Twilight Alternatives


#1 Sleep Well Hypnosis


Sleep Well Hypnosis is a stunning app that lets you fall asleep fast and stay asleep for the rest of the night, presented in the market by Surf City Apps. Sleep Well Hypnosis – For Insomnia & Deep Sleep is a fine tool that enables you to get relaxing background music and nature sound to get better sleep. Its sleep booster precisely induces your brainwaves into a deep sleep and providing loop or repeat audio sessions.

You can get an audio session of almost half an hour and hypnosis audio from a certified hypnotherapist. You can effectively get peaceful natural sound and background music to help you get relaxed. You can get a sleep booster with binaural beats to induce the frequency of your brainwave frequency into optimal stats for sleep. Sleep Well Hypnosis is a must-have tool for you if you have insomnia, having difficulty sleeping, and finding out how to fall asleep properly.


#2 Sleepa


Sleepa is a superb platform that brings a fantastic collection OF HD, relaxing sounds as well as ambiances that boost and sharpen your sleep and relaxation. Sleepa: Relaxing sounds, and Sleep is a stunning tool presented in the market by Sound Sleep Inc. that brings high-quality nature and ambient sounds right over your cell phones and tablets. The app features battery efficient sleep timer, mix sound and save favorites, dark and light themes, and listen to stuff offline.

You can effectively choose from a collection of more than 30 carefully curated sounds divided into multiple categories. Some of its curated categories include rain sounds, meditation sounds, city sounds, nature sounds, etc. It makes the screen of your device adapted to the present situation and time of the day. Sleepa: Relaxing sounds, and Sleep app contains three types of noises that include pink noise, white noise, and brown noise.

#3 PrimeNap


PrimeNap app enables its global users to improve and manage their sleep quality using this smart alarm and sleep tracker app. PrimeNap: Free Sleep Tracker is a significant platform presented by Excelling Apps that brings an easy way to track your sleep, full detail sleep tracker, and get better sleep to wake up refreshed. This stunning sleep tracking and monitoring app enables you to enjoy free sleep tracking and sleep monitoring on a daily basis using phones and tabs.

Prime Nap features data exporting, sleep debt analysis, gradual volume increase, sleep tracking, snore detection, sleep monitoring, and much more. You can also enjoy tons of sleek and catchy sleep sounds, dream journal, red filter, screen dimmer, easy snooze using multitouch functionality (add five mins per finger), and precise sleep stats for daily activities. PrimeNap: Free Sleep Tracker app helps you track and analyze your sleep patterns and correct them if needed.


#4 Sleep As Android


Sleep as Android is a widely loved sleep cycle tracking tool that wakes you up gently in optimal moment for mesmerizing mornings. Sleep as an Android ? Sleep cycle smart alarm is a stunning platform presented in the market by Urbandroid (Petr Nalevka) that helps you improve all aspects of your life while having dozens of significant features. It provides sleep cycle tracking with smart wake up and revolutionary contact-less ultrasonic sleep tracking.

The app supports Pebble, Mi Band, Garmin Connect IQ, Tizen based Samsung wearables, Wear OS, and various other wearable products. You can also get gentle nature sound alarms, Spotify and play music integration support, nature sound lullabies (chants, sea, storm, whales, and more), smart bulb control with Philips, sleep score, and health services. Sleep as Android – Sleep cycle smart alarm app never lets you oversleep again in your life with CAPTCHA wake up verification (phone shaking, bathroom QR code, Math, and more).

#5 AutoSleep


AutoSleep is an exceptional tool that automatically tracks everything regarding your sleep and helps you manage everything elegantly. AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch is a classy tool presented in the market by Tantsissa Inc. that enables you to manage your sleep without any subscriptions and any in-app purchase. You can enjoy the overview of everything that is significant through instant feedback and intelligent sleep detection without any buttons.

You can instantly learn your patterns and sleep style and monitor your sleep debt or credit using its sleep bank. Through its Latest bedtime functionality, you can learn everything regarding the sleep cycle and sleep patterns. AutoSleep app also works with the premium activity and heart monitoring app named HeartWatch and writes your sleep information effortlessly. Auto Sleep Tracker & Alarm app also features a smart alarm functionality by setting alarms and charge remainders.

#6 Lucid Dreamer


Lucid Dreamer provides the first step to managing your dreams by letting you control your sleep in the best possible way. Lucid Dreamer is a stunning tool presented in the market by Guardanis that plays a series of visual and audio cues during your sleep cycle. It enables you to record your dreams with its free, PIN-protected, and secure dream journal. It precisely remembers you to stay alert by providing instant alerts by vibration, sound, or even notifications up to 150 times per day.

Its asleep analysis tool helps you use binaural eats, your audio cues, and record your own voice for use with the app. You can also enjoy its more additional features and advanced techniques of the Lucid Dreamer app by enjoying its pro version within its free version. Lucid Dreamer app features custom music selection, dreamscapes (Subliminator or Focalizer), Paralyzer, and much more.

#7 SleepTime+


SleepTime+ is a next-generation alarm clock ad sleep cycle management tool that helps you boost your health by letting you feel rested after every night’s sleep. Sleep Time+: Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm Clock Tracker is a powerful tool presented by Azumio Inc. that uses the sensitive accelerometer of your devices to detect movements of your night. You can precisely manage your sleep cycle and create healthy habits using your cell phones and tablets.

Sleep Time: Cycle Alarm Timer app enables you to set the alarm clock with a single gesture and chose from more than 20 built-in alarms. It also brings a sleep lab facility with sleep cycle analysis, alarm ringing, full history, graph support, and an advanced wake-up optimization algorithm. Sleep Time Plus: Dream, Bedtime, and Nap Tracker app does not let you set off the alarm whenever you want and fell asleep at the perfect moment.

#8 Sleepzy


Sleepzy app enables you to delve deep into your sleep and enhance the quantity and quality through its fresh sleep monitoring platform. Sleepzy: Sleep Cycle Tracker & Alarm Clock is a classy tool presented in the market by Apalon Apps Inc. that enables you to discover your dream, fall asleep to relaxing sounds, and track their sleep patterns without any prior efforts. Sleepzy – Sleep Cycle Tracker app helps you sleep well, create healthy habits, and delivers sleep behavior for you to lead a healthy life.

It brings a smart alarm clock and a significant sleep tracker that helps you discover the optimal time to wake detects whether you snore or not, and delivers night sleep stats weight on the palm of your hands. Sleepzy – Alarm Clock & Snore Recorder is a next-level sleep tracking tool that brings a smart alarm clock to helps you manage your health and sleep in the best possible way.