Vaayoo SocialBox


Vaayoo SocialBox Alternatives


#1 ShareTube


ShareTube is a secure and highly trusted app that enables you to collaborate with your desired collection of people intuitively. ShareTube is a sleekly designed tool where you can stream your desired content with your friends, family members, colleagues, and others no matter where you are.

It makes it effortless to create your desired room and add your preferred people to start streaming your content whenever, wherever. The app enables you to invite your desired people over to the rooms that you have created and enjoy watching things altogether.

#2 ReShare Story for Instagram


ReShare Story for Instagram app brings all your desired content such as stories, posts, highlights, profile pictures, and other significant data right on the palm of your hands. ReShare Story for Instagram – Photo Video Poster Easy & Fast is a superb platform developed by Euroz Software Company Inc. that enables its global users to add and watch content and do much else with ease. The app allows its global users to add as well as watch their desired folders from their own timeline and other profiles.

You can intuitively get photos, videos, profile pictures, IGTV, stories, and all of them in probably the best quality. You can intuitively watch all the stores of IGTV of your friends, favorite celebrities, sports channels, and other anonymous users. ReShare Story for Instagram – Photo Video Poster Easy and Fast app lets you search by your desired username effortlessly and watch their photos, videos, and stories.

#3 Reposta Photos, Videos


Reposta Photos and Videos is a gorgeous app that makes it hell easy to download photos, videos, and other stuff instantly to repost them within seconds. Reposta Photos, Videos is a superb platform developed by Patigo Tools Inc. that lets you download and repost your most likely Instagram videos and photos instantly without paying for anything. You just have to download and open the Reposta app and simply swipe over the Instagram icon to open the app.

You can sleekly select your desired video or photos that you want to download and save over your smartphones and tablets. You can intuitively tap over three dots available over the post to copy the link. Now you have to go back to the app and paste it over the framework. Then you can simply tap over the download button to save or share instantly. Reposta Photos and Videos app makes it easy to download photos/videos whenever, wherever.

#4 Samosa: Videos, GIFs & Audios


Samosa: Videos, GIFs & Audios is some of the most powerful tools where you can enjoy creating and editing your desired life moments, having plenty of amazing filters and features for you have. Samosa: Videos, GIFs & Audios is a sleekly designed application where you can watch amazing content such as funny videos and dialogues from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and various other movies.

You can enjoy dancing and lip-syncing over audios with filters and stickers whenever you want. You can build an audience and fanbase by providing quality content whenever necessary. The app provides powerful, fun effects and filters to create awesome short videos without making any effort or paying for anything.

#5 InstantRepost – Easily Share


InstantRepost is an intuitively loved app that enables its global users to repost your desired images and videos to Instagram with a single click. InstantRepost – Easily share is a stunning tool presented in the market by Techlatitude Inc. that brings an easy to use interface for having unlimited reposts along with having a customizable watermark. It does not enable you to remove the watermark over the repost entirely unless you have opted for the pro version of the app.

Instant Repost – Repost Instagram app lets you copy the URL of the original post, launch the app, edit watermark color and position, and repost it instantly with the repost button. You can intuitively grab its watermark or ads-free version available just $4 for the rest of your lives. InstantRepost – Easily share app lets you keep the history of copied URLs, notification for every repost, and the only watermark-free version for $1.

#6 Repost – Videos & Photos Sharing Tool


Repost – Videos & Photos Sharing Tool makes it hell easy to share videos, photos, and other multimedia stuff over your profile on Instagram. Repost – Videos and Photos Sharing Tool is a completely free app developed in the market by Bench S.R.O, through which you can repost videos and photos over Instagram without any fee or any intrusive ads. Repost: For Instagram app carries a minimal design through which you can achieve and repost videos or photos from Instagram.

The app precisely supports stories, IGTV, posts, videos, images, and other multimedia stuff. It carries the capability to repost media from private handlers after logging in with your account. It also lets you add an extra overlay with custom color as well as position. Repost – Repost photos and videos app also enables its global folks to copy captions to your clipboard for an instant pasting over the stories that you are going to upload.

#7 ShareChat


ShareChat is one of the best and the widely used social media application which enables its worldwide users to enjoy communication with their friends, avail daily news, share jokes, and so much more within seconds. Share Chat – WAStickerApp, Status, Videos, and Friends is a tremendously used application bought in the market by Share Chat Inc. which lets you use more than 14 languages in India to chat with their friends from all across the world. You can precisely post anything you want and also share, like, comment, or download any content available here. This application brings everything you need from sports, fashion, quotes, pics, politics, news, entertainment, information, and the various thing that you want to have on a daily basis. ShareChat – WA Sticker App, Status, Videos and Friends brings a superb collection of jokes, memes, trolls, latest WhatsApp jokes, WhatsApp statuses, music video clips, and various other things in almost 14 Indian languages. Other than these, Share Chat app also lets you create love stickers, get famous by broadcasting your talent, make new friends, meet several strangers, share your passion, download high-quality wallpapers and images, check your horoscope daily, and check everything regarding the news as well. So just download ShareChat – WA Sticker App, Status, Videos, and Friends app in your phone and enjoy social linking ultimately.

#8 Qikshare


Qikshare is a marvellous app used by millions of people using this effective client for sharing data, introduced by iVinnyApps Inc. Qikshare – Bump – Airdrop has made it so easy to share contacts, files, and other stuff with any android, iOS, windows, and other devices. Qikshare is your one-stop multi-platform solution which lets you share pics and videos to your nearby devices or even send the link through the email or text with simple taps. It brings one of the fastest file sharing tools on the market through which you can enjoy a smooth, secure, and instant data sharing between devices. It helps you send more than one pics, videos, documents, and other files to your PC, Mac, and other portable devices seamlessly. Qikshare – Bump – Airdrop features share or transferring of contacts, single file sharing support, multiple file sharing support, web interface, almost no setup, and an effective NFC alternate for sharing stuff with iOS devices. Qik share caller ID helps you identify numbers during the call for the real-time. So just download Qikshare – Bump – Airdrop app from the store, and start sharing any of your mobile data with other devices without any cable or other transition mediums.

#9 Share All


Share All is a fabulous application which helps you share everything with a single tap between multiple devices. Share All: Transfer Files and share anything comes in the market by Soft Droid, which enables you to transfer any files hundreds times faster than the Bluetooth. This app helps you discover the easiest way to share as well as receive files in no time. Its app offers complete support for video sharing, photo sharing, photo transfer, and you can effortlessly receive files from a variety of devices as well. It is capable of sharing android files that you always wanted anytime you want. Share All: Transfer Files and share anything brings one of the fastest ways if you are planning to transfer your photos, audio, videos, installed apps, games, documents, and other files between Android devices. This application takes the files sharing to the next level and shares all delivers a very fast, ultimate speed files sharing experience. You can share anything you want by making a straightforward connection and then try things in a quick, reliable, and very convenient way. So just download Share All: Transfer Files and share anything app in your phone, and enjoy sharing anything you want from one of your cell phones to another.

#10 SHAREit


SHAREit is an intensely used application which Android users love to share stuff from one phone to the next. SHAREit – Transfer & Share is a third party application which allows its users to get one the best and the fastest application to share stuff. This application brings the fastest cross-platform transfer speed and free online feeds such as movies, music, wallpapers, videos, GIFs, and more. SHAREit – Transfer & Share also added powerful media player as well which helps you enjoy your own music and videos. It brings 200 times faster than Bluetooth, and the highest speed probably goes up to 20 M/s. It never let you lose the quality of the stuff that you transfer to your mobile phones via this application. SHAREit – Transfer & Share allows you to transfer all types of files including photos, music, videos, installed apps, and any other files. You can also enjoy infinite online videos through which you can enjoy HD and selective videos, offline watching, and continuously updated stuff. Other than these, you can get excellent video player, find trending music, elegant music player, GIFs, Wallpapers, and Stickers right from this application. So just download this highly recommended application named SHAREit – Transfer & Share, and enjoy file sharing in an ultimate way.