desirable audios and voices elegantly. You can record your interesting and important stuff with ease and access them from a single library. It brings a high-quality voice recording and allows you to enable power button mode to stealthy voice recording. Ear Spy: Super Hearing brings a variety of options to select a storage location for the recording files. Other than these, you are also provided with options to start and stop voice recording by pressing both volumes up and down button together while the mobile screen is on. Ear Spy: Super Hearing allows you to press the power button thrice within 1 second, and the application will precisely start recording the audio and voice around in high quality. So just download Ear Spy application to enjoy lot more custom settings as well to record audio that you want to store.

#5 hearTV


hearTV is a great application that streams live audio to any smartphone, tablet, or Wi-Fi enables devices from the muted television devices, radio’s, podcasts, and more. It is an intuitive application which can be utilized where the hearTV system is installed. Hear TV is an effective application that allows its users to enjoy clean and loud listening intuitively. This application allows its users to choose which TV to hear in the application. It is one of the best choices for providing customers with the television audio from fitness clubs to airports, restaurants to waiting rooms, etc. HearTV is an effective application that allows you to grab the audio of any of your desired television to listen to it clearly and properly. You just have to download the application and then connect to the venue’s Wi-Fi. After this step, you have to open the app and then press play to start listing your favourite stuff without disturbing others, right through your hands-free headphone or mini Bluetooth speakers. It efficiently supports multiple simultaneous users and connects as many pro units as you need though Wi-Fi or wire.

#6 Audio Everywhere


Audio Everywhere is a great application that allows you to listen to audio sources such as Televisions on your mobile phone, tablets and or other Wi-Fi enabled devices with extreme comfort. Audio Everywhere is a great product of ExXothermic Inc. that allows you pick from among a variety of audio sources in venues like sports bars, gyms, and others. You can easily get the audio of any of your desired station and listen to its audio from the Bluetooth speakers, headphones, as well as hands-free. The audio is precisely streamed over the Wi-Fi so that cannot irritate you or burden your data plan. Audio Everywhere precisely lets you get the audio wherever you want to listen. It also provides extremely talented lip sync for a number of TVs and other video resources. This app also enables its users to listen from one earbud so that they can simultaneously socialize and hear their favourite game or show. You can also run the app in the background so you can listen the audio of your show while surfing the internet or something else.

#7 AudioFetch


AudioFetch is another intuitive application that brings one of the most wonderful features for its worldwide users. It is a smart product of AudioFetch – Audio to WiFi-connected smartphones, which entertains your members by providing real-time audio from TVs and other audio resources. Audio Fetch allows you to grab the audio of your favourite audio without disturbing others. It is available in single input express or four channels systems that can be easily expanded up to more than 16 channels. Audio Fetch is an easy to install and lightweight application so that you can easily download this app from iTunes or Google Play stores. Audio Fetch is compatible with the Wi-Fi networks and allows you to enjoy plug-n-play installation without any knobs or other settings to configure. This app enables you to enjoy audio in the ultimate quality so that you can never get any disturbing audio for your favourite stuff on televisions. It accepts an industry best three audio input types like analog, digital coax, and optical, and lets you experience its level.

#8 Direct Audio


Direct Audio is an intelligent audio streaming application that allows its mobile phone users to connect to any TV in the room. With a precise touch of this app, it brings participating venues to enables its visitors a personalized audio experience to hear their desired TV stations in the tom. Direct Audio is an easy to use and intuitive application through which you can enjoy the sound of TVs over the Wi-Fi for personalized private listening. Direct Audio streams audio in the Restaurants, Museums, Sports bars, Conferences, Theaters, Schools, and other public places on any TV that you can see. Direct Audio allows you to listen to your favourite music and TV channels and become socialize at the same time. This app allows you to catch the sound (audio) of the TV or other appliance and deliver them right on your mobile phone devices for private listening through headphones, and hands-free, etc. So just download Direct Audio app to share the concert clear and loud with your biddies without having to stand by the loudspeakers.