#1 is the official website of the Mozilla in which the most popular one is its leading web browser name Firefox. All updates about the ongoing products of and the project that at under development can be acquired from this website. From the website, Mozilla is offering all of its products at global level through the internet. It is the provider of those resources that are open and available at public level. There is no requirement of registration or account creation at all. You can freely navigate from one section of the to another. The most popular product of that is its web browser name as Firefox can also be downloaded for free from the as well. In addition to web browser, right from the platform, you can even get the latest add on for the Firefox web browser as well. These add on and extensions are being designed by the developers of the that will make you able to check the weather, listen to music, control your different accounts and perform various other activities right from the Firefox web browser. These extensions and add on are basically designed to extend the features and functionalities of Firefox. You can also know about the products of Mozilla from the as well.

#2 is the web browser by the Google that is based on its own designed Chromium technology. Chrome that is the official web browser of Google can be download from the website It is said to be the one of the most responsive, fast and highly featured browser available over the internet. is not meant to provide the information of Chrome web browser only. Right from the platform of you can even get information about Chromebook and Chromecast as well. All products that come under the supervision of are being covered at this platform. The section of is divided into main categories of download section that provide the Chrome for almost all operating systems and devices. Then comes the setup area from where the visitors of can get information about how to setup Chrome, apps section of Chrome and themes & extensions of Chrome. The Chromebook and Chromecast section of contain the all information about the products covered under these sections along with their featured details and available supported apps. The web store and the product that are available for various devices can also be acquired from the There is a proper blog of the from where you can get the latest news about the and can take part in discussion as well.


#3 is the provider of Opera web browser that is said to be the one of the most advanced and safe web browser available over the internet. The best about this web browser is that it delivers its users with the private browsing mode system where no one can poke into their privacy and online activities. Even the cookies and history record will not be save by the Opera at all. The browser being offered by the is available for the PC, movies devices, tablet and smart TV. All that you need for a best searching and browsing over the internet is being offered by the in a mechanical way. has divided its main page sections into the categories of product for multiple operating systems and devices, Opera Mobile Store, add-ons, support by the experts of and solutions for the issues of Opera products. is now offering is visitors to work with it in shape of advertising with Opera, Opera TV, operator solutions and content partnerships. All these services can be access from the The products, tools and solutions designed by the will make you able to get advanced level of developing experience.

#4 is the website working under the supervision of Microsoft from where it deals with the Internet Explorer and the products of the Internet Explorer. The extensions of Internet Explorer, add-on, and other tools and services packs of Internet Explorer are available on this platform. All you required to move to the official website and from there you can get the fee copy of Internet Explorer. The direct services of Bing search system and MSN by defaults features can also be acquire from the Search, flip, tab, snap and pin are some basic features of the that make the process of searching easy and simple for the users. For many time, has been badly criticizing by the internet users for its slow speed, performance and non-responsive interface. That’s why most of the users like to have other web browser. But there are still many advantages of the is which the most common one is that it make the users able to easily open those websites that requires the account creation and are often reject by the other web browsers. For form filling purpose, is said to be the best one that give no type of internal server errors or failure in connection. Moreover, safety and privacy that is often overlooked by the most of the web browser has been best resolved by the


#5 is a brand new web browser by the Microsoft. The new Microsoft Edge Web Browser has been launched by the Microsoft to steadily remove the Internet Explorer from the scene. It is basically launched by the Microsoft to assist the users of Windows 10. The features and interface of are many a time different from the Internet Explorer. is the default web browser in the Windows 10. In previous versions of Windows operating systems, Internet Explorer is still the default web browser. This web browser Microsoft Edge is designed to provide the advanced level of browsing experience to the Windows 10 users. It is fully compatible with the modern web architecture and support for the all type of website. It has made the process of searching sharing, reading and exploring many a time greater than Internet Explorer. The extensions and add-on of the Microsoft Edge can be acquired from the Moreover, free tools that are being offered by the are support for virtual machines; generate screenshots, remote IE, and quick site scan. is going to deliver you the new level of browsing experience ever by the Microsoft. You can utilize the web authentication APIs in the to do more personal tasks in a secure and private environment.

#6 is the provider of fully featured, ultra-modern and tri-core rendering web browser named Avant Browser. Among a lot of feature the best one about is that it is highly compatible with the search system of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. It will make browsing risk and leak free for you. Privacy and security is one of the great features of that will make it sure that no one is daring to poke into your searching behavior. The possibilities for using the are also very high that make the users able to design it as per their own searching behaviour. First of all there is no malware and advertisement system in the at all. Most of the malware comes into the system by way of advertisement. It is the good quality of that it automatically blocks the advertisement from the start. It is a hundred percent freeware browser for the Windows operating systems. You can detach it always on the top browser window. Detached browser is a new system by the that can be set on top of all other Windows programs running. You can drag the button out of the tab bar to detach a browser window. It makes its users able to either chat or watch YouTube videos with friends while you are working on other programs. The multi-processing system of makes the users able to get crash free internet browsing experience.

#7 is based on the browsing features of the Mozilla Firefox. From development to browsing and add-on to extensions, the features of Comet Bird can be acquired from the official website of this web browser named Online video download system, online bookmark, software update check and quick tab are the recent features that are the part of the All features of Comet Bird can be access from the The best about is that its delivers the ultra-modern security features to its users that are arranged into the sections of personal, security & privacy, customization, productivity, tabs and search system. The outstanding web browser of is secure, private and totally free. Its specially designed features that will change the way you use the web. The upgraded version of will deliver you even more advanced features. The main highlighted features and functions of the are online bookmarks system, online video demand, word translator, notes keeping the system, bookmarks synchronizer, download manager, integrated web search, tabs system, smart location bar, add-ons manager, word translator, Comet marks notes system and colored tabs. is going to deliver you a new level of browsing experience. Discussion and development forum of can also be access from the website also.

#8 that is also called as Yandex.Browser is the browser by the Yandex search engine. The browsing system of is based on the SmartBox search system that is something new launched by first tine by The SmartBox is integrated with all browsing and searching requirements from a blazing speed searching speed to high tech security and privacy. The Tableau system of that is a new type of web access system will make you able to easily approach to your webs tie within few seconds. Accessibility and easiness are the factors that are the main area of consideration in the browsing system of the is freely available for PC, smartphone and tablet device. At the main page of you will encounter the services of the into the categories of turbo mode, security, SmartBox, backgrounds, and synchronization. First of all there is Turbo mode of that is particularly designed keeping in view the requirement of those users facing the slow internet connection problem. Turbo mode of will make it sure that these user are enjoying the best browsing speed despite the fact they are facing the slow internet connection issue. When it comes to security then has paid a greater attention to this section as well to make its users able to enjoy the state of the art protection system.

#9 is the provider of all in one multifunctional and cross-platform web browser by the name of Torch Browser. The web browser being offered by the is based on the somehow features and technologies of Chromium. To some extent it can be said as Chromium based web browser. But it is not a fully Chromium based web browser because the number of Chromium features are very limited in the browser being offered by the The best about is that it has no dependency on third party applications, extensions or add-ons. In order to ensure the security and privacy of its users, is offering all add on compulsory for its browser. These features have been solely designed by the and are available in the shape of Media Grabber, Torch Torrent, Torch Player, Torch Music, Torch Games and Torch Facelift. As you can see all important factors that are the must have part of any web browser are being available by the You are not required to go for any third party system if your requirements belong to these sections. Among all these sections, Torch Facelift is a new type of feature being offered by any web browser. The Torch Facelift feature allows its users to design their Facebook as they want to see it. There are lots of themes available in the to transform the appearance of your Facebook.


This domain is specified for the browser of named Midori that is said to be the lightweight yet powerful web browser. It is a totally free web browser that comes with its all functionalities and features without any restriction or limitation on any one. is available for the Windows and Linux operating systems. The best about is that it is among those few web browsers that are based on their own independent or different searching system. If you want to change your taste from the leading web browser to a new one then give one chance to the that offers the searching system by way of WebKit rendering engine. The three main cutting edge features of are that it can handle all web pages either written in HTML or CSS 3, has its own WebKit system and above all it is an open source web browser. Being an open source web browser the source code of is available for free to download. By viewing the source code of the users of this browser can modify its structure as per their own specific requirements. It is a small and lightweight web browser but powerful at the same time. It supports the all parts of the web including the search engines and image and video streaming and sharing platforms.

#11 is the provider of multi-feature and multifunctional web browser that in addition to Windows operating systems is also available for the Android devices as well. It is a very easy to use but powerful web browser that will successfully meet all of your browsing requirements. If you want to enjoy the blazing browsing speed and high tech performance at a one centralize browser then will surely be the best option for that purpose. The exceptional about is that it is the first ever tripe engine based web browser. Tripe engine means the involvement of Trident, Gecko, and WebKit. All these are integrated into the that will allow you to simply click on the smart engine switch button and use any of the rendering search engines for free. That system of you will never encounter in any other web browser. As the all functions that are necessary for the web browser are integrated with the that’s why is termed as the all in one web browser. It will even save you the hassle of installing extensions by hand because important one are already integrated into the You at your own are not required to install any add-on and simply start browsing. All extensions, skin, synchronization features and plugin structure of Lunascape web browser is available at for free.

#12 is the official website of the Comodo IceDragon Web Browser that is the perfect mashup of Mozilla Firefox and Chromium based technology. In addition to these technologies, has its own technological infrastructure as well that make it one of the most popular web browser that ensures the privacy and security of its users. In fact, the privacy and security are the leading qualities of the It is a fast, secure and free web browser that requires a simple installation. Just download, install and enjoy the web browsing at fast speed subject to the limitation of your internet connection. Three main advantages that you are going to explore in are instant malware scanning system, safer browsing and socially adept. has its own DNS system that makes the page loading faster and safer at the same time. The DNS system of will automatically filter the website for any dangerous issues and will deliver you the safe content only. You can share your latest findings with your friends over social media platforms as well because of the socially adept features of the In a nutshell, the advantages of using are the privacy and performance enhancements features over the Firefox core.


QupZilla is a new and really rapid QtWebEngine based web browser. It targets to be a lightweight web browser available for all main systems and devices. It was started to develop for educational purposes only. But from the start, QupZilla has grown into a characteristic-wealthy browser. QupZilla has all standard features you assume from a web browser. It entails bookmarks, historical past (each also in sidebar) and tabs. Above that, it has integrated an advance already enabled blocking ads with a constructed-in AdBlock plugin. QupZilla is using native widgets form on foremost Linux laptop environments. It’s also using icons from the lively computing device icon theme. For those who find native issues too boring or have some issues with it, can invariably switch to this browser and its functions. QupZilla unifies bookmarks, history and RSS reader in one good-organized window. No extra more than one window, QupZilla uses only one! With the integrated RSS reader, you can all the time stay up to the moment along with your favourite web sites. QupZilla can also import bookmarks from different browsers. Are you bored of web pages stuffed with advertisements? Are they eating your bandwidth and time? The only thing you need with QupZilla is to replace EasyList or to filter what you want to see. This well-known extension is sooner or later available for QupZilla customers! That you would be able to now access your favourite pages as fast as you want on one page opened in new tab. Needless to say that it wholly helps drag & drop and page thumbnail loading also.

#14 is the provider of featured rich Chromium based web browser named Cent Browser. The best about is that it delivers the more convenient features as compared to the most of the features of the It is said to be highly enhanced web browser that deliver the high level of searching and security features to its users. It is bundled with the features of scrollable tab bar, automatic memory optimization, mouse gesture, and support for the drag and drop features. It will make the process of web surfing easier and simpler for you. You will get more comfortable searching any time. First of all is based on the Chromium technology of Google that inherits all of the advantages of the Google. The mouse gesture make its users able to hold and move the right button to execute commands without using the keyboard, menus or toolbars. There are plenty of tab options that are the part of the in which some common one are Double Click to close tab system, right click to close tab system, hide close button, switch tab system, and various others to control your feed options. The privacy protection system of us also very outclass that will make it possible no one is poking into the privacy of your browsing. However, currently there are some issues with the privacy and security features of that it is trying to fix. Besides all, is a totally free of cost web browser.


For the first time, there is a cloud browser being offered by the is the provider of its own designed products for the computers and smartphone and various other digital devices. Almost all products of the Maxthon are available for free and can simply be acquired from the official website Maxthon web browser being offered by the is said to be the one of the fast and secure web browser that is available for all operating systems and devices from PC to smartphone. Instead of utilizing the protection technology of other IT companies, has its own state of the art and cloud powered protection and security technology that will keep you single device or operating system save from all kind of online activities. The web browser of is entirely different from the web browsers of others provider because the setup of is entirely based on the cloud browsing system that will give you a new approach to leverage the technology and experience the browsing in a new style. is not restricted to a single device or operating system only. It delivers the several other products in the cloud as well. Lighting fast browsing speed and cloud synchronization are two main highlighted features of the