Typepad.com Alternatives


#1 WordPress.com

WordPress.com is one of the top rated web articles and web content management platforms on the planet that along with offering the system for creating, and website servicing resources, deals in the development of website and web blogs also. This leading CMS delivers the website owners and blog owners with all of those applications and tools that guide them in handling each and every web based written content from writing to editing and drafting to publishing. WordPress.com itself is written in the PHP and MySQL and that’s the reason installed on a web server. Nowadays it’s among the most preferred and trusted CMS due to providing a lot of choices to its customers. The main offering by the WordPress.com are it’s a unique web format system makes use of the template processor. Furthermore, it’s considerably featured fully in term of plugins, themes, built-in integration structure for mobile apps, and plenty of additional features that you can get in form of SEO tools, SEM helpful structure, advance permalink system, support for tagging as well as nearly all those functions and features termed as essential aspects for an effective online presence.

#2 Blogger.com

When it comes to make your own blog or website designing site, Blogger is one of those sites that are famous for the reason. It works with Google hence if you have a Google account and want to design your blog, it would be easy for you to use Blogger. When it was launched, around 7 years ago, it has only 250,000 readers but the site gained immense popularity and is now having 400 million readers of the website. It is now considered to be one of the famous and most commonly used website that is free of cost. Blogger is the one site that expresses the true thoughts by providing them various options to design their blog or websites. It provides you with a BlogSpot sub domain when you are creating your own blog to make the things more convenient for you. There are numerous features of Blogger that are helpful towards its users. You are provided with a drag and drop interface that is easy to use. Blogger is also being integrated with Google Adsense that is beneficial and help you in generating some income through your blog. Indeed it is one of the best blogging sites, with several advantages and specific characters that are adding to its popularity.


#3 Weebly.com

Creation of your own website is not a problem now. You can find a number of such websites that will provide you with immense options of tools and designs to create your own website. Weebly is one of such websites that has made the creation of blogs and websites much easier than ever before. It does not only makes you do all the work without any hassle but also gives you a professional look to your website or blog. It is now considered to be the most rapidly flourishing platform for such creations and it makes around 2 percent of the whole internet world. The drag and drop interface used in it is user friendly and is responsible to make Weebly popular all around the world of website and blog creation. Weebly also helps you to get rid of most of the coding and programming stuff. With the help of this blogging site you can also find free domain as well as hosting plan. You can make your website in a few minute making it surprisingly easy to create your own website, online store or blog. You can easily use Weebly on your android and iPad or iPhone devices that help you to stay connected to your customers even if you are away.

#4 Posterous.com

When it comes to create blog and websites, you are going to find a number of options in this regard. However most of such websites provide you the traditional ways and themes to use that may become boring sometimes. If you are looking for some new features to be added in your blog or website creation, Posterous is one of the best options for you. With its new and totally different approach towards website and blog creation it has made itself popular as well as unique among different websites. It was started in 2008 by Y Combinator. Posterous was supportive of automated and integrated posting allowed on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr etc. There was a built in Google analytics package present in Posterous that helps you to collaborate it with your Google Account. There were many custom themes provided on this website that was helpful for the users. It offered you the service to send any of your post by email to the site and it turn you would get a simple and unique blog created for you. You were also allowed to share your blogs or any website. However the website has been shut down in 2013 and now you get a Good Night page when you open the website.


#5 Xanga.com

If you are looking for the best experience with blog and website creation, then Xanga is waiting for you. It provides the best platform that is flexible as well as powerful. The helpful team of Xanga is always main big efforts to bring the researched themed system for their users. It is considered to be a social website creating platform where you can also create your own page. You can make photo blogs and video blog as well after you have made your own social profile on Xanga. This photo and video blogging works like a portfolio which can be shared with others that is rather impossible when you are using other websites for blog creation. Other important and appealing feature of Xanga is its mobile friendliness. There are number of themes that are mobile as well as desktop matching themes. You can also edit the header area or anyother basic changes can be done easily like module editing. When it comes to flexibility, Xanga provides you flexible themes that are easily configurable and also you don’t require any knowledge of HTML or CSS to work with it. Regarding the security issues, you do not need to worry while using Xanga as it prevents the leakage of any of your data.

#6 Muut.com

There are many websites that work on blog and website creation for you and make it easy for you by providing their services in this regard. However if you are looking for such a site that helps you making a blogging community, Muut is one of the best option available. It is the most community oriented website on which you make your social networking profile. It provides you with a forum that is the basis of the website along with your own blog, which can also be used as photo blog or video blog. There are several communities that deal with each and every kind of interest and business so you can join any of these depending upon your interest. If you want to get extra benefits, you can take an upgraded plan for your blog. You can get a complete discussion system for your site on Muut and it allows you to even create your own community. With its fast and simple to use forum and commenting opportunity provided for any blog or news, it is indeed the best platform for you.

#7 Edublogs.com

Most of the blog creating websites are working for entertainment or other related blogs and website. Not many of these websites are associated with any particular field. But if you are interested in making specifically educational blogs, EduBlogs is one of the best options for you. It provides you several tools that are innovative as well as interesting. When it comes to educational blogs, Edublog is one of the exceptional platforms available on internet. It provides you several features that are easy to use and safe. You can design your own WordPress powered blogs, websites and eportfolios. The bogs you design are completely customizable and you can use these for your entire college, school, university or district owing to the sharing options provided by EduBlog. You can run several WordPress sites at the same time and can brand yourself in a proper way using this platform. Regarding the security issues, you are given a complete control over your privacy and content shared on your blog. There are several student management tools present over this site that can be really helpful as you can invite and create student accounts in a few minutes and gives you the authority to approve the student related posts and comments. You can also arrange the students as groups and lists and can also monitor the progress of your blog with the help of detailed user reports. Besides all that, EduBlog als helps you participate in active blogging community all over the world.

#8 Vox.com

Sometimes you prefer to make a personal blog rather than a social one, in such a situation Vox is the one option for you. Vox allows you to make personal blogs that can be easily shared with your friends and family that is one of the unique features. You can visit the website blogs and several videos, maps, card stack and top 100 blogs besides creating blog. You can sign up for Vox easily by going in to their site. There are some terms and conditions that need to be followed. The information you provide while signing up is kept safe and o you should provide the correct information while signing up. You can share any kind of stuff you want to share on your blog after creating it like data, software, text, music, photographs, videos, sound and any other thing you want to share. If you violate any of the conditions and terms of Vox, they hold all the authorities to terminate your membership. You are also provided with many software applications by this website that helps you to access the services of Vox.

#9 Sixapart.com

When it comes to application of technology in the creating of websites and blogs, SixApart is one of the best options for you. It successful has integrated technology and blogging together. You can use this service both on your mobile phones. It provides you several features that are appreciated like addition or editing entries. You are provided with a text editor that has HTML input support. There are certain editing Custom fields as well to help in customization. You can also upload a picture and video and have the option to view both in mobile and desktop options. You can also do offline editing with SixApart. If you want to get technical support, you are offered several packages for it depending upon the time for which you want to buy it. It can range from 1 month to 3 months that start from the date of license registration. The license also needs to be purchased and you have to sign the agreement present on their website while being registered. However you are provided with a trial of seven days to check the working conditions and suitability of the website for you.

#10 Tsu.com

If you are interested in content writing, Tsu is one of the best options for you. It is also considered to be the social network for bloggers where you can share your created blog with others. It is unique in this regard as it can put 90 percent of the advertising revenue in your account keeping the 10 percent for themselves. When you use this service, the functioning of the site even you are offered several features that make your blogging experience much better. While using Tsu you are provided with several categories of your desire that you can choose from. You can easily join Tsu by filling out a simple form requiring important information and dealing with the payments. There are also certain groups present on Tsu that are now referred as channels sponsored by several advertisement companies. It offers you exceptional designs that include many new functions to help in its usage. It was launched in 2014 but has gained a lot of popularity in this blogging world.