Ubigi Alternatives


#1 Bitdefender for NETGEAR Armor


Bitdefender for NETGEAR Armor app provides the most advanced cybersecurity app for Android devices with absolute protection against internet threats and data snoopers. Bitdefender for NETGEAR Armor is a stunning app presented in the market by Bitdefender Mobile Services Inc. that enables you to get strong protection regarding all your internet searches.

You can intuitively surf the web without revealing your identity and unlock the geo-IP restricted content with a virtual private network. You can intuitively upgrade to a premium VPN to get unlimited traffic and multiple virtual locations from all over the globe, including IT, AU, US, UK, and more. The app features a Malware scanner with a proven detection rate and extreme account privacy (verify either your e-mail account has been breached or not).


#2 Bitdefender Mobile Security


Bitdefender Mobile Security is one of the most advanced cybersecurity tools that provides exceptional protection and an exclusive experience of using the internet over your cell phones and tablets. Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Bitdefender Inc. that brings the best Android security product validated by plenty of institutions.

The app lets you surf the web anonymously (without illuminating your character) and unlock the geo-IP content with a VPN. You can enjoy an amount of 200 MBs traffic per day and subscribe to its subscription-based version if you want to get more. You can enjoy the app for a 14-days trial for free if you want to know its features and subscribe to Bitdefender for further fruits.

#3 Netgear Nighthawk – Wifi App


Netgear Nighthawk – Wifi App provides you with the most elegant and convenient access to your routers while providing a bunch of significant features. NETGEAR Nighthawk – WiFi Router App is a sleekly designed app developed in the market by NETGEAR, Inc. that lets you have the functionalities based on the next generation of Wi-Fi and is necessary for you to have.

The app helps you control and monitor the Wi-Fi of your homes and offices from anywhere you are (even if you are not connected with that). NETGEAR Nighthawk – Easily Access your Features app brings Smart Parental control functionality to filter content and limit the activity time while having one-tap access.


#4 Brave Private Web Browser Vpn


Brave Private Web Browser Vpn app enables you to browse the internet without revealing your personification, network identity, or everything that you don’t want to expose. Brave Private Browser & VPN is a free and secure app presented in the market by Brave Software Inc. that enables you to enjoy a safe web browser with an exclusive pop-up or ad blocker.

You can intuitively browse and search for your desired internet without being tracked by all the ads, advertisers, viruses, Trojans, and all other prying eyes. Brave Private Web Browser Vpn: Safe, Fast Internet, and Firewall app features extreme privacy, protection of personal data, ultimate speed of browsing, and lock battery-draining software.

#5 Totalav


Totalav is an elegantly used and smart solution for staying protected all the time whenever you surf the internet and want to browse data accordingly. TotalAV Antivirus & VPN-Total Mobile Security 2020 is a sleek tool presented in the market by Protected.net Group Limited that helps you protect yourself from all the latest threats and viruses, including the rouge websites and apps for real-time.

It elegantly keeps your personal data, private data, and online stuff safe through its secure browser, public safety features, and exclusive app lock. TotalAV: Mobile Security & Private VPN app enables you to enjoy extreme protection against rogue games and applications before installing them.

#6 Trend Micro Mobile Security


Trend Micro Mobile Security app intuitively provides the most exclusive protection against bugs for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets while delivering 100 percent malicious app detection. Trend Micro Mobile Security: Privacy & Web protection is a stunning app presented in the market by Trend Micro Inc. that enables you to protect your Android from data theft, loss, viruses, and more.

The app contains advanced Artificial Intelligence scans that intuitively safeguard your devices against viruses, identity theft, malicious apps, ransomware, crypto-miners, and various others. The app also provides local web guard protection against fraud, phishing, harmful diseases, and other dangerous websites over almost all browsers.

#7 Bitdefender Central


Bitdefender Central is a stunning app that contains a bunch of exclusive stuff to secure your devices and place your network and local security at your fingertips. Bitdefender Central is a sleekly designed app presented in the market by Bitdefender Inc. where you can access the activity dashboard to track, monitor, and measure your security statuses.

You can effectively control the security for all the devices and to set up and manage the Bitdefender Box. You can install Bitdefender protection for all your devices, manage security, protect your kids online, and get instant notification whenever Bitdefender detects a threat. You can precisely scan, manage, clean, and optimize any of your desired devices remotely.

#8 At&T Mobile Security


AT&T Mobile Security is a sleekly designed app that enables you to protect your mobile phone and tablets from viruses, system threats, malware, and other online or offline threats. AT&T Mobile Security is a stunning application presented in the market by AT&T Services, Inc. that contains robust mobile security for you to manage your devices and keep them protected.

It is an all in one mobile security app that brings proactive detection, virus detection, malware protection, and more to your phones. The app includes mobile security protection that includes app security, system advisor, passcode check, breach reports, and much more. It intuitively protects your data over open WiFi networks and analyzes links that you visit to warn about all the suspicious content.

#9 ZoneAlarm Mobile Security & Antivirus Protection


ZoneAlarm Mobile Security & Antivirus Protection is an exciting antivirus solution for your cell phones and tablets, developed in the market by Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. ZoneAlarm Mobile Security: The Complete Security Solution is a superb platform that brings enterprise-grade technology to protect your mobile phone’s privacy and data and keep your devices free from malicious threats, malware, and applications.

The app lets you make a worry-free and sleek connection to all the public or private Wi-Fi at the airports, hotels, or any other public areas. You can enjoy browsing all the web services and download applications without any concerns because it checks all the URLs and apps in real-time.

#10 Comodo Mobile Security


Comodo Mobile Security is a sleekly designed application that provides a bunch of amazing functionalities for managing the security of your mobile phones in just a single swipe. Comodo Mobile Security: VPN, Safe Browsing, Protection is a sleek tool presented in the market by COMODO Security Solutions that brings comprehensive protection against plenty of malware, spyware, Trojans, ransomware, worms, spyware, adware, crypto-ware, and all other threats.

It is an advanced security tool that helps you make an instant integration with real-time virus signatures, immediately blocks them, and identifies all the new and existing threats elegantly. Comodo Mobile Security – VPN, Virus Cleaner, and Vault app provides a one-touch malware scan and removal option that secures your phones with robust malware and virus protection technology.

#11 CenturyLink Security by McAfee


CenturyLink Security by McAfee app intuitively protects and enhances the performance and security of all your Android mobile phones and tablets via award-winning Antivirus protection techniques. CenturyLink Security by McAfee is a super app presented in the market by CenturyLink, Inc. that enables you to scan and fix threats whenever necessary.

You can keep your cell phones and tablets away from all the viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malicious content. It brings antivirus protection, virus cleaner and removal, anti-malware, anti-spyware, wifi security, safe browsing, and many other mobile phone security apps. The app provides mobile antivirus security plus virus removal that intuitively scans as well as removes malicious code from apps, internet downloads, online files, and other stuff using amazing antivirus software.

#12 Bitdefender Parental Control


Bitdefender Parental Control provides amazing digital help for the parents and ordinates to provide extra online safety to children. Bitdefender Parental Control: Children safe online is an elegantly designed app developed in the market by Bitdefender Inc. that enables you to track almost all the online and offline activities of your kids and manage or protect things flawlessly.

The app provides ultra-safe browsing, location tracking, Geofencing, safe check-in, screen time management, and managing apps professionally. You can intuitively select the content category you want to keep away from your kids via a predefined list of applications. You can precisely save your kids from the dread of an extra phone call.

#13 ReadyCLOUD


ReadyCLOUD enables its global users to access all the multimedia stuff, files, docs, videos, and more right over your NETGEAR ReadyNAS. ReadyCLOUD is a stunning app presented in the market by NetGear, Inc. that enables you to access all your crucial files and folders remotely from anywhere you love.

You can precisely get backup your album to ReadyNAS anywhere, attach ReadyCLOUD files to emails, and store files locally for viewing them whenever you don’t have internet access. The app allows you to stream and download content onto your cellular devices from the network or even over the internet. It lets you access your entire videos, photos, music, and more and even download all your desired stuff for offline viewing.

#14 Mobile Security and Antivirus


Mobile Security and Antivirus is an elegantly used and industry-leading antivirus protection for Android devices with amazing backup functionalities, anti-theft features, and much more. Mobile Security and Antivirus is an easy to use app presented in the market by BullGuard Inc. that precisely protects the life of your cell phones and tablets without even draining the battery.

The app contains a strong antivirus function that stops all the trackwares, adware, spyware, viruses, Trojans, and other threats with live cloud detection or almost all the latest updates even in offline mode. You can also lock, wipes data, and locate devices whenever your device be stolen or lost. It contains an amazing sim protection support that automatically locks your devices if SIM is removed.

#15 NETGEAR Mobile


NETGEAR Mobile is a sleek and official app for accessing, managing, and controlling your NETGEAR Mobile hotspots right using your cell phones and tablets. NETGEAR Mobile is a stunning app presented in the market by NETGEAR Genie Inc. that provides the functionality of WiFi, devices, messages, MyMedia, Storage, Security, Network Map, MyMedia, Storage, and settings for managing things flawlessly.

You can track data usage, monitor your mobile hotspot, view connected devices, configure APN settings, view and compose messages, and more. The app works with plenty of mobile hotspots designed by NETGEAR, including Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router, AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G, AT&T Unite (Unite Pro, Unite Express, and Unite Explore), Telstra Wi-Fi 4G Advanced I & II, and various others.

#16 Netgear Orbi – Wifi System App


Netgear Orbi – Wifi System App enables you to access all the necessary features of your router and professionally manage all your content. NETGEAR Orbi – WiFi System App is an incredible tool developed in the market by NETGEAR. Inc. that helps you manage all your desired things regarding your home of official internet whenever, wherever you want.

You can not only manage or monitor your home wifi but also control all the essential functions even if you are not at home. NETGEAR Orbi – Easily access your features app lets you get highly-effective cybersecurity over your network to protect all your devices from online threats, viruses, worms, Trojans, and other bugs.

#17 Kaspersky Endpoint Security & Device Management


Kaspersky Endpoint Security & Device Management app brings a secure mobile working for all the BYOD and corporate devices. Kaspersky Endpoint: Security & Device Management is a unique and elegant tool presented in the market by Kaspersky Lab Switzerland Inc. that provides an exclusive app for all the users who are looking for free-to-use security for their personal devices.

The app provides the functionality of anti-malware protection by cloud-assistance intelligence that precisely neutralizes and detects threats over your tablets and phones. The app conducts scheduled checks of the devices to identify all the new and previous Trojans, viruses, adware, and other malicious content tools heading your way.

#18 PPP Widget 2 (discontinued)


PPP Widget 2 (discontinued) app works intuitively with all the devices while providing internet access over almost all the Bluetooth and USB devices with PP modem capabilities as well. PPP Widget 2 (discontinued) is a stunning platform presented in the market by Josua Dietze Inc. that brings integration with plenty of devices for letting you manage stuff intuitively.

The app requires a USB host connection (with an OTG adapter) and an external USB power (modems draw more power than tabs can usually provide). PPP Widget 2 (discontinued) by Josua Dietze app does not guarantee to work with all the available devices combination because it does not text its capabilities with every modem or tablet.